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juan guaido - venezuala

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Joined: 05 Dec 2011
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Posted: Wed Feb 06, 2019 1:35 am    Post subject: juan guaido - venezuala Reply with quote

i have 2 charts for consideration here.. they are juan guaidos 1045 am chart and when guaido declared his presidency on jan 23rd... the poster mari was able to find a link for both these times and shared the links on the original thread on venezuala that has been up for a few years..

as one can see from the chart, the sun-jupiter trine is very strong with both planets in the signs they rule.. so, confidence in such a person would generally be higher then ordinarily with pluto/saturn rising in the first, such as is the case here.. in fact, jupiter is stationary direct.. from my own observations, stationary planets are doubly strong and have a more pronounced impact on those born at these times.. jupiter changes direction in approx 16 hours from the time of guaidos birth... if an hour equals a year - his 16th year of life might be marked by something that really galvanizes the jupiter energy of the chart.. and indeed upon looking at the wikipedia page for him this event appears to be the vargas tragedy which happened in 1999...

the ruler of his ascendant is venus - in virgo, 12th house-sign and about to go retrograde in 6.2 days from his moment of birth.. depending on what window of time one allows for retrograde and stationary planets, one might not pick this up off a chart.. one could perhaps make a case for saturn in libra being the most important planet in the chart seeing as it is exalted in libra and rising in an angular house here in this chart.. the other angular planets are mars in cancer in the midheaven area and pluto in libra conjunct saturn.. in fact - these planets are square one another - mars in 10th square pluto/saturn conjunction in the first.. it suggests a degree of brutality in itself given the hard nature of these malefics in hard aspect with one another... the chart has an eastern hemisphere emphasis, which makes for a more independent person less interested in relationships generally.. the moon is the sole exception to this, found in the sign pisces in the 6th house area and in opposition to venus.. venus- moon opposition generally like to please... due it's cadency it might not have room to act however, as opposed to the mars-pluto/saturn square in the angles..

the sun is strong in leo and the 11th house, showing his natural leadership abilities and for leading a revolution! mercury is also in leo, strong by house and made stronger by being at the midpoint of ascendant/midheaven.. in fact, i suspect mercury is a guiding influence on guaido, backed up with rahu in gemini in the 9th.. some have made some comparisons between guaido and obama, the obvious astrological connection being the sun in leo..both also have an air sign rising, but after that the astrological similarities drop off quickly..

regarding the nodal axis - neptune sits on the south node, while moon is in a square to the nodal axis itself which makes for more of a challenge being clear on one's emotional position and direction.. in fact, given it is a diurnal chart - the sun seems to dominate in a pronounced way with the moon very much in the background.. the dynamic at present with guaido coming into view, after what would mostly be a place of obscurity would seem to coincide with the north node passing over his sun on its way to mars and midheaven..

at the same time - the slow moving transits of saturn and pluto move to oppose his natal mars in the 10th.. the cycle of eclipses will continue to highlight his mars in cancer in the 10th with all that this position and it's square to pluto/saturn, imply.. also - the transit of neptune to his natal moon has coincided with this surprising rise to power... the moon rules the 10th and perhaps this rise is more built on the dreams of neptune, or even the neptune-jupiter square, then it is anything else.. i suppose it remains to be seen..

the apparent basis for his claiming the presidency is to be found in article 233 in the venezuala constitution... however, if one reads this portion of the constitution in full, one will quickly note it is not being followed to the letter.. it also says that once he adopts the presidency he has only 30 days for an election to be called and made.. so, these are some of the anomalies here in the present circumstances..

as in the 2019 inauguration chart for maduro, the ruler of the ascendant here is found in the 8th house-sign, in a conjunction with jupiter and both in turn square to neptune in the midheaven-11th sign area of the chart.. saturn, the ruler of the midheaven and sun in this chart, finds itself in a square to mars in aries, with both in hard aspect to the ascendant axis via 45/135 degree aspects.. the ascendant very much has the mars-saturn square written over it with the war like nature usually associated with these 2 planets in hard aspect as we see here..

the moon is the sole planet in the lower half of the chart, perhaps representing the people that are the source of his principled position to adopt the presidency here.. otherwise, the focus is very much in the top half of the chart, in the worldly affairs of making changes to venezuala, whether by the clear support or interference of the usa in all of this.. it remains to be seen how all this pans out, but my feeling is that it is not going to be an easy time for guaido, maduro, or the venezualan people in this whole transition.. perhaps i can focus on the ingress charts again in the original venezuala thread to get more perspective..

there is a chart for his wife as well, with the details found on the link on the original thread that mari had also shared... that was quite a score too.. it appears that some in venezuala are very much into astrology..
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Joined: 05 Dec 2011
Posts: 3708
Location: vancouver island

Posted: Tue Apr 30, 2019 11:08 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

clearly bolton, pompeo and crew are not astrologers.. telling guaido to go out in the streets today seems like a bad idea from my pov..

mercury-saturn transit square is on his mars...the eclipse cycle continues to bear down on his chart for the next few months, if he can manage to stay safe in caracas...

then there is the lunar eclipse here that he was given his walking papers to go out in the street.. funny how it happens the day before may 1st...May Day was chosen as the date for International Workers' Day by the Socialists and Communists.. maybe bolton and him figured they could get more protesters out in the streets within the next 24 hours via this special holiday celebration..

things don't look so great for the random guy selected to be the leader by the usa.. maybe this lopez dude they let out of jail will replace guaido and he will be the new random guy when either of them decide to step out of the Chilean embassy of course..

update - spanish embassy now, not chilean..
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