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Sirius in paran with M.C. at New Year
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Joined: 27 Jul 2006
Posts: 221
Location: London

Posted: Wed Jan 10, 2007 10:39 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sorry Granny, i missed it, I would have to say that as Aldebaran is one of the four rulers of the angles, and is the Heliacal rising star for 20th May 325, in Iznik, Turkey, that it shows great significence.
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Tumbling Sphinx

Joined: 02 Jan 2005
Posts: 247

Posted: Wed Jan 10, 2007 11:39 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hello Monk & Granny,

Thanks for sharing all this - greatly appreciated!!!

Granny - thanks for mentioning your thread on Nicea, will look it up (as well as the dates/charts) when I get back.

Juno conjunct Sirius?

Hmmm, well from what I seem to recall of Juno it's often attributed a lot to marriages, in particular the public role/social prestige of marriage, but also:

- the jealous wife, or the wife cast aside, long suffering along with issues concerning finances & social prestige. Also a dimension of exacting revenge, it indicating something that will come back to bite - inappropriate use of power on those who are less powerful (maintaining a marriage - or public/proprietory union - at all costs). Separation, division & control.

May be interesting to see what was transpiring locally with Saturn, Mars, Mercury, Moon ... the division & separation of Moon from Sun perhaps crystalized over these couple of months, along with a consolidation of solar power.

This division and separation occurred calendrically, but maybe Juno (& passage of Moon) also illuminates something about political thought at the time concerning distinguishing "Mary", the separation & elevation of "Mary" from role as wife & equal etc to Pure (or Virgin) Mother. Crystalizing divisions between 'right' & 'left' etc ... challenge is, I think, looking forward to source potential points for unity - those points in time which may bridge such divisions.

Warm regards,
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Joined: 27 Jul 2006
Posts: 221
Location: London

Posted: Mon Jan 15, 2007 7:00 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Tumbling Sphinx,
I have some research on Juno under Juno Calenders and 20th Century History in the mundane section, of most interest will be page 1, but through further research, i found the time the Pentagon was hit as 09:37am in Washington D.C. on 11th Sept 2001, being New year Celebrating Sirius Rising with the Sun in the Coptic Calendar....Juno conjunct M.C., so i have a slight concern that Juno was conjunct Sirius during the change over of calendars between Julian/Gregorian.
Council of Trent, 13th Dec 1545.
Trento, Italy.
Mundane Paran Analysis by Starlight, for whole day.
The Background Themes Which Can Be Active For Several Months.
Uranus- Public Opinion, Public Expectations.
Uranus culminating when Alcyone is setting- An angry group in the community.
Uranus setting when Betelgeuse is on nadir- The people favour the establishment policies.
Neptune- The Hopes and Fears of the Nation.
Neptune culminating when Sirius is rising- Immortality for a group, or for a person.
Neptune culminating when Acubens is rising- Ethics or human rights called into question.
Pluto- The Crisis or the Changes that Occur.
Pluto setting when Capulus is culminating- A brutal act.
Pluto on nadir when Sadalmelek is on nadir- The Perpetrator, or the active person, controls the situation.
The Annual Themes That Re-Occur For This Latitude Every Year In That Era.
Heliacal rising star- Aculeus- A period of strong debate or criticism.
Heliacal setting star- El Nath- The advent of a new weapon, either intellectually or physically.

Sun on nadir when Facies is on nadir- The piercing stare of an aggressor or a critic.
Sun culminating when Hamal is rising- A forceful or abrasive person.
Sun rising when Thuban is culminating- A national treasure is receiving attention.
Sun rising when Aculeus is rising- Attacks that strengthen.
Sun setting when castor is rising- A speech is given, a writer is honoured.

The Acute Themes That Are Active Just For This Time Period.
Moon- The emotions of the people
Moon on nadir when Arcturus is culminating- Concern for those in need.
Moon on nadir when Thuban is culminating- Issues of government funding, or lack of it, in the news.

