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Sirius in paran with M.C. at New Year
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Joined: 27 Jul 2006
Posts: 221
Location: London

Posted: Sat Dec 16, 2006 4:44 am    Post subject: Sirius in paran with M.C. at New Year Reply with quote

Hi Everyone,
As we are coming up to New Year, it may be worthwhile to see what locations align to Sirius within orb of the Egyptian Paran exactly to midnight at New Year.
We value time from Greenwich, Kent, UK, which is 51*N28', 00*E00', thus we know that Sirius aligned with the M.C. on the beginning of 2006, set up time at 00:00am. 1st Jan 2006, where you will find Sirius in paran with the M.C. and the Sun in opposition conjunct the I.C.
This will show that at the stroke of midnight to be the case on 2009, 2010, and 2012/13.
Obviously aligning to Greenwich, London, this is fading, but a paran is true to time zones, so this creeps, although will not show a connection to the Sun on the I.C.
How this works is a degree either side of every 15* degrees of Greenwich, London, but perhaps not every year.
New York is strong being near to 74* degrees, as Los Angeles is.
As i am disabled i would like to chart major Cities that are either side of a degree that still clocks Sirius in at midnight along the route and longitude of Greenwich, London.
So if your City is a degree either way away from Greenwich, London, at every 15* degrees please be involved in this thread.
At 15* longitude look for 14* or 16* and see if Sirius is in line at midnight within the orb of a paran exactly at New Year.
This continues at 30* Degrees, so we are looking at around 29* or 31*
, at 45* we would be looking at 44*, or 46*, and so on.
I feel Pope Gregory XIII aligned our calendar to New Year and Sirius at midnight between 31st Dec. 1582/1st Jan 1583 by projected measurement.
Obviously by procession this began to fade, but as projected faded, the paran, as luck would have it took over, which i think Pope Gregory was aware of.
Generally even by 1582/83 standards, even the paran would be fading today, but the single most important factor in the history of astrology that changed everything was "Time Zones" in regards to Fixed Stars.
Thus i would like to see if anyone involved with this forum will do a little bit of work to calcalate how many Cities still chime in New Year, with Sirius in orb of the Egyptian paran of the M.C.....remember every 15* degrees of Greenwich, London, but lose or gain a degree in longitude.
It would be interesting how many Cities were still aligned to Sirius, that i feel was started in 1582/3.
Hey, i'm not involving you, so dont feel pressured, all i'm asking is to jot down all cities that still align Sirius in paran to the stroke of New Year.
Hell i'm used to taking on discussing why, and getting the flak!
But it may be worth wondering, that even today the "Torchbearer" of calenders is only near the M.C. at Midnight between 31st Dec./Ist Jan.
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Tumbling Sphinx

Joined: 02 Jan 2005
Posts: 247

Posted: Mon Dec 18, 2006 2:00 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Monk,

The Gregorian calendar is a Solar mathematical construct which fixed the vernal crossing in place - Council of Trent, 1563, restoring the date of the vernal crossing to that which it held at time Council of Nicea in 325AD. Attempted to fix 'matter' in place under the direction and rays of the Sun to a time some 1200 years prior where certain decisions were made - those decisions having far reaching consequences. Did Council of Trent take the fixed firmament of the 'Suns' (stars) above into consideration? Or just the local Sun?

May also be of interest to consider what the authorities (Saturn) of the day were doing in relation to Sirius back around time of Council of Nicea, in Turkey, 325AD, and what they were attempting to distance themselves from as well as unite via this meeting ... which also marks a point of divergence between sidereal & tropical and formed a basis upon which the later calendrical decision was made.
The divergence of the solar construct from the stars above becoming increasingly apparent as time has passed - currently about 23-24 degrees separation.

As tropical spread along with the later solar Gregorian calendar, tropical appending the fixed stars to a moving point derived from Sun-Earth-Moon dynamic which under Gregorian calendar was 'fixed', it may also be of interest to revert to their 'real' (sidereal) positions.

Kind regards,
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Joined: 27 Jul 2006
Posts: 221
Location: London

