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What is the purpose of the astrologer?
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Joined: 05 Feb 2014
Posts: 851

Posted: Mon Nov 26, 2018 10:59 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Maybe there is a still place inside us where we connect with who we really are, which is more than what is happening to us in one lifetime. But this lifetime, in Time, seems to be totally mapped out by the planets.

I know what Michael means by astrological patterns having more than one effect, but during say a very difficult transit you often get very minor good effects from that same transit. A bit like those financial charts that move in waves rather than going straight up or straight down. That does not mean the the main thrust of that transit isn't difficult. I don't think that by following some new age book that you can change the main meaning of any transit or arc.

And yes, I have definitely noticed that a difficult transit can sometimes seem to be played, in a very minor way, in the opposite direction.

This is why I was wondering what an astrologer actually does. An example I was wondering about, I was looking at the AA data chart on Astro data bank of Gerry McCann, the father of Madeleine who vanished in 2007. The transits are so overwhelming that my thought was, if he had come to you say a year before what happened as your astrological client, wanting advice, maybe feeling some sort of angst that something was about to happen and wanting guidance and re-assurance, what would you say to him? Is it even possible that just by putting him in touch with his deeper energies through his birth chart, that the tragedy could have been prevented?

Either way, I still think that salvation is more likely to be in looking at the deeper energies in a person's birth chart. Definitely looking at their chart, and not barely glimpsing at it, rattling off the first nine degree orb aspect you see in the chart and then prescribing solutions from a short list, which is what new agists do. At very least show what is fated some respect. Elliott Rodger had read A Course in Miracles and got upset because it didn't work.
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Michael Sternbach

Joined: 01 Mar 2014
Posts: 548
Location: Switzerland

Posted: Fri Nov 30, 2018 12:58 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

There can be little doubt that our psychological traits tend to get us in typical situations, over and over again. Traits that are obviously being described by our natal chart.

If those patterns of thought, emotion and behaviour were entirely beyond modification by our conscious efforts, any kind of inner work and psychotherapy would be quite useless. That being said, I agree that much of what is presented today in New Age circles is hardly adequate for dealing with the deep-seated issues that can be revealed by a natal chart. The profound insights into a personality structure that Astrology provides were the reason C.G.Jung studied his patients' charts in the more difficult cases, and why I did likewise during my collaboration with a psychiatrist back in the 90's.

Moreover, I consider it to be a powerful approach to use Astrology not only for the diagnostic but also for the therapeutic side. While there have been a few pioneers in that area, there is so much room for study in that area yet to be undertaken.

A simple but effective method would be to seek a constructive mode of expression for any difficult configuration identified in a natal or progressed chart. Let's look at an example... Let's say you know that there is a transit of Neptune over your Mars coming up. Now normally this would indicate a difficult period during which you experience a lack of will power and determination, entailing various difficulties in daily life. E.g., you may frequently find yourself on the losing end in arguments with your environment during such a time; your immune system may be low, making you more susceptible to infections; you may see a cherished plan of yours going south because you just can't find the motivation to really follow through with it, etc.

Now consider you figure out that, as a matter of fact, Taiji would be a positive form of expression of the astrological principles you are inevitably going to deal with, as it is a martial art which, however, employs soft and wave-like movements in practice, and which emphasizes meditative aspects like few others, so it is very much Neptunian in its character as well.

You decide to take it up, and before long, you will find that the people around you are less prone to mess with you; not necessarily because they fear you might blast them through a closed window otherwise, but they will surely sense that inner strength of yours you are exercising on a daily basis. Also, the art's well known health enhancing effects will boost your immune system and keep you up to your tasks while many of those around you will be struggling with that latest flu epidemic wrecking havoc. And your focus on regularly attending your classes will help you remain steadfast and determined in other areas of life as well. And so on.

This is just one example out of many, and anybody equipped with some knowledge of astrological analogies and/or a few good books spelling them out can easily come up with their own.

Hope this will get some of you thinking... Smile

Visit my blog:
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