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Christopher Warnock

Christopher Warnock Esq

A qualified lawyer, Chris has an M.A. (Hons.) in Renaissance & early modern history. He graduated from the Classical Studies in Horary course, and now teaches his own horary and electional courses.



Christopher Warnock Esq.,, Astrologer

The following is an example report delivered to a client in response to the question "Where is this Relationship Going?"

The summary of the judgement was that the relationship would end as the boyfriend drifted into a relationship with someone else

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First, in the most accurate charts there is a sympathy between the sign rising in the East and the planet that rules the hour. This chart looks as if it is very accurate because it is Mars day, the planetary hour of Mars and the sign Scorpio is rising, which is ruled by Mars.

Now you asked, "where is this relationship going?" One of the strongest indicators of action in a question is the Moon. In this chart the Moon is not in good shape, it is peregrine, in detriment and void of course. What this means is that the relationship is not going anywhere, at least not in a positive way. This is also reinforced by the fact that the rising sign, Scorpio, is fixed and that the planets that signify you and your boyfriend are moving slowly. Scorpio is the worst rising sign as it impedes and diminishes the relationship as well as being an indicator that there is falsity and deception involved.

You are represented by Mars and your boyfriend by Venus. Mars and Venus are separating from each other, which indicates that you and your boyfriend are separating. Also your boyfriend is represented by Saturn in the seventh house, which for you is the house of a husband or boyfriend. Saturn is known as the greater malefic and here is particularly bad because he is peregrine. Your planet Mars is moving to oppose Saturn, representing your boyfriend, meaning that you and your boyfriend will be opposed to each other. Saturn is cold and dry and has the effect here of cooling off the relationship, potentially ending it. Saturn, unfortunate in the 7th house also has the effect of causing quarrels and brawls.

You ask if someone else is involved. There are indications of this in the chart. As I mentioned earlier your planet and his planet are slowly separating. Within three days after this question was asked his planet Venus, actually stops and starts moving backwards, intensifying the separation from your planet. In addition, Venus starts moving towards a trine, which is an aspect of perfect agreement or affection, towards Jupiter. Jupiter rules the 5th house which is the house of fun, games and sex. So this is definite indication that he is moving towards a relationship with someone else. Your planet, Mars, is separating from an opposition of Jupiter so it may be that your boyfriend will have a relationship with someone that you had an argument or problems with earlier. Jupiter is conjunct the fixed star, Sharatan, an evil star, that can indicate unscrupulous defeat. So all in all, not particularly good news. While things are not happening quickly, the relationship is not developing positively, in fact, as I said earlier, its not really going anywhere. It does look like your boyfriend in drifting into a relationship with someone else and his planet, Venus is stronger than your planet Mars. Be careful about overreacting and taking action based on strong emotions, as Mars is in Scorpio in the 12th house, so you may be your own worst enemy.


Upon receipt of the judgement the client reported to me that she too predicted difficulties, and that her Sun sign is Scorpio.

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