Posted: Mon Dec 18, 2006 9:29 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Tumbling Sphinx,
A spiritual forum needs debate, i value Debbie who i have had a private email from, and i value Sue a moderator on this forum, and i value Granny Scott, but everyone else wimps out, how much information do i need to research before others look at my material, in an an unbiased light, before it becomes an issue, to look at for research?
23:59pm on Thursday 4th Oct. 1582, Sirius in paran with Asc., and 1st Jan. 1583, by projected at "Midnight", that shows Sirius conjunct the M.C.
I am disabled, yet i feel i have far more astrology programmes than anyone else will buy on this forum, Why?.......I have great difficulty feeding myself......Perhaps someone else will own up to owning " Bernadette Brady's Egyptian Paran Astrology Programme".....Tell me she is wrong with ancient parans?.
Everyone can be wrong, but dont think i havent Solar Fire V5, and Egyptian Parans astrology parans from Brady, plus a lot of other astrology programmes, i tend to buy the lot, with very little process of this making my life Better!
Anyone that wants to show differently, please do as you wish!
Hey, i'm not trying to say i'm right, but i have put a book on thread, that i could have earned money from, that i considered a spiritual forum.....a lot of contributors, apart from who i have mentioned have "wimped" out.
At the moment, i would have to say, those that dont care about what happens to them, have the most sincere approach, but you must be careful of what they say is true!
I'm very good with odds, although astrology isnt what i'm good at, interaction seems a difficult issue with some, so please even up the score with my thread " Juno, Calendars and 20th Century History", this has amounted to a lot of my research.....very few wants to say "Anything".
I can live with results, even if i am very damaged.......I have put a lot of research down on this forum, plus being very badly disabled, so prone to mistakes, plus not being an astrologer, but a psychic.....hit me hard know i will hit back, i dont have a point of view if it isnt well researched!
There are a few people who know how ill i am on this forum, but i am willing to put myself up to examination.....please go for it, in astrology i will never win, but i'm good at showing what the odds are......lets begin!
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Tumbling Sphinx

Joined: 02 Jan 2005
Posts: 247

Posted: Tue Dec 19, 2006 6:56 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hello Monk,

That you're right about what?
I'm sorry, but I don't see any interpretative component in the above.
In view of location used (Greenwich) what do you see as being in store for this area and its allies?

The Gregorian calendar, a modification of the Julian calendar (46BC), realigned time (setting it back some 1200 years) with the solar vernal crossing that occurred at time of Council of Nicea (325AD). The latter development evolved out of the earlier one and has since spread from its original location. Can look to the latter one for insight, or retrace the roots further back.

Astronomers continued to use the old Egyptian calendar throughout antiquity and the Middle Ages because of its regulation over the Sun.

However, insofar as I'm aware, the Gregorian calendar is a solar mathematical calendar, regulating matter (earth) 'under' the Sun - not taking its bearings from those Suns (stars) residing over/beyond the local Sun to align matter (earth) within the greater scheme of things.

I don't know that the architects of the Gregorian calendar "consciously" included Sirius, the Egyptian calendar, or galaxy (Milky Way) co-ordinates in their calculations of ordering time upon earth.
Did they?

Or was it more a case of such things being included unawares by default?

The Gregorian calendar reverted/aligned time to that of a vernal crossing some 1200 years previous, a time where the Egyptian calendar was also still in use.
So, if they didn't consciously include the "over-Sun" (Sirius), but instead focused on the crossing of the local Sun and matters beneath it's direction, it's conceivable the ancient wisdom tradition associated with Sirius was carried forward into the Gregorian calendar by the simple fact that they reverted to a calendrical calculation of old, the vernal crossing of 325AD.
And regardless, Earth still rotates and orbits in the same galaxy.

Fixing matter (earth) under the local Sun on the face of it would appear to stand in defiance of the fact earth is in constant motion and also would appear to have a flow on effect in changing the order of considerations to a lower order, ie. from computing time from fixed point in the fixed firmament of the heavens above to that under the local, lower, closer Sun.

The Gregorian calendar was constructed to give a close approximation to the mean tropical year. But, as it's fixed to passage of Sun, it's value drifts due to several factors such as the Earth's precession about its rotational axis, the variability in the eccentricity of the Earth's orbit, and the precession of its perihelion about the Sun etc.
Subsequently, the "fixed" points in the firmament from which calendars were originally charted fell into decline upon this local solar-centric version.

The ancients charted and mapped the night skies at night - upon setting of the Sun, through the night, to the Sun's rising - when the Sun's rays didn't obscure the view of the heavens above.
The rising of the Sun was when the lay of the land could be seen clearly & mapped/demarcated. This order of time was turned on its head in favour of the solar construct and labour/matters pertaining to the day.

Reverting back to old order and using the solar crossing as a pointer (a calculated point of intersection which moves according to earth's motion) which illuminates fixed star groupings above/beyond as signaling the nature/quality of time - instead of fixing the moving pointer in place and thereby stopping earth's motion under the Sun (which constructs an illusion, but also a point to measure against) - would appear to point to the latter calendrical order being in a process of dissolution/decline and being out of step with the true nature and quality of time.

And that also signals certain earthly matters (societies upon earth ordered under the solar construct of the Gregorian calendar) being in a process of dissolution too ... this divergent path of dissolution masked by the solar construct and fixing the pointer, unless precession is also allowed for.