Mercury- business and the media.
Mercury on nadir when Aculeus is on nadir- Making hard financial decisions, dealing with poverty.
Mercury setting when Deneb Algedi is culminating- Focus on media, or finance and taxation laws.

Venus- The Social Conventions.
Venus rising when Murzim is setting- A popular leader, a spokesperson who is well received.
Venus rising when Markab is on nadir- Society finds solace by maintaining its custums and traditions.

Jupiter- The type of action which is favoured by this period of time.
Jupiter on nadir when Rukbat is on nadir- Consistency and careful preparation gets the best results.
Jupiter rising when Alphard is setting- The darker side of human nature rules the day.

Saturn- The law and civic order.
Saturn rising when Mirach is on nadir- Restrictions, a loss of resources, a loss of face.
Warm regards, M.
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Joined: 27 Jul 2006
Posts: 221
Location: London

Posted: Wed Jan 17, 2007 8:08 pm    Post subject: Crucial New Evidence of Electional Astrology. Reply with quote

Hi Tumbling Sphinx,
I have found more evidence that electional astrology may have taken place.
By 1582, even seconds were displayed on some clocks, so changing over calendars could have taken place at midnight, but obviously Sosigenes would have used Sunset to finish the Egyptian calendar on 31st Dec. 0047 BC.
Finding the place where he did this would be difficult, as parans are very sensitive to latitude, and having tried Rome and Alexandria, i was at a loss till i listened to my psychic voice.
Thebes was the Capital of ancient Egypt, which was at 25*N40', 32*E35',
But modern Luxor is 25*N41', 32*E39', which is only a few seconds out so we can use Luxor.
Now if we set up a chart for Luxor for Sunset on 31st Dec. 0047 B.C. we get a time of 17:19pm, Sun will be 08*09' Capricorn, Desc. is 08*08' Capricorn.
SIRIUS is rising by paran on Asc. orb 00 mins 36 secs.
After giving this a great deal of thought, Thebes/Luxor would be an obvious choice to end the Egyptian calendar, and as the Julian calendar ended with Sirius on the Asc. in Rome as well, this must give weight to the elected astrology argument.
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Joined: 27 Jul 2006
Posts: 221
Location: London

Posted: Sat Jan 27, 2007 8:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Everyone,
In 0046 B.C. Sosegenes was making adjustments, so the new calendar started 1st Jan. 0045 B.C., so probably we should be looking at "Sunset" at Thebes on 31st Dec. 0046 B.C. for the closing ceremony, If electional astrology took place.
We must deem it strange however that Sirius has been influencial with the angles of the Earth through approx. 5,000 years.
Obviously on 31st Dec. 0046 B.C. at Sunset, Sirius was still rising, so i havent made a mistake.
A) Egyptian Calendar began approx. 5,000 years ago with Sirius the heliacal rising star.
B) The Egyptian Calendar ended 31st Dec. 0046 B.C. at sunset in Thebes,
Sun setting as Sirius is rising, to start new Julian calendar on 1st Jan 0045 B.C. If electional it may go some way to explaining why 1st Jan. was chosen as the beginning of the year, history is very hazy in explaining this.
C) The Julian calendar ended 23:59pm on 4th Oct. 1582, in Rome, Sirius is rising, and obviously the Sun is near I.C.
D) The first Gregorian New year starts 1st Jan at midnight, Sirius is continually on M.C. till 1703, after begins to fade, last year being 1781, 1 degree by projected.
E) By early 1800 Sirius was in paran with M.C. on some years, on a continual basis from approx. 1818, till 1904 from Greenwich U.K., (Used because time zones changed M.C. at other locations at New Year.)
Although fading Sirius is still present today at New Year for London, but continual at other locations.
I can think of no other research that has a history of 5,000 years regarding the continual presence of a star in regards to man's efforts to understand time and calendars!
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Tumbling Sphinx

Joined: 02 Jan 2005
Posts: 247

Posted: Mon Jan 29, 2007 3:44 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Monk,

Thanks for sharing all this effort. Very interesting.

