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Links for - Chart Calculation Tools for astrology

AIR software (Astrological Institute of Research )
Founded by Alphee Lavoie, AIR Software is specialised to cater to the needs of financial astrologers and includes the Market Trader software series.

A very attractive monthly aspectarian is available from the CyberWorld Khaldea site, featuring Moon VOC periods and timed aspects according to a selection of time zones.

ASTRO for Windows
Created by Christopher J. Noyes. All programs are available in Shareware trial versions

The American base for Solar Fire and Astrolabe reports. The site also offers free chart calculation and articles by Bruce Scofield and Christiane Northrup

FREEWARE Astrology for Windows program named "The Best Freeware/Shareware Program of 1995" by American Astrology, March 1996

Capricorn astrology software
Capricorn astrology software develops AstrologyExplorer3D, advanced astrological charting program and website offers free online chart generation.

Cosmic Patterns Kepler Software
Calculation program that creates beautiful, artistic chartwheels

Ephemeris Files
The CyberWorld Khaldea site offers a very eaily accesible ephemeris covering 3000 years. An aspecterian is included for all years since 1900 and a wide variety of time zone are available for cutomised viewing. The presentation of the information is to a very high standard with retrograde planets marked in easy-to-note red type.

The Astrodienst site offers printable ephemeris files in Acrobat PDF format. Each ephemeris file covers one year and prints on six pages, with two months per page.

View this year's ephemeris | view this year's aspects

Hermetic Systems
Offers 'Planetary Aspects and Transits' - a nice, simple program. Unlike the usual astrology programs, this software makes hardly any mention of astrological signs, and no mention of houses, but rather concentrates (as its name says) on planetary aspects and transits, and how these change over time.

Janus Astrology Software
Janus has all of the standard calculation features expected of a top of the line astrology software program, including natal and transit reports, astro-mapping, Arabic Parts, fixed stars, progressed charts and return charts. It also has specialist modules for Cosmobiology, Uranian Astrology and Medieval Astrology, and includes the medieval calculations for Firdaria and Profection. This site includes a free trial version which allows you to evaluate and use all of Janus 3's operational features for a period of 60 days.
Note the new address:

Astrology software which converts aspects between transits and natal factors into points and then plots them as a graph, making it easier to study and to evaluate their influence over time. Includes a free demo, which allows you to test out the graphs for your past.

Solar Fire
Esoteric Technologies are the creators of the top-quality solar suite of software. There is a downloadable demo and information on the full range of products and add-on modules.

Tables of Sunrise/set and Moonrise/set
Part of the US Naval Observatory, the site calculates tables of sunrise/set and moonrise/set for all locations and a great deal of other valuable astronomical data - tables of eclipses, phases of the Moon, lunar eclipse computer, time zone map and table for latitudes and longitudes

Time and Date
A very useful resource for students. The time zone calculator shows the time difference from Universal Time / Greenwich Mean Time for all major cities, for the present or any time in the past or future. There is also a table of Daylight Saving Times for all countries since 1999, a customisable calendar showing moon phases and major holidays, and lots of extra tools related to times and dates

Time Cycles Graphic Astrology
Calculation software written specifically for the Macintosh computers

Time Zone Atlas & Latitude/Longitude look-up
Part of the Astrodienst site which is very rich in resources for reports, free chart calculation, articles and features

Widely respected software from the Astrology Matrix group. Their site is beautifully designed and a very valuable astrology resource in itself. The software ranges from downloadable trial versions, express version for personal use and the plus version for professional use.

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