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Links for - Books, Suppliers of Books and Magazines - Astrology

American Federation of Astrologers
The AFA has a searchable, and very comprehensive, list of astrological books for sale.

ARHAT (The Archive for the Retrieval of Historical Astrological Texts), pioneered by Robert Hand, is dedicated to finding, protecting and restoring astrological works of historical interest. It publishes important secondary source material as well as translations of older texts by Hand and other leading astrological researchers. Strongly recommended.

Astrology Calendar, Astrology Diary and Moon Calendar - Gorgeous circular Astrology calendars and diaries showing Moons phases, astrological forecasts, sign changes, pagan fire festivals and much more.....

Astrology Center of America
Run by astrologer David R. Roell, offers a very comprehensive list, including specialist titles

Celestial Forecaster
Now in its third yearly edition, the Celestial Forecaster, by Annie Bones, is a yearly publication featuring daily projections based on aspects and motions of the major planets.

Culture & Cosmos
A bi-annual peer-reviewed journal devoted to the study of the history of astrology and cultural astronomy. Edited by Nicholas Campion and Patrick Curry PhD.

Dell Horoscope
Very popular, wide circulation astrology magazine, available in news stands

Equinox Astrology Bookshop
Reputable astrology book shop based in the UK, supplies mail-order and offers online transactions

JustUs & Associates
Based in the US, JustUs supplies a range of traditional astrology titles, many retyped and reproduced by Carol Wiggers.

Linguaggio Astrale
Highest quality quarterly 200pp journal published by Centro Italiano Di Astrologia (CIDA) since 1970. The main co-ordinating body for Italian astrology with well organised branches in most regions of Italy. (Italian Language)

Midheaven Bookshop
Run by astrologer John Etherington, this London based astrology bookshop has a good reputation for tracking down titles and supplies worldwide

Mountain Astrologer Magazine
Monthly publication magazine - widely recognised as one of the best English-language astrology magazines. Covers a wide range of features to satisfy all levels of interest.

Pathfinder Bookshop
New Zealand based, leading bookshop focusing on books for inner development and well being. Offers online transactions

Prediction Magazine
Popular monthly magazine with a wide range of features and astrology articles that cater to all levels of interest

A monthly journal published since 1992 for the Professional Astrologers Association Board by Centro Italiano Di Astrologia (CIDA) since 1970. Sec: Claudio CannistrÓ: (Italian Language)

Wessex Astrologer
Publishers and distributors of their own astrology titles, and online suppliers of over 320 leading astrological books. The Wessex Astrologer also acts as the European distributor for The Mountain Astrologer Magazine.

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