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Juno, Calendars and 20th Century History.
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Joined: 27 Jul 2006
Posts: 221
Location: London

Posted: Sat Jul 29, 2006 5:38 pm    Post subject: Juno, Calendars and 20th Century History. Reply with quote

Hi Everyone,
I'm new here, my interests are the collective consciousness, astrology, sacred geometry and 20th century event charts.
I think Juno is probably the most aggressive object in the heavens, so i am going to put my research on this thread....see if you agree.
The 20th Century was a very important century in our collective journey, i wish i could feel confident in enlarging my search, but only feel we can be reasonable sure of 20th century archives on the net and actual times.
I see that Mark C has a thread on Regulus and the Mayan Calendar, later in this report i will touch on this, as i have Bernadette Brady's "Starlight fixed star paran astrology programme".
It has meant many months of research to be reasonable sure of the time of the assassination of Arch-Duke Ferdinand.
Before i mention event charts, lets look at the collective consciousness flavour of these times, and a strange habit of humans for dates!
Throughout the middle ages there was a disease that attacked the nervous system, the symptoms being involuntary jerking and movement of the limbs, so it looked as if those that were afflicted were dancing, it was called St. Vitas Dance, and it would seem that it has left a collective fear in our would seem that this flavour can effect events by happening on a certain date.
In order to understand exactly what went wrong back in the Summer of 1914, we need to look no further than examine the key alliances that occurred between 1879 and 1907, ending with "The Triple Entente".
In fact these treaties were alliances that the major nations signed in fear of each other declaring war, yet made all of Europe vulnerable to a terrorist attack, bringing the powerful nations into an involuntary dance of death, and a war that no one wanted, yet were duty bound by the signed agreements.
St. Vitas Day 1389, the battle of Kosovo Poyle (Field of Blackbirds) marks the beginning of the Serbian Nation, the spirit of togetherness that saw the Serbian peoples unite against the Turkish invader.
There is some grounds to speculate that 28th June, St Vitas Day, may have been chosen as the date to open W.W.1., at least looking at the telegrames between governments convey a suspicion that this may be the case. ( I will show web-site later in this report.)
Two bullets fired on a Sarajevo street on a sunny June morning in 1914 set in motion a series of events that shaped the world we live in today.
World War One, World War Two, the Cold War, and our recent difficulties in the Middle East, all trace their origins to the gunshots that interrupted that Summer day 28th June 1914, St. Vitas Day.
The victims, Arch-Duke Ferdinand, on his wedding anniversary, heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and his wife sophie were shot by 19 year old Gavrilo Princip who burned with the fire of Slavic nationalism. He envisioned the death of the Arch-Duke as the key that would unlock the shackles binding his people to the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
Serbia, figured prominently in the plot, providing the guns, ammunition and training that made the assassination possible, they may also have seen a symbolic connection to "The Battle of Kosovo Poyle", so in theory used this date.
Gavrilo Princip become an unwitting "Pied Piper", as this assassination precipitated the Austro-Hungarian declaration of war against Serbia, and the involuntary St Vitas Dance.
By the time the Armistice took place on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, 1918 (laying down of arms by all nations), so that a peace treaty could be concluded, Britain and France wanted to make Germany pay dearly for many years for being in a war that wasn't in effect only her fault.
America, to their credit, realising that this could spell problems in the area with civil unrest and a possible reoccurrence of this conflict in the decades that followed, didnt ratify the peace agreement that Britain and France entered into that forced Germany to pay crippling repayments for the losses felt by the victors.
Thus Britain and France wanted Germany to dance to their tune......The date that Germany was forced to sign this agreement was again, "June 28th 1919 (St. Vitas Day), being the Treaty of Versailles.
America, didn't ratify a separate peace treaty with Germany till 3 years after "The Armistice", (11th hour 11/11/1918) Ratifacation between America and Germany was exchanged on 11/11/1921, in Berlin.
I have been unable to verify the time of this....It may have been 11am. for all i know. Eleven is a master number that would powerplay and underline any agreement, Strange habits we keep?
In part two i will show all web-sites and a habit for Juno to be on an angle at crucial times.
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Joined: 27 Jul 2006
Posts: 221
Location: London

Posted: Sat Jul 29, 2006 7:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

So you don't get confused by times that wars ended, there are always a difference between when a surrender document is signed and a separate end of hostilities, to give military commanders time to get word to all troops in the field.
There are many reports to choose from on the web that give a partial time-line for the events leading up to Franz Ferdinand's Assassination, yet the actual time does seem elusive, except the following web-site:-
You can find most of the trial of the conspirators on the web, and many eye-witness reports, the actual time of the assassination needs careful consideration, between telegrams and eye witness reports....give or take a few minutes, i am sure it took place at 11:30am. 28th June 1914, at Sarajevo, (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Lat. 43*N51', Long. 18*E23'.
If you work the event chart out on your astrology software, you will find the M.C. at 01*26' Cancer and the traditional bad boy Pluto at 00*46' Cancer, but please note that there is a Sun/Juno conjunction at 05*52' Cancer.
