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Query regarding getting into Julliard

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Joined: 21 Feb 2004
Posts: 20
Location: Midwest, USA

Posted: Fri Apr 06, 2007 11:06 am    Post subject: Query regarding getting into Julliard Reply with quote

Hi Everyone! I had a fella ask me tonight if he would be accepted at Julliard. ( Julliard is a very prestigious acting school )

Will I be accepted at Julliard?
April 5, 2007
10:52pm CDT
Omaha, Nebraska

He is Mars at 29 AQ right on the verge of changing signs! I took the 9th house ruler the Moon in SC. The Moon ( Julliard ) is in Mars sign and there is an applying SQUARE, but it will not perfect, as Mars ( him ) will change signs before the Moon ( Julliard ) catches up to perfect the Square. The Moon is in Mars sign and triplicity, while Mars is in the Moons face. The last aspect that the Moon has made was an opposition to Venus in the 7th and he said that they did email him a rejection notice. The fly in the ointment here is that he was told by a psychic that he would get in...that someone else would drop out or not be able to attend and he would take their place. I wondered what the significance of Saturn in the 9th was? Perhaps a delay of some sort, he does not go there in the Fall semester as he would like? My feelings on this chart were that with Mars leaving AQ before the Moon can make its aspect the answer would be that that rejection letter is what he should go by, not what a psychic told him. Also, it would appear as though the Moon is peregrine and void. Seems as if this whole thing for now goes nowhere. He had called and talked to someone at admissions, and they informed him they mailed a letter (rejection) to him a week ago, but he has yet to receive it. Saturn, ruler of the 3rd is in the 9th ( their house, maybe it never got mailed ) and its intercepted. Also, with the Moon unable to finish its SQ to Mars it seems fitting that he is quite frustrated and tearing his hair out over this!

Oh, and also, the thing here too is...if the Moon rules Julliard...and it's coming to the ASC ( him ) in 2 degrees does this bode well for him getting another chance to go there? That's why I felt perhaps he would go...but not in Fall 07 like he would like.

Am I using the correct house for Julliard? Is there some glaring thing that I may be missing? Thank you for reading my post Surprised
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Joined: 07 Jul 2005
Posts: 396
Location: UK

Posted: Fri Apr 06, 2007 6:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


I think your reading of this chart is spot on. Saturn in the 9th shouts "NO!" to me, and also the past opposition between Mars and Saturn would indicate he's already suffered the effects of the "Greater Malefic" being positioned there, i.e. has already been rejected.

It is interesting that the Moon applies to Mars, but as you say, the Moon will not quite catch him before he changes signs. However, John Frawley does say in his "Horary Textbook" that perfection in the next sign can sometimes work, if the perfection occurs very close after the sign boundary, which I believe it does in this case. However I would not take this as a strong indication of his getting the place.

I think the interesting thing about this chart is, what does Mars' change of sign signify? Does it show him changing his priorities? Mars is very close and applying to the 4th cusp, which could indicate he decides to stay at home? I don't know if this would make sense in context. I wonder, with the Venus/Moon opposition so prominent on the Desc/Asc axis, if perhaps there is an issue to do with women, either his mother, sister or girlfriend?

Just my thoughts. Please post back with the eventual outcome, I'm interested to follow this and find out if what the psychic told him will come true!

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Joined: 21 Dec 2006
Posts: 948
Location: Srbija

Posted: Fri Apr 06, 2007 7:41 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

He is Mars at 29 AQ right on the verge of changing signs!

Ruler on last degree is bad sign. It show desperation, impatience, misfortune.

You can read this article about ruler on last degree:
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Joined: 30 Sep 2005
Posts: 4986
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

Posted: Fri Apr 06, 2007 10:46 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hello Goca,

it would appear as though the Moon is peregrine and void.

It depends how you approach these things. Certainly, the approach of astrologers like Lilly was to count applying aspects like this which perfect over the sign boundary. Using that approach the Moon is not void of course as it is still within the moeity orb of its separating aspect to Venus and within the moeity of an applying aspect to Mars.

As for Moon in Scorpio being peregrine it depends what system of triplicity rulership you use. The simplified triplicity system used by most 17th century astrologers had Mars as the day and night triplicity ruler in water signs with no third participating planet. However, the Dorothean triplicity system used by most classical and medieval astrologers had Venus and Mars as alternating day and night water sign triplicity rulers respectively, with the Moon a participating ruler during day or night charts in water signs. Using that approach the Moon is not peregrine here. I have always preferred this approach over the two planet triplicity system used by Lilly. The idea of the Moon being being peregrine in a water sign has never made much sense to me. This doesn't change the weakness of the Moon in Scorpio as the sign of its fall.

