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Traditional Astrologer Magazine: Issue 2

Traditional Astrologer Magazine issue 2
Published: Autumn 1993


Editorial & Letters Deborah Houlding 2 
An Introduction to Decumbiture Dylan Warren-Davies 4Web adaption
Strength & Relationship of the Planets Deborah Houlding 9Web adaption  
The Life and Work of William Lilly David Plant 13Web adaption
William Lilly's War Chart David Plant 17Web adaption  
Eclipses: Darkening of the Light David Plant 20Web adaption
The King's Cross Eclipse Dennis Elwell 22Web adaption
Traditional Aphorisms for Eclipses Ptolemy, Lilly, Coley 24Web adaption
A Right Royal Eclipse? Deborah Houlding 25 
The Art of Horary - Love Charts D. Houlding & C. Tasker 27Web adaption
Will she leave her husband for me? Deborah Houlding 28Web adaption
Will this be a permanent relationship? Olivia Barclay 28Web adaption
Should I phone her? Andrew Bevan 29 
Will they get back together? Cynthea Tasker 30Web adaption
Egytian Goddesses and Zodiac Myths Ian Freer 31 
'Directions and Directing' H.S.Green 35 

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Banner image shows an adaption from Firmamentum Sobiescianum sive Uranographia by the astronomer Johannes Hevelius, 1690 (source: Wikimedia)