We are lucky to be able to be sure of the actual time and place that W.W.1. started, by means of a telegram and i quote "At 11:10am. on July 28th 1914, Count Leopold Von Berchtold, the Austro-Hungarian minister for foreign affairs, sent the following telegram from Vienna to M.N. Pashatch, the Serbian Prime Minister".
Wording is as follows....."The Royal Serbian Government have not answered in a satisfactory manner the note of July 23rd. 1914, presented by the Austro-Hungarian Minister at Belgrade, the Imperial and Royal Government are themselves compelled to see to the safeguarding of their rights and interests, and, with this object, to have recourse to force of arms.
Austria-Hungary consequently considers herself henceforward in a state of war with Serbia".
Hopefully you will find this telegram on the following web-site:-
Okay...World War One started with this telegram from Vienna, Austria, at 11:10am., July 28th 1914....Lat. 48*N21', Long. 16*E22'.....M.C. at 22*19 Cancer, and Juno at 22*19' Cancer.
There was a burning resentment within the collective consciousness of the German Nation in the actual signing of the Armistice, although we consider this as a laying down of arms by all sides, this in effect was the first part of a "surrender" document for Germany, which only delayed the process of war for a couple of decades, so may expect Juno to be prominent.
Any document involved in the timing of this event, mostly puts the time at 05:05am. in the Foche railway carriage in Rethondes, France, 11th Nov. 1918, although a couple of reports put time down as 05:10am.
Brady's Starlight has Rethondes as Lat. 49*N25', Long. 02*E57'.
At 5:05am., the planet of surrender, Neptune, is 09*20' Leo, and M.C. is at 06*21' Leo.
The trouble is Juno is at 06*46' Leo, this little rock does sneak around doesn't it?
Lets look at the other part of the surrender document, being the Treaty of Versailles, Paris. Lat. 48*N52', Long. 02*E20'.
The timing of this is very difficult to find, yet i found a U.S. press journalist report that states "At 15:15pm. M. Clemenceau rose and announced briefly that the session was opened on 28th June 1919 (St Vitas Day), there folowed a brief period of announcing in two languages that this was the German signing, delaying the time approx. 3 minutes.
Time of signing, approx. 15:18pm.
You can read about this at:-
At 15:18pm. you will find M.C. at 10*01' Leo, and planet of surrender, Neptune, at 07*49' Leo.
I will be back soon to show Juno in World War Two.
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Joined: 27 Jul 2006
Posts: 221
Location: London

Posted: Sat Jul 29, 2006 9:36 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Before i go on explaining W.W.2., Let me first give the web-site that shows the human habit of reoccurring elevens.....we know that hostilities ceased on 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, 1918, so seems weird that the Americans would follow this by exchanging documents in Berlin, Germany, restoring friendly relations on 11th November 1921, please view on following web-site:-
We know that the power of Pluto is immense, in looking at Pluto/Saturn cycles, but there is a lot of debate whether Pluto should be classified as a planet, so although many astrologers dont follow asteroids, i think we should keep an open mind over a small rock called Juno!
So far we have been looking at Juno on the M.C., but W.W.2. was different, events with Juno were connected to the Karma/I.C. area of German charts, but i don't think that this is strange, after W.W.1., 1939 was a resentful karma issue for Germany, as both wars are connected.
To find when W.W.2. kicked off is easy to find on the net.
"At 09:00am. on the morning of September 3rd 1939, Sir Neville Henderson, Britain's ambassador to Germany, Delivered an ultimatum in Berlin, stating that if hostilities didn't stop in Poland By 11:00am, then a state of war would exist between Britain and Germany".
The Ultimatum came from London but the aggression was coming from Berlin, thus i feel this is why Juno is so near to the I.C. at 11:00am.
If you make up a chart for Berlin you will find Juno within two degree's of the I.C.
It was always the signing of the Armistice that angered Hitler for when he invaded France, he made them sign their freedom away in the same Foche railway carriage that was used in the signing of the Armistice.
Hitler came to power through brute force, except for the time he gained absolute power, he become chancellor in 1933, but this didn't make hime all powerful Fuhrer. He shared power with a popular very old President, a war hero named Paul Von Hindenburg.
All history reports shows Hitler wanted Hindenburg out of the way, so he could combine the Chancellor's and Presidential powers.
Hindenburg was in his late eighties and Hitler knew that he wouldn't last long, so all legal papers to combine the political roles were drawn up, before his death, which was illegal.
On August 2nd 1934, at 9:00am, the long awaited death of 87 year old Hindenburg finally occurred. Within hours, Hitler and the Nazis announced the following law, dated as of August 1st....
"The Reich Government has enabled the following law which is hereby promulgated.
Section One. The office of Reich President will be combined with that of Reich Chancellor. The existing authority of the Reich President will consequently be transferred to the Fuhrer and Reich Chancellor, Adolf Hitler. He will select his deputy.
Section Two. This law is effective as of the time of the death of Reich President Von Hindenburg".
Following the announcement of this technically illegal law, the German Officers Corps and every individual in the german Army swore a personal oath of allegiance to Hitler.
It would seem that Hitler put this plan into effect, within minutes of Hindenburg's death, thus 9am on 2nd August 1934 is very important.
Hindenburg's estate where he died was in East Prussia, but is now Neudeck in Poland, but place of death isn't important, but where Hitler was manipulating to be Fuhrer is....Hitler was in Berlin where no doubt he received a telephone call.
