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Perugia, March 2009

Regulus Conference, Melbourne, Oct 2009

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26th January A.L.L. Monday Night Lecture
London Organised by The Astrological Lodge of London
Lilly's Own Question - a Life through a Horary Lens:
William Lilly's 17th-century horary on whether to purchase Master B's houses gives a useful demonstration of the traditional technique for judging upon the purchase of property. It is also a rare example of Lilly asking his own question about a personal concern, by which its symbolism grants us a detailed portrait of what was going on in Lilly's mind and life at that particular time. Approaching this horary through various angles, we see the budding master-astrologer at work in judgement. Looking deeper into the chart, we also see the practical fears and emotional insecurities of a young man daring to step above the expectations of his social status.
Venue: Theosophical Society, 50 Gloucester Place, London W1U 8EA.
Further details: URL: A.L.L. Events Page

7-8th February Certificate Course in Horary Astrology - Days 4 & 5 of 5
Dublin, Ireland Organised by STA, 10:00 am - 5:30 pm
Registered students only
Venue: 10a, Lower Camden Street, Dublin
Further details: Email: Deborah Houlding | URL: STA

7th March First International Congress of Astrology in Perugia
Perugia, Italy Organised by Jayavidya Association and the C.I.D.A. Delegation of Perugia
The Origin and Development of House Meanings:
Based upon original research presented in The Houses: Temples of the Sky, this talk summarizes what is known about the history and development of house meanings. Understanding where and why the astrological houses acquired their associated meanings allows us to clarify the issues that are traditionally appropriate, and enables us to take a confident approach to house signification in the unusual situations of modern-day life.

Suitable for astrologers of all levels of interest.
Venue: Sala Dei Notari, Palazzo Dei Priori, 19 Corso Vannucci, Perugia, Italy
Further details: Web (Italian): / Email: Nunzia Coppola Meskalila

4th-5th April Astrology Student Conference 2009 (ASC) (Conference theme: 'The Astrology of Relationships')
London Organised by The Mayo School and London School of Astrology
Heart-centred Horary
Nothing is more certain to fill the consultation book of a horary astrologer than the dizzy dance of the mating game and the insecurities that underlie our fragile relationships. This session demonstrates horary as a dynamic and potentially life-transforming tool, through which we can offer renewed confidence to those suffering from fear, guilt or denial; or by which we can support our clients through their desire-driven periods of ‘temporary madness’. Suitable for all levels of interest and covering both the practical and psychological aspects of horary, this talk presents a variety of relationship horaries – each with its own tale to tell.
Venue: Resource Centre (LVRC), 356 Holloway Rd, London, N7 6PA
Further details: PDF brochure: | Email:

17th May ALL Traditional Astrology Day
London Organised by The Astrological Lodge of London
Nostradamus as a horary astrologer:
In February 1562 Nostradamus was asked to use his horary skill to discover what had happened to the sacred silver, stolen from the Cathedral Church of Orange. His judgement was returned in a letter, a copy of which remains in the library of Arles in Southern France. Unfortunately, Nostradamus did not give the astrological reasons for his judgement, and our ability to reconstruct his reasoning is impeded by the existence of two redrawn copies of the chart, which differ in their details. Having verified the library documents at Arles, we can now substantiate what is known of this chart, and look at how closely Nostradamus followed traditional technique to create his vision of what had happened, and his prophecy on what would happen next. This presentation therefore, will answer the challenge that Nostradamus sets at the end of his letter where he wrote: "I am human and can err, be wrong and be deceived, but be there anyone in your city familiar with the astronomical doctrine extending to the judicial, by this figure let him judge if he understands not that my sayings contain the truth".

Traditional Techniques in Relationship Charts:
This talk reviews the traditional concepts that underlie the horary judgement of intimate relationships: from the principles that determine significators and co-significators, to differentiating between 5th and 7th house 'love issues', the importance of reception, and the astrological indications of dominance, desire or disinterest. Modern examples will be referred to in a highly practical explanation of historical philosophies that remain embedded in the horary art.
Venue: Theosophical Society, 50 Gloucester Place, London W1U 8EA.
Further details: URL: A.L.L. Events Page

20th June One day Workshop on Horary Astrology
Glasgow Organised by Aquarius Rising
Dancing with the Divine - the Magic of Horary
Horary is often seen as a predictive tool but a deeper value lies in its ability to reveal the rejected reality of the past and present. By looking at the horary chart as the insignia of the problem, with all its past influences and future potentials, we open up the client's options rather than close them down towards one inevitable conclusion. Horary breakthroughs hold the power to change lives and they emerge from the client's recognition of their own input into the situations that beset them. This one day workshop introduces horary technique through a range of issues where the client has been able to explore the hidden roots of the difficult dilemmas they face - and through accepting personal responsibility and facing their fears, gain the confidence that allows them to retake control of their destiny.
Venue: Renfield St Stephens Church, 260 Bath St, Glasgow G2 4JP
Further details: For more details see Booking enquiries: Contact Maggi on 0141 637 0007 or 07803 131 809 or email at

21st June One day Workshop on Electional Astrology
Edinburgh Organised by The Scottish Astrological Association
Astro-Picking your Moment:
Electional astrology is generally defined as the technique that allows us to look ahead and select the ideal moment to undertake or begin something important. But it offers more than that, because electional charts have a fascinating ability to expose the strengths and weaknesses inherent in our plans. This workshop will explain the traditional techniques used in electional astrology, explore its history and philosophical basis, and demonstrate its usefulness in a number of case histories. We will also be looking at how the techniques used in horary and electional astrology offer a reliable approach for gaining insight into the significance of event charts.
Venue: the Theosophical Society, 28 Great King Street, Edinburgh.
Further details: URL: | Email Mark Cullen

