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Predictions Anyone?
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Joined: 08 Jul 2004
Posts: 1380

Posted: Sat Feb 18, 2006 5:27 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

First no one was asked to predict a war but rather a military strike. There is a difference. The war is already ongoing. War exists; if that offends your sensibilites, too bad.

Ok, a military strike and not a war. Most of us know that all hell would probably break out afterward: Let’s call that a ‘disagreement’. I question the ‘sensibilities’ of those who would use this as a “fun” (you used the word in your initial post) prediction exercise.

Everything isn't about you


This is an exercise, not a philosophical discussion.

It’s the lack of philosophical discussion that scares me. I’m disgusted by the belief that we can predict on any matter and that we can be successful at it with the right techniques, the right books, and Mr. Frawley. The casual creation of a prediction exercise on such a large issue is pretty appalling. To me it’s the sign of the hobbyist and not of the philosopher – which is to say that it’s the sign of the typical modern-day astrologer and not of the ancient astrologer. I personally prefer the old guys. But my sensibilities are surely getting in the way.

It is an exercise in prediction and no particular method, technique or tradition was specifed or required or forbidden; therefore "the astrologer" is free to use whatever the astrologer wishes to use.

And that’s the way it should be. My comments were prompted by your newly-found magnanimity. After 2 years of reading your frequent scathing comments on the outer planets, over-use of aspects, post-seventeenth century techniques and modern astrologers (a fair amount of which I happen to agree with), I met the new spirit of open welcome with irony and sarcasm. Shame on me.

Do you get it now? If not please go huff someplace else .

I’m happy huffing here, thank you. But I have caused enough disruption. I will leave this thread alone.
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Joined: 17 Jun 2004
Posts: 397
Location: Wales

Posted: Mon Feb 20, 2006 4:34 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

First a comment to Duncan. I was not offended in the least by your comment about my silly remark about time. Debate and opinion is the point of the forum after all, it would be very dull if everyone only said “yes yes yes”! For clarification about my comment, Tom was correct in his interpretation – I was talking about the practicalities of the amount of time it takes to do a good analysis, particularly when there are many charts involved and a long timeframe. I shall be careful in future not to make my remarks so cryptic. Thanks to both you and Tom for the insights on the Iraq chart.

Anyway, that said, I have finally produced something that I can respond with. It was extremely time consuming (although rewarding as well). I am quite familiar with the US chart so that was fairly easy but I had never looked at Iran or Israel at all and needed to spend a lot of time looking at how they responded to past events. I am including some of this analysis in what follows as it might be useful for others.

It was of course easier to describe the likely developments over the coming years that to come up with one date for a military strike, particularly since as Duncan already pointed out a strike is unlikely to happen on the exact day someone has announced it might happen – it tends to ruin the element of surprise! However, not being one to shirk my responsibilities I have come up with something. Nevertheless I think that it is the description of the potential ongoing developments that is the most useful. However, this is obviously not a complete analysis of everything that could happen to these countries – e.g. it does not deal with economic issues for example. So for future reference, omission of a major economic crisis means I was not looking at it – not that I missed it!

Although it is probably relevant, I haven’t looked at the UN chart, I get depressed every time I do. My progressed sun is conjunct that of the UN and each time I look at the UN transits it reminds me that transiting Pluto will be conjunct that progressed sun from 2009 to 2016. Enough said.

Anyway I am going to submit my response in 5 sections, so that the posts are not too cumbersome. There is this introduction, a section each on US, Israel and Iran and a short final conclusion.

Charts used
USA 4 July 1776 17.10 Philadelphia 12 degree Sag rising
Iran 1 April 1979 15.00 Tehran 17 Leo rising
Israel 14 May 1978 14.00 Tel Aviv 23 Libra rising

Mainly transits and progressions to natal and progressed charts, eclipse/lunation cycles (although there are no solar eclipses across Middle East in the coming few years).
House system placidus

Period considered
2006-end of 2008 i.e. the remainder of the US election cycle. Avoiding 2009 as this gets into the forthcoming cardinal square; a whole different ballgame, although the possibility remains that we are looking at something that contributes to the causes.

If anyone wants to critique the charts used or the techniques I suggest we start a new thread (cross- referencing it) and restrict this threat to submitting various analyses, comparison of them and comments on the deductions.

