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AP - The Pre Natal Eclipse

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Posted: Tue Oct 21, 2003 12:19 pm    Post subject: AP - The Pre Natal Eclipse Reply with quote

13 May 2002


Good Morning,

A friend sent me a post from an astrology group regarding the pre-natal eclipse. Someone inquired as to the origin of this technique. The reponse surprised me, since the writer said as far as he knew the originator was Al H. Morrison who was born in 1916, and only passed away a few years ago if memory serves.

Can this be true? I ran through some of my traditional texts and can't find a reference for the use of this or any other technique involving the natal chart and eclipses.

I would appreciate any information on this subject. Thanks.



I was sure there'd be something from Ptolemy, but all I could find was references to the preceding syzygy, no specific reference to the preceding eclipse. It seems to follow the spirit of Ptolemy's approach because he placed such emphasis on preceding lunations and eclipses, but he related eclipses to mundane events. I'm as surprised by this as you are but can't find anything handy to argue otherwise.



Thanks for checking Ptolemy for me.

I found two references, but nothing as concrete as I'd like. The first is from Babylonian Times

"The earliest record of using pre-natal eclipses is as early as the beginning of horoscopic astrology in Babylon and Uruk. From Francesca Rochberg's _Babylonian Horoscopes_ (1999, American
Philosophical Society: Philadelphia, p. 44:

"Eclipses are found in the horoscopes, even when their occurrence did not coincide with the birthdate. The evidence is too scanty to determine whether a certain relation exists between the dates of the eclipses and the birthdate. Most, however, seem to come within five months of the date of birth. "

The next reference someone found for me was a bit later in the 16th century I believe.

"If indeed the impulses of the active principles occur in a patient who is
predisposed, then see the degree of the Ascendant and the lord of the year
along with the rest of the angles at the time of the most recent entry of
the Sun into Aries preceding the nativity, and consider whether the lord of
the nativity, or the place of the Sun, or the place of the Moon, or the
place of the Part of Fortune, or the degree of the Medium Coeli, or
Ascendant is the place of a fortune or an infortune dominant in that year,
and according to this to increase or decrease the goodness or malice of the
significator according to the five hylegical places just now mentioned.
Consider also if in that year in which he was born any eclipse of the
luminaries preceded the nativity, or a conjunction of the heavy planets, or
of the lighter planets, and look at whether any of the hylegical places, to
wit the Ascendant, the place of the Sun, the place of the Moon, the Part of
Fortune and the Midheaven, have the degree of such a preceding eclipse or
conjunction. Because if this occurs, you shall pronounce to the native the
happening of a great future, according to the signification of the hyleg
which is illuminated by such degree, and this happening can be as much to
the good as to the bad, according to the disposition of the eclipse, or of
the great conjunction. Also, the degree of the conjunction or opposition
preceding the nativity should be considered, for that degree has great
power. And if it happens that degree is located in any strong place of the
natal figure, then you shall pronounce that there will perhaps be an
accident according to the nature of the place. If it is in the tenth, he will have excellence of honor and office. If in the seventh house, the
greatest fortune in marriage and so concerning the other places. If with
the Part of Fortune, it will offer affluence of riches. Such a degree has
great power concerning both life and the body. Likewise one should direct
it to the places and aspects of both of the fortunes and the infortunes."

Johannes Shoener 'Opusculum astrologicum', part 4, canon I.

Still, is it likely that Schoener took this directly from the Babylonians? I doubt it.


Pete Phoenix:

Hi Tom, thanks for these interesting quotes. I've always seen the degree of the pre-natal eclipse as being particularly sensitive, as if highlighting the house in which it falls, somehow.
Also, after having read the longer quote, I notice that the pre-natal eclipse before my birth fell very close opposition to my Part Of Fortune, which is in my 9th, and has the hyleg.
What that means, exactly, I'm not sure, but it's a point to ponder on.
Thanks again...
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Posted: Wed Oct 22, 2003 8:59 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

AP - This is an archived post, but may still be responded to.
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