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Judging intentions

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Joined: 24 Jul 2017
Posts: 218

Posted: Thu Apr 04, 2019 7:20 am    Post subject: Judging intentions Reply with quote

Hello dear forum members

I have a question regarding how one can infer if a certain planet which happens to be a significator is showing someone who is in distress or someone who is malicious. Usually a debilitated planet ( like Mercury is right now) is read to be in a weakened state but at times such a planet is also regarded as someone has harmful intentions. So how do you make a distinction? How to judge the intentions of the quesited from their condition? Neptune may add deception and antiscion shows hidden motives. But these apart, I am not sure what else to look for. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated

Thank you in advance.
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Joined: 12 Jul 2017
Posts: 1069

Posted: Thu Apr 04, 2019 9:53 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hopefully we can get some other opinions (I miss the old days when Deb would post her thoughts). I normally do not assume malicious intent unless their planet afflicts in the chart (if not afflicting the querent then whoever else is involved in the chart).

My general thoughts on the subject are as follows:

1. Planetary nature. In the case of malefic significators, being angular and ill dignified would be enough for me to assume they are not in distress and would more likely cause harm to others but they could potentially cause harm to themselves in the process, depending on what the chart indicates. Malefics are difficult because they represent two extremes and are considered unpredictable, so their own unpredictability could backfire on themselves, but this would not be a distress you would probably want to approach to help. Often malefics that are ill dignified are themselves unhappy and may cause harm due to their own inner turmoil but predicting that would be basically unpredictable. In cases where it is a benefic or otherwise not as difficult by nature, it can be more tricky and the planet itself would have traditional signification as to how they might be either in distress or malicious (because I would not compare, say the nature of Venus and Saturn in the same way in either case). Venus by nature is more gentle, is an inferior (weaker by nature to cause an impact) and when malicious she is not so obvious but might be more underhanded. I also tend to see Venus as malicious without usually intending to. Think of a typical gossip - they often think what they say is true and don't see the harm in it. A malefic, or even a more superior planet in general, might be more actively attempting to cause harm. You mentioned Mercury in Pisces, and Mercury essentially bad can be a trickster and can cause harm through lying and deceiving. More often than not though Mercury in mute signs just has a difficult time communicating. Things are communicated with emotions and with people expecting others to read their minds, when they are confused themselves in most cases. They could be in distress because they don't understand the emotional nature of their environment and try to understand emotions with their intellect too much.

2. Aspect and sign that they approach from. Another sign of malicious action at least (maybe not necessarily conscious malicious intent) is a hard aspect where the planet approaches from a sign that is adverse to the querent (or whoever else is involved). A hard aspect in general is difficult (especially if they bring the aspect to the querent/other), but with reception it is doable. When there is sort of opposite placement to reception, this would show that they do not approach the situation in a way that benefits the other. In cases where they are also essentially ill dignified, this is a very difficult influence, would more likely bring harm to the querent/other party, and I again would not assume they were in need of help from the person but more likely there is bad friction between the two parties. If they were accidentally debilitated, they would still be in a malicious aspect with the querent/other, but might not have the upper hand (or could make the aspect worse by bringing the influence of the 8th or 12th house, for example). If this were an opposition, I would even interpret this as something similar to an act of war between two people or a battle (if not physical, then an argument or battle of wills). If you were needed to aid them, you would expect a more harmonious aspect, and, say, your significator receiving them as they are in distress and need help. They would have no reason to show animosity by sign and aspect.

3. Accidental dignity. A planet in distress is very likely to not have strong accidental dignity, such as combustion, by house placement, movement, bad fixed stars, etc. This is something traditional in general (whether natal or horary). Essential dignity shows the quality of a planet but accidental shows how that quality is expressed. An essentially poor planet that is angular is not really in distress, in my opinion. As Deb would say, they have more "luck" in spite of whatever their lack of strength suggests in the question (since essential dignity can show things like being honorable, having skills, having good understanding and a vested interest over the situation, etc. while debility is typically the opposite or a messed up version). An essentially dignified planet that is accidentally debilitated could even be in distress because, again, they might be unable to express their quality well (unless they aspect another planet that is strong and receives them, for example). This would more so be true if they were afflicted otherwise, though, since an essentially dignified planet might know how to make the best of a bad situation (rather than, say, the capacity of an essentially poor planet made strong being capable of being a bad planet making the worst of a good situation). A planet that is cadent or in another difficult house, for example, more especially without dignity or mitigating factors, lacks power to do much that benefits themselves or the subject matter in general due to the more crippling nature of those houses (especially the 6th, 8th and 12th). In traditional, it is said that an ascendant ruler that is accidentally debilitated tends to make the native less likely to have effective control over their life, for example (this can range from poverty, struggle, illness to criminality) and variations on this would be true in horary. Another obvious distress is retro movement, which is common in, say, sick people (as described by Bonatti, etc.). Still, Mars or Saturn retro on an angle would again not make me think of that planet being in distress (or really any planet) but would more likely point to a problem for the querent/others, such as a chronic or repetitive issue.

4. Critical degree. Are they at a critical degree? This can be a pretty strong indicator of distress.

What would be harder to interpret would be a planet that is malicious but in distress. I would assume they would be accidentally debilitated but still afflictive in nature. Aspect to the querent would probably be lacking because an aspect gives power to that planet to do something in the question.
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Joined: 24 Jul 2017
Posts: 218

Posted: Thu Apr 04, 2019 4:16 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Tanit, your posts are truly a treasure for any astrology student! That looks like a wealth of information in your post.....I will take some time to read , understand and reply again
Thanks a lot for taking time to write it out
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