Anyone else interested in Iran may find the following dates and data useful:

Iran timeline dates
01/02/1979 Ayatollah Khomeni returns
04/11/1979 militants storm us embassy in Tehran
25/04/1980 Tehran hostage crisis starts
22/09/1980 Iraq Iran conflict starts
24/09/1980 Iraq bombs Iran
26/02/1999 reformers get in
24/06/2005 fundamentalist president

Detailed Timelines can be found at:-'s_nuclear_program
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Joined: 17 Jun 2004
Posts: 397
Location: Wales

Posted: Mon Feb 20, 2006 4:36 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Core natal & prog chart configurations for period
PL opp ME, Qnx ASC p, Tri NP, ssx MEp ssx MO
CH ssx MC sxt MA, qnx NP, opp MA p
ASC, qnx SO, Qnx JU p, Tri VE p, sxt SA
JU cnj, VE ssx UR, ssx NN, tri SA p

Transiting Uranus will square the US ascendant (and ssq natal Pluto) throughout 2006, and it will also sextile its sun. Uranus figures highly in the US experience of wars in the past and it was conjunct the progressed descendent in 2001 and conjunct the progressed sun and mercury and natal moon in spring of 2003. I am not sure that the square to the natal ascendant is relevant for action that they initiate – more for the experience of attacks and the fact that Uranus is square both ascendant and descendant makes it possible that these could be in partner countries rather than the US directly. Indeed it seems that this may already be in effect with the cartoon demos. The sextile to the US sun suggests that the outcome will be to strengthen the US cause, resolve and perhaps the presidency. Jupiter continues to trine the natal sun and Saturn will again trine the ascendant, and progressed Venus ( ruler of the MC) moves away from its opposition to natal mars as well as the effect of a semisquare transiting Neptune, and squares progressed Jupiter; all shoring up support for country and president, in the short term. There are no especially difficult lunations or eclipses either in the next 18 months. A much improved situation compared to 2005-March 2006. Of course all this means a risk of “over-exuberance.”

Pluto in the US chart continues its trundle through the 1st house- it is only about half way through. The themes of terror and security that it raised have some way to go yet. In 2006 Saturn continues it transit of the 8th house too – suggesting further emphasis on security issues.
Pluto has now past the natal mars/Neptune square, which, (together with the Aquarius moon in 3rd), is so core to the US ideology ( free markets, freedom of speech, and of course the certainty that they are right!!!), but it still continues to square progressed Neptune for another year. However transiting Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter will all reach these degrees this year (Jupiter is already at 18 degrees) and their T square will activate the natal square again, a square that was also triggered by the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in 2000.

This square, with mars in the 7th and Neptune in the 9th also has relevance for the US experience of wars- when they get dragged in at a late stage (e.g. wwI and II) they seem to represent mars resolving the Neptune indeterminacy, but when the US initiates conflict the reverse seems to occur (Vietnam, Iraq etc), the initial mars conquering energies giving way to Neptunian confusion. It also indicates that the US is likely to benefit from indirect methods of attack than direct ones. It will do better if it works through others – be they other countries, or factions within a country- at the least it will be difficult to blame them directly for the consequences. Furthermore as transiting Neptune will trine both mars and progressed mars throughout 2006-7 these elements continue to be emphasised- the US has the potential to “look good” if it works with the square rather than trying to overcome them. Neptune is also obviously quincunx Neptune and square the US progressed MC until 2009- and therefore the country could screw up its image completely if it gets it wrong. The fall of 2007 – when Neptune opposes the progressed moon will be a very sensitive time for this as will all of 2008 when Uranus squares mars and opposes Neptune.

Added to this Jupiter will conjunct the ascendant of the US in 2007 making it very confident- it may use this confidence to build bridges but Jupiter will reach opposition to natal mars in Oct/Nov 07, suggesting it may decide that it can win if it takes action then, and with the progressed moon squaring the progressed MC in November it is likely to be in the public eye in some way…

The other configuration of interest in the one that is beginning to be triggered by Pluto. Pluto is already trine the progressed ascendant and will sextile the natal moon in 2007; before that it will also sextile progressed mercury. Progressed mercury itself reaches the progressed descendant in June 2006, but in 2008 the moon and ascendant are triggered by the progressed moon and prog mercury reaches a quincunx to mercury while transiting Neptune conjuncts it (and Jupiter too late in the year). Given the timing in 2008 these aspects probably say more about the forthcoming election that year than anything else (*). A fact supported by the lunations and eclipses:- the full moon on 20 February 2008 squares the US MC and opposes the progressed sun – suggesting leadership issues. The cycle culminating in the August 16 eclipse highlights the progressed mercury and natal moon. The only other important aspect appears to be the mars square.

