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Will I be able to sort out my finance ?

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Posted: Sun Jun 11, 2017 2:25 pm    Post subject: Will I be able to sort out my finance ? Reply with quote

I am going through extreme difficulties with my earned income. My aim is to pay all my credit card debits by end September, and to plan summer holidays ( a 2-3 day long two holidays ) and summer schools for my kids. So, I asked the question " Will I able to to sort out my finance by end September ? "

The charts confirms a clear "NO".

AC conjucts Regulus, plus Mercury, ruler of L1 and L2, conjucts ALD yet strong in the 10th. look promising. However, Mercury is under sunbeams so that the dispositor of Regulus, and weird enough MC conjucting Algol, there is no hope for sorting out my finance.

I am doing a 5th. House nature of business, so it is expected that the L2 shd be in better condition than L8. But this is the not the case in this chart. Jupiter is in better condition than L2.

Moon is in Cap in her detriment. I am not able to take any action to alter the situtation, and yes, I feel terrible. Only thing Moon can do is to square Jupiter . Moon is at the fall of Jupiter . Another confirmation that, I am not going well with other people's money , I can not get them.

Both Sun and Mars are carrying light of Saturn to Jupiter and putting them back to aspect ( Jupiter and Saturn are slightly out of orb now, but they will in orb very soon ). Further diffulties with earning money ?

Mercury trines Jupiter and Jupiter backfires Mercury i.e. Jupiter here is my other incomes rather than the money I earn from my job. However, other income is not enough as per the chart - I am happy to have them (Mercury well receives Jupiter through its triplicity , but Jup. backfires Mercury ).

Although, this chart is only to find out if my finance will improve at least enough to allow me to take some breath, I want to find out if I can have any help from the chart. There are no planets exalting Mercury, but only this Venus exalting Moon - but not aspecting any other planets - and Mars in Moon's sign, but in its fall. I can not assign any other meaning to Venus except my mom who is supporting me so much ( but I suspect if Venus is for my mom because she is not relevant to question ). I can not assign any meaning for Mars.

I am concerned about Mercury and Moon i.e. Moon is disposed by Saturn. Mercury is under sunbeams unableing me to act. Sun is the ruler of L12 - deep worries - and Moon's dispositor being cold and restrictive Saturn , is it actually ME , not the circumstances, who prevents myself to earn money ?

As being the querent and the "astrologer" of this chart, I know it is my duty to predict what chart is saying, but I can not see a way out by the help of this chart, or by viewing the actual life altough I am thinking so much about what to do. I beleive, some things are absulately fated in life. Still, I have no intent to sit back because I do not have a promising chart.

Rather - as I name it in my language " eyes won't see themselves" - I wld. Be very pleased if I cld. have any insights for my chart.

Thanking so much in advance.
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