Perhaps of interest in terms of existing schools of thought around at the time of Sosigenes:

Pliny book 18, 210-212:
"... There were three main schools, the Chaldaean, the Egyptian, and the Greek; and to these a fourth was added in our country by Caesar during his dictatorship, who with the assistance of the learned astronomer Sosigenes brought the separate years back into conformity with the course of the sun."

The Julian calendar was introduced in 46 BC by Julius Caesar and came into force in 45 BC - 709 years from the founding of the city of Rome, traditionally considered to be dated April 21, 753 BC.

An alternative year being 437 years after capture of Troy (1182 BC), shortly before an eclipse of the Sun observed at Rome on June 25, 745 BC ... around the time that Romulus was considered to have started building the city, his later vanishing (slain by senate or disappeared) on Nones of July, corresponding with an eclipse of the Sun (17 July, 709 BC).

These dates which speak to the foundations of Rome being around the time of the Egyptian start to the New Year, inundation of the Nile & heliacal rising of Sirius.

The 1 Jan was a later development, of Roman origin, commensurate with the appointment of consuls - the dominant method used to identify a year for dating purposes was to name it after the two consuls who took office in it.

The appointment of consuls apparently started some 239 years after Rome's foundation, ie. around 514 BC or 506 BC, however its said they started taking office on 1 Jan in 153BC.
Julius Caesar didn't change this and this tradition continued until 541.

Before the new Julian calendar took effect the start of the calendar/consular year (1 Jan) was realigned to tropical year making 46BC some 445 days long.
The ordinary year in the previous Roman calendar was 12 months, totalling 355 days and a 27-day intercalary month between Feb & March.

So in referencing 31 Dec of 46BC, appears it was moved some 90 days and what was once approx. 1 April was re-assigned as 1 Jan in 45 BC.

Despite new calendar being simpler, the pontifices apparently misunderstood the algorithm for leap years - the discrepancy remedied by Augustus approx. 36 years later who instituted reform about 8 BC.

The Roman calendar aligned to the Julian in 1 BC, and it was ensured key dates of Augustus career, eg. the fall of Alexandria on 1 August, 30 BC, were unaffected by the correction.
Again, this being a time-frame within range of the start of the Egyptian New Year, Sirius, and holding significance both for Egypt & Rome.

In addition, the Romans renamed months after Julius Caesar and Augustus, renaming Quintilis (originally the 5th month with March = month 1) as July in 44 BC and the 6th month as August (Augustus) in 8 BC.

The start of the year as taken from the founding of Rome was 21 April, and began with 'Parilia' ... but because these festivities conflicted with the solemnity of Lent the early Roman Church didn't celebrate Easter after 21 April.

While the Roman calendar began the year on 1 Jan which continued through Julian reform, even after local calendars were aligned to the Julian calendar they still continued with start of New Year on different dates.
For example, the Alexandrian calendar in Egypt started on 29 August, several calendars were aligned to start on the birthday of Augustus, 23 September, the Byzantine year began 1 September - still used by Eastern Orthodox Church for start of liturgical year.

Many Western European countries shifted the first day of their numbered year to 1 Jan while still using the Julian calendar, before adopting the Gregorian calendar.
England did so in 1752 ... perhaps it's not too surprising if Lilly considered himself to be living in the "end days" - in a way he was in view of the ending or change to the calendar, the way time was being re-ordered.

In 1923 Eastern Orthodox Churches agreed to a revised Julian calendar in which the solar part was identical to the Gregorian calendar, however all apparently refused to accept the lunar part ... still a division between east and west, and where the Moon is involved is also reflective of a "public" division (Moon being a significator for public).

In view of all this, I'm not really sure why chosen to fix on 1 Jan. as compared to other dates, eg. mid-year, unless perhaps looking into the political (consul) dimension.

Where Sirius is concerned from a 'date' pov, in the Roman consular year it points to a time-frame in the middle of what we would usually consider our year, which corresponds to a start of the Egyptian year.

Egypt start to the civil New Year was Nile inundation, July 20 in Julian calendar in 139CE according to Roman writer, Censorinus - not Jan 1.