My conclusion is that if the US is involved directly – action is likely to be taken in October November 2007 or, less likely, in April- May of 2008.

(*) since the sun was at this point when I was pulling up the charts I took a quick peak at the news; Cheney’s little shooting incident ( a transiting Uranus mercury square Uranus and sun nix natal mercury ), discussion of eagles and symbolism, massive Katrina fraud and issue of fairness to people– transits to the moon, prig ascendant & mercury. On going issues about guantanamo –human rights etc. These are the sort of issues I expect to be thrown up in 2008.
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Joined: 17 Jun 2004
Posts: 397
Location: Wales

Posted: Mon Feb 20, 2006 4:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Core natal & prog chart configurations for period
MA p sq JU sq UR p sxt MC squ VE p ssx MA
SA p sxt ASC sq SO ssx SO p Sq CH ssx MC p Tri JU p
ME tri NP opp ASC p
PL cnj SA ( Pl widely conjuncts MO which otherwise only ssx VE)

Natally, Israel’s 7th house is ruled by mars which is in Leo, it is extremely passionate about defending its realm, with which its people defines itself (sun sextile MC in Cancer). But of course the core of the chart is dominated by the other planets in Leo, the moon and the Pluto Saturn conjunction. It is paranoid- “look what happened to us before,”. It also has sun in the 8th and the ruler of the 12th – mercury - there too. “everyone is out to get us” And Chiron opposite the Taurus sun.,” “If we are not careful we will lose our home again.” It is also has a Uranus Jupiter opposition in Gemini sag across its 3rd/9th axis, suggesting an obsession with freedom and its rights.

Israel has a fair amount of synastry with Iran. They have sextile moons for a start. Amazing? Not really when you consider that their support and continued allegiance of their people depends on having an enemy. They need each other to define themselves. Unfortunately Israel’s progressed MC is currently square its progressed Jupiter which is conjunct Iran’s Neptune. Even less cheerful is the fact that their progressed ascendants are square (which means Israel’s squares Iran’s Saturn too, and Israel has Uranus opposite Jupiter (currently with Venus progressing over it and progressed mars squaring it) square Iran’s Mars Mercury conjunction. Thus we have Israel’s progressed Mars opposing Iran’s Mars and transiting Pluto square them. Nice.

The problem, though, with looking at Israel for the Iran issue, is that Israel is permanently in a conflict mode; how to separate one dispute from another? particularly the Palestinian issues.
One possible route to identifying strike times, is to revisit Israel’s attack on the “Iraq” reactor on 7 June 1981 (take off at 15.55 Israel’s local time).

The chart for 1981 has Chiron conjunct the progressed ascendant and Pluto transiting the natal ascendant. Neptune was conjunct progressed Jupiter opposite Uranus opposite progressed sun.( That axis again). Progressed Uranus was sextile progressed MC. Transiting Uranus was Square the progressed Mc and about to square natal Mars. That month the progressed moon was also sextile the progressed MC and trine progressed Uranus. On the day the sun was sextile natal Saturn and mercury conjunct progressed mercury and Venus. The moon was transiting the progressed MC etc and transiting mars was trine transiting Jupiter/Saturn.
A lot of activity then what is happening now?
Jupiter is currently conjunct Chiron. Pluto is conjunct Jupiter and opposing progressed Uranus, and squaring progressed mars. Uranus is just moving away from a square to the progressed ascendant and is about to square natal mercury (and trine natal Neptune in the 12th). Neptune has already opposed the Pluto in the Saturn Pluto conjunction but continues to oppose Saturn and will come to oppose progressed Saturn over the next couple of years. Saturn in Leo is about to transit the conjunction.

Unsurprisingly a lot of activity again- after all in the last couple of years they have seen the loss of the Palestinian leader they fought against so long, have withdrawn from some settlements, built a wall and now their leader Sharon is in a coma and Palestine have just elected Hamas. Never a dull moment…

I think that the Jupiter conjunct Chiron opposite sun and square Saturn is being lived out through the Sharon situation, so can be ignored for this study. This configuration will be heavily hit by the Saturn Neptune Jupiter T square later in the year, but that is likely to reflect issues to do with the leadership rather than external matters. As mentioned it is 2008 before Neptune reaches the natal sun so such issues may drag on, there may be questions asked about internal political issues.

