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Links for - Astrology Home Pages

The sites listed below are the home pages of astrologers that maintain a professional profile and are well respected in the astrological community

Andrew Bevan
This is the home site of Norwegian astrologer Andrew Bevan, well known for his predictive and financial astrology work. Articles are available in both English and Norwegian and there is a vast amount of documentation of his predictive work

Kenneth Bowser
An expert in Western sidereal astrology, Kenneth Bowser has been an active champion for its revival. This site features details of his work and includes important extracts from the early pioneer, Cyril Fagin.

Tamara Bradford
Tamara runs the New Aeon Astrology site, which is loaded with articles and general information in astrology.

Bernadette Brady
Bernadette Brady is a professional consulting astrologer, internationally acclaimed author, co-principal of Astro Logos, and a faculty member of the Astrological Guild of Educators Int. (A.G.E Int.) Her home page offers details of her books, courses, and consultations.

Kathryn C. Donovan / Depth Astrology
This is the blog of Kathryn C. Donovan, an astrological counselor with a background in depth psychotherapy, crisis counseling, massage therapy, yoga and meditation. Written for everyone who's seeking and forging their path in life -- not just astrologers.

Gary P. Caton
Gary's site includes details of his services, forecasts, and a range of astrological articles.

Claire Chandler
Claire Chandler is a highly regarded London based astrologer who is currently the president of the Astrological Lodge of London. Her site contains articles, predictions and details of current astrological trends, as well as details of her professional services.

Donna Cunningham
This is the web blog of an astrologer who needs no introduction. Donna has been practising astrology for 40 years, so she is well known world-wide for her books, lectures and tuition on astrology.

Robert Currey
Robert Currey, a consultant astrologer, writer and teacher, founded the astrological company Equinox in the 1980s. His store, the Astrology Shop in Covent Garden, Central London was the first shop in a prime location to be dedicated to astrology and run by astrologers. This page offers further details about Robert Currey, how he came into astrology, and the reports that are available online.

Martin Davis
Martin Davis is a very respected astrologer, author, and expert on Astro*Carto*Graphy. He is also an international representative for Matrix software and I can personally testify to the excellent customer service he provides. He is also one of the most amusing public speakers I've had the pleasure of listening to. This page mainly offers details of his software suite and personal web references.

Ronnie Dreyer
Internationally known astrological consultant, lecturer and teacher based in New York City, Ronnie Dreyer is also the author of a number of best selling astrology titles.

Barbara Dunn
The beautifully designed home page for Barbara Dunn, a busy British astrologer of over 25 years experience who specialises in horary and the I Ching. Barbara is well known for her high profile media work, her role as Principle of the QHP, and her recently released textbook Horary Astrology Re-examined.

Benjamin Dykes
The site of Medieval Astrology expert Benjamin Dykes. This is an excellent place to learn more about medieval astrological techniques from a respected and active practitioner. The site includes an introduction to medieval methods, articles, FAQs, book reviews, and details of consultations.

Kim Farnell
This is the website for Kim Farnell's professional services as an astrologer and writer. It also offers details of her books and has a substantial collection of her articles.

Nancy Fenn
Nancy Fenn is a spiritual astrology with a world wide practice. She has maintained a fulltime professional practice in the San Diego for over 25 years. Her site contains details of her services and articles for astrologers.

John Frawley
UK astrologer John Frawley is the editor of The Astrologer's Apprentice magazine, tutor of the Apprenticeship Courses in Horary, Electional and Traditional Natal Astrology and author of 'The Real Astrology'. This site offers details of his work, publications, appearances and courses.

Per Henrik Gullfoss
This is the home site for Den Nordiske Astrologiskolens, the Norwegian centre of astrology ran by Pers Gulfoss, together with Tone Holberg Hvidsten, Astrid Fallon and Lars Widding. The site is written in Norwegian, so primarily recommended for scandinavians.

Darrelyn Gunzburg
The home page of astrologer and author Darrelyn Gunzburg. Read her interview with Garry Phillipson at

Joann Hampar
Joann Hampar runs the Astrology Insights site which features horary, electional, relocational, natal and synastry astrology. There are many informative articles and she offers a very reasonable personalised horary service.

Charlotte Tricia Hanson
Swedish-Spanish astrologer Charlotte Tricia Hanson specialises in Natal, Horary, Dynamic -Predictive, and Relationship Astrology.