If you make up a chart for Berlin at 9am. 2nd August 1934, you will find Juno at 23*02' Sag. and I.C. at 24*09' Sag.....interesting.
Also note the Arabian Part of Fortune on the M.C., as this does come up sometimes.
Finally lets look at Neptune, the surrender planet and the surrender document that General Jodl signed at Reims France Lat. 49*N15' Long. 04*E02' that become effective at a very percular time of 23:01pm. on 8th May 1945. This isn't the time of the signing, but the time in the agreement that would give military leaders time to get word to all military in the field. (I have researched time of signing and effective time hostilities stopped, thankfully the little rock asteroid Juno wasnt prominent.)
This could be electional, but don't want to speculate further, but why 23:01pm and not 23:00pm. Although projected fixed stars, at 23:01pm, the Royal Persian Star, Antares sits within half of a degree of the Asc. which is 09*30' Sag. The M.C. sits at 06*06' Libra, and surrender Planet Neptune is at 04*00' Libra, with the Moon and Mars on I.C.
This means W.W.1. started at 11:10am and Finished at 11:am, W.W.2. Started at 11:00am. and finished 11:01pm.......The collective consciousness is a strange place!
The exact words of the surrender document is as follows:- "The German High Command will at once issue order to all German Military, naval and airforce authorities and to all forces under German control to cease active operations at 23:01 hours on 8th May 1945".
Hopefully you will find this document on this web-site:-
It would be nice to leave Juno in the past, but i have many more aggressive event charts that are modern, i think you will guess where Juno will be!
I will get back to this thread soon.
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Joined: 27 Jul 2006
Posts: 221
Location: London

Posted: Mon Jul 31, 2006 2:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi, I'm back again, some may think my research is morbid, this isn't the case, although i have a Pluto M.C., i am very optimistic about our collective journey.
I am not a great astrologer, my first love is sacred geometry, but feel the need to explore the dark side for a very good reason, any research that can help us side step how we hurt ourselves has to be of value, and the first rule of astrology is "However many dark clouds show in the sky, we have free will to change the effects".
With that in mind i will get back to 20th Century events, which i will start off with a non crucial event, Being "The St Valentine's Day Massacre".
Why?.....Because all astrologers like a chart connected to it's theme and myth, and Juno is connected to St. Valentine's Day, which i find strange in mundane astrology.
There are a few web-sites that you can find the time, but you can start off with wikipedia, most reports give a time of 10:30am. on Thursday 14th Feb. 1929, in Chicago Illinois, Lat. 41*N50' Long 87*W40'
Apart from all usual ways to look for hostility in a chart, i tent to look for another pattern being A) Arabian Part of Fortune, B) Juno and C) Mean Node, although the Moon can come up in a lot in Assassinations.
On a lot of aggressive charts i have found a combination or one of these points near an angle.
With this particular chart you will find Desc. Angle at 24*54', Juno at 25*50' , and Mean Node at 25*54', all in Scorpio.
A recent effect of Juno was experienced in London, during a terrorist attack, on Thursday 7th July 2005, at 08:50am, where you will find Juno not that far from the M.C.
We could further be concerned by the Juno effect by the first bombing of "The World Trade Centre" that happened at 12:17pm. on 26th Feb. 1993....Details on Wikipedia Web-site, World Trade Centre 1993 Bombing.
I Quote:-" A Ryder truck filled with 1,500 pounds of explosives was planted by Ramzi Yousef and detonated in the underground garage of the North Tower". Details:- Lat 40*N42' Long. 73*W55'......You will find Asc. 03*26' Cancer and Juno at 03*07' Cancer.
Perhaps a reader will write the details down on this forum regarding the attack on "The Pentagon" that happened on Tuesday 11th September 2001, at 09:45am, When terrorists that controlled Flight 77 smashed into the Pentagon in Washington DC., District of Columbia, Lat 38*N54', 77*W00'......and note the Position of Arabian Part of Fortune, Juno and M.C?
I will return with more Juno charts soon.
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Joined: 27 Jul 2006
Posts: 221
Location: London

Posted: Mon Jul 31, 2006 7:02 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I thought it may be a bit of light relief to get away from Juno charts for a while, Ha Ha!....If you can think of it as this...I thought it may be interesting to put Hitlers fixed star parans on thread, as i have starlight, and i thought you may find them interesting.
I'm using details from Starlight, if you dont agree with the time of Hitlers birth, it only changes fixed stars on an angle, which according to Bernadette's time, Hitler didnt have any stars in paran with his angles.
Actually personal fixed star parans correspond to only the day of birth, apart from the time factor in regards to the angles.
details:- 20th April 1889, at 18:30pm. At Braunau Am Inn, Austria.
Hitler's Paran's,
Heliacal rising Star, Rukbat- The steady stance of the archer.
Rukbat is the foot of the archer, Sagittarius, and is the expression of steadiness, adding a sort of rudder to his life, which could come out as stubbornness, but generally means that he could use the energy to give himself strength to work towards long term goals.
Heliacal setting star- Denebola- the Tail of the Lion.
Pursuing an alternative Life.