For cities being considered, would probably in the main be considering those cities which mark time in keeping with having adopted the Gregorian calendar - there are societies which don't, and function by different calendrical rule, eg. lunar or luni-solar.

The bells tolled a long while ago for the "Torchbearer" known as "the Brightly Radiating One" or the "Scorcher" before it appeared to have slipped from view in calendrical construction (in addition, it's rise is cyclical), with the emerging trend in the west towards sidereal casting I imagine they'll toll anew.

To briefly touch upon other aspects mentioned ... I fail to see the need to "hit" anyone with anything - it obstructs learning and is detrimental to sharing. And I don't consider what's shared at this site a matter of win or lose (point-scoring).
A 'spiritual forum' is not a place of ego debate - that's a material reduction of spirit, and reduces the individuals involved.
Truth, if someone's in search of it, is something that's "revealed" when a person doing the seeking is ready to take it in to expand their known horizons. It can sit for years before someone recognizes it.
Truth doesn't divide. Opinions divide. Truth unites and helps towards developing understanding. Then do lights start flickering on. I have no need to attempt to extinguish what is known in a game of hit and miss.

As far as I can tell, the purpose of being here at this site is to share towards developing understandings - to mutually learn.
So I'm happy to raise a toast to mutual learning and sharing as time permits, if that's the intended direction.

I'm sorry to hear your unfortunate tidings concerning your physical health. I hope matters begin to improve for you very soon.

Kind regards,

Last edited by Tumbling Sphinx on Tue Dec 19, 2006 9:58 pm; edited 1 time in total
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Tumbling Sphinx

Joined: 02 Jan 2005
Posts: 247

Posted: Tue Dec 19, 2006 12:56 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

... and as it's "The Scorcher" referred to with Sun on it's southern journey, I wonder at England losing "The Ashes" to the southern hemisphere sons in Australia's West and the scorching the team might receive in the press back home, while in the Eastern states Australia fights huge fires.
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Joined: 27 Jul 2006
Posts: 221
Location: London

Posted: Wed Dec 20, 2006 3:02 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Tumbling sphinx,
In the whole history of debate regarding electional astrology, mathematics can be used in my very reasonable equation regarding the history of the process regarding the Gregorian Calendar that is linked to a calendar which is approx. 5,000 years old, and has connections to this fact and Egyptians.
In 1582 i think you will agree that the projected measurement was the one widely used, the paran was in decline, yet still followed by the Coptic and Ethiopian calendars, plus for a short time the French Revolution calendar in a different way.
Lets set out an equation, Sirius is a factor, and projected stars were obviously mainstream in 1582, the paran was in decline.
Okay, clocks had been a factor for nearly two hundred years in 1582, the spring in a clock was nearly 75 years old in 1582....clocks were on the march in this period, but even if we look at Sunset by projected measurement in regards to the Sun, Sirius and the Asc Angle on Friday, 31st Dec. 1582 at 16:30, the Sun is under a degree of the Desc., and Sirius is conjunct the Asc. by 00*36'.
In the history of a calendar that we have today, it is variations on a theme of either the Sun, an Angle valued by astrologers, and Sirius, all be it being a paran, conjunct the Asc. regarding Sirius and the Sun, or projected measurement, that shows a connection to other angles but still has connections to the same three ingredients.
Obviously the astrology wheel is a clock, where it takes approx. 26,000 years for a star to arrive back to where it started.
If the paran was regarded as "old fashioned" in 1582, i would expect Sirius to be in paran to an angle in the last minute of the Julian Calendar.
Thus we find at 23:59pm on Thursday 4th Oct. 1582, that Sirius is in paran with the Asc., but not at midnight! So as 4th Oct 1582 is when we recalibrated...we must look at mathematics and odds!
Plus anyone will realise that if you look at what happened at the First New Year being 00:00am, 1st Jan 1583, Sirius is aligned to the M.C., but be my guest and look at the Sun at Sunset on 31st Dec. 1582 at 16:30, Sirius conjunct Asc., the Sun Under a degree away from Desc.
We all realise that before 1582 before changing over Sirius was no where near an angle, because of it being aligned to 22nd December, so it was approx 9 degrees away of a conjunction of any angle, to what we valued as New Year!
We have to see what is familiar to our calendar, which is 1) an astrology angle, 2) a measurement between the Sun and Sirius, all be it a paran or projected, which was favoured in 1582, and 3) that whatever else the Sun and Sirius sit on an angle.
Further more at midnight during our first Gregorian New Year, it was the first New Year that Sirius was continually on the M.C., with the Sun conjunct the I.C.
Before this date you will have to look at 22nd Dec. at midnight, where it was only on the M.C. for some years.....from New Year 1583 Sirius is continually on the M.C. within a degree till 1703.
I have very little to say other than the odds are very stacked in my favour, that this was a conscious action by Pope Gregory XIII, which was the only comment i made.
When i now look at Greenwich, London it is a pointer to how we saw astrology in 1582. We know that the time zone that is true to time zones as valued in 1582, means that by 1582 standards Rome and London are different by a fraction under 50 minutes, but today Rome's time zone isnt 50 minutes.
Thus we see we follow time today which rounds off vast areas under one time zone, and doesnt follow the Sun on the I.C. at New Year.
So mentioning Greenwich, London is purely a reference to how time was considered before time zones and that is all.
Yet lets look at a location, not far from London, just over a year ago.
The biggest explosion in peace time that happened in England was the eruption on the Buncefield Oil Depot, in Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom (Lat 51*N45', Long 00*28') on 11th Dec. 2005, All reports fix time at 6:00/6:01am, the smoke from this fire was even seen from space!
It was described as the largest of its kind in "Europe" in peace time...and yes i heard it, why not as it was reported as being heard as far away as the Netherlands!
A lot of parans can take a day to complete, but this is not so when a star is conjunct an angle by paran...this relates to a fixed time relating to the event.
Usually i can make what i see with Bernadette Brady's parans relate to the Parans on Solare Fire V5, but in this case you will have to work the paran out by hand.....All angles are considered by Bernadette's astrology programme, Solar Fire wont show a paran at exact time with Sirius and the Desc. At 6:00/6:01am 0n 11th Dec. 2005, Sirius forms an exact paran to the Desc.
The heat of Sirius is a double edged sword, yes a spiritual star, but can be hell on wheels.
Why argue, all the interpretations through history show that Sirius from an astrology point of view can whack with explosions, heat, and bad weather!
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Tumbling Sphinx

