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Astrology of compound almutem (2)

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Joined: 15 Nov 2005
Posts: 490

Posted: Sun May 14, 2006 6:29 am    Post subject: Astrology of compound almutem (2) Reply with quote

When I started the "astrology of the compound almuten" thread, I was really looking for other astrologers who had done any work on the compound almutem but the thread somehow evolve into something that's equally interesting.

Anyway, let me give an example of how I apply (or try to use) this concept of almutem (which is not that successful every time):-
Chart : Jodie Foster, Nov 19, 1962, Los Angeles California (rating AA)

Let us look into her profession:-


We look into her MC (and of course 10th house):-

MC in Libra with no planets in 10th (Alchabitius or whole sign).
Ruler of 10th is Venus in Scorpio conjuncts Mercury and Neptune. You would expect her to have more than one profession. Venus with Neptune definitely gives showmanship (venus = arts and Neptune = illusion, silver screen) and venus with mercury gives talents with words (she did receive a degree in Literature). Her sun in 12th (Alchabitius and whole sign). As a modern astrologer you may or may not look to Venus being detriment and combust...With sun in 12th and Scorpio, you would expect a person who is really private and secretive....

We would try to identify which is the profession signifier from the 3 fast moving planets (i.e. Mars, Venus and Mercury) following Paulus, Prolemy, etc. Mars = warrior class (or he who uses his skills), Venus = artisan class (or he who uses his emotions) or Mercury = Merchant/scholar (or he who uses his intellect).

Venus-Mercury seem to be her profession signifiers (Venus ruler of 10th by Alchabitius, Mercury ruler of 10th by whole sign and both Venus & Mercury rose before the sun). The conjunction of Venus-Mercury would still be interpreted as double profession. Venus gives Artisan class and Mercury gives Merchant or intellect class.

Venus in Scorpio (detriment) gives a successful profession in alternative art i.e. if she decides to sing alternative songs or act in alternative movies depicting the worse in human condition (detriment in Scorpio). Venus retrograde can mean that she would stop her Venusian career for a while before continuing later.

Mercury in Scorpio gives intellect with words (deep, penetrating, sharp scorpio like...e..g the study of etymology i.e. origin of words).

Now, we go to Almuten of the 10th house (MC)

Almutem calculation method:-
Ruler gets 5 points, Exalted ruler gets 4 points, Dorothean triplicities get 3 points each, Egyptian term ruler gets 2 points and face ruler gets 1 point.

Almutem of MC is Saturn (Saturn is the exalted ruler, trip ruler and term ruler of MC).

Saturn is strong in Aquarius trining MC which gives huge success and authority to her profession. I would expect by this exercise Almutem of the MC gives degree of success in career (MC) and not indicating her profession signifier.

Now comes the tricky part, the compound almutem.
According to Omar of Tiberies, we do not look for almutem of MC alone to judge career/profession because there are other points that could contribute to the profession. He would look into the compound almutem of the following points:-
1. Cusp of the 10th house (MC if you use any of the quadrant house system)
2. Dispositor of 10th house cusp.
3. Sun
4. Part of Work/Profession
5. Dispositor of Part of Work/Profession

If you were to carry out the calculations (by the way Omar did not give points to face rulers), the victor/winner/almutem is Mars!

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Joined: 06 Apr 2005
Posts: 288
Location: Bucuresti

Posted: Sun May 14, 2006 11:13 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Analyzing Judie Fosterís (presuming that is the right hour) natal chart, I would say:

1.there is at the level of zoidio a big presence of planets in water element and MC is in air sign. the level of planets we are analyzing: Venus, Mercury, and Mars

Now Venus is in 16 Scorpio in detriment, and first triplicities in day chart.
She is ďsub radiis tantumĒand retrograde (but it is destro to Sun, so like a sacerdot) , is oriental, in a cadent house (12 house), she is dispozitor of MC and also of the 10 house cusp.
She is conjunct with Mercury, Sun, is received by Mars (cuadrature).
Conclusion: she has little dignity from her position in Scorpio, but she is received by Mars, so she gets from him dignity. She is not powerful, or at least she is in some way a hidden power (a force that acts behind the scene); she is trying to get herself out from the combustion with Sun (being retrograde) and that is telling me that has some power.

First of all Mercury is conjunct with AGENA
The planet is in 23 Scorpio.
Is combust, oriental, in cadent house.
Conjunct with Venus, Sun, in some way received by Mars (Mercury is not applying to Mars)
Conclusion: the star is the one that could give Mercury dignity and force beyond its bad condition in this chart.
He has no dignity by his position, but he could get something from Mars.

In 17 Leo.
Oriental, powerful but heading to retrograde state, occidental (reference to chart) but having aspects with planets from oriental, in 9 house (medium strength).
Receiving Venus and (ignoring the fact that Mercury is 23 Scorpio and Mars 17 Leo) Mercury.
Conclusion: has no dignity, but it is a powerful planet.