The Gemini progressed conjunction has something to say about Palestine, having already been activated by Pluto for the last couple of years, and cannot easily be unravelled, yet it was certainly triggered in the 1981 situation described above. And with mars ruling the 7th it is difficult to discount the likelihood that both natal and progressed mars aspects will signify either attack or being attacked.

Furthermore transiting Uranus will square natal mercury (and quincunx both natal Pluto and Neptune) in the next month and again at the end of 2006 as well when Jupiter will conjunct the prog ascendant axis too. At the least plans could be going on behind the scenes at these times.
An astrological case could be made for something happening very soon. With Pluto conjunct Jupiter square progressed mars opposite progressed Uranus being activated in 4-6 months by the progressed moon.

However although Pluto aspects Mars this year it does not actually reach Jupiter and prog Uranus until 2007, when it makes 3 passes over the whole T square in January June and November. There is an argument to be made that 2006 will be a year of focussing directly on Palestine, and internal leadership, whilst keeping eyes open and planning for 2007. Further evidence for this is found in the lunation cycle. The current cycle which has focussed at around 24-26 degrees is coming to an end in March with the full moon square Uranus. The summer full moons highlight Jupiter and the MC and the progressed sun, far more likely to relate to the leadership than other matters.

The 22 September to 18 March 2007 eclipses at 29 -27 degrees are more significant.
For example on 13 Jan 2007, Jupiter is conjunct the prog ascendant, transiting mars conjunct transiting Pluto, and transiting mercury trine prog mars. 21st June 07 also has a big line up and
Nov/Dec 2007 is Israel’s Jupiter return giving Jupiter Pluto conjunct Jupiter – e.g. around 18th Dec. Having said that I don’t have the time to do an election here – these may not be the best times, merely ones with lots of potential activity. The problem with all these times is that good aspects to natal mars mean squares to progressed mars which may indicate the likelihood of retaliation.

The emphasis shifts a little in 2008. Pluto continues to oppose progressed mercury but no longer aspects mars. However, in June the full moon is at 27 sag right on Israel’s natal Jupiter, and the full moon eclipse that follows on 16 August may support action. Uranus opposes the progressed MC mid year and progressed ascendant is exactly opposite natal mercury. Uranus was square progressed MC in 1981 so mid July cannot be ruled out – note that the progressed moon returns to its 1981 position end August 2008. But this is again rather close to November 2008 and US elections to make any action likely then unless a crisis situation has arisen, when it is even more likely that Israel would be an agent for US.
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Joined: 17 Jun 2004
Posts: 397
Location: Wales

Posted: Mon Feb 20, 2006 4:39 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Core natal & prog chart configurations for period
MA cnj ME sxt JU and also aspecting the ASC squ UR tri NP sxt PL tri MA p
SA opp VE qnx VE p squ MO squ MC p
cnj ASC p qnx CH qnx SO p qnx ME p tri MC

In order to better understand the Iran chart I used the timeline details available on the BBC website:
The Leo ascendant and sun in Aries to me reflect the fact that what the outside world see is the absolute leader dictating his own terms and not collaborating. The Mars Mercury conjunction was a key theme in the build up to the foundation chart including the chart for the return of Ayatollah Khomeini and also his death (MA squ MA ME). With the sextile to Jupiter and trine to Uranus and square to Neptune it describes the radical religious fundamentalism of the regime, together with its fear (derived from its 8th house position) of those who not only act against it but even speak against its beliefs. Note the mirror of the Neptune Mars square that the US has – they both know they are right and that is that - although the house positions suggest that Iran has less desire to preach to others and only reacts when it feels its internal situation is threatened. The US wants to change others to its ways. This is interesting as it raises the possibility that Iran is not planning any attacks if it develops weapons but is only thinking defensively.

The 7th house traditional ruler is Saturn and modern ruler Uranus. The Uranus aspects have been described. Saturn, is conservatively placed in Virgo, and opposite Venus in 7th in Pisces and square the moon in GE in 10th– dragging the chart back to the restrictions both in relations with other countries and its attitude to women. The moon also rules the 12th house of hidden enemies- Iran sees women, trade and the world in general as its enemies. With these aspects to Saturn diplomacy is not going to be an option most of the time (occasional favourable transits and progressions may mitigate this).

Iran also has Chiron in Taurus conjunct its MC but other than possibly as another indicator of religious fervour I am not sure what this means in a mundane chart.

The chart seems to be very sensitive e.g.:-
The election chart for reformist parties in 1999 shows the following aspects
ME t cnj VE p cnj MA & ME
JUt cnj VE t cnj ME p
PL t tri MA p tri SO
MA t cnj IC
SO t opp SA
SO p squ JU ssx MC p into GE
With prog MO in 7th and UR opp ASC.