Pat Harris
Pat Harris is currently undertaking a PhD at Southampton University in the applications of Astrology to Health Psychology. Her site on the web offers a unique Astro fashion profile, featuring examples from celebrities and a quick introduction based on sun signs.

Pat Harris - Fertility and Astrology
Pat Harris' website where she offers advice on the fertility treatment process based upon her research and subsequent experiences in her practice as a consultant astrologer in the field of health psychology.

Richard Hills
London based astrologer Richard Hills holds certificates in Psychological and Medieval Astrology. Details of his services can be found at

Robert Hand
Respected world-wide for his astrological knowledge and pioneering work; this is the website for Robert Hand and his organisation ARHAT (Archives for the Retrieval of Historical Astrological Texts)

Maggie Hyde
Maggie Hyde runs a successful consultancy service for business, media and promotional events. This page offers details of her services and biography.

Maurice McCann
[Maurice has retired from astrology and his old site is no longer maintained (it is now a link farm). I leave this link in place for the benefit of those who want to access cached material via the web's wayback machine]. Well known Irish astrologer Maurice McCann presents tutorials, articles and TARA software for download.

Michael McClain
Michael McClain runs the comprehensive, which features extensive articles on the basics of astrology and numerology.

Eric Meyers
Eric Meyers runs the '' website and offers spiritually focused astrology consultations, classes, tutoring and details of his book: The Arrow's Ascent: Astrology & The Quest for Meaning

Richard Nolle
American astrologer Richard Nolle is a well known author, writer and consultant. He offers personal consultations via his website, plus lots of articles, features and news.

Douglas Parker
A professional astrologer since 1981. Horoscopes of Countries. Famous Horoscopes.

Garry Phillipson
UK astrologer Garry Phillipson's site carries details of his widely acclaimed book, Astrology in the Year Zero and aims to promotes unbiased enquiry into astrology, presenting the views of leading astrologers and scientific researchers. Before venturing into astrology, lived as a Buddhist monk. He presents a very interesting insight into what motivated him to write his book in his article, 'Tales from Babel'

Hamish Saunders
Astrology House is the New Zealand home of astrologers Hamish Saunders, Angela Thomas and Mark Griffin - all experts in their chosen fields. Their site features astrological articles, consultation services and astrology software products

Christine Skinner
This is the home page of Christine Skinner who offers personal consultations, business consultations, courses and horoscopes.

Shelley von Strunckel
Often referred to as the "thinking person's" astrologer, Shelley von Strunckel is an internally acclaimed astrological writer. Her site features horoscopes for the week, month or year ahead; celebrity profiles, articles and chart interpretation facilities.

Erin Sullivan
Erin Sullivan is a world-renowned astrologer, consultant, author and speaker. Her site offers reports, details of her books and appearances, articles and resources.

Alex Trenoweth
This is Alex's blogspot and it is really something special. Besides charting her own tales, Alex has a mission to build the finest reservoir of astro-jokes in cyber space. Always good for a laugh.

Noel Tyl
A great astrologer, prolific author, consultant and teacher. Noel's site has a very active discussion forum, which mainly serves as support for his students but is open to anyone and carries a high level of intelligent astrological discussion.

Linea Van Horn
Linea is one of the most active and long standing astrologers of the San Francisco Bay area. She is well known for her talks and presentations to students and for her succesful consultational practice. A highly recommended experienced astrologer, and she has some great articles on her personal website.

Joanna Watters
The new website of COA astrologer, Joanna Watters, who offers residential tuition courses in Nidri and the island of Lefkada in Greece.

Darcy Woodall
Do visit this site by Brooklyn astrologer Darcy Woodall! It is very attractive, highly informative and intelligently produced. Her articles are superb, there is lots of introductory material, and full details of her astrological services.

Frederick Woodruff is the journal-style home page and blog of Washington State astrologer Frederick Woodruff. With news, info, books, links and more, Woodruff has a unique perspective and this site is well worth a visit.

World Astrology
The web site of highly respected West Coast (USA) astrologer, Dorothy Kovach, and Russian astrologer Anton Grigoryev. The emphasis is on traditional and mundane, with Dorothy also offering her expertise in horary and financial consultations, and Anton offering some wonderful free translations of traditional works. The site is also associated with the well known private mailing list: Angelicus Merlin.

There are many more excellent astrologers and I have no doubt missed quite a few that I shouldn't have. Please accept my apologies for omissions. Details of more consultants can be found on the Consultants Directories page

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