I note Lord 1 is disposed by a malefic Saturn in the 9th. The opposition between the Moon and Venus does seem reflective of the querent losing out to his competitors ( 7th house). They were clearly in a much stronger position than him ( angular, Venus in Taurus on desc).

It seems probable the applying Moon square simply represents the delayed news- that the querant has been rejected-Moon is slow in motion here, decreasing in light, ( Saturn is Lord 3) -Moons last aspect opposition to Venus the message the Moon is carrying. I also note that Mercury ( Lord 10) is separating from a square to Jupiter ( Lord 2) before perfecting its sextile to Venus ( Lord 7). The querant has suffered a financial setback with the success going to the querant's competitor(s)? Mercury is also Lord 8 here. The querents loss benefiting his competitors?

Neverthless , the applying square from the Moon to Mars is intriguing. The perfection across the sign boundary makes this more unusual. Mars is imminently about to change sign here. It seems to indicate a significant improvement in the affairs of the querent once that happens. Mars in Pisces will be disposed by the two benefics Jupiter and Venus as the domicile and exaltation rulers of Pisces. Both are very strong in this chart in their signs of domicile rulership ( sign rulership). Mars will also be within its own triplicity (Night) and in the triplicity of the Moon in Pisces. Lord 1 is also moving from a fixed to mutable sign indicating a more fluid situation.

When the Moon perfects its aspect with Mars it will be in Sagittarius so The Moon, Lord 1 , Lord 9 & Lord 10 with all be disposed by Jupiter (domicile ruler) and Venus ( exaltation and triplicity ruler). So there is a double emphasis here on a perfected aspect across the sign boundary from both planets. The Moon moving from its sign of fall into Sagittarius seem to add to the factors showing an improvement in the querents affairs. However, I don't think I have ever studied a chart before where both planets involved in an applying aspect change signs before it is perfected! I don't know if authorities like Lilly would have still counted this or ruled out the applying aspect because of this.

I'm curious about Venus as Lord 11 here too. The querents hopes, wishes, achieved through his competitors ( Lord 7) acting as benefactors to him? Its noteable in the case of Mercury as Lord 8 the reception is only from Venus not from Mercury. So does this aspect symbolise Lord 8 damaging the hopes of the querent here ( Lord 11) or his competitors (Lord7) here? The fourth house emphasis is rather perplexing with not just the querents significator but also Lord 10 (Mercury) and the north node too. On the other hand the south node is in the 10th house reflecting difficulties in matters relating to this house.

I don't know if the psychic is right or not but it does seem life is going to substantially improve for this querent very soon. Maybe he will have a Judy Garland type experience and realise 'there's no place like home' !

Do keep us posted.

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Joined: 21 Feb 2004
Posts: 20
Location: Midwest, USA

Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2007 9:51 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thank you for commenting on the chart, as it helped a great deal! I talked to him again the other day, and here is something interesting, he received the letter of rejection in the mail ( not email ) 2 days after he initially contacted me to ask this question. I wonder if that was what the Moon was timing as far as him finding out more information. Also, in talking about the 4th house, he will be attending a school in his hometown. I think he was just looking towards the prestige of Juilliard. He also in the first reading was very tense and confused as to how he could receive a rejection email, yet a psychic could tell him he would get in because someone else cannot attend. My experience with this scenario as far as my son was concerned is they send you a letter informing you you are on a waiting list of sorts, you do not receive an out and out rejection as he did. I think what bothers him is that he auditioned and was one of 100 to receive a call back to audition again. Sort of the feeling of being *so close* and then to be rejected must be hard. I still don't have a feeling he would go to Juilliard in the Fall as he would like to be doing, and perhaps the chart is showing that by staying home and working with this acting troupe he might find an opportunity that wouldn't be there if he were at Juilliard? The 7th house being strong makes sense because obviously the other kids who auditioned and got in were stronger than him. The Saturn in the 9th I felt could just be a delay of sorts, that perhaps he *would* go there..but it wouldn't be in the time frame *he* wants! I would say though, that if you get a rejection email and letter in the post, the answer is no. And, I believe that this chart is saying no to the immediate question of, "Will I get into Juilliard?" I will keep you posted if any new developments happen. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and read! Smile
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