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Deborah Houlding Presented with honorary membership of the Association of Romanian Astrologers by Mihaela Dicu and Dan Ciubotaru,
Oct 2011

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11th-13th March, 2011 The 11th Balkan International Astrology Conference
Belgrade, Serbia
Organised by The Kepler Institute
Workshop: 'Electional Astrology'

Lectures: 'Healing with Horary' + 'Horary Relationship Charts'
Venue: Belgrade, Serbia
Further details: Conference details online at |

12th-16th May, 2011 STA Residential Horary Certificate Course
Callander, Scotland
Organised by STA - Deborah Houlding's School of Traditional Astrology
Registered Students Only.
Venue: Lendrick Lodge Holistic Retreat, Scotland
Further details: For details of similar courses click here.

18th June, 2011 Workshop on Electional Astrology
Organised by LSA: London School of Astrology
One day Seminar on Electional Astrology
Electional Astrology: How to Get it Right

Electional astrology is the technique which allows us to look ahead and select the ideal moment to undertake something important. But it offers even more than that, because electional charts have a fascinating ability to expose the strengths and weaknesses inherent in our plans. This workshop fully explains the most important and reliable techniques used in electional astrology, looking first at its philosophical basis, and the most important sources, and then demonstrating its usefulness through a number of case histories relating to the themes that are most relevant for the modern client. You will be provided with a full set of notes to take away after the event. Suitable for astrologers of all levels, this seminar is an extended version of the additional workshop option offered at the LSA's Student Conference in 2010.
Venue: Chancellor's Room, Hughes Parry Hall, 19-26 Cartwright Gardens, WC1H 9EF | (off Euston Rd, opposite the crescent)
Further details: | Email: | tel:+44 (0)700 233 44 55

3rd July, 2011 Third International Congress of Astrology in Perugia
Perugia, Italy
Organised by Jayavidya Association and the C.I.D.A. Delegation of Perugia
Lecture: 'Healing with Horary' - to be delivered in English with simultaneous Italian translation
Venue: Sala Dei Notari, Palazzo Dei Priori, 19 Corso Vannucci, Perugia, Italy
Further details: C.I.D.A. & Jayavidya Cultural Association / Email: Nunzia Coppola Meskalila / download PDF file with details of talks

23rd July, 2011 Lilly Day
Organised by Company of Astrologers
Presentation: 'Lilly's Houses'

William Lilly's horary on whether to purchase Master B's houses is a rare example of Lilly asking his own question about a personal concern, by which its symbolism grants insight into what was going on in Lilly's mind and life at that particular time. Approaching this horary through various angles, we see the budding master-astrologer at work in judgement, but we also glimpse the practical fears and emotional insecurities of a young man daring to step above the expectations of his social status. This presentation will also identify the precise location of Master B's houses and Lilly's 'Corner House' in London, the site of which remains accessible today.
Venue: Meet at the Swan Inn, move to Church Hall for presentations
Further details:

15th-16th Oct, 2011 Sixth RAA Congress and Symposium of Astrology
Bucharest, Romania
Organised by the Romanian Astrologers Association - AAR / RAA

One day workshop on electional astrology
Sunday 16th October
Venue: Parliament Hotel, Bucharest
Further details: Astrological Association of Romania (ARR)

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