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Charles Harvey Award Receiving the Astrological Association's Charles Harvey Award from Roy Gillett, Sep. 2010.

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11th January A.L.L. Monday Night Lecture
London Organised by The Astrological Lodge of London
The Beauty of the Venus Cycle:
Following a trend popularised by Dane Rudhyar, modern explanations of the planetary phase cycles refer to an artificial, heliocentric perspective. This has created confusion concerning the underlying basis of their symbolism; to the extent that planetary phase - one of the most significant concepts of ancient mundane astrology - has become virtually redundant in contemporary astrological practice. But the symbolic principles of the phase cycles underlines so many traditional interpretive techniques that their importance cannot be overstated. This talk coincides with the commencement of a new 584-day Venus phase cycle and will demonstrate the shifting influence of Venus as the cycle moves from beginning to end.
Venue: Theosophical Society, 50 Gloucester Place, London W1U 8EA.
Further details: URL: A.L.L. Events Page

7th March Horary Astrology: the Cosmic Soul-Quest
Amsterdam, Holland Organised by The Amsterdam School of Astrology
One day workshop:
Tradition teaches us that the question put to the astrologer should not only trouble the mind, it should also stir the spirit and originate from the soul. It should be a 'soul-quest'. Under the correct circumstances we can expect the mind of the astrologer to act as a mirror to the cosmic truth, and we can witness horary as a very powerful tool indeed, not only for revealing the likely outcome of a problem, but also for demonstrating its origin and cause, and the route that should be taken to avoid repetition and ensure a full resolution.

This one day workshop will introduce, and then explain the most pertinent techniques of horary through a practical demonstration of recent client charts covering a variety of typical horary themes. From the heart-breaking to the hilarious, and from the obviously emotional to the apparently mundane, the examples will convince you that the traditional technique of horary is a necessary tool for every modern astrologer, simple enough to be of immediate practical value, whilst powerful enough to change the lives of those who are trapped in cycles of despair.

Suitable for astrologers of all levels of interest.
Venue: The Amsterdam School of Astrology
Further details:

24th-25th April Astrology Student Conference 2010 (ASC) (Conference theme: 'Life Path, Career and Astrology as a Vocation')
London Organised by The Mayo School and London School of Astrology
Sat., 3:10pm-4:10 pm:
Career Guidance with Horary

The prospects of career change are exciting, but they provoke sleepless nights for those who fear stepping into the unknown, or who worry about damaging their livelihood. Reviewing the main considerations through modern case-studies, Deborah looks at how horary provides an overview and insight into the details which allow confident, informed decisions to be made.

Sun., 9:15am-11:15am:
Electing for Success

One of the most satisfying ways to consolidate astrological awareness is to engage in the art of electional astrology. The oldest and most instinctive use of astrology, its core concepts act as keys that illuminate all other astrological techniques. Electional astrology is often misrepresented as being purely materialistic, but it actually presents a fascinating philosophy, which not only allows us to maximise potential by selecting the best moment to act, but also allows us to recognise the weaknesses in our plans whilst we still have time to make changes. This workshop eliminates much of the confusion that has built up around this subject, revealing the most important considerations that are reliable and easy to apply. Their usefulness is demonstrated through recent case histories where the object was to enhance the prospect of professional success.

Venue: Resource Centre (LVRC), 356 Holloway Rd, London, N7 6PA
Further details: PDF brochure and full details available at

19th June Second International Congress of Astrology in Perugia
Perugia, Italy Organised by Jayavidya Association and the C.I.D.A. Delegation of Perugia
Ploughs, Bears and Burials: the Guidance of the Pole Stars :
Astrologers give only a nod of recognition to fixed stars, taking them for granted and quoting from textbooks, instead of knowing their meaning 'by heart'. This talk demonstrates how one constellation - Ursa Major - holds such a depth and breadth of meaning that it truly illuminates our understanding of celestial symbolism.

Suitable for astrologers of all levels of interest.
Venue: Sala Dei Notari, Palazzo Dei Priori, 19 Corso Vannucci, Perugia, Italy
Further details: To be announced / Email: Nunzia Coppola Meskalila

20th-22nd August Faculty Summer School, 2010: Weekend workshop
Oxford Organised by the Faculty of Astrological Studies
Weekend workshop - "Understanding Horary Astrology"
Two day course to explain and demonstrate the techniques of horary astrology.
Venue: Exeter College, Oxford
Further details: Full details of the workshop and cost are available in the summer school brochures, available as a PDF file on the Faculty website

