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Missing People 'Last Seen' Charts.

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Joined: 27 Aug 2005
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Location: England.

Posted: Sun Oct 22, 2006 8:20 pm    Post subject: Missing People 'Last Seen' Charts. Reply with quote

Hi all,

Okay, so this isn't exactly a world event, but as it is an event chart I thought this the most appropriate place for it.

Would any of you be willing to help me out with this chart?

When I see reports of people who have gone missing, and a date and time is provided as to when they were last seen or heard from, I find it very tempting to set up a chart, to see if within it there are any clues as to what has become of them or why it is that they have dissappeared, or what their next move was.

Here is the information provided about Steven Cook on the National Missing Person's website:

Age at disappearance: 20

Steve, from Cheshire in the UK, disappeared after a night out with friends during a holiday in Malia, Crete. He was last seen at about 1am on 1st September 2005 leaving Mike's Bar and heading to Hotel Frixos.

A student in Liverpool, Steve is greatly missed by his family. His disappearance appears to be completely out of character.

Steve is 5'9" tall, of medium build with brown, spiky hair. He was last seen wearing a pink T-Shirt with the word 'Crosshatch' on it, black combat trousers and white Adidas trainers

There is also a website called 'Find Steven Cook', which provides more detail as the the events that transpired on the night he dissappeared:

The events

31 Aug 2005
Just before 20:30 Steve and his friends set off from the Frixos hotel on an organised bar crawl.

20:30 Arrived at the 'Banana Bar'
21:00 they moved onto 'Babylon'
21:40 they moved onto 'Exodus'
22:20 they moved onto 'Midway'
23:00 they went to 'Liquid'
23:40 they went to 'Camelot'

They were then scheduled to go onto 'Factory' at 00.20 and at 1.00 go to 'Club UK' where they would remain for the rest of the night.

Roughly around midnight Steve and his friend, Andy, whom were sharing a room, decided to head back to their hotel for a sleep. They were also considering getting some food.

On the way back up the street they were approached by a PR who told them they could get a pint in his bar for just one euro. This was in the proximity of the 'Royal Oak' (the lads had eaten at the Oak earlier in the day) but on the opposite side of the street.

Deciding to have one last pint Steve and Andy went in.

The bar was extremely busy and this is where the two lost contact with each other.

Not being able to locate Steve, Andy went back to either the 'Camelot' or 'Factory' to meet up with the group they had left earlier. This was at around 00.40.

Between 00.30 and 1.00 Steve was seen outside of Mike's Pub at the top of the street asking a PR girl called Rebecca for directions to the Frixos. Not being able to help him, Rebecca saw Steve then head left (in the opposite direction of the Frixos) on the main street towards Sisi.

He has not been seen since, would only have had around 30-40 euros left and is known to have had only one bank card on his person at the time. No cash has been taken out of his account since his disappearance. He had also left his mobile phone in his room.

Cheshire police give the time that he went missing as just after midnight, but according to this account the maximum latest time at which he was seen would have been 1 am, which is the time he was last seen as featured on the missing persons website. This is the time I am using for the 'last seen' chart.

Last Seen Chart - Steven Cook.

1 Sept. 2005
1 AM (-3)
Malia, Crete.
24-E-42 / 35-N-29

Gemini rises, so Mercury in Leo signifies the missing person. Mercury is peregrine, and worse, scorched by the Sun's beams, the planet with which Mercury is in mutual reception with by sign. Mercury is void of course.

Mercury separates from a square with detrimented Mars in Taurus on the cusp of the twelfth, and from a sextile with domicile Venus in Libra in the fifth which is conjoined with Jupiter and Cauda Draconis.

Mars is lord of the day, and Venus lady of the hour. Mars and Venus being lords of the day and hour and having past aspects with Mercury, suggest preluding events to the persons disappearance that may imply a romantic, passionate or sexual flavour.

Mercury's separation from Mars interests me, because Steven is said to have separated from the friend that he was with, and Mars rules the eleventh house, so this would surely seem to indicate the parting taking place between them. However, I wonder about the circumstances of this separation. It is reported that Steven and his friend lost contact with each other due to the bar in which they were in being very busy, but Mercury separating harshly from a detrimented Mars looming on the cusp of the twelfth concerns me. So I wonder if Steven deliberately sought to part company with his friend.

Mercury's consequent separation from Venus also interests me, because according to what is reported, after separating from his friend, Steve was last seen talking to a PR girl called Rebecca, whom I reason would probably be who Venus represents. Venus is in the house of it's joy and is the ruler of the fifth, which causes me to speculate that Rebecca may have been a romantic or sexual interest of Steven's. In the chart, Venus appears extra enticing, in her house of joy, ruling the fifth and in domicile, as well as receiving the extra boon of beneficience from it's conjunction with Jupiter. The conjunction is however blighted by the presence of Cauda Draconis, so what would appear so enchanting waves a red flag of warning and hidden danger.

