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AP - United Nations Blasted in Bhagdad

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Posted: Tue Oct 21, 2003 10:42 am    Post subject: AP - United Nations Blasted in Bhagdad Reply with quote

19 Aug 2003


Hi all, one of the sites I check regularly is its an e-zine, based in NYC run by astrologer Lauren Edmund and has some great info on it (monthly movement of planets charts, eclipse data, etc...) and she has a feature called breaking news which she writes when something strikes her fancy, this afternoon Lauren writes (and I'm pasting it so I dont misquote her)

"BREAKING NEWS UN Blasted in Baghdad. This is very bad news. It occurred as the Mars-Saturn trine was also trine the Ascendant in Baghdad, making this a very targeted, focused and suicicdal action. Here's the problem, the aspects that caused this are going to keep happening through at least the middle of next week, and the patterns are just starting to intensify. As things heat up, it will be increasingly important to stay calm and move precisely and not impulsively." endquote.

anyone else have any interesting consderations to make on this mundane chart? I thought maybe if we looked at it we could have some real time data, and maybe keep from becoming too depressed over the terrible lack of compassion in the world...
sometimes I think that is one of the reasons for this aspect of find some grasp on such chaotic events...



Hello Beth,

I really beleive that the transit chart, which may well have, and in fact probably did trigger something in another chart, by itself isn't enough. Mars trines Saturn probably once a year maybe more often. During the time it is within orb, it trines the ascendant everywhere on earth once a day. Yesterday, the aspect was separating, Mars being retrograde.

While some information can certainly be gleaned from the event chart, to do it justice we need to cmpare it to the chart of perhaps Baghdad, a chart of the UN, maybe the chart of the great conjunction that took place a couple of years ago, and from those we can begin to make order out of chaos. Mundane astrology is the top of the astrological hierarchy, and it needs to be approached with caution. It isn't easy.



=) I understand, doesnt' mean I dont want to look at it. since I've been trying to do a horary a day to practice on, when I read this I asked myself, so where are the bagdad bombers? that was 4:26 pm Ventura, CA PDT....
and wow... cap asc, cancer descendent, saturn in the enemies house and the moon?
in the fifth house of ambassadors, schools, and amunition of an occupied city....NNW...

I'm sure it tells much more to someone who knows a whole lot more about horary than I, but I thought it was very much a depiction of what occured, if nothing else. Also noted there is nothing between saturn andthe moon and moon is approaching. so it maybe that Lauren is onto something about things hotting up... anyway...I know I know little, but I found this interesting and would like to see more. Now, what date would you choose for bagdad natal chart? that town has been arround for millenia? Not to metnion, it isn't even the same country right now as it is occupied? I would think you'd really have to use a horary on it rather than any natal chart with transits. though you might run transits over the US chart as this is a question about how things affect actions toward us and by us?

anyway, I'd love to see some mundane charts done... do you know of many astrologers who do mundane work publically? I would think that is a bit risky? but fun to talk over...
My own thoughts are that the guy the US backed is the lit stick of dynamite, but that is mere gut reaction on my part... cant remember that persons name? he was a refugee for many years?



Hi Beth,

OK Horary is a whole other matter. In that case we have a particular question or problem in mind. So if you ask the question about the situation in Iraq, yes the Mars Saturn trine may be relevant, but depending on the position of the houses, they may not figure into it at all. My reference is to those who look at a particular transit chart and make decisions based on it. Rob Hand did that with the recent Pluto - Saturn opposition. Now it is arguable that such outer planet aspects, due to their length, are valid for prediction. I disagree (despite the fact that 9/11 occured about the time Hand predicted war). Pluto opposes Saturn in every chart on earth, and every place on Earth is not at war, although it seems like that sometimes. Now if you place that opposition in a releveant chart, say the US chart, and Hand may have done this, that is a whole different matter.

The second pitfall in mundane astrology is more common and produces even worse results. As shocking as it may seem to some, the cosmos do not order themselves to reflect anyone's particular political viewpoint. Yet many astrologers seem to believe just that. Jupiter's relationship to Saturn this week, will not tell you if GW Bush is a saint or sinner, so don't bother looking. Saturn and Jupiter might tell you that a change is in store in the US at election time, and from that we may predict an election result, but it has nothing to do with which candidate we prefer. At the risk of being presumptuous, an awful lot of astrologers have an awful lot of growing up to do before they can master this subject.

On the other hand, try to find Jim Shawvan's website (I think I spelled his name right) or go to Star to find him. From what I've read of his work he is intelectually honest, and doesn't let his biases get in the way of his predictions. His prediction of the 2000 election fiasco is spooky it was so accurate. That was the event that taught me to respect stations of the planets.




that sounds great I'll give it a whirl!



by the way, as to saintlyness or sinnerness... in the event of war, they still show adversaries? I mean 1 & 7 right?



Yes adversaries are shown by houses 1 & 7. There is no implication of good and bad at that point.
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Joined: 15 Oct 2003
Posts: 234
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Posted: Wed Oct 22, 2003 8:46 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

AP - This is an archived post, but may still be responded to.
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