Joined: 02 Jan 2005
Posts: 247

Posted: Wed Dec 20, 2006 7:55 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hello Monk,

In terms of the Gregorian calendrical reform, it's probably advisable we pay closer attention to Christoph Clavius, mathematician & astronomer, who was instrumental in this, and who I think may have held strongly to the notion that the heavens rotated around the earth ... instead of earth rotating as part of this cosmos around a fixed point in the heavens.

And Aloysius Lilius, doctor, philosopher and chronologist, who's manuscript it was that was modified by Clavius, instead of the Pope for whom it was named.

The calendar was amended primarily to bring Easter into alignment with the date agreed at Council of Nicea (21 March, reckoned upon 'ecclesiastic' full moon instead of true wouldn't this be the first day considered instead of start to 'civil' year?) as well as for bringing seasons back in sync with days .

Aligning 1 crossing of an angle, the vernal (easter) crossing, is going to alter days (erection of the angles) at the other 3 points.

Contrary to popular opinion, its mentioned that neither the papal bull nor its attached canons explicitly state that the year of the Gregorian calendar is to begin on 1 January.

But closely connected to the calendrical reform was the emendation of the Roman martyrology ordered by Gregory XIII, and by including two tables of Saint's days - one ending on 31 December, another beginning on 1 Jan - was taken to imply this marked ending/start to year.

So, is there to be someone sainted, siriusly, in the UK at the end of this year? What's happening with the churches?

Or are you envisaging a baptism by fire of another kind?

"yes a spiritual star, but can be hell on wheels."

Lol!!! Yes, spiritual if able to rise above/beyond constraints of solar challenges and attachments I'd have thought, and under rule of a local Sun most assuredly can be hell on wheels.

However, I'm still not sure what it is you're endeavouring to elucidate here, sorry.

Is it the validity of the fixed stars?
You have no argument on that front from me.
I also have a sneaking suspicion that in reverting to the real positions of the fixed stars (star groupings/constellations/signs), which were of a first order in organising considerations, may help shed light on particular points of exaltation etc of the planets that roam beneath them.

And, speaking of sacred geometry, have you also considered the intersecting points of the main planes back to the centre of the galaxy (the axis/fixed point in the Milky Way around which it "all" revolves) in light of this being the root of the cosmic tree?

Consideration of the galaxy (Milky Way) was world-wide, reflected in all world mythologies, whereas seasonal activities are local in keeping with migration of earth/continental drift.

The ancient sages knew the earth was in perpetual motion, calling for meditation and to fix focus on that which was 'real' and unchanging above, and also considered "that which the earth calls day is the night of ignorance to the wise". [Bhagavid Gita]

So, I wonder, does a rooster crow at dawn to greet the rising of the Sun and welcome the day's labour ahead; or is it to mourn the passing of the depth of wisdom found in the night? Confused Probably both & neither.

"all the interpretations through history show that Sirius from an astrology point of view can whack with explosions, heat, and bad weather!"

Antares & Aldebaran aren't too bad for hitting the bulls-eye/mark on a variation of that front either!

