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William Lilly's Horaries
A Gentlewoman desired to know if she should have an aged man; yea or no.
England's Prophetical Merlin, (1644), p.133

[Data corresponds to 24 June 1644 (GC), 10:30 am GMT, London]

[Paragraph breaks have been inserted for clarity]

The querent hath Mercury only for her significator.[1] Jupiter is for the aged man and party quesited after.

Considering Mercury had lately separated from a sextile of Jupiter, and the Moon by a quadrate,[2] I judged there had lately been some treaty about it (which was confessed) and that the old man did much importune it,[3] because Jupiter receives Mercury in his exaltation, and casteth a friendly trine to the degree ascending; this was so.

Seeing the Moon carried the light from Jupiter to Mars, and Mercury was going to a quartile of Mars, I judged the maidís affection was alienated from the old man, and that she desired such a man as Mars, viz, a Captain of Soldier, etc, and that she should be crossed[4] therein by reason both Mars and Moon were in unfortunate houses: nor had Mercury or Luna any dignities where Mars was, or in the sign, and degree where himself was: all this was acknowledged with tears.

Because I found Saturn and Mars in he 8th, and that Mars was the impediting[5] planet, I had the maid require a jointure of the old man,[6] and see what it would do, which at next meeting she did but when it appeared he could not make any, there being an incumbrance upon his land, as Saturn with Mars in his second house of substance doth excellently signify. After this they broke off all terms of marriage directly as I told her.

The querent was of stature tall, straight bodied of good lovely brown complexion and hair, round visaged, well spoken, modest and judicious. The quesited I judged to be [illegible] fleshy and full bodied, oval visaged, [illegible] brown colour, dark sad hair, his stature tending to tallness, a man worldly and cautious for Jupiter being in Taurus the emblem of labour doth insinuate so much: it was so confessed.


  1] Lilly does not mention her to be co-signified by the Moon because this applies in every chart and can be taken for granted. He means she has no co-significtors by way of additional planets in the first house, etc.
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  2] That is, the Moon had also separated from a quadrate (square) of Jupiter.
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  3] Importune: repeatedly request or urgently desire.
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  4] Dissapointed.
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  5] Frustrating; causing impediment to the outcome.
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  6] Jointure: an estate settled on a wife, to be enjoyed after her husband's death.
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Retyped and annotated by Deborah Houlding

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