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Where is my Magnifier?--A lost horary which failed

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Joined: 21 Mar 2007
Posts: 764
Location: Rawalpindi/Islamabad (Pakistan)

Posted: Wed Jul 18, 2007 12:29 am    Post subject: Where is my Magnifier?--A lost horary which failed Reply with quote

Hi All!---

Where is my magnifier?

Time of receiving the Query: 05.33 p.m.
Date: 11th of July, 2007.
Place of receiving the Query: Haripur, Pakistan.
Ascendant: Sagittarius 23 degrees and 54 minutes.

Back Ground Information:

My cousin is preparing for the university examination. Since, he has eyesight problem he uses Magnifier. At the time of horary he had lost the item for the last 24 hours and was quite desperate. He was not sure that where and how the item had been lost.

What is Magnifier?----Magnifier is a special instrument which resembles magnifying glass. It has been specially developed for those students who have severe non-curable eyesight problem. It is placed on a book, desired to be studied and could be focused. The Magnifier in question was in a black case and was an object of common use.


-The Querent is represented by Ascendant and L1, which is Jupiter Rx in 12H.

2H and its Lord represent -The object lost, which is Saturn in Leo. Moon also signifies item lost more specially as the item lost is made of glass and was object of common/frequent use by the Querent.

Arguments for Recovery

Application from the Moon to the ascendant or its ruler. --Moon is applying by an opposition to L1 and L1 is in 12H

Application from the Moon or 2nd-ruler to the 2nd house or its ruler, or to a planet in the 2nd, or to Fortuna.-- Moon is not applying to Cusp of 2H or Saturn-L2-or to Fortuna (There is not planet in 2nd house). Similarly Saturn-L2 –is not applying to Cusp of 2nd house or to Fortuna. Infact Saturn separates by 8 degrees and 37 minutes from Fortuna,with a square aspect.

Application from the Moon to its own dispositor. - The dispositor of Moon is Mercury in Cancer. The Mercury has recently turned direct. So, we can say that he is bit stationary. Any way, there is no aspect between Moon and Mercury.

The Sun and Moon aspecting each other or the cusp of the 2nd house by trine. - The Sun and Moon are not aspecting each other and only Sun is aspecting the cusp of 2nd house within orb but only by an opposition.

The Sun and Moon aspecting each other by any aspect out of angles. - N/A

The Sun in the ascendant (unless in Libra or Aquarius, where it is debilitated).  On the contrary the Sun is in 7th House.

The Moon, 2nd-ruler, asc-ruler or a fortune (Jupiter, Venus, Fortuna, North Node) placed in the ascendant, 2nd house or 4th house.  Not present in this chart.

2nd-ruler in the 10th or 11th shows the object is near the Querent or is being kept by a friend.  N/A which means that the indication is not present in this chart.

The Moon aspecting a fortune shows the item is in the safe keeping of an honest person who will return it. (Especially if the fortune also aspects the ascendant or asc-ruler.) - Moon is applying by an opposition to Jupiter i.e. a fortune but Jupiter is basically L1.

The Moon or 2nd-ruler angular.  Not present in this chart. Moon is in 6H and L2 is in 8H.

Arguments against Recovery

Both Sun and Moon under the earth - Only Moon is under the earth, however Sun is in 7H.

The Moon or 2nd-ruler cadent or far from the Querent's significator. - Moon is in 6H and Cadent. Saturn L2 is in 8H and is succedent. Both are quite far from Jupiter L1.

The Moon or 2nd-ruler in the 7th or 8th house, aspected by the ruler of the 7th - this suggests the missing item has been stolen (the 7th house indicating that it has been taken by another, the 8th house indicating that person has already sold it or profited by it). - Moon is in 6H and is within 14 degrees and 7 minutes of the cusp of 7H. Saturn being L2 is in 8H. However, Saturn are Moon are not in aspect with Mercury-L7-. However, Mercury is dispositor of Moon and is in 7H and almost station/direct.

Fortuna or the Moon disposed by an infortune (Mars, Saturn, South Node, Uranus), or an infortune in the ascendant or 2nd house. Infortunes suggest loss or damage to the goods.  A detrimented Mars disposes Fortuna by an opposition. Mercury disposes moon. There are no Infortunes in the ascendant or 2H.