Kind regards,
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Joined: 27 Jul 2006
Posts: 221
Location: London

Posted: Fri Dec 29, 2006 12:33 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Tumbling Sphinx,
Your reports on this subject have been very informative, well written and to the point, it is highly regarded and i thank you for your time, effort and wisdom, and effectively points to this not being electional astrology!
I'm sorry that i couldnt reply before but over the Christmas period i have been visiting family.
Before we go further take my grumpy attitude into consideration, my observation of why Sirius signalled New Year was placed on the Traditional and Ancient Techneques forum, from there it was placed on My thread on Mundane astrology forum, and then i had another go with the thread newly formed that is debated now.
Some of your arguments i saw myself, yet i looked for the wisdom of astrologers, so by the time you did reply, i wasnt going to let you go, and am more than willing to commit suicide to put pepper on the argument, by always saying i wasnt an astrologer, but told you to do your worst in destroying my argument.
It may not seem that i am very religious, but i am, I did see that my "Devil's Advocate" approach to Sirius signalling the end of the Julian Calendar, and heraulding in New Year in 1583 may not be electional.
Yet i wonder how many astrologers would have argued this point, religion is a minefield, i do try to get to the truth, and needed the debate on this subject. I dont care if i get egg on my face, as you will now see i was also looking in a different direction.
If i am grumpy it is that i cannot debate for much longer, it is painful and my health isnt good, i celebrate that this isnt electional astrology, yet as it isnt i now can look at other factors.
A) If this connection with Sirius wasnt elected but brought about by the Cosmic Mind in signalling the end of the Julian Calendar between 4th- 15th Oct. 1582, and placing Sirius at the stroke of midnight at New Year, from 1583 onwards by projected which faded then the more powerful paran.....Then this is very awe inspiring, and we must kick ourselves in not researching and seeing this before and analysing its purpose, more so, as eventually it fades- not to reappear again to signal new year in the Gregorian Calendar, if we still follow it for 26,000 years.
B) I only mention Greenwich, Kent, UK as time zones were introduced by the invention of trains and by that helped commerce.
So to value new year we need the Sun near the I.C. as in 1582/3 which every location did till time zones and the Greenwich Meridian, yet we know that as large chunks of the Earth were placed under the same time, then at the stroke of new year at some locations the Sun is nearer the Desc. than the I.C.
Of course the rule is that every 15 degrees from Greenwich we should experience new year the same as before time zones, but the rule is broken as Lourdes, France is exactly in line with Greenwich, but operates a different daylight saving formula.
So Greenwich, Kent is an easy way to see when Sirius finally peters out at new year, as experienced by all locations in the Western Hemesphere before time zones, other than that London has no special the moment it shows every two years, soon it will be every four years.
C) I write now purely as a psychic on an astrology forum, most sincere psychics smell the winds of change, which usaully coincides with spiritual insight and development for us all....if we are right, which i would delight in.
Yet my heart tells me this may be bitter sweet....humans dont like change, and in the short term can be very frightening and painful, even though spiritual gains are there in the long term.
Thus i value Sirius from an Esoteric viewpoint, which is similiar to theosophists and masons, being as follows:-
A) it radiates the qualities of universal love and intuition.
B) functions as part of a vast cosmic heart centre.
C) is linked with universal and cosmic principles, such is the laws of karma and periodicity- so i would have thought would show its influence during the end of a great age and a beginning of another in the great cycles/ages of astrology.
D) is the great star of initiation, the origin of heirarchy, and the home of mason tradition.
E) manifests as the principle of freedom.
F) reveals the distinction between good and evil through divine discriminating conscience.
G) enhances the servers ability to co-operate with hierarchy and the divine plan.
H) acts through an intricate system of astrological intermediaries, that very much includes Regulus, the ancient ruler of the angles of the Earth.
Thus Regulus, being on the cusp 00*00' Virgo til six weeks before 21st Dec. 2012 could be significant, which is the time the galactic centre is a factor.
Many astrologers put different dates down for the start of the age of Aquarius, as a psychic i find the division of the constellations between Piscis and Aquarius as suspect, and cant help thinking something is wrong by how the ancients viewed this cusp, at the very least i feel the fixed star "OMEGA PISCIUM" may have some bearing, as it becomes the vernal equinox point in December 2012.
This is the end of a cycle as put down by the Mayans who were heavily influenced by Venus, which has a transit of the Sun in June 2012.
Please dont think that i am predicting an event on 21st Dec 2012, i think events happen slowly after.....i dont need to go to an Evangelist viewpoint for the word apocalypse to appear or a biblical flood, just our scientists in their analysis of "Global Warming".
If every power station was left idle, and every car wasnt used for a year in the the end of the year, China would have made up the difference....every few weeks a new power station is turned on in China in its developing economy.
You may say that not all the world follows the Gregorian Calendar, but the industrial devolopment that has caused our plight has been done by Western countries that have followed this calendar, alias it has only been known that carbon would cause this by scientific evidence brought forward in 1995.
The great rain forrests of South America act as a sponge "eating carbon dioxide and producing oxygene", yet they are a shadow of what they once were, so much has been chopped down for farming.
In ancient myths Sirius is termed as the arrow that measures the depth of the sea....i dont see any reason to argue.
I might poke at religion but as you see i am very religious, i examine to try to find answers, thus Tumbling Sphinx, i needed the wisdom of astrologers to fully speak my mind....if electional astrology had taken place in 1582 then i wouldnt have come to open up my thoughts, yet it seems that it was Cosmic Thinking....that is a whole new ball game, that fits with our peril....bitter sweet as always!
There are three great religions, the Jewish, Muslim and Christian faiths, in the Quran from verse 053. 049 it mentions "That he is the Lord of Sirius", and goes on to mention biblical floods.
Yet we all value Sirius yet can be a little afraid as well, as can be experienced by a B.B.C. article that was put out on 29th Sept 1999.
You can find it by search engine "bbc egypt's golden millennium"
I quote:- " Egypt has unveiled plans to usher in the new millenium with a 12 hour extravaganza at the foot of the Pyramids.
At the stroke of midnight local time a golden cap stone about 30 feet high will be placed on the missing peak of the Great Pyramid of Cheops, flooding the surrounding area with golden rays (by lazer), to signal the birth of the first day of 2000.
A lot of money was spent, but the event never took place, religious feelings in the region, led to it being cancelled.
Obviously at midnight over Cheops, Sirius brought in the Millenium....We value the spiritual qualities of Sirius, but can also be afraid.
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Joined: 20 May 2004
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Location: California, USA