16th July Evening talk
Cheltenham Organised by Aquarius Severn
Dignities and Receptions
In horary and traditional techniques we need to consider the essential state and accidental condition of a planet when deciding upon its influence in aspects. This talk clarifies the differentiations of dignities and debilities in practical application and explains how (and in what circumstances) receptions become important. It then clarifies the meaning of aspects and distinguishes the kinds of differences to expect between harmonious aspects involving debilitated planets, and difficult aspects involving dignified planets. This level of detail is useful in many situations, and allows us to judge whether a client should be encouraged to avoid an impending problem, or whether they should tackle it head-on, with the intention of surmounting it. (Suitable for all levels)
Venue: 2 Wolseley Terrace, Oriel Road, Cheltenham
Further details: | Email graham or kris | tel: (01451) 821487

18th July One day Workshop on Electional Astrology
Bristol Organised by Arcturus Rising
Astro-Picking your Moment:
Electional astrology is the technique that allows us to look ahead and select the ideal moment to undertake or begin something important. But it offers more than that, because electional charts have a fascinating ability to expose the strengths and weaknesses in our plans. This workshop fully explains the technique of electional astrology, looking first at its history and philosophical basis, and the most important traditional sources, and then demonstrating its usefulness through a number of case histories. You will be provided with a full set of notes to take away after the event.
Venue: The Southville Centre, Southville, Bristol. Cost: £30.
Further details: URL: | Email Chris Mitchell

1st-2nd August A Weekend Workshop on Primary Directions with Martin Gansten
Nottingham Ninth House. (This is an event which I am organising and attending)
A not-to-be-missed opportunity to attend a weekend workshop where modern students can learn the expert techniques of primary directions and discover the directions in their own birth charts.
Venue: Upstairs Meeting Room, The Old Spot, Mansfield Road, Nottingham. (Next door to the Premier Inn Hotel, Daybrook).
Further details: Full details, PDF of course brochure and booking form are available on the Ninth House website

18th-20th September The 41st Annual Conference of the Astrological Association
Cambridge Astrological Association of Great Britain
Wyboston Lakes Speakers include Nick Campion, Rob Hand, Deborah Houlding, John Frawley, Pam Crane, Mike Harding, Kathy Rogers, Frank Clifford, Faye Cossar, Clare Martin, Ed Gillam, Kim Farnell, Frances Clynes, Prudence Jones, Sue Tompkins, Mavis Klein, Gill Dorren, Carole Taylor, Barbara Dunn, Sharon Knight, Sue Lewis and more!

Masterclass: 'Profiling With Horary'
This workshop demonstrates the method for building up descriptive profiles of the characters in our charts. Although often overlooked in modern texts, this essential technique provides confirmation that our charts are accurate, and allows us to draw reliable physical descriptions of both victims and perpetrators of criminal activity.

Plenary: 'Ploughs, Bears and Burials: the Wheeling Fortunes and Guidance of the Pole Stars'
Astrologers give only a nod of recognition to fixed stars, taking them for granted and quoting from textbooks, instead of knowing their meaning 'by heart'. This talk demonstrates how one constellation - Ursa Major - holds such a depth and breadth of meaning that it truly illuminates our understanding of celestial symbolism.
Venue: Wyboston Lakes Conference Centre in Bedfordshire, near Cambridge. See
Further details: Full details, PDF of conference brochure and booking form available on the AA website

10-12th October The Regulus Astrology Conference, 2009
Melbourne, Australia Speakers include Deborah Houlding, Eve Dembowski, Mari Garcia, Charles Jameson, Julie McBeth, and Joy Usher.
Plenary: Detecting with Horary
Plenary: The Traditional Approach to Aspects and Orbs
Plenary: A Sense of Direction: the when and how of Compass Points in Horary
Full day masterclass: Profiling with Horary

This two day event (followed by an optional post-conference workshop) is to be held at the historic Abbotsford Convent, at Abbotsford, Melbourne. For full details of the program and talk details go to the event link below.
Venue: Abbotsford Convent, Melbourne
Further details: Web:

17th October A One day Seminar with Deborah Houlding
Auckland, New Zealand Comprising two half-day workshops:
Understanding Planetary Dignities and Receptions
Understanding the Traditional Approach to the Judgement of Relationship Charts

Both themes present new, previously unpublished research, which clarifies some of the confusing elements in these topics. With plenty of chart examples and real life demonstrations, the workshops are suitable for both beginners through to experts.
Venue: Northcote Point Club Rooms, 119 Queen Street, Northcote Point, Auckland, New Zealand
Further details: Email Colleen Coffey or tel. 09 418 2349 (landline) or 021 0444 911 (mobile)

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Deborah Houlding has been an active researcher and practitioner of astrology for over 20 years. She specialises in the symbolic development of interpretative technique and in demonstrating the profound, life-transforming capabilities of horary astrology. She is the past editor of the Traditional Astrologer magazine, the proprietor of the Skyscript astrology website ( and the author of The Houses: Temples of the Sky (Wessex). She is also the Principal of the STA school of traditional horary astrology which teaches students worldwide through a combination of seminars, workshops and courses.
Future Plans: 2010
January 11th: Lodge
Early Spring: Glasgow - STA certificate course
February: Bologna, Italy - 1 day workshop
June 5th-6th, Skipton
June: Perugia, Italy - lecture
July: Walton on Thames - Lilly day
September - AA Conf & Lodge
October: new York & San Francisco
Early March - Johannesburg - Aorta Conference

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