This star works on the personality to be out of step, holding different opinions to others,...could imply not being open to the views of the collective and tend towards dictatorial attitudes.
Stars of youth, that influence throughout life.
Arcturus- The hunter, in paran with Jupiter.
Someone that is seen as a brave or bold leader.
This star has the symbolism of guarding, leading people as they embrace a new life style, one who can lead the way, one who has the vision or spirit to take the first step.
Facies- The face of the archer in paran with Jupiter.
(Facies is one of the big bad boys!)
Strong but potentially abrasive religious or philosphical views.
Facies, a nebula in the face of the archer, is the penetrating stare of a lethal weapon.
It is one of the most difficult and possibly the most violent bodies in the heavens. It gives a penetration of action that has no regard for others and can, therefore, make a great leader or dictator. The other side of Facies is the individual who may be the victim of the archers star. Facies can be ctuel and ruthless and its darkest shadow is the evil of war.
With Facies in paran with Jupiter, the piercing stare of the archer is intertwined with the philosophical, religious or expansive nature of jupiter, which in Hitler's case was expressed in his hatred of Jews.
Formalhaut- The watcher of the South, in paran with Mars.
An idealistic warrior, mystical hero, or blind fanatic.
This is one of the Royal Stars of Persia, and all of them are quite unique, for each one seems to represent a trial or temptation through which the individual must work before true success can be achieved, they form a rocky road with many pitfalls where the individual can fall from grace.
Yet they are not evil stars and if the individual has other harmonious stars and the person has good character, can bring huge success.
Fomalhaut gives a magical charisma and idealism, it gives a touch of the dreamer, yet these dreams can be expressed in political or religious fanatism.
Vega-Orpheus' Lyre in paran with Mercury.
A visionary with a very persuasive voice, or charismatic ideas.
(Hitler had a heady mixture of powerful fixed stars but i think he wouldn't have rose to be Fuhrer of Germany if his Mercury hadn't been in paran with Vega, as his voice, interests, and writing was touched with a drop of the German consciousness at this time)
For Vega the Alpha Star of the Lyre, is connected to Orpheus and his Lyre and is linked to magic and divine spells. It is full of charisma, giving the individual creative, mysterious skills that can be used in communication, and if used negatively, is a sign of a magical orator.
Phact- The bow of the argo in paran with Mars.
Bold, daring and original, needing a challenge.
Phact adds an element of exploration, of seeking the unknown, and gives the individual a bold risk taking character.
Stars in paran with planets in Hitler's Prime.
Menkar- The whale, in paran with Mars.
Actions that please or jolt the collective, to be driven by hidden forces.
(Menkar can be another bad boy, in fact symbolically, in its negative form, as it is the Alpha Star of Cetus the Whale, and represents the human collective consciousness, that can erupt like a beast from the deep bearing, with equal probability, moments of great collective insight, or chaos and mayhem.)
Stars in paran with planets for later years.
Algol- The head of the beast, in paran with the Sun.
Algol was called Ras Al Ghul by the Arabs, meaning Head of the Demon, they considered this female demon to be the wife of the Devil, Ptolemy labelled the star as "The bright one of those in the Gorgons head". The Chinese called the star Tseih She, meaning piled up corpses, other meanings imply beheading etc. etc......Nice!
Algol in paran with the Sun indicates a rage or passion, immense power, and obviously the ability to lead everyone down the road to destruction.
Alphard- The heart of the Serpent/Dragon in paran with the Moon.
A ruthless attitude to life, a passion for one's own pursuits.
The Heart of the Serpent/Dragon can easily be manifested as violent untamed energy and emotional outbursts.
Aldebaran- The Eye of the Bull in paran with Saturn.
To be politically aware, to make comment.
Being one of the four Royal Stars of Persia, Aldebaran is a very powerful star and offers the possibility of glory and success, but only if a particular nemesis can be overcome.
The challenge is one of integrity and honour, purity of your thoughts and dealings. With Aldebaran in paran with Saturn then the integrity, honour and principled energy of Aldebaran is combined with Saturn's desire to implement all idea's into practice.
(Obviously with the unique blend of evil and extremely powerful fixed stars attached to Hitler's parans, he was unable to live up to Aldebaran's principles. When this happens the immese power of Aldebaran would turn negative and collapse around him like the energy of a dying star!)
Dramatic Stuff!!!!
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Joined: 27 Jul 2006
Posts: 221
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Posted: Tue Aug 01, 2006 12:30 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm sure most astrologers know the position of Juno, at 9:45am on 11th September 2001, in Washington DC., so i wont comment further.
My purpose is to join a lot of theads together, so forgive if i confuse and go on to another chapter of study for a while, i will come back to Juno event charts later in this thread....i have a lot of them.
Obviously Juno isnt present on all aggressive charts, but may be a small part of the puzzle of astrology
Having Mentioned 11th September 2001, i feel a need to change track and develope the first chapter of our most powerful star, Sirius.
If the "Pentagon attack" had happened on 1st Jan 2000, we may think it was planned to correspond to a New Millenium, a New century, and a New Year. We know that if we look up when "The Pentagon had its ground breaking ceremony/start of construction, this happened on 11th Sept. 1941.
We may conclude that this may be an important date, but how and why?
