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AP - Roy Horn

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Posted: Tue Oct 21, 2003 11:55 am    Post subject: AP - Roy Horn Reply with quote

7 Oct 2003


Okay I know his birthday is 10/3/44, but does anyone know the time and exact place? Germany I believe, but town and time?

I would have thought Friday's accident was a saturn return, as he is 59, but he is actually a bit past his saturn return. I was laughing at people who actually thought he'd be upset with Montecore for being a tiger. Sheesh, some people just dont understand that if you work with wild animals you know your last words might just be "here kitty, kitty." Of course he would not blame the tiger! anyway, I wanted to see where the transits landed on his natal, other than sun conjunct, saturn is almost 2 degrees past conjunct...



I picked up Roy's Data on another website who quotes Lois Rodden and rates this an A.

Oct 3, 1944, 11:57 PM MEST Nordenham, Germany


PS Beth and all Americans. In Europe 10/3/44 is March 10, 1944 not Oct 3, 1944.
I don't know how it is done in Australia, but I'd bet they use the European method. On lists I try to remember to write out the date to avoid confusion.



I forget that most the rest of the world uses day/month/year which is logical, instead of month/day/year. Glad you note my americanisms

anyone astounded by the fact that the lion/tiger tamers ascendent is 1degree 56' of Leo? you guys should look at this chart its astounding!

interesting he has Natal saturn and natal North Node in his 12th natal house.

he has NO planets in his natal 5th house! that I find surprising. and Part of fortune in fact ruler of his 1st and ruler of his fifth both in fourth house! Venus and mars in mutual reception. mars being in libra and venus in scorpio both in fourth... natal moon at 5 taurus resides in 10th house at the top of his chart. with moon pluto venus t square... Very interesting chart!

his third house of communications packed with jupiter, chiron, mercury and neptune... neptune is in libra though... stellum? in third or fourth? or at all with this interesting placement of planets? transiting pluto is in fifth...

now there are no planets transiting IN his 1st house on friday, is this a good thing? and Jupiter looks as tohough it is planning on a return here fairly soon, or is there a retrograde coming up? dont have the ephemeris in front of me, but I dont think it goes retrograde before conjunction.

okay so sum up...
fridays transits
sun one degree before return,
moon, transiting its fall of Capricorn in 6th house, just having conjoined the Part of fortune
mercury, will conjoin in its return in 4 degrees, so probably was conjunct sunday, when he started recommunicating with people.
venus- within 2 degrees of conjoining mars at 21 of libra
mars- transiting 8th house, direct and in about 8 degrees will be into nineth house
jupiter - at 7 degrees of Virgo will be conjoined return in about 7 degrees... so before christmas I believe.
saturn- just past return at 12 cancer dead center the 12th house.
uranus- still retrograde in 8th and will be until next year
neptune - interestingly enough retrograde in 7th house in opposition to natal pluto in 1st. could this be the biggest kitty bite indicator?(pun intended) Neptune will go direct soon I believe? just two days before saturn stations retrograde?
and Transiting Pluto is just hanging out in the fifth, not doing much apparently... ?
though perhaps the way in which Roy entertains people might be changing?

Anyway, anyone think am I correct in that his chart shows recovery? even though the accident itself was extremely life threatening? enjoying looking at this chart, I'm fond of cats and this entertainer.



in fact by the time his Jupiter return hits on the 13th of november Neptune will go direct, Uranus will still be in 8th but will have gone direct, mars will have moved to 9th, the sun, mercury, venus and pluto will all be in 5th, moon will be hangin out in 12th with his natal saturn? hmmmm but in its own sign! does seem promising. Now I just hope Montecort will be okay as well!



>>Anyway, anyone think am I correct in that his chart shows recovery? even though the accident itself was extremely life threatening? <<

I don't know that a natal chart can show recovery unless we believe we can determine length of life accurately. If the chart shows he will live to about age 80, then yes he will recover.

