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2020 jupiter-saturn conjunction to 5 countries

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Joined: 05 Dec 2011
Posts: 3624
Location: vancouver island

Posted: Tue Jun 18, 2019 8:49 pm    Post subject: 2020 jupiter-saturn conjunction to 5 countries Reply with quote

i thought i would share the charts for the capitals of 5 places where the jupiter-saturn conjunction takes place and will comment on this tomorrow when i get some free time... i noticed doing solar returns in sidereal that the details can change and are not replicated exactly when switching from tropical to sidereal.. more on that later too.. thanks...

usa, russia, china, uk, iran. and i have added a 6th chart to do a comparison of the links between the 2000 jupiter-saturn conjunction and the 2020 using moscow location.. see bottom chart for this..

one quick comment... using a concept that marc edmund jones worked with on chart shapes, one quickly notices that the usa chart has the majority of planets in the eastern hemisphere, as compared to all the other charts... what this tells me is the usa continues to be the initiator of events while the other countries are in the position of having to integrate the energies of the planets.. this is based on the concept that planets rising - from the nadir up to the midheaven are more directly in control of events of their own making, while planets in the western hemisphere - from midheaven down to nadir are in the position of integrating the energies as they receive them..

what this suggests to me is that the usa will continue to take a leading role in the direction of events for this 20 year span - for good or bad..

edit for correct china capital chart..

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Joined: 05 Dec 2011
Posts: 3624
Location: vancouver island

Posted: Thu Jun 20, 2019 2:10 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

regarding the top chart for usa location, and more generally all of the charts..

first idea i want to express is what i think is the importance of the saturn-pluto conjunction in 2020 that has to shape the energy of the jupiter-saturn conjunction near the end of 2020 in some specific way... as i mentioned in previous threads on the topic of the sa-pl, of the hardship and potential for war that seem to go with this duo.. just how this plays out in the next year is hard to know, but we are presently living in a heated atmosphere of war, whether it is a direct war, or a financial sanction war and all the variations in between.. so, this dynamic is overshadowing this particular ju-sa conjunction as i see it..

2ndly - one of the challenging dynamics of this 2020 ju-sa conjunction chart, no matter where it is located is the close mars-pluto square.. this is a violence prone aspect that can play out a number of ways as well.. bullying, intimidation tactics, (financial sanctions and etc. etc.), - the aspect is very close and will affect any chart where the aspect is on the angles or mars rules an important house..

3rd - but this is probably more important.. it is a first quarter moon which is generally favourable.. both lights are ruled by jupiter, but as we see in the charts, jupiter is in detriment in capricorn and overshadowed by saturn given the sign placement.. so, the sun-moon combo is under a stronger saturn influence then would ordinarily be the case here..

with all this in mind, looking at the top chart for the usa, my comments regarding mars-pluto come to the front.. another way to look at these conjunctions as i see it, is they are in development as we speak.. one can see the actions of the usa at present in the build up in the middle east, straight of homruz and etc. etc as reflected in the chart here.. now, this might be the coincidence that we are looking at these charts under a very close mars-pluto opposition aspect taking place as i write this, but i would say this opposition aspect is a good way to help gauge the relevance of this square in the chart for dec 2020..

it is interesting how mars-uranus enclose the ascendant.. these 2 planets are in a fairly close conjunction in the usa charts - no matter a number of the ones available for use... clearly these 2 planets are put at the forefront of this chart in many regards given their proximity to the ascendant.. and of course president trump has these 2 planet placed very prominently in his chart and will continue to lead the usa, wherever he leads it, over this time frame.. depending on how one interprets a planet in a different sign as the ascendant and in a 7 degree aspect to the ascendant from the 12th - mars could be considered especially problematic here for the world and all the charts under consideration.. i can't remember what the term aj used for a planet near the beginning of the fire signs and the end of the water signs, but as i recall it is not considered favourable from indian astrology point of view... add to this how mars rules the ascendant, 8th and rules over the debilitated venus and ketu here and one sees how important mars role is to the chart - for good or bad... further to that - technically mars is being aspected by saturn and in turn mars aspects the descendant of the usa 2020 ju-sa conj chart as well... in fact - saturn also aspects the descendant directly too, another negative to relationships on this 2020 ju-sa conj chart centered on the usa...

well, maybe, just maybe some countries including all the poodles that are quite happy to accommodate the usa are getting tired of it! i can dream!

