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What next? A career horary

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Joined: 24 Jul 2017
Posts: 218

Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 5:30 pm    Post subject: What next? A career horary Reply with quote

Hello to all , i made this chart on behalf of my elder brother. He is the who asked this question. He is currently at a transition phase in his career. He is good at many things. He got his degree in jewellery design and after a brief stint in the industry he shifted to teaching vocational courses and quit recently. He is now thinking of a career as a fine artist. His question is ---

"What will be my next career?"

I told him that he could profit more by asking "what should he take up as his next career" but he wanted the question worded like this only.

His other options apart from art (he would ideally like a successful stable career as an artist) are to go back to teaching or do some small business . He hasnt thought of any as yet but the possibility is there since he is enterprising and hardworking. I am having some difficulty reading this chart as someone not very experienced in the art of horary. Uranus at the 10th suggests a break from his routine career. Ruler of 10th is Mars which has just moved into Aries , his domicile . Mars is at a critical degree so suggests that this may be a crucial time in his career but this move is to something more positive , Mars being strong in Aries. Mars is in the 9th house of teaching but 9th is also related to artists i have read. Venus is in detriment in Scorpio but in a minor dignity by face and accidentally strong in 5th house which is the house of joy for Venus, a house of creativity. He is moon conjunct fixed star Yed Prior which denotes success in 9th house matters . Moon is peregrine in Sagittarius but conjunct a fortunate fixed star Agena which also denotes success with masses. The depositor of Moon is Jupiter strong in domicile in 5th house of creativity.There is a stress on the 5th house in the chart but 5th house is more associated with performing arts rather than visual? POF is deposited in the 2nd house of visual arts but the depositor Mercury itself is weak in detriment in Sag. but Moon takes the light of Mars and Venus and runs into Jupiter the 9th house ruler. The chart has 4 planets in domicile and all planets except the moon are swift which should be fortunate on the whole. So that is all i could glean from the chart. I have tried to apply the newly learnt techniques at this forum Very Happy But i am not able to see a clear answer here - and to conclude whether the next career will be in arts or teaching or any other field? Perhaps I will come back again and synthesize my findings. Right now probably I would say teaching because of moon's application to Jupiter and moon being present in Jupiter's sign. But I am not sure of my own reading here at all and would be grateful again for any assistance from the more experienced members here.
Thanks for reading

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Miss Watson

Joined: 19 Jul 2017
Posts: 124

Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2019 3:06 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Serene!

I've asked myself the same question months ago Shocked And I couldn't answer LOL crying

I can assume that you are considering the 1st House because your brother was the one who asked and at the same time you created this chart, right?
Because, if it was not the same minute, we would have to consider the 3rd House, and this would change the signifiers.

Considering ASC in Cancer for your brother:

In fact, this Stellium in the 5th house calls our attention.

The Part Of Fortune indicates a great concentration of energy where it is positioned, in this case, in the ​​finance area, in negative aspect with the Moon.
I have no experience with fixed stars, but the only strong aspect of Moon is the conjunction with Jupiter, ruling the 6th House. I could suggest some work that requires a lot of autonomy for your brother.

Let's take a look at Mars.

The moon separates from Mars (ie, question of the past). I consider Uranus at 10th as a representation of his agitated mental state and thinking about returning to previous activity (retrograde), (9th) teaching.

Mars applying (hard aspect) to Mercury, in its detriment, may show something negative ahead about communication (3rd House) and the 12th House. I cann't say exactly what 12th House could represent (may be some small trip inside the country, some remote place that he will need to work, anyway, anything that is not so satisfactory to him).

Another aspect of Mars is a trine to Venus. Also in its detriment! You commented on Venus being in 5th House, but I see in the 4th. What system do you use?

Venus rules the 4th and 11th, and the 9th for exaltation. The 4th represents the Brothers' Goods and also Home. The 11th, Wishes, Friends, Business profits. The 9th, besides higher education, can show Publishing companies, Insurance companies.
I think of something that is very autonomous, because the map points to someone who has a lot of strength to commit to their projects.

That was my insight, but I hope someone more experienced can answer this topic in more detail Smile
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Joined: 24 Jul 2017
Posts: 218

Posted: Wed Jan 23, 2019 3:00 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dear Miss Watson

Thank you for sharing your insights in this in depth analysis of this chart. Yes it was my brother who had asked this question and so we should be taking the 1st house like you did. The 5th house represents both children (though he teaches students who are much older at college level) and creativity so I wasn't quite sure what is the chart pointing at. You are bang on about being autonomous in his job. I think it is his primary requirement from his career.He is actually the same person who had asked about the salary raise in my other recent thread.
I took Venus in 5th as Venus is in the last 5 degrees of the 4th house if I remember correctly. I try to follow Lily but after having read Frawley I have taken some of his techniques and right now I am just experimenting with what works for me and what not. I certainly can't call myself a true student of traditional horary but I love the discussions here on Skyscript and feel inspired to learn. So coming back to the chart, I have some feedback . My brother finally started his career in art formally. His paintings were recently exhibited and received a nice response from the buyers. However he wasn't well prepared for this event and so sales wise it wasn't fabulous. He is also back to teaching part time for now so that there's some buffer if it doesn't work out for him in the field of art.
Uranus in the 10th could hae been his agitated state of mind as you say or it could also have been indicative of this change in work. I also noticed the PoF in the 2nd and took it as a positive indicator for finances. Again thanks so much for looking Smile
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