If we transfer this to an astrological chart, aspect say from 20 July to 1 Jan it reflects an inconjunct (usually considered an aspect of "adjustment", a direction being 'cut short' thereby forcing adjustment, through to death) by sign.

And Roman authorities (1 Jan) adjusted Egyptian life (20 July) - new rule.

For the Egyptians, the year was divided into 3 seasons, the Summer was harvest (reaping) followed by season of Inundation whereas Winter was "growth". Reaping adjusts/cuts short growth, again a dimension of this aspect at work.

Maybe of interest, if haven't seen it already:

"the rising of the VergiliŠ or seven stars, in as many degrees of Taurus, sixe daies before the Ides of May ... Moreover, in the hotest season of the Summer, the Dog-starre ariseth, at what time as the Sun entreth into the first degree of Leo, which commonly is the fifteenth day before the Calends of August."

Philemon Holland, translator (1601): C. Plinius Secundus The Historie of the World. Book II.


Ecclesiastic and civil calendars had different start times and were aligned to different stars, also in accordance with passage of Moon & Sun.

I think we may find "Spica" has an equally long history as being used as a judicial point for calendrical purposes, to aid in aligning time upon earth with the heavens and the understanding of it, as have other Stars.

In addition, early astrologers used sidereal and path through the zodiac was observed via the Moon.

Perhaps of additional interest:


Warm regards,
TS Very Happy
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Joined: 27 Jul 2006
Posts: 221
Location: London

Posted: Wed Jan 31, 2007 1:07 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thank you Tumbling Sphinx, for your effort and logical mind, but as you know there are other areas of spiritual insight and mysticism, which is different to astrology, which is different from what you are a master of.
I admit as always i am not an astrologer, i form insight from a different means, and i have big problems.
You have mentioned already meditation and the role of the mystic, that i will agree always has to be governed by the logical role of the astrologer, but that has been my purpose, as a psychic on an astrology forum.
Before i write any more observations, i need to show my problems, where you need to be logical in my problems in joining as a psychic to a well regarded forum of astrological thought....not many will try!
But i think you will agree that i have given food for thought, and any insights i have given have been free for all.
Yet we must be very careful in analysis when a psychic writes on an astrology forum and what the motives are, and motives are not always easy to see, it needs peeling away of outer levels.
I have no idea where this is going, but the first level of peeling away layers must be "if i am sincere even if my insights are wrong".
As i am different to a lot of writers on this forum, i think, i must be examined and exposed on all different techneques that astrologers can perform for public interest on this forum.
I do this with a lot of doubts, my path hasnt been easy, and those that meditate generally are private souls, and being Scorpio Rising, this is a big trial for me.
Many may feel as i have a Regulus M.C. that i look for personal gain, but i am only looking to serve, to be one within a group, and only to be valued as one within a group, and not to lead, that isnt one of my aspirations!
Obviously writing on an astrology forum isnt easy, but it must be easier as astrologers to get to the truth, if i lay myself open for public observation.
The truth being what makes me tick, which has no relation to what i write, i may be sincere, but that doesnt mean what i write is the truth, no single player will ever get to understanding the Creators methods, but laying open of a birth chart will give some information, which is of interest and valuable to astrologers.
Being slightly different to a lot of writers on a much valued spiritual astrology forum, perhaps public analysis on thread could help to show why i am "a bull in a china shop sometimes", as i write within a forum, that for me is like learning a different language.
There is only one consideration that i would impose, for me i have to see the light for insight, astrologers use the logical side of the brain being the left side, my insights come from the right side of the brain.
Anyone that has aspirations due to meditation and Yoga, have no fear of death, yet for me my greatest fears are living without meditation, due to being unable to align yoga positions and chakras, so my greatest fears have been presented to me, which i have to overcome.
As i have said i am disabled, which is by chronic ankylosing spondylitis, which in my case has led to a complete cementing together (fusion) of the vertebrae, thus my chakras are now out of alignment, so if you dont follow my path, you can see this causes me great problems, which i can and will overcome in time, do not show any sorrow, as i will react badly!
Winter months can and does lead to outbursts of emotion, that during my time of re-alignment, can lead people to think that i am anything but passive, please take this into account.
Sympathy isnt a factor, i'm very lucky as i get disabled pension, many dont throughout the world, all i'm trying to do is align someone who is different to an astrology forum, and show my problems in regards to be being out of sorts by even attempting to write on a forum on astrology.
I have always said i value the true astrologer more than any other method, because the astrologer can show research to the world, thus has more impact, generally the route i follow is for personal development, if i have a wish it is to align different methods, which i am not good at, but i try!
I dont own plastic cards, so hopefully as i did before, i put down personal details 13:59pm 8th August 1956, in London.
Hit me hard, i need it, put it on public display, it may help me as a psychic in writing and knowing when to write, with the problems i have.
My whole mind from an astrology point of view is involved in mundane astrology, thus these days and not being good with personal charts, i look at my own very little.
Anyone that is good with the four asteroids and Chiron i would appreciate, as i am very interested in quintiles and psychic ability, and quintiles i do have a few of.
Perhaps a period of analysis is needed, for understanding, i would be the first to agree that i may be a bit weird, i feel i need to wait for hard hitting natal chart analysis before i write any more on an astrology forum which i agree isnt my subject, at least it leads to understanding!
Warm Regards Monk...hit me, i need to be sure of my path, however hard it is for my character, in public display, it is needed when different paths meet!
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Tumbling Sphinx