Part of spirit (daemond) in 11 Pisces.
Almuten Venus
Conclusion: I would take the conclusion from Venus analyze

Part of profession: 15 Cancer
Almuten Moon (I will make some consideration later about Moon)

4. Houses:

MC in 3 in Libra
Almuten Saturn
Saturn in 06 Aquarius, domicile and triplicity.
Occidental (to Sun), oriental (to chart), in 3 house (cadent).
Conjunct South Node. There is no link between Saturn and Mars, but taking in consideration relation between zoidio Aquarius is obeying Leo.
Conclusion: in dignity, but weak, plus bad conjunction with South Node

We could talk about Moon in 10 house in 03 Virgo or about Part of Fortune in 10 house but I donít think it is relevant for our disscution.
(but I could say that Moon is conjunct with : EL KOPHRAH (a star with Mars nature)
It has no dignity, and also no relation with Mecury;It is in opposition with Jupiter; a battle probably between public and private, career and home.)

Final conclusion: Mars is the strongest, but he doesnít have dignity, so he works with Venus and Mercury, doing what Venus and Mercury know (but it is possible from time to time Mars to be a rebel because has no dignity and after all it is cuadrature between Mars and Venus and Mercury).

As I mentioned in my previous posts I wouldnít combine planets with lots, or house cusp, and I donít think that almuten is the strongest planet
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Joined: 15 May 2005
Posts: 76
Location: S„o Paulo-SP brazil

Posted: Mon May 15, 2006 1:26 pm    Post subject: Clue of eminence is in the Lots Reply with quote

Hello,maybe the clue for Jodie Foster's eminence is in her Lots.Fortune,Spirit and Basis,are all in pivots of her birth chart,pointing to eminence.beside this,Spirit - the Lot related to career - has his lord,Jupiter angular(Whole signs) in Piscis and in conjunction with one the royal stars - Fomalhaut -the aspect is partil(exact).All this point to eminence above the ordinary.
All the best
"Life is a gift,enjoy"
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al Habashi

Joined: 04 Feb 2006
Posts: 17

Posted: Mon May 15, 2006 9:02 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


I've taken Foster's details and will comment when i've looked at the chart. However for now....

Ayatollah Khomeini: 09:39 GMT, 17/5/1900, Khomeyn, Iran, 50E04, 33N38.
Source: Astrodata III, Lois Rodden. Whole sign houses, egyptian terms, Dorothean triplicities, chaldean faces, true node, tropical.

For tenth house issues, status, profession etc., Omar asks us to look to the composite dispositor of the following points: MC, Lord of MC (Me), Sun and the Part (AC + Mo - Sa D+N). By my calculations Venus is the composite almuten of the issue with 21 points, with runner up Mercury with 16 points. Certainly this is not to be expected by looking at the chart, I would have thought Mecury would have functioned in this area as administrator.

In any case Venus is in her throne (2 minor dignities) and thus essentially fortified; occidental, though approaching first station, and in a feminine sign; influential in XI, the house of allies/friends and the most cherished hope; separating from essentially dignified but retrograde Saturn. Overall she is in a good condition, meaning that occupation and status are well starred. Venus is the most religious of the three profesional planets and is the significator of Islam.

Omar asks us to look to the configuration of the compound almuten with the LAC in terms of the "14 Ways", which I mentioned in my original reply to the first post. Mercury separates from a sextile with Venus; Mercury is in Venus' domicile and triplicity, so certainly received, while Venus is in Mercury's face, a small blessing. This is "Pushing 2 Natures", except that there is no application. A big exception for sure, but for the sake of the discussion we read in ibn Ezra that pushing two natures gives joy to both parties, the native and the issue in question: thus we can say that al Khomeini and his position as theocrat were made for each other, and were mutually beneficial.

In regard to religion, close to a theocrat's heart one would hope, Omar suggests looking at the compund almuten of Cusp IX (I use the degree of the AC in te sign in question), the Lord of IX, planets in IX and the part of religion. Once again the planet is Venus (with a whacking 42 points, Moon running up with 23), with joy to religion and to the native reciprocally, according to the pushing of two natures. I'm not sure that it is significant that the two almutens of status and elevation, and religion are the same planet, as as I've said I'm only just getting to grips with Omar and i haven't done the research.

Of course there are a thousand and one ways to show Khomeini's destiny for power, religious nature and so on, but here we'retalking about the compound almutens, no?

Very interesting thread.

al Habashi
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Joined: 14 Dec 2004
Posts: 143

Posted: Tue May 16, 2006 3:08 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Regarding the Foster chart:

1. Quintiles between Moon/Ven, Moon/Nep, Mer/Sat, Mer/Plu, Ven/Ura. (Also biqunitile Sat/Plu). No orb exceeds 1.4 degrees.

2. Parallels between Sun and Mer, Ven, Sat; contra/p between Sun and Plu.
(There are several declination aspects between other planets).

3. Solilunar midpoint is in 10th house and in Libra.

Thus indications of several talents, the will to utilize them, and a public/artistic context for the Sun-Moon "center of gravity". It is always prudent to always consider the Sun-Moon relation as a central factor for or against success in general.
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