Posted: Fri Dec 29, 2006 4:44 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I've finally figured out why this whole arguement was niggling at the back of my head... astrologically speaking years dont begin and end on Month days, but when the Sun hits 0 on a new sign, the 0Aries is traditional zodiacal new year, but Ingress for each quarter is certainly very telling usually, so 0 cap 0 would be more important I believe than any January 1 date. Dates are so Arbitrary, the movement of the stars is not.

okay just a thought... Granny
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Tumbling Sphinx

Joined: 02 Jan 2005
Posts: 247

Posted: Mon Jan 08, 2007 4:42 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dear Monk,

Thank you for your kind words and for sharing your further insights - greatly appreciated.

I hope you enjoyed your Christmas & New Year - please don't feel troubled about any delay in responding or pressure to, as time permits is fine, and I look forward to any further insights you and others may care to share.

"I did see that my "Devil's Advocate" approach to Sirius signalling the end of the Julian Calendar,..."

Bingo! Yes, I believe we're on the same page as previously touched upon ... but I'd probably bring this forward to the Gregorian calendar, as it's pretty much eclipsed the Julian.

In terms of how it unfolds, I'd probably also be looking more towards Council of Nicea for the "birth chart" concerning these developments; Gregorian reform somewhat akin to a "mid-life crisis" leading towards 3rd stage in the trilogy involving dissolution followed by establishing a new calendrical order.

With this though, we are talking of cycles within cycles of time and how we're gauging and interpreting time - different societies adhere to different calendars. The solar-empirical-mathematical construct rose to dominance ... and when anything reaches an extreme, there's usually a reflex action which counters it.

With large portion of society functioning these days by "clock" time (particularly in view of developments over last century) it does bring a focus to "clocks" - how 'time' which society adheres to is being calculated and how clocks keep pace with natural (earth) time. The calculation of time has been reduced from inclusion of intercalary months down to the inclusion of leap seconds.
And as western clocks spread globally so has the use of calculating "mean averages" which constructs artificial Sun & Moon.

Going hand-in-hand with this, there's been growing disenfranchisement with "mean average" & "artificial" in the west ... the reflex action.

Part of the process of dissolution I see is a trend towards what's "real" & "true" as opposed to "mean averages/artificial", it also illuminates the calendrical polarities & balances concerning Sun & Moon by which societies have been ordered/organised.

And while we may view wheels we erect in astrology as "clocks" - there's considerations as to the variation in motion which clocks don't reveal.

For example, with clocks you see the hands move only in one orderly circular direction reflecting diurnal motion (in astronomy/astrology the first movement observed by all is towards the West - rotation).
However there is a second movement - not evidenced by clocks - which is the reverse, an inverted replica of the first, ie. the planets apparent progressive movement towards the East, towards the rising Sun, over the course of the year.

Both these movements brought into context within the greater sphere - the 8th sphere (stars) - which going back was what alignments were initially taken from, the divisions relating to Earth's movement, and the appearance of that (Stars, planets, Sun, Moon) by which time was ordered upon earth.