Joined: 02 Jan 2005
Posts: 247

Posted: Sat Feb 03, 2007 10:31 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hello Monk,

Thank you! You grant me a most generous compliment and I greatly appreciate it, but I feel we're all students learning as best we can here.

"i feel i need to wait for hard hitting natal chart analysis before i write any more on an astrology forum ..."

Mundane subsumes natal astrology ... from a mundane pov can get a reasonable idea of how the tides are running.
Natal is canvassed under another section of this forum.
However, from psychic pov, I personally would suggest paying particular attention to the Moon (both natal & via transit etc).

For example:

"Hit me hard, i need it ... "

... we've had this conversation already. Wink

Ref: 18 Dec. 2006 and above, 29 Jan '07, as relates to Moon, by transit & declination etc.

The first leading into New Moon on 20th Dec, and on 20th Moon I think had attained monthly minimum declination of -28.37*.

The 29 Jan leading into Full Moon, the day before (28th) it having attained declination +25.9 degrees (using UT).
Highs & lows, or extremes, as it migrates beyond the "middle", ie. the ecliptic ... the path where eclipses occur, the primary eclipses involving Sun & Moon.
An illustration perhaps ... the Moon travelling to the boundaries of the zodiacal belt (helping define the width of the zodiacal belt) collecting various influences etc before rejoining the Sun in the middle ... and the Moon I believe is key to helping understand the age-old interpretations of stars/zodiac as translates to earth, intuitively, psychically etc.

In terms of aligning the calendar, the 90 days referred to previously = 90 degrees (a square).

The previous start date of 1 Jan was forced to align with Tropical year, the addition of 90 days causing it to overlay what had previously been approx. 1 April ... less the 3 days or so for Augustus correction for leap years = approx. 28 March -- this an approximate date for start of "new year". 1 Jan wasn't what it used to be ... they "squared" it!!!

In this context, I'd have thought the Stars traditionally used to assist alignment with Earth's angles would have been used, as well as the traditional one of old, Spica or a point opposite, eg. Beta Arietis.

In addition, there's considerations as to the "ides" (half division of month, approx 15th - traditionally day of Full Moon and an auspicious day in Roman calendar - the "ides" of March being Caesar's assassination); "Nones" which depending on month could be 5th or 7th, traditionally the day of Half Moon; and "Kalends" (from which 'calendar' is derived) being first day of the month when interest on debt was due ... these I believe Caesar retained.

Fast-tracking forward to Gregorian calendar, 10 days were cut (= a decan/Face = 1/3rd of a month) ... by time it was adopted in England adjustment for 11 days was required.

