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nicolas maduro inauguration charts - venezuala

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Posted: Tue Feb 05, 2019 12:11 am    Post subject: nicolas maduro inauguration charts - venezuala Reply with quote

in trying to ascertain the more likely time for maduros birth, i had explored the connections between the 2 times - 5pm and 903pm charts... i want to say up front - that the basis for the 5pm time.. here is the quote from adb "Castellanos add:"All this definitely inclined to assume as valid the time 21:03 , however Nicolas Maduro himself gave me the data of 5pm. He told me that this information had been given to him by his mother".,_Nicolas

it reminded me of a long time ago when i had asked my mom what time i was born.. she said 1130pm... as it turned out, after paying the hospital for a transcript, i found the time was 40 minutes out from what my mom remembered... so, the 5pm time might be a place to start, but it is hard to work with a rounded off time in general and who ever wants to do work on this, will be challenged... as a result, i lean towards using the 903pm chart, as i mentioned to mari in the venezuala thread we have been conversing on..

one coincidence between maduros jan 2019 inauguration chart and the 903pm chart is the proximity of the angles in the 2019 inauguration chart and the angles in the 903pm time for maduro... add to this the position of pluto in both charts when it is clear that their is indeed a major power struggle going on for power in venezuala at present which shows up clearly in the 903pm chart and in the 2019 inauguration chart for maduro and for obvious reasons i continue to lean towards the 903pm time as being more likely... below is the inauguration chart..

this chart evokes assassination to me with mars - ruler of the ascendant and 8th, in the 12th area of the chart, while pluto/sun are in a conjunction at the midheaven.. clearly some type of power struggle is baked into the chart with the sun/pluto conjunction in the 10th.. the moon in the 12th sign to the ascendant is moving towards the 10th house ruler.. after that it is followed by a square to jupiter - the 9th and 12th house ruler... there is mutual reception between jupiter and moon, after the fulfillment of the 60 to saturn.. there are parallel of declinations with jupiter/pluto sun, on the one hand and saturn/midheaven on the other...

my impression is whether one wants to think maduro is doing a power grab and the 2018 may election was invalid, or whether outside forces are wanting to remove maduro from power here and doing everything they can to do so - the imagery via the sun/pluto in the 10th is pretty strong symbolism for all this.. why i think it is so relevant as we see the same dynamic in the 903pm chart with pluto very close to exact the descendant - 21/20 capricorn.. i don't see these obvious connections back to the 5pm chart.

obviously assassination of either person - maduro, or guaido - is a strong possibility given the various forces vying for a position of power here in regards venezuala..

below is the inauguration chart for 2013..

jupiter is close to exact opposite in these 2 charts.. the north node in both charts is in the 4th house area of both charts.. mars is again in aries, although not close to the same degrees..
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