You mention Egyptian, there is also the Persian influence which dominated, and the Arabic translations of the Hindu wisdom from which much has been abstracted.

Insofar as clocks go, I'm looking forward to further news on the Antikythera Mechanism.

"You may say that not all the world follows the Gregorian Calendar, but the industrial devolopment that has caused our plight has been done by Western countries that have followed this calendar,"

As I see it, the balance of power is changing.

Hi Granny,

"astrologically speaking years dont begin and end on Month days, but when the Sun hits 0 on a new sign, the 0Aries is traditional zodiacal new year,"

Yes - not insofar as the Gregorian calendar is concerned which was erected primarily upon a solar mathematical construct without regard to the celestial sphere of fixed stars (ie. upon the solar year).

However, going back months (days & years) were calculated in accordance with and aligned to the appearance of Stars, Moon, Sun.
The "seasonal" calendar so often drawn upon these days, seasons being a local phenomena which varies according to location upon earth, was a wandering calendar a prime consideration of which was the Moon, & precession was known - this was recognised. The solar year was one part in the calculation/interpretation of time.

Going back (eg. Copernicus, and to those before him) an ingress was calculated from 0 degrees fixed star 'Aswathi' (Beta Arietis or Sheratan/Sheratim - a star in the constellation Aries) or -180 degrees from fixed star Spica, around 0 Libra sidereal as per Hindu astrology/calendrics (still used as start points of zodiac today).

Best wishes & with kind regards,
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Posted: Mon Jan 08, 2007 5:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The Gregorian, because they include the leap year every 4, stays close to an actual year, but it does vary. Which is why astrologically speaking it makes more sense to stick to the solar 0 points, well in my point of view anyway, I think if people want to use plutonian years that's their privelege. =) Granny.
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Tumbling Sphinx

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Posted: Tue Jan 09, 2007 6:19 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Granny,

"The Gregorian, because they include the leap year ..."

Think we may find its a 'day'. Very Happy

Keeps an order of days - its a solar calendar - within context of a solar revolution, however didn't account for earth's motion, stars (the outer or 'over' Suns, aside from the local star, the local Sun), or precession.

Therefore over gradual accumulation of time, this fixed solar calendar drifts as Earth's motion continues its accumulative process, ie. changing orientation of axial tilt (pole star) and via orbit/revolution ... just as the solar 0 point (solar mathematical point) has drifted.

In addition, the day agreed by Council of Nicea was a reaction against other calendars in use at the time as didn't want to celebrate Easter same time as Passover.

If consider earth as unmoving, the stars will be considered as moving ... if consider stars as unmoving (fixed) relative to Earth, then its Earth that is in motion.

Considerations of motion ... that which moved slower was considered to carry more 'weight', therefore stars as the slowest moving - fixed - once carried the greatest 'weight' with regard to discerning daily or annual matters upon earth.

The Sun may be regarded as annually returning to the same place, however over the years Earth progresses ... if Earth is regarded as not moving, and the Stars are not included for purposes of alignment, this progression is not seen for inclusion and the calendar falls from order. Calendar also ceases to align with Earth's seasons as it fails to include the greater schematic within which Earth is aligned.

Earth may be 'fixed' but its not still ... the illusion of matter (Earth) is that it's in constant motion despite surface appearances.
And the way this greater cumulative motion is detected over years is against the fixed background/sphere of Stars.

I think if people want to use plutonian years that's their privelege.

I agree. Order of motion - what moves relative to what to help demarcate/delineate time upon earth. Still geocentric. If choose to include another sphere/circle/orbit/level of operations to sharpen perception before arriving at the sphere of the Stars, I see no problem with that.

Kind regards,
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Tumbling Sphinx

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Posted: Wed Jan 10, 2007 11:05 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Monk,

"H) acts through an intricate system of astrological intermediaries, that very much includes Regulus, the ancient ruler of the angles of the Earth."

Regulus was attributed one angle, there's another 3 that marked points along the plane of the ecliptic encircling Earth, ie.

- Aldebaran, Watcher of the East, Taurus constellation;
- Antares, Watcher of the West, Scorpio constellation;
- Formalhaut, Watcher of the South, in the Southern Fish, Piscis Austrinis.

[wasn't Antares (Oriel/Uriel) at one time struck from the list as an arch-angel or arc angle? Do you know why? ]

& for the 'vertical' there's the pole star, Polaris, towards which Earth's northern axis is aligning, opposite the GC.

"Thus Regulus, being on the cusp 00*00' Virgo til six weeks before 21st Dec. 2012 could be significant, which is the time the galactic centre is a factor."