And the appointment of the president in 2005
SA t cnj VE t cnj ME t tri (ME cnj MA)
NP t cnj DES sxt MA p
MA t opp JU t cnj ME p CNJ Ve p cnj SO
MC p cnj MO
Asc p cnj SA
UR sxt MC

To see what factors might be highlighted in conflict it is also helpful to look at some of the other
events: The storming of the US embassy has SO t opp MC qnx SO , JU t sq ME t squ MO, MAt close to the ASC ,and SA opp MA. These points may be important in the Iran/US relationship.

Regarding conflict in general; the start of the Iraq Iran war is helpful and has JU t squ MOp opp ME MA, SO t cnj SA t sxt JU, MA t squ VE t squ ASC, whilst ME t cnjs PL which is at 20 deg sxt NP ssx UR

The current episode in the nuclear issue dates back to Dec 2002 when the US accused Iraq of making weapons not electricity. Jupiter was conj the ASC and Pluto trine it. The progressed moon created a grand trine. Neptune was square Chiron/MC. Transiting Uranus was trine transiting Saturn which was square the natal mars. In Nov 2003 the UN report was favourable but the US refused to accept it – Jupiter by then was conjunct the progressed ascendant, and the transiting sun was conjunct Uranus, Neptune square MC, Saturn was square both natal Sun and progressed mars. Discussions continued throughout 2004, while Pluto continued to transit Neptune. The next phase started in July 2004, while transiting Saturn was trine natal Uranus and transiting Jupiter was sextile natal Uranus and square Neptune. On Aug 24, with transiting mars conjunct natal Saturn and the progressed ascendant Iran warned that it would retaliate if attacked,. Uranus, during this period was conjunct natal Venus which rules both the 10th and 3rd houses, and the progressed moon was conjunct the MC too. Discussions thus continued until November when Iran stopped its project. Jupiter was opposite the sun and progressed Neptune during that month.

When Jupiter returned to that position in August 2005 the situation flared up again. By this time Uranus has reached opposition to the conjunction of Saturn and the progressed ascendant, and Neptune was starting to transit the natal descendant. The US walked out of a meeting in which Iran presented its position on 15 September 2005, when Mars was also transiting opposite Uranus.

In January/Feb 2006 by which Iran was being reported by the European negotiators to the UN, transiting Pluto reached its square to natal Mars and transiting Uranus opposed Saturn. Clearly Iran will be quite determined not to be told what to do just now, and the rest of the world very keen to tell them!

Pluto will continue to transit Mars through 2006 and has still to square Mercury in 2007. And although the Mars transit passes in 2006, progressed Mars is opposing progressed and natal Pluto throughout 2007 and 2008. In addition, Mercury progressed is conjunct the Iran natal sun and the progressed sun is conjunct Chiron. By 2009 the progressed sun will reach the MC. This situation is not going away anytime soon

Uranus also continues to transit opposite Saturn and the progressed ASc, which pulls in the sun, moon Chiron and MC. Neptune is conjunct the Descendant and sextile progressed Mars and with Jupiter conjunct Uranus. Iran is disregarding everyone. The eclipsed full moon on 14 March is opposite Iran’s Mars confirming the existing cycle of disagreement. The next UN related meeting is due for 6th March in the middle of Neptune Jupiter square’s activity. That day transiting Mercury is square transiting Pluto and conjunct the natal Mars Mercury conjunction. Transiting Mars is square natal Saturn. Don’t expect resolution; expect A Resolution!

Although Uranus will not make many aspects in the next two years, the Neptune transits situation will only be compounded when Saturn forms a T square to Neptune and Jupiter from September. Saturn will be conjunct the ascendant and preventing it acting as it wishes. But Saturn alone does not necessarily mean military action – it could mean sanctions or other restrictions, or it may mean that Iran will just be refusing to discuss the situation during that time. No surprises if that is so.

Trigger points in the next few years are:

Mid June to July 2006 when Jupiter again opposes the MC and there is a transiting Mars Saturn conjunction square it, and Saturn is sesquiquadrate Mars and Mercury. The 11 June full moon is conjunct Iran’s Neptune, not suggesting any practical solution, rather evasion. I would guess that in March Iran get a few months notice which expires during this period. And they will ignore it.

