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Comet Pojmanski and prediction of Queen Elizabeth´s death.

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Joined: 01 Apr 2005
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Posted: Mon Mar 13, 2006 5:08 am    Post subject: Comet Pojmanski and prediction of Queen Elizabeth´s death. Reply with quote

Comet Pojmanski and prediction of Queen Elizabeth´s death.

Recently course of comet Pojmanski hasn`t awake much of a thrill between astrologers. Me and Angie Biggerstaff have researched the theme, but few got interested, between them was Bernadette Brady who dedicated a few lines in her newsleter, visual astrology(1).

One of the motives that few astrologers took the trouble was that he wasn`t visible to the naked
eye. But in 5 march he was already visible without binocules, his increase in light surprising astronomers (2). A good reason for us to think about this omen is that, not like predictable Halley, this comet was only discovered in january, meaning he brings a new and to be discovered message.

It seens to me that comet is mainly of a venus influence. It was visible very close to venus,
color green, and went through several stars of the nature of venus, like Dabih, giedi and adige. crossing the ecliptic near the constelations of sagitarius and capricorn (tropical aquarius). At
the time of the vernal equinox, he will be at 13 Pisces 26, RA 21 38, Dec 35N57, Lat 46N31 -
behind (east of) the lower wing of Cygnus, the Swan, aligned in longitude with Mercury at 14 Pisc 20 rx (and Uranus, 11 Pisc 49). (Thanks to Diana of Fixed stars list for this information !).

A comet crossing the constelation of cygnus in times of aviaran flu doesn`t seen a good omen.

Angie quotes Astrologia Munda of Ramesey:

"The first thing that struck me when I read the position was that at the Aries Ingress Pojmanski
will be where the Lunar Eclipse of 7th September will be. Whether this will turn out to have any significance remains to be seen."

"for a Comet in Pisces - signifies war amongst kindred and such are allied one to another, and
there will be much slaughter, contention also touching matters of Faith, priviliges and customs
in Religion and ancient traditions; there shall be also many apparitions in the air, fishes sjall
manu of them suffer destruction, and it shjall be dangerous navigation..."

"In Aquarius, wars and slaughters, **death of some honourable and eminent Prince or Lady** ins
the Eastern Parts (Ramesay thinks it should be Western), war for a long time, Epidemical
diseases, an obscuration of the air, Pestilence, death of both illustrious men as well as the
common people."(3)

Bernadette Brady also has a interpretation which is close to ours: "Given that it is near Venus and in the stars of Capricorn, are we looking at some type of event **concerning an elder or wise global female figure?** This does not have to be a negative event."

Although Brady´s optimism, I think the traditional interpretation of comets as the sign of the kings deaths shouldn`t be disregarded. For example, Deborah Houlding wrote about the Hale Bopp (4):

" With media interest at a peak, sunsign columnists babbled about the marvellous opportunities trailing in its wake, but one wonders where they get their information from? Certainly not from observations of the past; for comets have a dreadful reputation as portents for social unrest, ollapse of government, outbreaks of violence and **the death of princes**."

That same year brought the death of princess Diana, so I think we are alowed to ask if history will repeat itself, and for her age, Queen Elizabeth II was an obvious choice. For anyone interested in this argumentation of her dying, below are evidence, obviously non conclusive, based on secondary progressions and solar returns.

Untill april, Elizabeth is in a 8th profection year, not a good omen per se, but hardly an evidence. After June, she will change the firdaria sub ruler, from moon-mars to moon-sun. In the natal chart, moon and sun are rulers of 7th house (porphyry), and are in mutual reception, moon inleo, which is the 8th sign, sun in taurus. The changing of firdaria is a good starting point to abrupt events.

The solar return in general act like a trigger, alowing or not the long term influences of
directions. First we noticed an conjuction between natal and SR mercury, right in the SR MC (also
conjuct NN). Mercury rules in the SR houses 3 and 12th, and 5th and 8th natal. Moon, co-ruler of
12th, is conjuct natal asc. SR Asc is in the 8th sign. The SR first house ruler sun is squared by
saturn, the 8th ruler. So the solar return will allow a death.

We used the secondary progressions with a dual wheel, secondary in center, porphyry system. The
first house ruler is mercury again, in Leo, conj IC in the 4th house of endings, squared by venus, ruler of the 6th house, conj n. moon, ruler of natal 6th and 7th.

Worst of all, sun, natural ruler of vitality, is conj north node, with moon doing an solar eclipse, squared by mars, a very powerful influence indeed ! Comet Pojmanski has already traveled through the progressed MC of the queen (12 Aquarius).

Transits and triggers: mars crosses the p. ASC in 20 march; sun in the beginning of june.
Saturn will cross the MC, and activate the venus moon square by 15 july.
Stations: there are several contacts, but the ones more important are Jupiter station in 6th

july, square the moon-venus system; mercury conjunct progressed sun in 29 july; mercury 29 oct, conj saturn, squared the sun.

A death so important would probably show up in the vernal ingress: using london as base, and alchabitius semi arc, we see the sun is in the 6th house, the NN conj the DSC. The queen is showed by the 10th ruler (moon) and her death by contacts with the 8th ruler (venus) and the 8th from the 10th, the 5th ruler (saturn): moon is wide sextile venus and in close trine to saturn.

The angles may be soft, but when the subject is death this is of no great help.

The chart of prince charles also shows something happen. Mars is now crossing his pMC. Saturn is
crossing his ASC, and opposing pMars. mercury (ruler of p10th) is conj mars, trine moon, 150 saturn (ruler of death of mother). In the SR of Charles, a similar patterns is seen, with the SR ASC opposing the natal ASC, not a good sign.

the lunar returns show that june-july is a dangerous time for her health, so this is the most likely time showed by this analysis.

Of course I can be totally wrong... but this is what makes astrology such a funny art Wink

(1) from [url] [/url] see in the most recent newsletter, the note "Do Comets have a voice in Visual Astrology?"
(3) From discussion in the Fixed Stars yahoo group and personal mail.
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Joined: 17 Jun 2004
Posts: 402
Location: Wales

Posted: Mon Mar 13, 2006 11:25 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

You are right- I for one did not even know there was a comet around. I agree it is a great opportunity to study the effects.

Is there a link to its path? for how long is it visible and when is expected to leave?

Given the information that you have supplied I am not sure about the Elizabeth interpretation-although I definitely wouldn't rule it out. The Charles analysis is interesting too- especially the ASC comments given the recent news items about his image etc. They are not charts I ever look at.

I am confused about the west/east thing. Who wrote it originally? - what is literally "west" depends on whether you are sitting in London, LA or Sydney? If it is written recently and refers to the "western world" then the interpretation could be different to the geographical one.

Also the Kings and princes thing, presumably dates to the days when they were the only rulers and has to include the heads of state of republics in this time

Perhaps because I have recently been analysing the country concerned, I am inclined to think it has to do with Sharon in Israel. The timing of the comet first appearing in January is about right for this. Although having said that I can hardly class the comet as a portent if the events have already started. So perhaps I need to think again!

Definitely an interesting study though.
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Joined: 01 Apr 2005
Posts: 1394

Posted: Mon Mar 13, 2006 8:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ramesay is from 17th century, so I guess he mean in a "eurocentric" way :-)
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