Yes, I guess if we view Earth as motionless then the Stars will be considered as moving insofar as changing signs/constellations (this being something different to their 'proper' motion) - especially with the advent of computer technology where we can modify what moves for different perspectives & insights.

But if Earth is considered as being in motion and relative to its motion the Stars are viewed as being Fixed, then the Fixed Stars retain something of the integrity of their positions within their respective constellations, eg. Regulus approx 6 Leo, Aldebaran approx. 11 Taurus, Antares approx 11 Scorpio etc.

And in this context (sidereal), we currently have Saturn revisiting the crossing of a boundary (Leo to Cancer) ... which is usually also something of a flag to keep an eye on developments concerning the weather & waxing/waning Moon.
December 2012 as Sun again traverses GC, Jupiter's revisiting Aldebaran with Venus applying opposition to join with Antares, and Mars has begun a trek through Capricorn.

The alternate view involving the movement of the Stars I'd have thought has a correspondence with the fixing of the solar calendar - and I'd anticipate this movement would also speak towards developments concerning the solar calendar; which is a Western focus.

"i feel the fixed star "OMEGA PISCIUM" may have some bearing, as it becomes the vernal equinox point in December 2012."

From Al Risha to Omega?
I thought the equinoctial point passed Omega Piscium around 1817.
If so has moved a couple of degrees since, still in range I'd imagine ... and we've since seen the advent of UTC.

Kind regards,
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Posted: Wed Jan 10, 2007 9:38 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Tumbling Sphinx,
Once again thank you for your insights, although it may take some time to reply as i am having a rest from research for a while.
For the time being i thought i would put details down on the "Council of Nicea", Which is now Iznik, in modern Turkey, Lat. 40*N25'43", Long. 29*E43'16".
As far as i can research it started on May 20th 325AD, and may of finished on 25th Aug 325AD, yet obviously i have no idea at what time it started.
There are far better astrologers than myself on this forum who may have a casual look, and comment.....for myself i will put the mundane parans from Brady on record, which are parans for the whole day, so time isnt needed.
COUNCIL OF NICEA, 20th May 0325AD.
Mundane Paran Analysis.
Aldebaran heliacal rising.
The background themes which can be active for several months.
Uranus- rising when Betelguese is on nadir- Public opinion, Public expectations- The people favour the establishment policies.
Neptune- rising when Ras Alhague is rising- The hopes or fears of the nation- collective wisdom or science fails.
Neptune setting when Menkar is rising- The appearance of a metaphysical or artistic statement from the collective.
Pluto rising when Pollux is on nadir- The crisis or the changes that occur- The painful truth is exposed.

The Annual themes that reoccur for this latitude every year in that era.
Heliacal rising star- Aldebaran- Seeking the noble solution.

Heliacal setting star- Zuben Eschamali- The ruling class prevails

The stars in paran with the Sun on this day.
Sun setting when Alpheratz is on nadir- To take independent action.
Sun rising with Aldebaran- A military event.
Sun setting when Betelgeuse is setting- The successful person.
Sun on nadir when Deneb Algedi is rising- The respected person.

The acute themes that are active just for this period.
Moon setting when Denebola is on nadir- The emotions of the people- encountering different religions or cultures.
Moon on nadir when Pollux is culminating- Help which is needed fails to arrive.
Moon rising when Zuben Eschamali is culminating- Self interest outweighs consideration for the group.

Mercury- Business and the media.
Mercury culminating when Aldebaran is culminating- News of war, against people or on behalf of the environment.

Venus- The social conventions.
Venus culminating when Spica is rising- A persuasive person, propaganda.
Venus rising when Alnilam is rising- Being able to combine different resources for the common good.

Jupiter- The type of action which is favoured by this period of time.
Jupiter rising when Ras Alhague is culminating- Taking an optimistic and open attitude to all information produces the best results.

Saturn- The law and civic order.
Saturn rising when Pollux is rising- Peoples lives altered by a disaster, or the actions of an aggressive group.
Saturn culminating when Rukbat is on nadir- The foundations of a society are altered.

All comments are generated by Starlight, Brady's fixed star paran astrology programme.
Hopefully it will help, although mundane analysis only have a sentence attached to each paran.....i have found it to be accurate more times than not.
I'm sorry i cant comment on your further points yet, but it is painful to sit tapping on a computer, and as the Council of Nicea is important, i thought i would give some information on this event, which others can enlarge.

I must admit that i had slight concerns that between 5th Oct. to 15th Oct. 1582 being the change over between calendars, that Sirius was conjunct Juno....This sneaky asteroid is always around when great events unfold!
I'll be back when i can,....Warm regards, M.
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Posted: Wed Jan 10, 2007 9:54 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I had a Council of Nicea thread running earlier. I think its in the Mundane section if you look, may have more info there??? Granny
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