We know that the leader of the terrorists on that black day in 2001 was an Egyptian named Mohammed Atta, could there be any connection to the fact that Egypt's constitution was adopted on 11th sept. 1971?
Okay lets go on a rollercoaster ride.....
We know that 1st Jan 2000 wasn't the real Millennium, we celebrated it on this date because 1999 turned to 2000, but in truth it should have been celebrated at the end of 2000 and the beginning of 2001.
The length of our year/Calendar, with a few adjustments, comes from the Egyptians, and the heliacal rising of Sirius, which started the New Year in ancient Egypt....clever guys, the Egyptians, they had a calendar that was nearly exact.
Julius Caesar had the great Alexandrian scholar, Sosigenes, overhaul the hopeless Roman calendar, and replace the year length with an adjusted Egyptian calendar, which become the Julian Calendar, and with final adjustments, our modern Gregorian Calendar.
The original Egyptian Sirius COPTIC calendar had a New Year called The First of Tout, and all modern followers of the Coptic calendar celebrate New Year on 11th ancient times they lost track of when Sirius first rose with the Sun, and when the Egyptian mystics first tracked it. Sirius isnt an exact marker for the length of our year, and slips backwards....Now except for leap years all followers of the Coptic calendar, celebrate New Year on 11th September.....So if you follow the Coptic calendar, and combine it with the Gregorian calendar, then this was "the beginning of the Millennium, the beginning of a century and a beginning of a New Year, being 11th September 2001!
The Coptic calendar is easy to find on the web, and is an interesting connection....okay lets now go further!
I now want to go back to the First Gulf War
Please view
Hopefully you will find details of the Iraq War in 1991.
The air war started on 17th Jan 1991 at 2:38am., with an Apache helecopter attack on radar sites, so bombers could attack Baghdad, Lat 33*N20', Long 44*E23'.....Asc. 24*13' Scorpio and Pluto at 19*59' Scorpio.
Desc. near Mars at 29*11' Taurus.
While looking at Baghdad, you may like to take details from the 2nd Iraq War from:-
On March 20th 2003 at approx. 5:35am local time , U.S bombs fell in Baghdad.
I have looked at other sites that differed slightly, and have adjusted time to 05:33am. M.C at 20*41' Sag. and Pluto at 19*57' Sag., With Saturn in opp. near I'C' at 22*45' Gemini.
Although interesting i have another reason for posting details on both Iraq Wars, as i will explain.
After the First Iraq war, which we will agree was in a sensitive Middle Eastern area, a number of countries hosted secret peace talks, trying to find a solution to the Israel/Palestine conflict.
This started with the Madrid Conference of 30th October 1991.
This was then split into numerous stages like the Oslo Accords and WYE agreements.
The Egyptian town of Taba has hosted some of these talks between Rabin and Arafat, and unfortunately the Taba Hilton Hotel was bombed on 7th October 2004.
A lot of people remember the Oslo Accord's startling "Handshake" between Rabin and Arafat on the White House lawn on 13th Sept. 1993, and unfortunately Washington D.C. has had a lot of suffering...Hell i'm going to get banned from this forum...please understand i'm not political but just stating facts!
Madrid kicked all these talks off in 1991, and unfortunately had massive problems on 11th March 2004.
Dare i mention "The Sharm El Sheikh Memorandum" that dealt with very sensitive areas involving the peace process and the West Bank?
Last year on 23rd July 2005, bombs exploded in Sharm El Sheikh, i'll show details later and yes Juno was on Asc.
I'm not bad at looking at connections, maybe!
But i'm sensitive with reoccurring dates in the collective consciousness, i have a lot of "stories" like how i began this thread with the symbolism of St. Vitas.
If you tap in "Sharm El Sheik memorandum" on a search engine on the net, you will find the actual transcript of the document.
Clause 12 is as follows:-
"This memorandum will enter into force one week from the date of its signature.
Made and signed in Sharm El Sheikh, this fourth day of September 1999".
Seven days later is 11th September 1999.
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Posted: Tue Aug 01, 2006 2:42 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Having mentioned the Pentagon, and knowing how the collective consciousness can get morbid, i wish to steer clear as much as i can of David Ovason related material, not because much of what he has written hasn't merit, but i think there is a lot of tripe on many web-sites over the five pointed star or Pentagon.
I do study advanced sacred geometry, and the essence of the five pointed star has received so much damage by the French occultist, Eliphas Levi, that is printed on a lot of people's consciousness.
Any that would like to brush up on their knowledge of sacred geometry, i feel you may find the work of Robert Winslett, who i consider a master, interesting, and would probably touch a lot of buttons, with your knowledge of Kepler, Pythagoras and Plato.
Unfortunately although brilliant, he isn't great at communication, so you may find him hard to follow.
Please don't think i'm patronizing, I am well aware how clever astrologers are, and the many years of study it needs to be a good one, which i'm not, but advanced sacred geometry is very complex as well!
Hopefully you will find some of his work at this web-site:-
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Joined: 11 Oct 2003
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Posted: Tue Aug 01, 2006 8:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Monk,

Thanks for this series of interesting posts. Unfortunately, I have yet to give them the consideration they deserve due to current time constraints. However, I will certainly get back to them later this week.