The Transiting T square is effective from August through December 2006 when progressed moon conjuncts moon, prog MC and goes on to square Saturn and the progressed ascendant with the latter being triggered by Uranus; back at 11 degrees in December. I suspect sanctions may be in place at this time. There will be a lot of behind the scenes activity, particularly in November when Pluto again squares Mars, but I don’t think there will be direct action- Neptune opposite Saturn is not conducive to it. There may however be some internal conflict as Uranus squares the progressed Moon in November December. I suspect it will be quelled at this point though.

In January 2007 Mars and Pluto are conjunct in square aspect to Mercury whilst Uranus and Jupiter continue to challenge the progressed ascendant. It is not inconceivable that some action might occur this in the middle of this month.

However, what doesn’t fit about this is that Saturn retrograde and will return to conjunct the natal ascendant. It does not look as if this is a time for bringing something to a conclusion.
Saturn conjuncts the Ascendant again in May 2007 when Uranus squares transiting Jupiter and the prog moon again between then and July. This time is particularly sensitive, especially 10 May when Mars conjuncts natal mars, and the Sun squares Uranus. The full moon on 31 may is also square the country’s progressed ascendant part of a cycle which continues to highlight these degrees throughout the summer.

However it appears that sanctions will continue, as Iran has its Saturn return in November 2007, suggesting that this is when the full effect of them will be felt. Remember this is square the natal moon, and progressed MC, as well as conjunct the progressed ascendant. On 9th November there is a new moon at 17 degrees conjunct natal Uranus and squaring the ascendant axis, while mars squares the sun and mercury squares Jupiter. This is a time when a strike could be made- but again I am drawn back to internal conflict rather than external.

The Saturn station continues through December and January and natal Mercury is squared by the transiting conjunction of Pluto Jupiter Mercury and the Sun in December and the progressed moon squares Mars in January 2008. Transiting Mars is retrograde from Mid November to 30 January when it is stationed on the progressed Moon until late February square the Mars Mercury conjunction. There is also an eclipse on 6th February on Iran’s ascendant. The conclusion from this is that a strike would cause a strengthening of resolve and possibly retaliation if this period. Internal disputes on the other hand would escalate and destabilise from within. One or the other seems pretty certain. And late March seems a likely time for counter action, when there is a conjunction involving Uranus trine natal Uranus and square Neptune.

Although the eclipse cycle which culminates on 16 August 2008 transits the critical Pisces 24-27 degrees, interesting there are no other new developments for some time after this. Rather more of the same. Uranus stations at 22 degrees Pisces without reaching Mars and Mercury. Saturn does not return to its return position of 7/8 degrees until August when it conjuncts Mars there. That suggests Iran will be in military mode that summer – perhaps under martial law?

As already mentioned it seems unlikely that new action will be initiated, by US at least, in this 2008 period, although that does not preclude involvement in on-going problems. The charts seem to be implying that 2009 when Uranus conjuncts the Mars Mercury conjunction and Saturn opposes it is a more significant time than 2008. I haven’t analysed this far ahead in depth. It will be worth looking ahead again when we reach 2008.
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Joined: 17 Jun 2004
Posts: 397
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Posted: Mon Feb 20, 2006 4:41 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I don’t believe a strike is imminent. Indeed I don’t see one happening in 2006. If there is one it will be very soon, the next two months, and from Israel not the US.

I believe there will be sanctions and that they will take some time to be really effective. I think Iran will start to have difficulties with this in late 2006 and that the effects will intensify as 2007 progresses.

The times that Israel could make military strike are January, June and December of 2007, or the summer of 2008. However I am inclined to believe that the 2007 dates will have more relevance for its relationship with Palestine. The only exception is November December 2007, when the US chart also has the potential. A strike by the US is only really likely in November 2007, and less probably in May/June of 2008.

It does look as if Iran will have a very difficult 2007 which may lead to internal conflict in November 2007 which will continue until March 2008. If there is a strike they will retaliate in this period – probably in February 2008. Iran will be in a highly militarised mode in summer 2008- probably the keep internal peace but it may also be responding to conflict with Israel.

Although I suspect the real crisis will not be till late 2009.

Now you can laugh when I am completely wrong!! Although I would prefer a constructive critique of my astrological judgement, I would like to do better next time!
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Joined: 11 Oct 2003
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Location: New Jersey, USA

Posted: Mon Feb 20, 2006 5:08 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


You sure did a lot of work. Nice job It will take a while to digest it all.

