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Please read before posting in this forum

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Posted: Fri Sep 29, 2006 8:02 pm    Post subject: Please read before posting in this forum Reply with quote

Welcome to the Traditional Astrology Forum. Iím Tom Callanan the moderator of this particular topic, and Iím more than ably assisted by Kim Farnell. In order to form a more perfect place for discussion, weíre going to outline the purpose of this department and some guidelines.


This particular forum exists to learn, apply, and exchange techniques and ideas regarding traditional and ancient astrology and astrologers. ďTraditional astrologyĒ is a pretty broad topic, so weíll offer a rough definition as follows: the type of tropical astrology practiced prior to 1700 and everything between 1700 and Alan Leo is close enough to count as traditional with a few exceptions. This type of astrology uses the tropical zodiac table of dignities, planetary strength, and is somewhat more involved with events in the nativeís life than with motivation for behavior. The accuracy of this definition is not important; it is only a guideline. If anyone disagrees with it, and wishes to make a case, feel free.

What do we talk about? Pretty much the same stuff that has always been on this forum, but letís not limit ourselves. Everything that concerns traditional astrology belongs here; as does anything contemporary that is written by and about traditional astrology by contemporary authors as well as those in the past. Although there are mundane and natal forums, these topics will be covered here, but from strictly a traditional viewpoint. Along the same lines, This is not an appropriate place for, ďwhich one is better traditional or modernĒ debates. We would rather discuss the subject than defend it.

The Outer Planets et al

What to do about the outer planets? They exist in the material universe, but so do a lot of other things that have nothing to do with this topic. Letís use them judiciously. There are more than a few first-rate traditional astrologers who use them Ė one of them is the owner of this site. I do have a suggestion for beginners and newcomers to traditional astrology who wish to become proficient with traditional astrology quickly. If possible adjust the preferences on your computerís astrology program so the outer planets are not displayed. You will be surprised how much simpler it will make delineation. If we donít permit ourselves to use them, then we will become familiar with the mindset of traditional astrology, and learn the subject that much more quickly. Horrified moderns diffident beginners types may ignore this advice. All computer settings are temporary, and can be undone with a minimum of fuss should you wish to reinstate the outers. If we are to use the outer planets, I ask that we do not use them as sign rulers, at least not here.

Asteroids, Chiron, Centaurs, Sabian symbols and other conventions associated with modern astrology that would spin William Lilly in his grave are not welcome. There are other forums on Skyscript where these conventions are more appropriate. Itís nothing personal; itís just in keeping with the philosophy of this particular forum. On the other hand any modern seriously interested in learning the tradition should feel free to ask questions that compare one method to the other in order to clarify the differences.


Letís make mistakes. No one ever learned anything by being right. Passion is fine. People who hold strong opinions tend to be more interesting than people who are wishy-washy, but there is a difference between strong beliefs and self-absorption.

Letís be helpful. The last thing I want is a novice fleeing the site chased by the twin dragons of arcane terminology and jargon. People who ask legitimate questions at any level are entitled to answers. Help them; donít confuse them.

Use sources judiciously. If we are stating an idea that is unusual or radical, then a source is helpful because opinions without facts are often useless. But this is a forum - not a place for scholarly publication. Extensive footnotes arenít necessary for every claim.


Letís be civil. Skyscript members are unusually well behaved; letís keep it that way. We were all novices once and none of us, not even your intrepid moderator knows everything there is to know about astrology or even traditional astrology. Ideas are fair game; people are not. People from all over the world come to this site. There are going to be many differences in outlook. Respect that. Also respect the fact that we have members for whom English is not their first language. As Deb says, they make an honest effort to write in their second or third language, therefore we owe them the obligation to make the effort to understand and help them.

This is not a free chart service. While it is understandable that someone would want to understand his or her own chart in the traditional manner, the best way to do that is through effort. It takes no effort to write, ďI spent all night thinking about this and I canít figure it out: what does Jupiter in the 4th house mean?Ē A little better is: ďAll the books Iíve read say that Jupiter in the 4th house indicates a happy family life, but my parentsí marriage fell apart the week after the honeymoon and now Dad rarely comes home and Mom has more boyfriends than I do. Whatís wrong with my chart?Ē At least that person read a little bit.

When referring to a specific chart, please post the data. Iíll either ask Deb or learn how to post charts myself, and will do so when appropriate. If the chart is of another person it is not necessary to identify the individual other than by gender; in fact with identity theft on the rise, it is probably best not to identify beyond a false name and gender. It would be appropriate to ask the individual for permission to post the data. Also it is a big help to add the MC and/or ASC sign and degree so we can check our chart against the one under discussion for accuracy. Typos are common and can throw off a chart by hours.

Finally, and most importantly, letís have fun. There is no purpose served in putting time, effort, not to mention money into this craft and not taking pleasure from it. Astrology has so much to give. It can provide endless hours of satisfaction even if we never earn a dime from it. That spirit should be reflected in our work, our posts, and our responses. Relax and enjoy, and be grateful for this endlessly fascinating subject and the marvelous technology that makes all of this possible.


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