I have recently been studying Aristotle's de Caelo in depth and, of course, he mentions the Pythagoreans quite often, particularly to disagree with them. He seems to derive much of his understanding of the universe on the human body, the most simple example being his ideas of the two opposites, i.e. left/right, front/back, etc. My current research involves orientation of the ancients for divinatory purposes. At the moment I am looking at the way they marked out the templum for their rituals. There are lots of arguments about whether the basis for this was a circular shape or a rectangular shape. There is even an argument for a triangular shape. I'm going for all three depending on the purpose.

I have a couple of David Ovason's books, The Eclipse, which is not about sacred geometry, and the one he did on Washington DC, whose name escapes me at this point. I think the new edition has had a name change. I have an older edition. Having not spent a great deal of time studying this area I wasn't sure where he stood in the field as far as expertise is concerned. He does have some interesting things to say though.

I also haven't looked very much at the asteroids but there is an astrologer here in Australia who has done some fascinating talks on the asteroids. One of his personal favourites is Juno. Do you mostly consider the asteroids in paran?
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Joined: 27 Jul 2006
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Posted: Wed Aug 02, 2006 5:39 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Sue,
Thank you for your reply, being disabled i find it difficult to discuss ideas, my health isnt that good, and find i am spread to thin, with the amount of research material that i am engaged in.
As you have interests in this area, perhaps we can also communicate by email and attachments, as a lot of my work needs visual representation, being sacred geometry, when you get to know me better, perhaps you will agree to this.
My passions are understanding all angles involved in the Dodecahedron, which are represented in astrology with the decile 36*, the quintile 72*, the Tredecile 108*, and the Bi-quintile 144*
Within the teachings of the Greek masters, it would seem that understanding the Dodecahedron is at its centre, and during this period of our development has sparked a great deal of arguements within the circles of astro- physics, hopefully during my life-time this arguement will be concluded.
In an effort to show all web-sites, whether they are for or against, you may find it interesting to use a search engine and tap into the web the following:- physicsweb universe dodecahedron
It must be remembered, that i am only a researcher, so as my abilities are effected by my condition, a lot of what i write needs more research.
I need to share, so obviously i am open to criticism, or others opinions, so although my observations are interesting, they are only a basis for others to prove or find the evidence to show that they have no meaning.
I am very adaptable and resonable to others views, i'm afraid my research is only half finished, and i find it painful to keep up the effort, as my interests in this area are far and wide.
So is why i am putting all my observations on thread, and if any others want to research further and produce a book, at least my research is freely given.
With that in mind there is another observation, that "only may" show a connection between the Mayan calendar and the ancient Coptic Sirius calendar.
Most seekers of the secrets of ancient knowledge express sadness that the "Great Library of Alexandria" was burned to the ground in the early centuries A.D.
The library at Alexandria was one of the wonders of the ancient world, housing all the books, scrolls, and history from the dawn of human civilisations.
Even by 200 A.D. Clement of Alexandria still made reference to a catalogue of Egyptian books which contained in thirty six works, the entire philosophy of the Egyptians.
Among them were eight books dealing with the knowledge of what were called "Hieroglyphics", and included Cosmography, Geography, the position of the Sun, Moon, the phases of the five planets, the chorography of Egypt, information on fixed stars, and all the secrets of the priest astronomers.....All of this went up in smoke!!!!!
Sosigenes was a student at the great library, and as i have said was the father of the Julian calendar, that he calibrated from the Coptic calendar, and the Great fixed star, Sirius, that the Egyptians loved so much.
In the dark ages so much information was lost, and although we surmise that the Egyptians priests started the Coptic calendar around early July approx. 5,000 years ago, as the Sun rose on the horizon with Sirius, we cannot be sure...there is evidence that the Egyptians used other calcalations other than Sirius, sadly by early Christian times, even followers of the Coptic Calendar had lost track, thus is why "The First of Thout/New Year" isnt adjusted with the Gregorian calendar, as Sirius slips backwards.
Except for Leap Years, the Coptic New Year is always 11th September, that obviously now is out of sink with Sirius.
Sosigenes also made another adjustment, as it was around this time that 1st of Jan become important, although it took a long time for all western calendars to accept 1st of Jan. as the beginning of the New Year.
Sorry...another rollercoaster ride....
Google Earth is free if you only have the basic programme, it allows you to zoom in within a few hundred feet, anywhere in the world, and gives latitude and longitude.
The original Egyptian Hierogliph for Sirius was a five pointed star, a dome or half circle, and an obelisk or shape like a finger of God, hence my interest in quintiles and masonic tradition of using the symbol of a Pentagon or Pentacle to signify Sirius, which obviously they used in the ground breaking ceremony of the Pentagon and used the Coptic New Year by it being on 11th September 1941, L'enfant used this date on 11th September 1789, as you will see from my comments on the "Regulus Thread", also although we dont know for sure July 4th approx. 5000 years ago, is a date that some think the Egyptians first started the Coptic calendar which corresponds to the "Battle of Hittin", (Crusader date, and American important day.)
A few months back i zoomed in by Google Earth, above the Great Cheops Pyramid, just outside Cairo, and suddenly had a thought, that i will now explain.