I’ve been a bit busy and have only begun working with this, but I thought I’d post a couple of things to get the ball rolling. I’m beginning with the Chart of the Saturn Jupiter Conjunction of 1762:

March 18, 1762
4:41 PM GMT
Washington DC
8 Cancer rises

Two points: Washington DC did not exist in 1762. George Washington in fact was only 30 years old at this time. I’m still going to use the location because as events unfolded, this became the seat of power in the US, and because the other two candidates for central capitol for the colonies are Philadelphia and New York City. Both are reasonably close to Washington and the charts would be virtually identical.

What becomes obvious in this and subsequent charts is the role of the Moon and the Moon’s nodes. Since we’re using war charts, one might immediately think of Mars, but the Moon seems to be the main player. Lilly and Saunders associate the Moon with convulsions, but that reference is for medical astrology, still it is worth keeping in mind. Dariot associated the Moon with unstable things. Few things are as unstable as war and revolution. All authorities associate the Moon with change.

What about Mars? Looking over Lee Lehman’s The Book of Rulerships we find that Mars appears to be more concerned with the fight itself. For example under Mars we find words like argue, anger, army commanders, courage, violent and swift death, opponents, oppression, wounds, and marriage (not kidding; Al Biruni said this). Mars and warfare seems more personal than the Moon.

A starting point then would be to watch the Moon for signs of general upheaval and change either radical or a change in events or flow. Mars would be indicative of the actual fighting.

The 1762 chart shows a tight square from the Moon to the conjunction and the Moon’s proximity to an angle as well as being in a mundane square to the MC itself.

This chart does have potential for use as a “birth” chart for the USA, and at least has the advantage of avoiding the endless arguments over which is the correct US chart. It’s not as though all July 4, 1776 charts should be ignored, but that they can be looked at with this chart.

To test the lunar hypothesis we can check other conjunctions that preceded major conflicts in US History. There were three conjunctions that preceded the attack on Pearl Harbor, but Frawley argues that mundane events unfold slowly and the 1940 conjunctions are too close to the event. The previous conjunction of 1921 is of interest, not only because of WW II but because Osama bin Laden made reference a curious reference to the “torch passing to the eagle” in one of his post 9/11 remarks. He was referring to what he saw as post WW I encroachments by the West into the Middle East. As one wag put it, “It’s all Warren G. Harding’s fault.”

Jupiter – Saturn Conjunction
September 10, 1921
4:14 am GMT
Washington, DC
25 Gemini rises

Once again the Moon is tightly hugging the DSC and squaring the conjunction. Note the Sun opposing the 1762 conjunction.

There were three conjunctions in 1980 – 81 and using the above concept, we can look at that for hints of what would come on 9/11. The the nodes of thepre 9/11 eclipse:

July 5, 2001
2:55 pm GMT
New York, NY

conjunct the first 1980 conjunction ASC DSC axis

Dec 31, 1980
9:26 PM GMT
Washington, DC

And the Moon is conjunct her position in the 1762 chart.

There is more, but this will become a book if we continue in this mode fascinating as it is. This is all in the past and the object is prediction and I’m afraid the event, should it occur will precede the prediction.

For now we can look at the 2000 conjunction

May 28, 2000
3:59 PM GMT
Washington, DC
27 Leo rises

Regulus rises, and the antiscion of the conjunction falls on G.W. Bush’s ASC, should anyone want to play with that. Mars at 17 Gemini is in a tight square to the 1762 MC – IC axis. And interestingly, the angles are the same as the 1842 mutation conjunction (the conjunction that begins a new cycle), but the degrees aren’t close. The 2000 conjunction is the last in the cycle.

The last chart I will cite before getting deeper into it is the upcoming solar eclipse:

March 29, 2006
10:11 am GMT
Washington, DC

The ASC – DSC axis is a degree from the 1762 MC – IC axis, and the MC IC axis is conjunct the 1921 ASC – DSC axis. Mars is worth spending some time with as we are looking for an attack. Also check out the Moon.

Enough for now. I’ll be back at this when I can. I hope to see some thoughts on this. There is a lot to work with.


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Posted: Tue Feb 21, 2006 9:59 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


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Posted: Thu Feb 23, 2006 2:42 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Duncan and Amelia,

I'm taking a cross country trip until next week. I'll get back to this then. I've also printed out the responses from both to read on the plane. Thank you for the time and effort.

Take care,

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Posted: Sat Mar 04, 2006 3:16 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Folks,

Once again I have to apologize, but my computer died with all my stuff on it. It is a long sad tale and ultimately it was my fault. So I'm confined to a laptop with no astrology software and of course no notes or even my e-mail addresses with which to notify people.