From a calendar pov, we're looking at the chart from context of a year as compared to a day, which is something of a reverse or inversion of diurnal motion. And instead of commencing with a mathematical point, the start point being measured from a fixed star. In addition, considerations as to the Moon, ie New, Full etc.
In this context, Sirius aligns through constellation Gemini, instead of having moved into Cancer.

For significance of 1 Jan (papal indiction) I'd imagine we'd probably have to also look into indiction. And, if memory serves, taxes.

Warm regards,
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Joined: 27 Jul 2006
Posts: 221
Location: London

Posted: Mon Feb 05, 2007 6:50 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Tumbling Sphinx,
Thank you for your effort, clearly we have a lot to discuss and research.
Yet for the moment, my computer needs a service and repair, so i will be off-line for a week or two.
I have struggled to leave this thread section to explain, and for another important reason.
Juno can sleep quietly for months or years without explosive aggression, but now she may be up to her old tricks!
Within Iraq there are huge aggressive influences at work, thus i only research the huge deeply disturbing terrorist acts inflicted on the people of that country.
Through my research of the asteroid Juno, i have found that there is usaully a political message involved with the explosive behaviour.
Late on Saturday, i heard a news report regarding a suicide attack in Iraq, and instantly knew that Juno would be conjunct an angle during this attack in Baghdad.
Ref. San Francisco chronicle that states time of attack.
(17:00) 5pm. Saturday 3rd Feb. 2007, in Baghdad, Iraq.
"A mammoth truck bomb (2,000 pounds of explosives) obliterated a popular Baghdad market.
It was the deadliest single bomb blast since the U.S. invasion, killing at least 130 people and wounding more than 300.
This is against a background of more U.S. troops being sent to Iraq, and due to my research, i feel this is typical of Juno to present a political stand-off.
There is no doubt that Iraq is falling into a civil war between the Sunni militants who use suicide bombing attacks, and the Shiite's who use death squads.
Thus i am not surprised that Juno is conjunct the I.C., being the Karma Angle!
If we look at the chart we find Juno approx. 2 degrees off the I.C., sextile Pluto which is worrying.
Juno is also sextile the Moon conjunct Regulus...which can be very aggressive in mundane astrology--- Chiron conjunct Desc.
I know i use personal symbolism, as a psychic always does, which is out of sinc with standard astrological thought, yet i could not live with myself if i didnt give a warning.
I have no idea, as Juno has become active and aggressive, if she will strike again in this period, outside the Middle East.
Dangerous times could be at prime western locations when Juno is conjunct an angle during " Rush Hours"!
I have concerns, but i doubt myself- be frosty and aware during this period- further research can be found on the thread "Juno, Calendars, and 20th Century History" in Mundane section.
Be back soon hopefully, regards, Monk.
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Joined: 27 Jul 2006
Posts: 221
Location: London