saturn also aspects the moon directly and more closely.. the sun is strong in the 9th house and in a conjunction to mercury the 3/6th house ruler.. i am not sure what to say about that other then it suggests the usa continues to play an important role in international affairs.. however, the sun rules the 5th in this chart with a focus on children, entertainment and etc.. back to saturn - it rules the 10/11 and is strong in the 10th house... saturn/jupiter is on the same degree as the ascendant axis which i am not sure how to interpret, other then to suggest this conjunction is more important for the usa then it might be for a number of other countries..

to be frank, i think the usa is like the roman empire at this point in time.. it is in a state of decay.. whether i am wrong about this and it is going to rise from what i see as a nose dive on the world stage, remains to be seen..

venus in scorpio rules the 2nd and 7th... this says something about relying on one's inheritance to sustain one's resource and relationship base... that is how i read the venus here... i see it as quite problematic given it's position in the 8th sign and house.. perhaps the idea of the us$ as defacto world currency is coming into a state of dispute... venus is loosely on the south node - ketu.. these 2 together speak of unorthodox, unusual, perhaps extreme ( given scorpio sign) values / relationships as i understand it..

removing the outer planets, the chart is contained within the venus-mars combo, or within the nodal axis keeping the outers in teh picture... i think there is a yoga for that in indian astrology - kala sarpa yoga, or no?

i will comment on the other charts on the weekend..
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Edward White

Joined: 27 Jan 2019
Posts: 37
Location: UK

Posted: Thu Jun 20, 2019 5:15 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The coordinates for the Beijing chart seem off... Beijing is at roughly 39N, 116E
The chart displayed for 'bijiang' is calculated for 26N30, 98E55...

If the chart is calculated for 39N, 116E, then the ascendant would be in 1 Lib 48 (Krishnammurti Sideral). The conjunction would still occur in the 4th house, though.
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Joined: 05 Dec 2011
Posts: 3624
Location: vancouver island

Posted: Fri Jun 21, 2019 6:17 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

thanks edward.. you are correct...

i entered - Bijiang which is not the same as Beijing!!

thanks for pointing that out!

here is the correct chart.. i will try to find some time to comment tomorrow... cheers james

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Joined: 05 Dec 2011
Posts: 3624
Location: vancouver island

Posted: Sat Jun 22, 2019 7:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

continuing on here...

the 2020 jupitar-saturn conjunction lands in the 6th house of the chart set to moscow..

the ascendant ruler is in the 5th house which is considered a good placement.. however, the jupiter-saturn conjunction in the 6th seems like not a great location for it to be.. i think the 6th in mundane astrology rules of the armed forces, national defense, health services, public health and maybe the general health of the society... saturn in it's own sign would take all these issues seriously... that jupiter is also in capricorn, while ruling the 5/8 houses, doesn't seem as positive towards these houses dynamic..

the chart is western hemisphere emphasis with all planets in the west, excluding the north node - rahu - in the 10th house area and still rising in the east.. 10th house rahu is said to be good for career and gaining a better standing in the community.. perhaps this comes at a cost to one's immediate family life.. this can be interpreted a few ways for russia here... gaining greater standing on the world stage, while the ordinary people continue to suffer with the limitations that are built into there present russian society..

the position of the moon is much more problematic here and this does indeed rule over the people in general.. moon in pisces in the 8th sign and ruling the 12th speak of problems that are not immediately obvious or apparent.. the moon is aspected by saturn from the 6th as well, and it is widely also involved with mars also in pisces - ruler of the 4th and 9th house...

mars position seems problematic for the 9th house, if we are to go with the breakdown of whole sign houses.. the 8th is the 12th from the 9th..this is one sign that russia may continue to be cut off from the west, in spite of the fact that are a part of the european continent.. it is not in the designs of the usa to see russia on good terms with europe, or to have europe as an important trading partner...

the only 2 planets in close proximity to an angle are venus in scorpio in the 4th whole sign area, square the ascendant with an 8 degree orb.. the financial oligarchs within russia may continue to exploit the natural resources of russia with very little of it making the ordinary russians life any better..that is one way to read it... the other planet 9 degree orb to a conjunction with the midheaven degree and a 7 degree trine to the ascendant is uranus in aries... uranus here suggests the level of technological innovation coming out of russia at present is going to surprise many on the upside... although russia isn't the first place people think of when thinking of technological innovation, i think russia has given strong signs of their abilities in this regard.. they are still one of the 2 countries with the most nuclear weapons and very much focused on military sales which are competing on the world stage with the west.. in fact, russia and india are both lining up to get their products, much to the dismay of the usa...

i will comment on the other charts later..
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