So bear with me and I hope to be up and running again soon, albeit a bit poorer. I am able to receive e-mail at, but initiating it is tough without the addresses. I do hate it when this happens.

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Posted: Thu Mar 09, 2006 7:33 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

March 11, 1918 approx 6 am spanish flu breaks out in Fort Riley Kansas, March 11, 2006 Sautun and Venus return to the similar positions as 1918, similar degrees, Neptune, opposite to its position of 1918

for comparison sake I use 6 am for both charts and Fort Riley for both charts, houses are placidus and nearly identical,

1918_ AC_ 29 AQ 57' 47"___ 2006 1 PIS 0'9"
12 seconds astronomical seconds apart
2 _ 17 ARS 16
3 _ 19 tau 39
IC _ 13 gem 36
5__ 04 Can 56
6 ___28 CAN (splitting the difference here
DC __1 Virgo 0
8___17 Lib 16
9___ 19 Sco 39
MC__ 13 Sag 36
11__ 4 Cap 56
12__ 28 Cap

1918 ________________2006
Sun ___20 Pis 06______ Sun ____20 Pis 46
Moon ___1 Pis 08 ______ Moon ___13 Leo 03
Mer____18 Pis 36 ______ Merc ___21 Pis 58 R
Ven ___14 AQ 13______ Venus __5 Aqu 06
Mars___25 Vir 21 ______ Mars __11 Gem 11 (jupiter 1918)
Jup ___04 Gem32 _____Jup ____18 Sco 47 R
Sat ___08 Leo 21' R ____Sat ____4 Leo 56 R
Urn ____25 Aqu 11______ Urn ____11 Pis 17
Nep _____4 Leo 38 _______ Nep___18 Aq 29
Pluto ____3 can 26 _______Pluto __26 Sag 39 (NN 1918)
Chiron __28 pis 49 _______chiron_ 7 Aq 27
NN _____27 SAg 42 ______NN __ 4 ARS 23
PoF_____18 Pis 56 _______PoF __ 8 Lib 43

I think the Moon and Saturn in Leo combined with Chiron and Venus in Aquarius make a sttrong argurment for illness here in the US. Also the Eclipse on the 14th rather re-inforces al the Pisces Virgo Placements, which have a strong similarity to those of 1918. Uranus in Pis as opposed ot Aquarius make me wonder if this is not a water born, rather than airborn illness, The moon may be the Trigger this time as opposed to Mars, which may mean the illness runs its course quicker? Positives, in 1918 Jupiter was not Trine the Sun Mercury Configuration, but sun was approaching Sextile to Jupiter. Mars on the IC does seem worrisome as well. And the Neptune Saturn Opp perfects Sept 1 of course

Just some thoughts.

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Posted: Sat Mar 11, 2006 1:07 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


re Iran, I find the chart for the CIA to be a very potent one and another one to add to the armoury, so to speak!

26 sep 1947 10.10am EDT Washington, DC

ACG lines for this chart are fascinating.

With the path of totality of the upcoming 29 Mar eclipse highly visible from Iran and Iraq and the Solar directed Asc/Desc axis of the CIA chart being sq to the eclipse degree and the full moon being a few days away from falling with the CIA directed Mars (which is in 120 resonsnce to Pluto) AND this full moon occurring for the first time at the same degree as the lunation after the WTC 9/11, I think it's worth looking at.

Sorry, don't know how to add it as an image here.

They (CIA) are obviously highly active at the moment and it would take other charts to try and ascertain or confirm a 'strike' but something is coming to a head.

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Posted: Fri Aug 04, 2006 11:29 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Tom,
I wont predict, but i have a chart that i am slightly concerned about, that may release energy at possibly 3 locations.
We know that Africa is ripe for infiltration of Al Qaeda, and most Football World Cups start anywhere between the beginning of June, up to 12th of June.
I'm waiting to find out when the South African World Cup kicks off, and this creates huge crowds, bigger infact than "The Olympic's"
Now i know that some dont follow asteroids on this forum, and i am a bit of a renegade, but set up a chart for 8th June 2010 for Cape town at 13:40, or Johannesburg for 13:01, or London at 14:00, and use Chiron, Ceres, Pallas, Vesta and sneaky Juno, i'm looking at trines, sextiles, squares, and oppositions.
You may wonder why i'm picking on a Grand Sextile and Grand square on the angles, i'll get around to showing my reasons soon, i do have evidence.
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