Posted: Mon Feb 12, 2007 6:17 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Everyone,
I put on thread details of today in Baghdad, by B.B.C. report, i must admit i dreaded today, as it is in line with an exact year as valued by the Muslim calendar, with the upsurge of aggression that started on 22 Feb. 2006, when at 7:00am. the al Askariya "Golden Mosque Dome" was blown off. (CNN report)
It was the start of a higher level of hate...Juno was just over a degree away from I.C. in Samarra' Iraq.
B.B.C. report....More than 70 people have been killed in 3 bomb attacks in market areas of Baghdad.
Two bombs went off in quick succession at the Shorga market, killing at least 59 people and wounding about 150.
The blasts came either side of a 15 minute pause to commemorate the sectarian bombing of an important Shia Muslim shrine in Samarra one year ago.
Shorga market was once Baghdad's main shopping area, but amid the violent division of Iraq's religious communities it is now mostly a Shia muslim area, and a target for Sunni extremist groups.
The Shorga blast almost coincided with the end of a quarter of a hour's pause, starting at midday, when Iraqis had been urged by prime Minister Nuri Maliki to stop work to mark the Samarra attack.
(Second bomb approx. 12:15pm).
Mr Maliki at the same time ordered thousands of extra securty forces onto the streets as part of a much- heraulded joint Iraqi and U.S. securty plan.
The Bab al-Sharqi market blast in Baghdad happened half an hour earlier
(Approx. 11:45am.)
The two markets are a little over one kilometre apart on the east side of the River Tigres.
As you can see there were others that were concerned about today, thus i put out a warning during this period over Juno.
As Juno was aggressive during the lead up to this date, i felt the need to give out a warning, which we can now see didnt lead to an attack outside the Middle East...yet i dont apologies for the warning, as many feared the worse!
Yet as i value the four Persian Royal Stars, as well as Sirius it may lead to understanding if we look at 11:45am. and 12:45pm in Baghdad today!
At 11:45am. in Baghdad we find the Persian Royal Star Antares conjunct the Descendant.
If we look at 12:15pm we find the Sun at 23*16' Aquarius, Neptune at 19*38' Aquarius and the M.C. at 22*51' Aquarius.
We also find Jupiter at 15*45' Sag., Moon at 15*45' Sag. and Descendant at 12*18' Sag.
We also find Saturn 21*31' Leo, and the I.C. 22*51' Leo.
Lets look at the whole day with parans....Uranus is connected with Formalhaut at M.C.....The Moon rises with Sirius on this day, and the Moon is conjunct the Desc. during this attack.
During the day's parans we find Mercury rising when Aldebaran is on the nadir, Mercury culminating when El Nath is rising, El Nath comes up a great deal during suffering and bomb attacks.
Further we find Mars culminating when Algol is rising,....ok Juno didnt hit, but i think that is enough to think about!
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Joined: 27 Jul 2006
Posts: 221
Location: London

Posted: Sat Mar 24, 2007 4:08 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Tumbling Sphinx,
Sorry i've been away, but needed my computer repaired.
Before starting this thread section, i would like to say i dont find it conspiratorial to align Sirius to a birth time of a country or a calendar, yet as all powerful stars have a nemesis if not followed correctly, i find myself examining the evidence for events being synchronous or by human interaction.
Over the years there has been interesting speculation that the dog star, Sirius- as part of the astrological sky- played a significant role in the timing of the birth of the United States of America, as well as in the laying of the Washington Monument cornerstone in Washington D.C.
According to Author/Astrologer, David Ovason, these and other important events were purposely, with intent, scheduled for precise moments when the dog star, Sirius was located in various auspicious positions in the sky.
(The secret architecture of our nations capitol: David Ovason).
With this in mind, i wish to go back to the events of the birth of the Julian Calendar.
There is no doubt that Cleopatra was involved with a great deal of political intrigue, during her watch as the last ruler in a dynasty founded by Ptolemy 1st.
In fact in trying to put her son on the throne of the Emperors of Rome, she played a very dangerous game, as she developed relationships with Julius Caesar, as well as Mark Antony, two of the greatest Roman leaders of the Era, plus had children by both of them.
Cleopatra gave birth to a son, Caesarion, who she claimed was Caesar's, who was assassinated in 0044 B.C......which seems un-connected.
Mark Antony invited Cleopatra to Tarsus in 0041 B.C. in an effort to get some sort of aid from her in his quest to be sole ruler of Rome, and again she worked her magic, as she gave birth to his twins!
Antony lost the major battle of Actim, and committed suicide, as did Cleopatra by intentionally being bitten by a snake.
Caesarion was executed, the politician's of Rome didnt want a half Egyptian with a claim to to throne of Rome.
We can only wonder what political intrigue was developing at the time, in trying to fuse the might of Rome with the wisdom of the priest/astronomers of Egypt.....yet one thing survived, being the Julian Calendar.
We know that Sosigenes started the Julian Calendar on 1st Jan 0045 B.C., but we must wonder when 1st Jan 0045 B.C. started!
The 1st Jan has no connection to the Equinox's so the only reason that this date was chosen was probably that the Consuls of Rome started taking office, on 1st Jan in 0153 B.C., yet there was an alignment with Sirius on Asc. while the Sun set in Thebes that had been taking place since Sunset, time 17:19pm 31st Dec 0290 B.C. (Every four years). Thebes was a magnet for astrologers during this time, so we can be sure this crucial aspect was noticed!
As this aspect had been taking place before the Consuls of Rome had been taking office we can only wonder if this is significant.
We all know of calendars that started the day at sunset of the previous to look up would be "The Florentine Calendar" that existed in the middle ages, so it wouldnt be a problem to stretch 1st Jan 0045 B.C. to Sunset 17:19pm in Thebes (ancient capitol of Egypt, now known as Luxor.) on 31st Dec. 0046 B.C.
So if we were to look at 17:19pm on 31st Dec. 0046 B.C. we will find that perhaps Sosigenes started the calendar when it aligned every three years, and may cause a bit of a think tank if i said that because of procession, that in the year 0325, when the Council of Nicea took place, it is aligned exactly when Sirius changed to fading from every two years to only one!
Sosigenes probably had knowledge of a great deal of other calendars, some of which started the day at "Sunset", there is evidence of this from Chaldean and Babylonian astrology.
So Sosigenes may have used Thebes to close the Egyptian calendar at "sunset", yet this also could be valued as the start of the Julian Calendar on 31st Dec. 0046 B.C. in Thebes/Luxor.
He could have used various methods from a number of sources.....the debate between electional astrology against synchronous, actually gives me a headache....can any help?
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Posted: Mon Mar 26, 2007 1:20 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