The Great Pyramid of Cheops is at Latitude 29*N58' and Longitude of 31*E07', and if you look down above a pyramid, obviously the edges or corners rise up and meet in the centre.
As astrologers, we know that the astrology wheel is very ancient, and is connected to our clock face, even seconds and minutes come from astrology!
Now i may be fanciful, but looking down on a does remind you of a square clock, we all have had watches that only show 3, 6, 9 and 12, which is symbolic with the "cross of matter" and the angles of the Earth!
Indeed if you look at a pyramid side points to the sky, but if it is trying to point at a star....what star, and what period of time?
As i have told you, a few years back i bought Bernadette Brady's Starlight fixed star parans astrology software, which calcalates stars as the ancient Egyptians did.
I set the programme up and set the lat and long for Cheops Pyramid, as it sits just outside Cairo, i knew the time factor for Winter months was
-02:00 hours.
Now the New Year started in ancient Egypt when Sirius rose with the Sun, so if Sirius was to correspond to the end of our Year, then we would be looking for Sirius culminating in paran with the M.C., at the stroke of mid-night on 31st Dec/1st Jan, while the Sun is in opposition.
The chances of this happening over Cheops Pyramid are astronomical, considering that Sirius slips because it isnt inline with an exact year.
I have looked through several thousand years, and have only found this happening on a continual basis from 1st Jan 1901 to 1st Jan 2101, after which it peters out, only coming back for a while, the year before leap years.
So what i am saying is Sirius chimes in the New Year over Cheops Pyramid, at the stroke of mid-night, in this era, between 1901 and 2101!
I dont know how to value this, because i have gaps in my knowledge as an astrologer, do we value this like a transit, if so then the middle period would be strongest, which points to the years that we are in now.
The theory of this can go further, can the Sphinx tell us anything?
It may, there are theories that the Sphinx has a womans face, but we can be sure it has a lions body.
If it did have a womans face it could point to the cusp between Leo and Virgo, and i have a lot of information about fragmented ancient knowledge about Virgo and Leo, that joins our myths and legends in a cyclic way which i will put on thread later.
However even if we only agree that the Sphinx only had a Lions Body, we would be forgiven in looking up when Regulus was on the cusp.
After all it is the Royal Persian Star of Leo, the Watcher of the North, and after Sirius, the ancients thought this star was very very fact they considered Regulus as the "Ruler of the Angles of the Earth".
Again i am confused by calendar experts who say that the Millennium should have been celebrated at midnight between 31st Dec 2000, and 1st Jan 2001, and could that influence how we judge a cusp?
I have checked on starlight....on 18th September 2011 Regulus passes to 00*00' Virgo and stays at that position till Thursday 25th October 2012, so on starlight, for the next day, being Friday 26th October 2012, Regulus is shown as 00*01' Virgo, which is under two months away from 21st December 2012.
I know i have a strange sense of humour, but i have to laugh, as i dont think i am the first to notice this, as a strange ritual was earmarked to happen at the stroke of midnight on 31st Dec. 1999, after a lot of money being spent, it was suddenly.... cancelled.
You can look this up by way of a B.B.C. report, tap in "bbc egypt's golden millennium" on to a search engine on the net, which should lead you to the report....but have a may lead you to think you are in the middle of an "Indiana Jones Movie", Ha Ha!
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Posted: Wed Aug 02, 2006 6:36 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm curious as to why you begin the WWI war with the shooting of Archduke Ferdinand, yet you begin the 1990 war with Iraq in 1991?

Would it not begin with the early morning invasion of Kuwait by Iraq on August 2nd (and a satirical happy anniversarry to all) 1990? that is a rhetorical question by the way.

Juno at 20 Cap Rx on that date. just to save you the trouble.
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Posted: Thu Aug 03, 2006 7:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Granny Skot,
Yes your suggestion about 2nd August could be interesting, have you any idea of the time-line? If not i will try to look it up when i have time.
Okay, i dont feel like writing today, so i'm only going to do a small thread section, and look at events in Santiago, Chile, Lat.33*S27', Long. 70*W40', on 11th September 1973, i'll write a section at a latter date on the 33 degree latitude, which i'm wary of.
The elected President Allende, was surrounded in his palace called "La Monada", in Santiago, by tanks controlled by a military coup, headed by General Pinochet, in the time leading up to 11:00am.
President Allende refused to surrender, but a parly was made just before 11am., so that his family and daughters etc could leave his side.
At 11am, the shelling of the palace began, as well as a later strike by military aircraft....rather than be captured, Allande shot himself in early afternoon.
We would have to say that 11am is important in the events of the day, and at this time the Asc. was 11*59' Sag. and Juno was 10*45' Sag.
After Pinochet came to power, thousands of people disappeared!
It would seem that lightning can strike twice on 11th September, and Juno was sneaking about at 09:45am 11th September 2001 on M.C. in Washington D.C.
I'm getting tired, so i'll get back to this thread at the week-end.
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Posted: Fri Aug 04, 2006 5:06 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I only know that it was early hours, like between Midnight and dawn, well earlier than that really, more like between Midnight and 2 am, I remmeber watching it on CNN, its so odd to see war real time, and so ... surreal....

