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List of feral moons

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Joined: 15 Nov 2005
Posts: 485

Posted: Sun Jul 16, 2006 4:38 am    Post subject: List of feral moons Reply with quote

Feral moon:-

When moon does not make any Ptolemaic aspect (conjunction, opposition, square, trine or sextile) with any of the traditional planets (sun, mercury, venus, mars, jupiter or saturn) from the moment she enters a sign until she leaves the sign.

Supposedly GHASTLY by ancient astrologers!

Period of search: Jan 1 1900 to Jan 1 2100

Enters Jan 30 1903 Pisces
Leaves Feb 1 1903
Enters Nov 13 1910 Aries
Leaves Nov 15 1910
Enters Aug 26 1911 Libra
Leaves Aug 28 1911
Enters May 8 1917 Sagittarius
Leaves May 10 1917
Enters Jan 10 1921 Aquarius
Leaves Jan 13 1921
Enters Dec 11 1921 Taurus
Leaves Dec 13 1921
Enters Feb 1 1934 Virgo
Leaves Feb 4 1934
Enters Aug 31 1935 Libra
Leaves Sep 2 1935
Enters Sep 26 1939 Pisces
Leaves Sep 28 1939
Enters Jan 15 1945 Aquarius
Leaves Jan 17 1945
Enters Aug 14 1946 Pisces
Leaves Aug 16 1946
Enters Apr 29 1950 Libra
Leaves May 1 1950
Enters Sep 13 1950 Libra
Leaves Sep 15 1950
Enters Nov 26 1951 Scorpio
Leaves Nov 28 1951
Enters May 26 1953 Scorpio
Leaves May 28 1953
Enters Oct 10 1957 Taurus
Leaves Oct 12 1957
Enters Nov 19 1960 Sagittarius
Leaves Nov 21 1960
Enters Feb 6 1962 Pisces
Leaves Feb 8 1962
Enters Feb 14 1964 Pisces
Leaves Feb 16 1964
Enters Mar 5 1965 Aries
Leaves Mar 7 1965
Enters Sep 16 1970 Aries
Leaves Sep 18 1970
Enters Dec 26 1970 Sagittarius
Leaves Dec 28 1970
Enters Jan 18 1980 Aquarius
Leaves Jan 20 1980
Enters Apr 14 1981 VIrgo
Leaves Apr 17 1981
Enters May 15 1984 Sagittarius
Leaves May 17 1984
Enters Jun 26 1984 Gemini
Leaves Jun 28 1984
Enters Feb 5 1986 Capricorn
Leaves Feb 7 1986
Enters Nov 13 1989 Gemini
Leaves Nov 15 1989
Enters Jun 13 1991 Cancer
Leaves Jun 15 1991
Enters Jun 2 2001 Scorpio
Leaves Jun 4 2001
Enters Sep 7 2003 Aquarius
Leaves Sep 9 2003
Enters Aug 9 2007 Cancer
Leaves Aug 11 2007
Enters Mar 17 2008 Leo
Leaves Mar 19 2008
Enters Jan 12 2018 Sagittarius
Leaves Jan 14 2018
Enters Oct 26 2023 Aries
Leaves Oct 28 2023
Enters Jan 4 2026 Leo
Leaves Jan 6 2026
Enters Nov 7 2029 Sagittarius
Leaves Nov 9 2029
Enters Nov 23 2030 Scorpio
Leaves Nov 25 2030
Enters May 26 2032 Capricorn
Leaves May 29 2032
Enters Jan 5 2034 Leo
Leaves Jan 8 2034
Enters Sep 15 2042 Libra
Leaves Sep 17 2042
Enters Oct 11 2050 Virgo
Leaves Oct 13 2050
Enters Apr 16 2060 Scorpio
Leaves Apr 18 2060
Enters Apr 6 2061 Scorpio
Leaves Apr 8 2061
Enters Jul 30 2064 Pisces
Leaves Aug 1 2064
Enters Oct 1 2070 Virgo
Leaves Oct 3 2070
Enters Oct 5 2070 Scorpio
Leaves Oct 8 2070
Enters Nov 29 2070 Scorpio
Leaves Dec 1 2070
Enters Feb 15 2080 Capricorn
Leaves Feb 18 2080
Enters Feb 2 2098 Pisces
Leaves Feb 5 2098

Example: When moon enters scorpio (Jun 2 2001) she did not make any ptolemaic aspect to the six traditional planets) until she leaves the sign scorpio (Jun 4 2001).

Anything ghastly in these dates - Astrohistorians???
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Joined: 02 Aug 2004
Posts: 167
Location: Minneapolis, MN USA

Posted: Sun Jul 16, 2006 5:57 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi All,

This would be an interesting topic to research. Having just finished my complete translation of Bonatti's Liber Astronomiae the other week, I'll tell you what I found out about what ferality in general means for Bonatti.

To be "feral" means to be “wild” in the sense that undomesticated animals are; in human terms, it means someone who does not have many social connections and lacks the relative refinement and skills that come with being around other people. Bonatti equates this with being “uncivilized” (silvestris) and “wild” (agrestis). Therefore for a planet to be feral means that it is in some sense an outcast or unconnected to other planets. This happens in two ways:

1. A planet is feral as long as it is both the only planet in a sign, and unaspected. This definition is an altered from of al-Qabisi’s (aka Alchabitius's) definition, that a planet is “wild” when it is “in a sign and no other planet aspects its sign.” In this case, al-Qabisi retains a whole-sign aspect emphasis.

2. Or, a planet is feral when it is in the seventh sign from its own domicile. This is because it is in its detriment, thrown out as it were from its normal dwelling.

As a further detail, Bonatti says the Moon is “wild” or “feral” when she is “void in course and is in a place in which she has no dignity.” In this case, what Bonatti must have thought that since the Moon is the general significatrix for every matter whatever, and has influence over the earth beyond other planets, that she would have to be in an especially unconnected place in order to have the effect of a feral planet. This is likely why he says that it does not harm the Moon much to be void in course in Cancer or Taurus, since she has domicile and exalted rulership there. For the Moon to be feral, she must be in the extra condition that she has no dignity in the place in which she is.

Bonatti does not use the concept of ferality very much, but the few examples he gives come directly from the basic concept: when a significator is "uncivilized," it will impede – but will not prevent – the desired matter; and when the rising sign and the Lord of the Ascendant are in semi-feral or feral signs, the native himself will be feral (this is the case in my own chart, and I love being alone). Likewise, when the Lord of a certain Part (signifying the native’s work and his achievement) is void of course, the native will be feral and solitary. This last point shows the link in Bonatti’s mind between being void of course and being feral.

In my future translations of al-Kindi, etc, etc, I hope to have more information.

Of course, what counts in dealing with a feral Moon -- as with any planet in any condition -- is timing, timing, timing. Are we dealing with a mundane chart? A horary question? An election? A nativity? We must relate planetary movement to a particular chart.

I have lots of files, but offhand (without looking at any) I can't remember any feral Moons. Anyone have a chart?

Traditional Astrology Texts and Teaching
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Joined: 30 Sep 2005
Posts: 5102
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

Posted: Sun Jul 16, 2006 3:23 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hello Ben,

I apologise for departing from the theme of your thread but the following comment by you seems quite momentous!

Having just finished my complete translation of Bonatti's Liber Astronomiae the other week

Wow! So you have just produced the first complete translation of Bonatti's work in English! Congratulations!

This news deserves a bit more of a fanfare! When do you think your translation might be available to the wider astrological world? Will it be published or available as a download from your website?
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