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Christopher Warnock

Christopher Warnock Esq


Christopher Warnock, Esq.

Christopher Warnock offers traditional predictive astrology consultations and we particularly recommend his services for:

Horary Astrology

Brief Biography

Christopher Warnock, Esq., practices as a Renaissance astrologer in Washington, D.C. He received an M.A. (Hons.), concentrating in Renaissance and early modern history from the University of St. Andrews (Scotland) and a J.D. from the University of Michigan Law School.

Christopher has studied with Carol Wiggers, Lee Lehman and Robert Zoller, who are among the foremost Renaissance and medieval astrologers in America. He is a graduate of Lee Lehman's Classical Studies in Horary course. He was a speaker at the 1998 ARHAT Traditional Astrology Conference and was a faculty member at the 2002 United Astrology Conference.

His published works have appeared in The Horary Practitioner, Pathways, the Astrological Association's Journal, The Mountain Astrologer and the Llewellyn Moon Sign Books for 2002 and 2003 and Dell Horoscope magazine. He has also appeared in the TV series 'Critical Eye' on the Science Channel.

Christopher teaches courses on horary, electional astrology and Renaissance astrological magic and publishes CD collections of rare astrological texts. Details can be found on his website at, one of the most comprehensive traditional astrology sites on the web.

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Christopher's Views on Astrology

In the traditional world view the Cosmos was one great unified being, bound together by chains of spiritual sympathy and magical correspondence. This is epitomized by the saying of the sage Hermes Trismegitus, "As Above, So Below"

By seeing the cycles of the Heavens we can understand the cycles taking place on Earth. Thus astrology is not just a poetic metaphor or a symbolic and merely psychological process, but is also a way to precisely perceive concrete material events. We can use traditional astrology to make extremely accurate predictions or to align ourselves to the dance of the stars and planets and increase the effectiveness of our actions.

Traditional astrology is therefore extremely practical, allowing us to predict and, to a certain extent, control events in the material world. Yet, since traditional astrology is accurate and effective, it reveals to us a limitless spiritual vista of infinite spiritual connection and unity.

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