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UK - ingress charts, may 2nd election and etc.

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Joined: 05 Dec 2011
Posts: 3661
Location: vancouver island

Posted: Tue Apr 30, 2019 12:40 am    Post subject: UK - ingress charts, may 2nd election and etc. Reply with quote

a few quick observations.. i have been looking at all the charts in this post the past few days...the 2019 aries ingress has a fixed sign rising so is good for the year as i understand it.. the ascendant ruler is square the descendant ruler and in her house - in detriment.. that is not a great sign to begin with.. it probably applies to a good swatch of europe too, but the chart here is for london and by extension the uk parliament.. the 10th ruler - sun, is in the 6th house by sign and ruled by mars, which is essentially in bad shape astrologically, although located in the 7th, a house where it is able to act.. perhaps the 150 to jupiter in the 2nd is one of the ways that it will act - wasting money and financial opportunities thru it's unfriendly relations with others... of course this is one of the concerns of brexit, which is why i say this...

i think the uk gov't has been negligent in it's relationship to the european union in coming to a quicker realization of all that the brexit vote implied.. if they were hoping that time was on their side, it clearly hasn't been..

the mood in the uk seems to be very unsettled, thanks brexit.. moon in this chart is ruled by mercury which is retro and in detriment as well... jupiter is at the midpoint of the moon-mercury opposition, which includes neptune and the potential illusion that all will work out in the end.. in fact, the data off the 1801 uk chart and off the chart for england 1066 suggest otherwise... both these charts coincidentally have the sun at approx 9 or 10 capricorn.. the eclipse cycle becomes an even bigger focus on the uk in the next year thanks this obvious tie with the cap sun in both charts.. so, with these quick comments, below is the 1801 uk chart...

as you can see in the above chart, the sun-moon and midheaven are all under the influence of the eclipse cycles here for the next 1-2 years... in fact, aside from where the nodal axis is at present, we have saturn in a station-retro during this upcoming election that the uk will be having shortly - Thursday 2 May 2019
without going into the specifics for this date, i want to continue to draw a broad picture of what i see from the charts i have chosen to highlight here.. this year is a 3rd house - sag/jupiter profection year off the 1801 chart.. transit jupiter in sag, which in turn rules the 3/6 houses seems like a mixed bag to me... the solar arc directions to the 1801 chart are much more difficult and daunting... sa moon opp natal saturn, sa ascendant conjunct 8th house mars, sa pluto within 1 degree of the natal ascendant and one gets a picture of great difficulty and change implied.. the solar return for 2019 off the 1801 chart has a pronounced jupiter-neptune square on the angles, this is the tie in to the profection data as well.. sr moon is in scorpio, while sr sun is conjunct sr saturn - saturn ruling the 5/6 houses and sun the 12th...

the aries ingress for 2020 is a very strong chart and this is so for the rest of the planet too for different reasons..

as you can see the the cluster of planets in capricorn with cap rising, saturn in cap in the first and moon in aq, also ruled by saturn - there is a lot of saturn to the chart! mars, ruler of the midheaven is also strong in exaltation and conjunct jupiter in the ascendant.. it seems like a really inward looking chart to me, with a hard drive and bite to it.. it looks a bit like a new beginnings chart in some respects, but not fully.. maybe more like a war chart given the prominence of the outer planets in the ascendant and mars so strong... perhaps the changes about to come down the pike for the uk will motivate the necessary changes that have been waiting in the wings for some time here..

finally, the 1066 chart for england -

again we see a cluster of many planets in cappy, with mars, ruler of the ascendant in the sign ruled by saturn - aquarius... and again, as i mentioned previously - all being hit by the eclipse cycle for the next - year and a bit and also via the saturn-pluto dirty duo for the next while too.. solar arc saturn is proceeding over the ascendant of this chart in the next 1-2 years as well, so again - plenty of saturn to go around via a number of different astro angles...

sometimes i wonder about karma! the sun has really set on the british empire and it isn't going down well with the public and a whole lot more... there is also the issue of scottish independence sitting in the wings too and from what little i follow of affairs in ireland, which is directly connected to the uk, it seems a lot of challenging circumstances confront the uk at this time...

on the other hand, i am sure the uk will make it thru in some way, shape or fashion...
here is a guess at the closing poll time - 10pm off the may 2 2019 election date..

