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Christopher Warnock

Christopher Warnock Esq

A qualified lawyer, Chris has an M.A. (Hons.) in Renaissance & early modern history. He graduated from the Classical Studies in Horary course, and now teaches his own horary and electional courses.

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Electional Astrology

Timing is everything.
Electional astrology is used to guide you towards acting at the
optimum moment, where astrological configurations are most likely
to offer sympathy towards your activities and hopes of success.

Electional astrology is used to pick 'or elect' the time that is most astrologically suited to any important action you wish to take or activity/project that you wish to initiate. Using traditional techniques that have been tested since ancient times, Christopher Warnock will align your activity and purpose with the most supportative astrological factors and ensure the avoidance of configurations that are known to correlate with difficulties and failure.

Electional astrology facilitates but does not in itself guarantee the success of your project (you must, of course, continue to exercise care and wise judgement throughout its development!). Its purpose is to help bring out the best opportunities for positive continuance by ensuring that it has a healthy foundation, where its 'birth' is matched by an harmonious astrological environment.

Almost any activity can benefit from astrological election; it is frequently used in selecting ideal times for marriage, the entering of contracts or submission of proposals, the launch of business projects, and changes of career. Other uses include:

Lending/borrowing, or selling/buying to profit and advantage
Laying the foundations for new properties or public buildings
Buying or renting houses or land; moving home
Diplomatic activities or services aimed at negotiating a satisfactory resolution between two parties at variance
Christening a child
Starting a relationship or going on a first date
Applying for a job or going for/conducting a job interview
Filing legal proceedings or beginning a new law suit
Establishing partnerships
Making a will
Going on a journey or holiday
Learning a new trade, craft or study

Please note that traditional electional techniques are very precise, taking many factors into consideration. This means that the election will be for a precise range within a time that is suitable for you, for example, from 1:12 pm to 2:04 pm on a particular day at your particular location. The idea of an entire day being 'lucky' is based upon simplification and the utilization of only a few astrological factors which makes the resulting election almost entirely ineffective.

Please keep in mind that Christopher Warnock uses traditional Western astrology, which may be different from the modern astrology you are used to. Whilst he is willing to discuss the practical application of an election, he does not engage in arguments or justify his methodology. You will need to be willing to accept his expertise if you order an election because he does not re-do elections or find new dates because clients are dissatisfied with the astrological conditions he has elected.

Also: in order to obtain the best results for an election it is necessary to have the time, date and place of birth of the person or persons involved in the election, (for wedding elections, the bride as well as the groom). While elections can still be performed without this information, they cannot be as finely tuned to fit the astrological profile of the people involved.

How Does Electional Astrology Work?

Renaissance philosophers and sages explained astrology through a number of principles all based on the harmony and sympathy of the Cosmos.

First, "As Above, So Below" - in other words the cycles of the heavens reflect the cycles taking place here on Earth.

Second, the beginning of anything shows how it will grow, develop and end. Acorns don't grow into anything other than oaks. This explains how our birth horoscopes can foretell our character and the events of our lives. By examining the position, state and interactions of the planets at the exact time, date and place of our birth we see the seed elements which will develop in our lives. While our birth time is set and continues to have a major influence throughout life we can chose when we begin many events in our lives. Since the seeds of a whole activity are contained in the moment of its beginning, by choosing the proper moment to begin we exert a strong influence over its later growth and development.

"There is a tide in the affairs of men
Which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune...
William Shakespeare               

Delivery of the Report:

You will receive a written analysis of an appropriate time for the selected event, along with all relevant astrological information, including the astrological chart of the proposed event. You will also be given the opportunity for further discussion of the factors involved via email or phone after you receive your written analysis.


This service is currently available at a promotional price of $65.

(Approx 40 - international orders will be charged the equivalent in their own currency based on current conversion rates. For currency conversion guidance go to:

How do I pay for my report?
You can pay by credit card or through Paypal, a very easy and secure method of transferring funds over the internet. As part of the ordering process you will be directed to the Paypal site for payment. If you do not already have a Paypal account you will be given the option of opening an account with them or making a secure payment using your existing credit card.

Payment options
Paypal is free to use and allows you to send money from your bank account to anyone with an email address in 45 countries.

How long should I expect to wait for my report?
As a general rule any traditional report ordered through this site will be completed and delivered to you within 5-10 days. However, since no part of the service is automated there may be times when such a speedy delivery is not feasible and small delays should not be considered a cause for complaint. Please let the astrologer know if there is an important date for delivery that you don't want to miss (such as a birthday if the report is a gift).

I ordered and received an electional report but I now realise the date the astrologer selected for me isn't going to work for other people involved. Can I ask for an amended report?
Unfortunately, no - you will need to order a new report. The process of fine-tuning the best time frame for your election is very time-consuming and the work has to be repeated if your selected date becomes unavailable. Elections for weddings are especially prone to this problem - people offer their ideal dates for an election and then later find that their preferred caterer or photographer is unavailable. Since the report cannot simply be amended and the work must be done over again, please take the trouble to check this information first.

Any more questions?
Read our full list of Frequently Asked Questions.


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