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Links for - Astrology Articles

Aquamoonlight Astrology
Comprehensive site with a large collection of articles aimed at beginners through to advanced students. Covers a broad range of topics including predictive techniques, relationship astrology and asteroids.

Aquarian Solutions
Large collection of articles for astrologers of all levels of interest, updated daily to include current events and timely aspects.

Philip Brown's website features the astrology of world events, cultural trends forecasting, and politics.

Original astrological articles introducing new theories and perspectives in astrology, astrological readings: birth time rectification, predictive astrology, auspicious moments.

Astrology For the Soul
Articles from all perspectives of astrology by Moses Siregar III and Friends

Astrology Reading Room
A mini library of educational astrology articles by Terri McCartney

Astrology Weekly
A very active and comprehesive site produced by Radu Moisoiu. Includes lessons, resources and articles updated weekly.
A very nicely designed and well organised site by Bill Streett featuring monthly forecasts, planetary cycles, topical essays and a wide range of informative articles about astrology.

Celestial Sphere
This is Tim Metcalfe's new astrology website with a selection of articles including Nick Kollerstrom's study of the planets. Submissions are invited for those wishing to contribute to the astrological research material available on the web.

CHTA Astrology Articles
In-depth astrology articles - all assume a working knowledge of astrology

Considerations Magazines collection of articles
Articles for astrologers that have appeared in the wellknown magazine CONSIDERATIONS

CURA: International Astrology Research Centre
This site - available in English, French and Spanish - has an extensive collection of research articles focussed upon examining astrological principles, and their historical basis.

Elysian Astrology & New Age Shop Astrology Articles
Good collection of articles that also caters for beginners and intermediate students

Karmic Relief
Shelley Ackerman runs the Karmic Relief website which features many of her celebrity, political, and media commentaries, and general astrological reviews.

StarIQ Article Library
Hundreds of astrology articles categorised into business, health, relationships, gardening, sports, celebrities, etc.

Widgets Astrology World
1001 astrology articles searchable by category or author

Recommended Articles

Astrology and the Anatomy of Doubt by Garry Phillipson
Examines the question of whether astrology responds to scientific verification and measurement. Garry enters a philosophical debate that has been running for thousands of years and, in my opinion, brings it to a satisfactory and logical conclusion.

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