balsamic moon suggests a winding down and end phase.. something is ending as opposed to starting here... the t square with neptune on the top of the mars-jupiter opp is interesting and suggests more disillusionment.. the moon seems somewhat happy, sandwiched between venus-mercury, until you consider that pesky saturn-pluto duo and nodal axis they are square to!. mercury is the ruler of the midheaven and in a nice trine to jupiter in sag in the first... it is located in the 6th house however, so again problematic by house position.. jupiter retro in the first seems mildly positive! there is mutual reception between mars and mercury, with mercury ruling the 7/10 houses, while mars rules the 5/12 houses.. mars is more capable of acting being located in the 7th as i see it.. acting carelessly would seem to be more likely given the opposition to jupiter and square to neptune...

all in all, i doubt the may 2nd election is going offer much of any relief for the uk public.. i suspect it is going to take a few years before all the political-financial and etc dust settles.. in the meantime i suspect a sour mood in the public on the politic leadership void that has been in action for the past few years... no matter who gets in power, they will have their work cut out for them and the public and media will not be letting them off the hook for anything that comes up short... i don't want to read too much into the may 2nd closing poll chart...
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Joined: 24 Mar 2007
Posts: 133

Posted: Tue Apr 30, 2019 6:40 pm    Post subject: SCotland and great Britian Reply with quote

Any one have a time and chart for Scotland? I saw an historian from Oxford predict on PBs that Great Britian will be a smaller country-Scotland will succeed from GB AMY
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Joined: 05 Dec 2011
Posts: 3661
Location: vancouver island

Posted: Tue Apr 30, 2019 11:13 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

hey amy,

i have this chart for scotland.. i don't know the history on it.. i might have gotten it from mark... if you get nic campions world horoscope book you can get a lot more info on this kind of stuff... cheers james

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Joined: 05 Apr 2013
Posts: 1805

Posted: Wed May 01, 2019 10:02 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi James !


If you can be bothered.

I always struggle to make Charts more than ,say, 20 years old relevant.

I've got Celeste Teale's book where she covers many types of Progressions and Returns.

What approach are you taking ? What are you trying to achieve Astrologically ?

You couldn't just detail some Bullet Points as to how you try to make a "Historical" Chart relevant.

And any Pitfalls you feel need to be watched out for.


PS Some Opinion Polls are now saying that plenty of both Leavers and Remainers wish the 2016 Referendum had NEVER happened.

How very British.
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Joined: 05 Dec 2011
Posts: 3661
Location: vancouver island

Posted: Wed May 01, 2019 7:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

hi woo woo,

as i understand it, there are 2 lines of thinking with regard to mundane astrology.. the traditional format has always been focusing on aries ingress charts in combination with the jupiter-saturn cycle.. you can see which aries ingress might have greater relevance in connection with the jupiter-saturn chart - either the one for 2000, or the upcoming one for 2020... this is a quick overview on the traditional astrology approach...

the modern approach is a consideration of national charts.. this is made more complicated by the fact that there can be a number of charts in use for a nation.. using many countries as an example - there are typically more then a few charts to consider... but, this is the modern astrological approach essentially...

as for predictive techniques off these charts, it is much the same challenge... trad astro will use a number of techniques different to modern astrology.. really where it all is now is a myriad number of choices for an astrologer today to decide which system and technique they want to use.. as i understand it, many astrologers today are using a mixture of techniques to try to arrive at a conclusion on a read of the charts.. it is no easy feat making a prediction in mundane astrology as i see it.. a much simpler avenue is working with natal astrology where you have a confirmed birth time and only one chart to consider!! even then, it is challenging, but for different reasons.. i hope this helps..

regarding celeste teales book contents - progressions and returns work well on natal charts.. i have tried using them on mundane charts, but not sure how relevant they are in mundane astro... one can take the 2000 jupiter-saturn return set to london and run profections, progressions and solar returns off that chart.. i haven't done this very much, but it is an area ripe for research...

i am mostly into research and trying to understand how the symbolism and techniques work, or whether a particular technique seems to work better then another.. primary directions are hard to do as there are many options to them... i find solar arc directions really good by and large, so i like using them... transits are also pretty straight forward and i like using them.. after that, i am not sure... there you have it from me!!
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