17th-19th September The 42nd Annual Conference of the Astrological Association
Cambridge Organised by the Astrological Association of Great Britain
Wyboston Lakes Carter Memorial Lecture: "Conversing with the Heavens"
Throughout the ages, master astrologers have offered words of wisdom about how to steer a safe course through the complexities of astrological consultation. How does that advice stand up to the pressures of the computer age, with our expectation of instant access to information that was traditionally guarded, being of an 'occult nature'?
Venue: Wyboston Lakes Conference Centre in Bedfordshire, near Cambridge. See
Further details: Full details, PDF of conference brochure and booking form available on the AA website

20th September A.L.L. Monday Night Lecture
London Organised by The Astrological Lodge of London
Conversing with the Heavens (see above)
It is tradition that the Carter Memorial Lecture given at the AA conference is repeated, the following Monday, at the Astrological Lodge of London.
Venue: Theosophical Society, 50 Gloucester Place, London W1U 8EA.
Further details: URL: A.L.L. Events Page

13th October An Evening Discussion of Horary
Boston, Massachusetts The Astrology Institute
Finding Missing Things
This presentation considers both the philosophical basis and practical realities of using horary as a way to discover the whereabouts of missing persons or lost things. The most reliable principles are identified and common sources of confusion are discussed and eliminated, bringing the focus to the best techniques in this particular branch of horary as demonstrated against a number of interesting recent case studies. (Talk will last 1 hours and is suitable for astrologers of all levels of experience).

Presentation begins at 7:30 pm
Venue: The Arlington Center at 369 Mass Ave, Arlington, Mass
Further details: To register contact Joseph Crane of The Astrology Institute by email at

16th October 1-day workshop
New York NCGR NYC Chapter
Forensic Horary From missing objects, lost pets, through to identifying the perpetrators of criminal activity and murder, this one-day workshop demonstrates how to build up reliable profiles of abductors, and highlights the most important and reliable techniques used in judging 'mystery' charts.
Venue: Joanna Shannon Library, 39 Fifth Avenue 1B, NY 10003
Further details:

23rd-24th October A Weekend on Horary & Electional Astrology
San Francisco San Francisco Astrological Society
Saturday (23rd) 10:30-5:30 pm - Key Principles of Horary Astrology
Details from Dignities and Receptions The morning presentation clarifies the use of dignities and debilities in practical chart-work, and explains how, and in what circumstances, receptions become important. It then demonstrates how to judge the effect of aspects with this additional information taken into account (it looks, for example, at the difference between harmonious aspects involving debilitated planets, and difficult aspects involving dignified planets). This level of detail is useful in many situations, and allows the astrologer to judge whether a client should be encouraged to avoid an impending problem, or whether they should be encouraged to tackle it head-on, with the intention of surmounting it.

Afternoon: Relationship Charts This presentation explains (and clarifies) the traditional concepts that underlie the horary judgement of intimate relationships: from the principles that determine significators and co-significators, to differentiating between 5th and 7th house 'love issues', the importance of reception, and the astrological indications of dominance, desire or disinterest. Modern examples will be referred to in a highly practical explanation of the philosophies that are embedded in the horary art, and which need to be properly understood to bring clarity to the chart.

All presentations are suitable for all levels of experience.

Sunday Afternoon Workshop (24th)1:30-5:30 pm - Astro-picking: How to get it right
Electional astrology is the technique that allows us to look ahead and select the ideal moment to undertake or begin something important. But it offers more than that, because electional charts have a fascinating ability to expose the strengths and weaknesses in our plans. This workshop explains the technique of electional astrology, looking first at its philosophical basis, and the most important sources, and then demonstrating its usefulness through a number of case histories relating to the themes that are most relevant for the modern client. You will be provided with a full set of notes to take away after the event.
Venue: Macondray Hall, First Unitarian Universalist Society of San Francisco,
1187 Franklin Street, Geary, San Francisco, CA 94109 Google map
Further details: Full details and booking form available on NCGR website

20th November Online Presentation (about 1 hrs)
Internet International Academy of Astrology - live online presentation
From Ploughs to Burial Carts, the Guidance of the Pole Stars An exploration of the astrological use of the polar constellations, pursued through our historical use and understanding of Ursa Major.
Further details:

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Deborah Houlding has been an active researcher and practitioner of astrology for over 20 years. She specialises in the symbolic development of interpretive techniques and in demonstrating the practical application of horary astrology. She is the past editor of the Traditional Astrologer magazine, the proprietor of the Skyscript astrology website ( and the author of The Houses: Temples of the Sky (Wessex). She is also the Principal of the STA school of traditional horary astrology which teaches students worldwide through a combination of seminars, workshops and courses.

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