The same is indicated by affliction of the 2nd house cusp.  The 2nd house cusp is not afflicted.

The Moon or 2nd ruler under Sun beams, combust, in the 8th or applying to 8th-ruler. . Saturn is only in 8H. The L8 is Moon herself.

The Moon or 2nd-ruler separating from its own dispositor.  Not applicable in this chart.

The Moon or 2nd ruler aspecting an infortune - it has fallen into the possession of a dishonest person who will keep it. (Especially if the infortune also aspects the ascendant or asc-ruler.)  Not applicable in this chart.

Further Observations:---

-The angles of this horary are mixed. 1-7 are mutable and 4-10 are Cardinal. Which suggests that Matter starts with indecision and ends in Action or a need for change.

-Moon is in 6H and not in aspect with her dispositor. But her dispositor is in an anle. So, probably she is not that effectively working.

-The POF of this horary is in Scorpio and in opposition with his dispositor i.e. detrimented Mars in Taurus. Mars is L4. The POF of this horary is where might the object have been lost? The answer is that object has been lost from East-South East from the place where the question has been asked. (Aries—East, Taurus—SouthEast). The place comes out to be between family graveyard and a place where waste items are present (Scorpio).

-The L1 is Jupiter Rx in 12H. It suggests that the Querent is extremely worried and is feeling helpless.


Tonight my cousin called me and following conversation took place:-

Cousin: What have you done about the question?

Gryffindor: Have you found it yet?

Cousin: Not yet. But we have asked a shop for the spare one and they say that it would not be available for one month.

Gryffindor: Well my reading is bit gloomy. I have tried arguments for or against recovery and IMO, the item might not be recovered or found. And since, it can not be recovered I have not gone further with the analysis.


Gryffindor: But I could give you few hints. The item has been lost from east—South East of the place of query, which comes to a place between graveyard and waste disposal area. And the item was lost by forgetfulness (The last aspect of Jup was with Saturn).

Feed Back

After one hour I received a text message that the missing object has been recovered. I must confess that in my selfish introverted attitude, instead of being happy, I was disappointed to see that I was inaccurate regarding my statement that the object might not be recovered.

I called my cousin and this he has to relate. They were suspecting a young boy in mysterious circumstances at the place I mentioned i.e. graveyard. On threatening the boy and taking help of mediator, who after much persuasion has been able to recover the item from the boy. The culprit found the item at the place between graveyard and the waste area and had picked it up.

Re-visiting the judgement

Since the item has been recovered. I can only offer following reasons for my failure to see that the item might be recovered.

-I must confess that in my initial analysis I did see that Moon was in opposition to L1 with minor mutual reception. But since both were cadent I dropped the testimony, in favor of negative ones.

-Lost horaries are bit difficult and I almost mechanically applied the rules, lacking spontaneity, which comes with practice. In words of Garry Phillipson, I had to transcend the technique.

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Joined: 21 Mar 2007
Posts: 764
Location: Rawalpindi/Islamabad (Pakistan)

Posted: Thu Jul 19, 2007 11:51 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I was discussing Masha'Allah techniques with Deb and i realise now that perhaps

Moon in applying opposition to L1 but both of these in cadent house was a very positove indication if we consider that though Jupiter L1 is in 12H but he is still in sign of first house that is Sagittarius and Moon though in Gemini in 6H is still in the sign of 7th house. Confused

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Joined: 15 Dec 2011
Posts: 95
Location: Ruse, Bulgaria

Posted: Sun Feb 18, 2018 8:11 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Morpheus,
Thank you for sharing such an intriguing case. I just came across it after doing other lost items horaries. One of them, in terms of the chart, is very similar to yours:

And yet it is very interesting to investigate as to why there was a theft in the question you did compared to the one in the link above.
Most importantly, I want to figure out why, using the ancient system, your case was solved by the universal significator, whereas Pete's Lost Bracelet one was solved by relying almost entirely on the standard approach.

I must say that my approach to horary is somewhat different and I also don't use Regiomontanus. As such, all the planets + Lots are in different "houses" in this chart.

You mentioned "a boy in mysterious circumstances". Could I ask what this means? In case you are unwilling to disclose this in public, would you be willing to do so in a private message? I am asking for personal clarification and learning.
Thanks again.
Ancient and Chinese Astrology:
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