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Need help for interpreting Job Chart

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Joined: 19 Apr 2005
Posts: 2

Posted: Tue Apr 19, 2005 12:11 pm    Post subject: Need help for interpreting Job Chart Reply with quote

Dear Forum,

Hello from the other side of the earth.
I am so interested in Horary & Traditional Astrology, still a beginner though.
I know no Horary forum or experts around me and became a new member here.
So this is my first post.

Right now, I am looking a new job and an agent suggested me a position.
It looks fair enough and they told me I am quite a successful candidate, but I am not contend with its condition fully.

Since I need to decide and answer in a couple of days so I drew a chart asking;

"Should I take this job or it would be better to wait for another chance?"

2005 April 18
8:34 pm GMT
139.45E, 35.41N
Tokyo Japan

(2005 April 19
5:34am JPN local time
139.45E, 35.41N Tokyo Japan
Just in case I miss the time calculation )

Taurus assending, and Venus=I is just about to enter ASC.
Moon separated from Mars and approaching Sun.
Also Moon is in Leo, Sun's sign, but because Sun in in 12th, I think this one is still not seen yet.

Then I wondered...
In this kind of question, which is the significator for the job I now have contact with, the 7th house ruler or the 10th?

If 7th house indicates the job that I have just spoken with, may be I should wait for a next chance (also Venus holds Mars as Detriment.)
However, the Sun is 5th house ruler, then I wonder this would represent any job?
Although 10th house ruler Saturn is near IC, it will not meet neither Venus nor Moon, so I worry if I may not finally get any.

Could be too basic, but I would appreciate if you give me some advice or opinion.
Thank you in advance.
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Joined: 11 Oct 2003
Posts: 4130
Location: England

Posted: Tue Apr 19, 2005 1:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Sari,

I don’t have time to look at the actual chart but I think the first thing you should so is break down and simplify the issue you are looking at. Your question was "Should I take this job or it would be better to wait for another chance?".

It seems to me that, essentially, what you are wanting to know is whether this a good opportunity for you. The “or would it be better to wait for another chance?” part of the question is the decision you make for yourself after you’ve made an evaluation of the chart.

The question was asked with the new job offer in mind, and since it is a professional/career matter you gather its signification from the 10th house, the 10th house ruler, and planets influencing the 10th house. If those factors look good and relate well to your own significator, and the Moon is well placed and supportative, they are describing the job offer as a promising opportunity.

The question isn’t focussed on your current job and it may be confusing for you to try to use the symbolism in this one chart to describe your current job, this potential opportunity and any other opportunity that might come your way later. I don’t agree with assigning either your current or future job with the 7th house but things like separating aspects will describe relevant background influences.

The important thing is to establish where the focus lies and then relate the chart to that. If someone asks me “should I change/leave my job?” without another offer in mind I look at the 10th house and if it is positive and showing signs of future benefit I advise them to stay where they are and work through their problems. But in this instance you seem to have thrown the focus of the question onto the new opportunity so I would say the chart is more likely to be describing the potential benefits or disadvantages of that in its 10th house symbolism.

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Joined: 19 Apr 2005
Posts: 2

Posted: Tue Apr 19, 2005 2:49 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hello, Deb,

I'm excited you gave me such a quick response!

Okay, I should have made the question more refined.
Fundamental mistake.
When I decided to draw this chart, my main concern was that job would be worth taking, because there are some unsatisfied conditions.
So that I started to think of some other possibilities, not realistic.
The reason why I tried to use 7th for the job offered was because I thought this is a company I am currently facing with.

I noticed the hour ruler Mars and Asc nature / triplicity do not match.
This also denotes, perhaps, the point of my question scattered.
Vague question, vague answer.
Then this chart is not fit to be judged and should be ignored?

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