The relationship between Venus and Mars interests me, in that not only are the two planets highlighted in that they are lords of the day and hour, but in that they are in partile quincunx to each other, about as non beholding as they can get, yet there is an inevitable connection between them via Mercury who departs from them both, and Mars receiving Venus by domicile gives Mars a great interest in Venus. I know that quincunx is not a classic aspect but I find it too tempting to ignore.

I am getting impressions of some sort of romantic rivalry and jealousy.

Mars in Venus' domicile gives Mars great interest in Venus. If Mars is the friend, and and Venus the PR girl, or at least a sexual interest of Stevens, then it would seem that Steven's friend is enamoured with her, but as they are perfectly non beholding he cannot get close, she may not even be aware of him. Venus is in Mercury's triplicity, and so sees Steven in a rather favourable light.

I reason that, according to what I can grasp from the chart, that Steven departed from his friend Andy in unfavourable circumstances, and that this was not simply a matter of losing each other in a busy environment. A harsh contact between Mercury and Mars, Steven and his friend, suggest perhaps an argument, or at least a parting that occurs under strain as Mars on the twelfth and detrimented just isn't good. As we have seen, Mars has a great interest in Venus, from whom Mercury next separates, so given that Mars and Mercury have already fallen out, Mercurys' contact with Venus is unlikely to make things better. So this describes what occured prior to his disappearence, but Mercury is now void of course after contact with the conjunction, and indeed, Steven has not been seen since, so for what happened next after Steven had contact with the PR girl or the love interest, will have to be determined by the general significator of Steve, the Moon.

Like Mercury, the Moon is also peregrine, and between a rock and a hard place, beseiged by the rays, escapes the clutches of a conjunction with a detrimented Saturn which also rules the eight house, and into a square with Mars, also in it's detriment.

This doesn't look good for Steven, with both of his significator's separating from a detrimented malefic, Mercury from Mars, Moon from Saturn, then something bitter transpired preluding Steven's disappearance, and if this is not reported, then not all has been said. The Moon, having escaped it's conjunction with Saturn goes on to form a square with detrimented Mars, the friend, suggesting that there was subsequent encounter between Steven and his friend after the time at which he was reported to have been last seen.

With the Moon peregrine, beseiged by the rays, and worse, both malefics in their detriment, coupled with Mercury being also peregrine and void of course, as well as being under the beams of the Sun with which it is inevitably mutually entwined and drawing closer, then this seems not to illustrate a person on course to a set destination, there is something more to this than losing a friend in a busy bar, and then setting off somewhere and just not turning up again. There seem to be too many malefic elements in place posing a threat to Steven. The missing person was meant to be travelling from a bar back to a hotel, but the state of the significators suggest that this path was not being embarked upon when the person went missing, and that the person is heading for danger. I would conclude from the chart, that the friend knows more about the negative circumstances under which they parted, and more about what happened to Steven.

I wonder more about the Sun and it's mutual reception with Mercury, which it burns beneath its rays. It seems like an illustration of Steven moving headlong into irrevocable danger, and with the Sun ruling the third cusp, it seems that the short journey itself he was undertaking is what was putting him into that danger.

I am confused about what the significance of Jupiter's conjunction with Venus may be about.

Also in this chart, fixed star Fomalhaut sits upon the MC and the Part of Fortune is pretty close to Algol.

Any thoughts on this chart?
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Joined: 27 Feb 2005
Posts: 346
Location: Finland

Posted: Mon Oct 23, 2006 9:52 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Draco

in addition to what you pointed out, there's two things that take my attention: first, Caput Draconis is conjoining Al Biruni's part of Valour and Bravery and secondly, the Belt of Orion is rising. Robson writes about this constellation: "It is said to give a strong and dignified nature, self-confidence, inconstancy, arrogance, violence, impiety, and prosperity in trade and particularly in voyages or abroad, but danger of treachery and poison."

Venus is dignified and strong in this chart and then there's Mars, in detriment in Venus' sign and practically cadent. I get a feeling that someone, possibly Steve's friend but possibly also Steven himself, has offendend a woman, possibly this PR girl or someone else who's "at home" in the place working there, or perhaps he's been interested in her and got rejected and insulted her then. The female element is elevated and the masculine element sits in the place where the female is elevated, but behaves in a detrimented way himself.

I'm as perplexed as you about the role of the Sun. It's clearly significant, has power over things because he has three planets in his sign, and rules the 3rd house. I don't know what that means...
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