To get to the truth on the world wide web does present a number of problems, it can make your head spin, especially if you look for dates relating to the Coptic calendar New Year celebrating the rising of Sirius, there are some dates of interest that can be found in my thread "Juno, Calendars, and 20th century History".
Another factor with the world wide web and the Palestine problem, can lead into a brick wall, yet i have patience, and can lead to a web-site that you may find interesting....attached to the U.N. documents and 11th September.
This one is identified as a "report of the Mandatory to the League of Nations"......obviously i'm not an international lawyer, and i wouldnt describe "taking oath of office as signed, sealed, and delivered", yet i'm always finding 11th September buried somewhere if i hunt long enough!
Firstly use a search engine on "transjordan british mandate unispal".
The meaning of "unispal" is United nations information system on the question of Palestine.
Look for web-site heading "mandate for palestine- report of the manditory to the lon-u.k.........web-site will be "domino un org/unispal
This is the official document that states "The oath of office were administered at Jerusalem on September 11th by the Chief Justice.
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Posted: Mon Mar 26, 2007 1:48 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sorry just tap in " report palestine administration 1922 unispal"
This should lead to the document, 11th Sept. mentioned in paragraph two.
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Posted: Tue Mar 27, 2007 4:59 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hey Monk, a little off topic but since Juno is rather close to your heart i thought I'd ask what you know of Juno at 25 Tau 24, in 8th house natal.

I may regret asking, but hey! gotta learn... Granny
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Posted: Wed Mar 28, 2007 1:30 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Granny,
As with a lot of interpretation, i think Juno has a much milder influence in natal charts, than it may have in mundane astrology, so i wouldnt worry!
It does crop up as being conjunct Sirius during the period from 4th to 15th Oct. 1582, so i'm interested in juno with calendars.
I have a great interest in archeoastronomy, and as i write on religious matters, can get myself in hot water, so im not going to say there might be a connection to Allah and the Mesopotamia/Babylonian Moon god.
Although the Islamic calendar is Moon based, i find it interesting that on Friday 16th July 0622, if we view it from Babylon/Baghdad, as the Sun rises at 05:00am, i'm sure you will guess that Juno is right on the M.C....obviously we should look to Saudi Arabia....but i'm always looking in a direction that is opposite to everyone else...its my nature as an observer or watcher of the skies!
I was always strange even as a boy, for as many boys were reading comics, i was saving to buy my first book from a musty smelling second hand book shop.....i still have it, a second edition Budge, on the Egyptian "Book of the dead".
I often wonder about Moses and the Ten Commandments, as most of the Ten Commandments can be found in the earlier Book of the Dead!
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