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Posted: Fri Aug 04, 2006 6:56 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Granny Skot,
yes, im very interested, and will try to get back to you soon, hopefully within a week.
I may confuse, as i jump from subject to subject, i'm sorry but i have over 20 quintiles on my natal chart, that are tight orbs, and only need Chiron, Juno and Ceres to bring in exact patterns, this leads to a jerky mental processes.
The United Kingdom is just that, being a joining between Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England.
The Union Jack is a mixture of the flags involved in this union, although sadly Wales has never been on the Union Jack.
As many of these regions have a level of self government now, the subject of the Union Jack is gradually becoming a focus of debate, in whether it would be better to now have separate flags.
Usually i would be all for this, as i am all for fact there was a tv programme on this during the early hours in the U.K. , couple of nights ago.
But in this case i would be very concerned if this happened during our present difficulties in the Middle East.
I feel that it would peel away the other flags and leave English Embassies in the Middle East only one flag to hoist, being the flag of St. George.
If this happened i feel most English Embassies in the Middle East would be burned to the ground.
You may ask why the flag of St. George would antagonize Arab fundamentalists? Maybe the best way to explain this is on a Coat of Arms from a web-site link, perhaps you will see the English flag on this Coat of Arms.
Now i'm not being political, but we would all agree that we need a political solution in the Middle East, and any symbolism like this wouldn't help, it is a big issue in this region, as i will delicately explain in the next section.
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Posted: Fri Aug 04, 2006 9:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I do exchange emails with a few very spiritual masonic orders, they only wish to be left alone, and don't have any interest in politics.
I generally have contact with orders who admit male and female members, and although i have never joined, they do talk guardedly with me and express an interest in my work involving sacred geometry, which has lead to me reading between the lines.
All male orders do not recognize male and female orders, and many have no contact between the vast differences between them, some do study astrology and some dont.
For myself i would say that 98% of masonic orders are spiritual and dont do any harm, but i couldnt be 100% certain.
Most lodges on the outskirts of small towns do a lot of charity work, and only work within the 3 degrees of masonry, which usually isnt where any secrets can be found, ie what we have lost in the burning of the Library of Alexandria.
Obviously there are 33* degrees in mason knowledge.
There is a lot of people who find them creepy, because many orders are closed, but doesnt mean they are all doing wrong.
I would like say it is a democracy generally in the West, so if they bother you, then we dont have to tear lumps out of our structure, and if they bother Arab Fundamentalists, then to be careful during this period in our development and events happening in the World, it may help delicate negotiations if we didnt vote them in as leaders at this is as easy as that!
With that in mind i would like to examine the events that happened on 9th November 2005, which was a series of bombings at Jorden Hotels, and the bombing of the Qaduri Restaurant in Baghdad the next day.
It will show the occasional connections that crop up between Mean Node, Juno, and the Arabian Part of Fortune.
With the first attack i will supply (i hope) a website link, but you will have to read this carefully, as it is a report from the next day so you will find November 10th plastered all over it, but you will read that this attack happened on Wednesday night at 9pm, so to prove i am right and this attack happened on 9th November, look up a calendar and you will find that Wednesday is 9th November 2005.
Also you will find an Al Qaeda message that mentions "Crusaders".
If that doesn't work then tap the folowing into a search engine " cbs triple terror jordan hotels" which should help.
Now if you set up a chart for Wednesday 9th November 2005, at 21:00pm. for Amman, Jorden (Lat.31*N57', Long 35*E56'), You will find Mean Node (not true node) at 11*46' Aries/ Libra, and M.C./I.C. at 10*51' Aries/Libra. Arabian Part of Fortune you will find at 13*07' Aries.
Juno isnt on an angle but is within 30' of being in exact opposition with Pluto.
Now the next bomb attack the next day i cannot now find again on the web, news reports can get junked after a while, but i did print it off at the time and am more than willing to sent through attachment email to skyscript. Generally not all reports record the actual time.
I am writing from this report, Quote:- Heading, Suicide bomber kills at least 29 in crowded Baghdad restaurant.
Baghdad, Nov 10th 2005.- A suicide bomber wearing an explosive belt killed at least 29 people and wounded some 30 others today inside a crowded restaurant, government officials said.
The bombing, one of the most deadly in the Iraq Capital in recent months, was claimed by Al Qaeda in Iraq.
The Qaduri restaurant in central Baghdad, a popular breakfast meeting spot for police officers and Iraqi army soldiers, was packed with its typical breakfast crowd this morning when the bomber walked in and detonated a bomb at 9:30am."
This report comes from the New York Times.
I will try the link
So we need to set up the chart for Thursday 10th November 2005 at 9:30am. In Baghdad, Lat. 33*N20', Long 44*E23'.
Now you will see that the M.C./I.C. has switched to 12*25' Libra/ Aries with the Mean Nodes at 10*59' Libra/Aries. Arabian Part of Fortune is at 10*59' Aries.
Asc. is at 25*20' Sag., and Pluto at 23*01' Sag......Desc. is at 25*20' Gemini and Juno is at 22*33' Gemini.
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Posted: Fri Aug 04, 2006 9:58 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The link on the Jordan hotel bombing isnt the one, so i know you will be able to find it by by search engine try this cbs triple terror jordan hotels
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