I'm always a little uncomfortable with events like this since we are dealing with a human life -- not an abstraction. He was dragged off the stage by the throat by a 500 lb tiger. It is a near miracle, and testimony to the skill of his physicians, that he is still alive.

His natal chart, as Beth says, has Leo rising, but the planet that catches the eye is the elevated Moon exalted in Taurus. The Moon is fast and his Mercury in Virgo is strong, so it is a safe bet that this is a man of high intelligence. I don't imagine the life expectancy is too long for dull wild animal trainers. What is troubling is that the ASC is close to conjunct Algol by antiscion. The orb is a bit wider than I usually use for fixed stars but the injury to the neck makes it impossible to avoid.

Mars his MC ruler is in detriment in Libra but strong in the 4th house and is in mutual reception with Venus in Scorpio (detriment) also in four. The exalted Moon rules the 12th and here is one of the few times we can use the 12th to indicate something besides the stupid things we do to ourselves. The 12th is the house of large animals (larger than a goat says Lilly) and a tiger certainly qualifies. Moon in 10 ruling 12, Mars, the 10th ruler also rules 5 (entertainment) - the connection to career is unmistakeable.

I ran the solar return for 2003 and cast it for Las Vegas and what I found is troubling. The ruler of the first, the Moon is in Capricorn, in the 8th house of death, and the ruler of the 8th Saturn is in Cancer in the first. Thus the rulers of life and death are in mutual reception in each other's house. This is not a death sentence, but is astrologically significant. Reports that I hear are that he is critical but stable, and although very serious, stable is better than getting worse.

The Moon however is not in aspect with Saturn and is about to change signs. She is void of course in this chart, and perhaps this means nothing will come of the matter.

There are other indications I don't like, but one that seems positive is that the solar return 4th house, the end of the matter, is ruled by a very powerful Mercury. Let's hope this means more than wonderful eulogies.

A little good luck never hurt anyone in his position, and the solar return part of fortune is conjunct its ruler who is in domicile and a benefic -- Venus (I don't reverse the formula for night charts). And they are both in a good house, the 5th. The exaltation ruler of the part is Saturn in detriment in 1, but he is after all in bad shape, and the triplicity ruler, Mercury is powerful in this chart.

Here's hoping for a full recovery.



having made it thus far, he is more likely to make it medically speaking.

but what I was looking at, refering to, was the transits from Friday to now, which Glared at me that he had Mercury return and soon Jupiter return coming... look at his jupiter return for 13/NOV/03... very interesting no?

I would be unhappily surprised if he did not continue to get well from this point on. So would montecort I'm sure. by the way, I believe Montecort is much bigger than 500 pounds, if I'm not mistaken, full grown tigger should be closer to 750 pounds? And those babies are spoiled. they are not too skinny. Roy was wise not to fight when Monte had him by the neck but to wait for the other handlers to spray him, had he struggled he probably would have snapped his own neck as opposed to tearing the artery , etc. a less brilliant person would have tried to turn arround and that would have been the end. Though Roy probably wouldnt' mind that end any more than I would. He's already said dont blame the cat. amazing man!



I'm not sure there are any advantages to being attacked by a 500 lb tiger as opposed to a 700 pound tiger, but who knows.

I thought over much of what I wrote earlier which was pretty much off the cuff and given that the SR Moon Lady of the 1st has separated from Saturn, Lord 8 I think this should not be taken as an indicator of death. Let's call it a brush with death. That would be hard to argue against, and my hindsight is as good as anyone's, but I do think a sharp astrologer might have caught this prior to the event. I believe it is predictable, and lets hope and pray for a happy ending.

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Joined: 22 Oct 2003
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Posted: Fri Oct 31, 2003 5:07 pm    Post subject: recovery news Reply with quote

Just a couple of notes. Montecort is back home with the family and Roy Horn has been moved to Los Angeles to help with recovery. This is a positive note in the possibility of his recovery.

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