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NODES in the 1st/ 7th. Axis in Relation Charts

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Joined: 16 Oct 2016
Posts: 235

Posted: Fri Mar 22, 2019 8:05 pm    Post subject: NODES in the 1st/ 7th. Axis in Relation Charts Reply with quote

Hello forum,

I asked the question : Should I chase him ? Is it my good intent to have a long term relationship ( possibly ending with marriage ) with him?

As chart suggets, it is not good for me to get involved with him.

But what are the nodes saying?

I find predicting nodes quite confusing, especially when they are related to main signifators. Am I right with the below prediction?

- TN in the 1st - Is to say that I am better without him and/ or it wld be great for him to have me in his life.
- SN in the 7th. - Is to say this relation will exhaust me and this person is already a trouble himself no matter what planet he is signified with ( I mean he is already signified by greatest malefic Saturn here, but what if he was signified by Venus )
- TN / SN are related to fate, but what do they mean here in terms of fate? No idea at all.
- Do you consider nodes alone without reading receptions/ aspects between the main signifactors in your practise. Let’s assume Moon received Saturn from Taurus with SN in Taurus. If it was so, what wld we say then?

Here goes the chart. I am adding the back story and my prediction below.

I met a man September 2018. We got committed begining Dec. We were doing quite well.
Last Saturday afternoom, I just told him on the phone what I thought and how I felt about something he did. He accepted that it was his fault. Since then, he cut his communication with me. I stopped calling/ texting him since Monday.

I am signified by the Moon in a “we” sign Libra who is soft, nurturing and compassionate . I am that type actually. Also, my natal Moon is in Libra.

Moon is at the bottom of the chart and have dignity by face only, showing my lack in the matter . I think 4th. House Moon shows here the “home” we were planning to live together some time later in life. The 4th. May also mean the little world I have created with him where we could both enjoy and relax.

Sirius is on the AC, I have no idea what is so beneficial ???

He is Saturn, not descbing how he looks, but exactly how he has been behaving - like a wall- for last couple of days. Saturn in his own sign and in his own house also describes what he is actually - too busy with him self. I think Saturn may also signify the dark side in him which he has not shown before me i.e cutting off contact to punish me, lack of anger control etc. It is as if there was a sleeping devil inside him and it suddenly woke up. He has always been very nice, kind and compassionate to me until some time ago. I know very well that he really loves me. And I love him so much, too. I am so surprised to see him acting like this.

Moon last opposed Sun by 5 degree showing what led me to ask this question. The oppotion shows my heart’s biggest desire i.e. I want to have his attention, protection and just these manly things women want, but he has been in his own world lately.
He has his natal Moon in Aires very closed to 8th. House cusp. It was full Moon in 0 degree in Libra on the 20th. April . I find it quite interesting that he suddenly changed very closed to this date.

After being void, Moon squares Saturn . Saturn receives Moon from its exaltation. He will be very happy to have me in his life. BUT If we get involved, it will be quite disapointing for me i.e. Saturn is in Moon’s detriment, plus Sun is Aires

I might be messing and inventing stories from now on, , but I will still try.

Moon will sextile Jupiter, ruler of 10th. After squaring Saturn.
10th. Rules the legal marriages . Is that the marriage ?
Even this translation of light is the marriage, what to expect from a 6th. House Jupiter no matter Jupiter is dignified in its sign and it is squaring MC.?

Moon’s last aspect is trine to Venus. Venus is aloof in Aqurius.

As the Moon’s final aspect, what In will be finding a loose and not satisfying relation at all
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Joined: 12 Jul 2017
Posts: 1017

Posted: Sat Mar 23, 2019 12:10 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hello - I pretty much always have trouble with charts where Saturn is in the 7th so I would be careful in interpreting the chart and take it with a grain of salt. Regarding the nodes, it is said that when malefics are conjunct the south node, their ability to do harm is decreased and it is considered more favorable. However, here Saturn is quite strong in an angular house and is combining influence with Mars in detriment conjunct Algol via a separating aspect. The nodes have a lot of interpretations, but traditionally they are associated with increase versus decrease within the question. My interpretation here with NN in a sign of Cancer in the 1st and Moon in a cardinal sign would suggest a lot of fluctuations in behavior and emotion for the querent. The NN is the dragon's head, a point that is never satisfied and always hungry for more. Lilly would say a querent with cardinal emphasis is very up and down in their behavior, especially being the Moon, the quickest of bodies. Then again the quesited is quite cardinal, even though they are a slow planet. In general, there appears to be a lack of intent and clear direction by either party and it is ultimately being left up to Saturn. Mercury is quite angular while being retro on the MC, showing a communication issue that is in flux and is not over yet. I doubt this is the last you have heard from this person and matters might be clearer once Mercury is in better condition. My advice would be to take a break.

The Moon is waning after a full Moon, peregrine and applying to nothing currently, showing what you said about lack of doing anything. Venus is also not great whereas Sun is exalted, showing chasing him would probably not lead to much and he might come to you eventually even though Saturn is a superior and tends to wait for others to come to it, but it is angular. I don't know if I would call Saturn selfish so much as probably absorbed with materialist, worldly matters that they think are more important. I can't say much about this person based on this question and how it was formed but they are not represented in the best light here.

Regarding Sirius, I have that on my ascendant. It has a lot of different meanings. One is also being too pushy and bold and impatient, because it combines an influence of something like Mars and Jupiter (which I also have).
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Joined: 16 Oct 2016
Posts: 235

Posted: Sat Mar 23, 2019 3:42 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Tanit ,
Many thanks for your prediction and your time for my chart.
I have now read it couple of times. I will think of what you had to say, and then I would like to forward my own comments.

Before I go for now, I just want to tell you that, I see how my predictions are limited by the main patterns of horary and I see what “horary art” is whenever I read your predictions for myself and for others which I find quite insipiring . Really thank you for this .
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Joined: 12 Jul 2017
Posts: 1017

Posted: Sat Mar 23, 2019 6:24 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

It seems like you picked up on the most important points, such as how the quesited is represented as the greater malefic and in his own house. I do think the chart emphasizes his inability to meet your emotional needs (hence my mentioning NN in Cancer in the 1st) but I cannot tell if this is permanent or temporary, since the chart is heavily emphasizing a temporary situation yet he is represented as a slow moving planet that tends to be habitual rather than short lived. I do wonder if your cardinal influences of the Moon and NN warn that you are being unpredictable emotionally or possibly confusing and demanding to this person (I could be wrong though). The fact that he receives you by exaltation is good but he is approaching from your detriment, which means he brings an energy into the situation that is not conducive to your happiness and would bring an energy that is sucking away your vitality, since the Moon is one of the two lights in a chart and represents life and potential for happiness around the situation. What is odd is how nice the Sun is, suggesting he has potential for passion, but perhaps he is fickle and immature in relationships, despite being represented as Saturn. If he is holding a grudge of some sort and is wallowing, which is quite common with Saturn, the Aries influence on the Sun might suggest he will get over this (since Sun and Venus are co sigs in romance charts).

Edit my previous statement - Moon has minor face dignity and is not peregrine, which is better.

I do agree that the royal fixed stars can be a protective influence. It could be that it suggests you have strength that will overcome the situation. As someone with this royal fixed star on my ASC, I would say I am often told I am blessed or lucky. Today was an example - we had a power outage at work and everyone in my area had their computer go out, except mine (my power supply worked and theirs didn't). It is a minor thing but an example of my lucky experiences.
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