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Traditional Astrologer Magazine

Issue 19

Traditional Astrologer Magazine issue 19
Published: January 2000


An Interview with Robert Zoller Garry Philipson 2Web adaption
The Birth of the Outer Planets David McCann 9Web adaption  
The Myths of Mistletoe Dylan Warren Davies 12 
Classical Constellation Myths: S-T Deborah Houlding 15 
Horary:'What is the Question?' Dennis Elwell 22Web adaption
The Greek Philosophers Deborah Houlding 26 
Phlegmatic: Receptive Temperament Scott Whitthers 32 
A Case History: Grief and Beyond Wanda Sellars 34 
Note from the Editor Deborah Houlding 35 
An Interview with Graeme Tobyn Garry Philipson 36Web adaption
New Books from Ascella Publications 43 

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