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AP - Use of Arabic Parts

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Posted: Tue Oct 21, 2003 10:24 pm    Post subject: AP - Use of Arabic Parts Reply with quote

12 Aug 2003


I have known about Arabic parts for quite some time. However I've only noticed a real activation when someone elses natal planets touched one or more of my arabic parts.
(for instance I know one person who's part of Karma is conjunct my descendent, My part of Karma is conjunct his sun, his part of marriage conjunct my venus, part of love conjunct my neptune, etc... we have lots of arabic part conections, needless to say this person has wrecked havoc in my life) however I haven't noticed much activation by transit?

I was wondering if anyone else has had different experience with Arabic Parts and how they use the parts in their charts or life?



I've been meaning to get to this, and you probably know the saying "Life is what happens when you're making other plans."

First a recommendation: If you don't have it already, get a copy of Robert Zoller's book" The Arabic Parts in Astrology, The Lost Key to Prediction. The book is in three parts. The first section is the metaphysical justification of the parts. Lots of numerology there. The second part is Guido Bonatti's treatise on the parts, and the final section is the "How To" section.

Zoller cautions the student to first delineate the chart before attempting to delineate the parts. If the two contradict each other, ignore the part. His delineation of the Part of fortune is interesting as it is more spiritual than material.

As for uses, One method is to calculate the position of the part you are interested in, and use that as the ascendant for whatever the part indicates. For example, If the part of marriage fals at 15 Gemini, that becomes the ascendant of the chart of the marriage of the native.

Again using the example of the part of marriage, John Frawely says to use the dispositor as well as the position of the part. If the part of Marriage is at 15 Gemini, then, Mercury is the marriage in the chart. This is particularly useful in horary.

If the ruler of the part is in aspect to the part, it usually means that part will be especially significant in the life of the native. I would look at both the domicile ruler and the exaltation ruler to see if either one aspects the part.

I only use the Ptolemeic aspects and an "orb" of about two degrees.

Zoller spends a good deal of time on the "pars hyleg." This part is supposed to give the reason for the incarnation of the individual. It is said to answer the question, "Why are you here?"

The formula is: ASC + Moon - the position of the prenatal New Moon or Full Moon whichever occured just before the birth of the native. Solar Fire will calculate this for you if you set it up in the Arabic Parts editor.

Another interesting one is the part of fame: Asc + Jupiter - Sun (reverse for night births). This is not the part that tells you what will make you famous, but rather it is along the lines of the pars hyleg. It tells us what it is that a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. It works for women, too.

My favorite is the part of religosity and honesty of women. ASC + Venus - Moon. In Bonatti's day the word "honesty" really meant chastity. The part was supposed to tell a prospective husband if his intended was religious and chaste. Today it has more practical uses for men. And no, there is no part of honesty and religiosity of men. Can you guess why not?



=) my evil sense of humor wants to say because they aren't honest, chaste or religious...cause I'm a brat, but I would say probably because it is portrayed by other parts or because the person ascribes to the idea of half souls.

now if I tell you that my Arabic part of Honesty and religion is at 25 of Cancer, just under 2 degrees past my MC.

Part of fame is 2degrees of sagitarius

part of Hyleg I gotta go look up my pre-natal new moon, which must be Aries, but not certain of degree... so will get back to you. =) what does that say about me to you? =)

and yes I will lok up Zollers work, after I'm read Louis... trying to read things more one at a time as I tend to sink into my brain.



>>=) my evil sense of humor wants to say because they aren't honest, chaste or religious...cause I'm a brat,<<

Hi Beth,

You're closer than you think. Here is what Bonatti says about the part: If it is "in a fixed sign or in aspect of any of the lords of the dignities of the sign in which it is [placed] or of any benefic, the woman will be honest and religious even if she may be longing for coitus. But if the malefics aspect it without reception and it is in a mobile sign, the woman will be escessive in her desire for coitus, giving herself to men ... for a cheap price, and she will be in every way a fornicatrix."

[Translation by Robert Zoller]

I have this running gag when I introduce this part to others, partiularly women. I tell them in contemporary terms it tells us whether or not the woman is "easy." And I tell them the reason there is no similar part for men is that all men are easy.

Now Beth, you've spilled the beans a bit by admitting yours is in a cardinal sign. I'm sure you want the rest worked out in private.

It is also true that there are other parts that reveal similar information about men. I admit that even as late as Lilly, far more attention is paid to the extra curricular activites of women than of men.

Zoller deomstrated the part by using the charts of known prostitutes and one of a virtuous woman. I ran a few charts of women of reputed ill virtue and a couple of known prostitutes and found it held up pretty well.

As for your part of fame, look at the houses that Jupiter rules and the house Jupiter is in and try to tie them together to delineate the part. This one is a bit tougher to work with than many.




well, went back and discovered that part of hyleg? is 25 aquarius... which would be sextile my sun...

as to jupiter, it is in my fifth house at 3+degrees of Pices. jupiter rules Pices and sagitarius I believe? 3rd house cusp is 20 degrees sag, 6th house cusp is 26 degrees Pices... ??? so?

as to the part of honesty, feel free to email me on that one. It shouldn't be too bad as my fear of abandonment exceeds my desire for anything else. if you dont get involved with anyone you certainly can't be left by them. =) so it isn't a fear of commitment per se'



thanks for the arabic parts discussion offline. I just thought I'd post something you mentioned in that post. Tom points out (and I think rightly) that my fear of abandonment is clearly delineated by my neptune venus opposition square Saturn... basic t.... saturn fear of neptune abandonment in conection with Venus love...

Makes sense to me. And YES! finding a Lord of Geniture in my chart is an astrologers nightmare. =) But I do think you may be correct in placing it with Saturn...



Hi Beth,

It isn't so much a nightmare as it is a case of too many possibilites. It is the opposite of George Patton's chart where there are so few planets in their dignities and even they have debilities to offset them.

I do wonder, though, when there are legitimate multiple possiblities, what does one do? What are the rules? I guess that is part of where judgment abilities come to play.

Beth's chart has three planets in rulership, and one in exaltation. Three of the four are in angles, to boot. Saturn and the Sun were tossups. Saturn is in rulership but not in the sign of the angle it occupies, but it rules that sign, too. Sun is in exaltation and close to the angle, but exaltation is not rulership. I lean towards Saturn, but the Sun is a real possibility. This requires a lot more work and more interaction to make a certain judgment. I suppose one couldn't go too far off using either one.
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Joined: 15 Oct 2003
Posts: 234
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Posted: Wed Oct 22, 2003 9:06 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

AP - This is an archived post, but may still be responded to.
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