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Is global warming caused by humans?

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Joined: 19 Jun 2005
Posts: 125

Posted: Tue Feb 20, 2007 1:25 pm    Post subject: Is global warming caused by humans? Reply with quote

I’m taking this discussion from the horary thread (Is global warming caused by humans?) to the mundane forum, because there are some interesting astrological aspects.

Tara wrote:

I would also point out that this month in Paris, "scientists from 113 countries issued a landmark report saying they have little doubt global warming is caused by man."

This seems indeed an attempt to stop the debate. There are at least three other theories about climate changes differing from the above statement. All three have a (neo-)astrological background, and all three describe natural phenomena and their correlation with climate changes.

The MILANKOVICH theory. It is based on long term changes of the earths orbit and the inclination of the earths rotation axis caused by the gravitational forces of the other planets. The cycles he found are 18’000, 23’000, 43’000, 96’000 and 400’000 years. This theory is pretty well accepted.

Theodor Landscheidt in his book ‘Astrology – Hope for a Science’ predicts a small ice age around 2036. His theory is quite complicated. It’s based on the ‘wobbling’ of the sun around the centre of gravity of the whole solar system, combined with the Golden Mean. Correlations in the past are stunning.

Jan Veizer and Nir J. Shaviv, in a Publication of the GSA (Geological Society of America) July, 2003 presented a theory that has neo-astrological characteristics, too.
They found that climate changes in the past 520 Million years strongly correlate with the Solar System’s crossing of the Spiral Arms of our Galaxy. During these crossings, Cosmic Ray flux is stronger, inducing cloud formation in the lower atmosphere and so leading to a Cooling effect. The correlation with the past ice ages and warm periods is even more stunning.
They showed that CO2 increase FOLLOWED the warming, not vice versa!

But, what happened to Veizer/Shaviv? – Instead of debating it, 14 “scientists” of the Postdam Institute for climate impact research tried to discredit their theory in a press release.

(note the dead links!!!!)

This statement strongly reminds me of the declaration of “186 leading scientists” 1975 in the Humanist, ‘Objections to Astrology’.

When a debate is stopped this way, or when scientists show such unanimity, I can’t suppress my suspicion that big lobbies and big money are behind it.

I am deeply worried, though, about the state of our planet: water pollution, aerosols, deforestation, heavy metals, chemicals, etc, and the ozone hole. But CO2 is not a poison (unless you walk down a wine cellar during fermentation), it is essential for plants. And if it’s true that CO2 increase follows global warming like Veizer/Shaviv showed……?…….. then the Paris Report is an absolute scream.

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Claire Chandler

Joined: 21 Sep 2004
Posts: 17
Location: London, UK

Posted: Tue Feb 20, 2007 3:24 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


A lot of interesting points here. I agree it is a very worrying time.

The thing I'd like to bring up, and which I've seen several examples of recently, is the in fighting between scientific orthodoxy and anyone who questions it and before I go any further I'd like to say I'm not taking a position of all scientists being closed minded.

What I can see happening seems to be reflecting the Jupiter Uranus square between Sag and Pisces, both Jupiter ruled signs. Where ever I look there seems to be a battle between an orthodox approach and either a downright misleading appraoch or a highly unorthodox view.

I first noticed it when reading George Monbiot's Heat. He goes into the false science position in some depth and concludes that the evidence is concocted by Big Oil following the model of Big Tobacco => discredit the evidence and muddy the waters.

Since then we've seen the science against the celebrities campaign.,,1981942,00.html
and seen a major Astrological org almost implode over whose is the most scientific method. I'm sure there were other examples but now I come to write them down I can't think of them...

Anyway, where do we stand as astrologers? We use a different paradigm which scares the scientists whitless but are we too muddying the waters? And who said we couldn't swap paradigms depending on what we're looking at? Surely we're allowed to own more than one pair of glasses?

This does seem very Jupiter/Sag beating up Jupiter/Pisces to me. Especially if you bring in Neptune in Aquarius which, and I'm sure I'm not the first to say this, paints G/god firnly into the scientists corner.

Any advances on this?

Claire Chandler
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Andrew Bevan

Joined: 20 Dec 2005
Posts: 4674
Location: Oslo, Norway

Posted: Wed Feb 21, 2007 11:21 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The conjunctions of the great chronocators Jupiter and Saturn entered the air triplicity in 1981 and warned changes in the global atmosphere. A similar transition occurred between 1100-1400 when global temperatures rose drastically and made its impact on political decision-making.

Within this period great calamity came over Mankind through the Black Death.

After the warm period came the "Little Ice Age".

Seems like the popular press made ridicule of any warning offered by astrology (or psychics for that case) in the previous century and titles read that "the End of the World" was on the threshold of the new milleneum. But now we are only seven years in to the new milleneum and politicians seem to be shouting from just about every rooftop about the consequenses of global heating.

I have yet to receive an official enquiry regarding the basis of the warnings offered by the astrological community in the previous century. As it stands, Mankind is in itself a natural catastrophy that nature would have got along with quite well without. Not that astrologers have all the answers but there's still a chance they may be reaccepted within a board of general advisors. Astrology is an excellent tool for peforming cyclical comparisons.

Narually, I do not expect the reader of this forum to read Norwegian but an active member of a Norwegian political party (Venstre) posted an email of mine containing these veiws and observations on their party's notice board Dec.8.2006. The article was printed under the heading "Climatical changes - astronomical cycles and historical facts."

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Dave of Maryland

Joined: 24 Feb 2007
Posts: 154
Location: Bel Air, MD

Posted: Tue Mar 06, 2007 9:29 pm    Post subject: Global warming Reply with quote

Where the present warming is coming from I can't say any more than anyone else, but I have a couple of observations:

The Aquarian Age is the Age of Man, so man would naturally be a major player on the earth during this period, for better or worse.

An elaboration of the Gaia hypothesis - that the earth is in some way conscious & makes deliberate decisions, combined with an extension of evolutionary theory, leads to the suspicion that mankind is in some way essential for the ultimate development of the planet. Not the only reason we're here, but one of the major ones.

This would also be an extension of the tool use theory. Man develops tools - such as computers & internet - in order to enhance civilization & it may well be that Gaia developed humans for much the same reasons.
Better books make better astrologers. Treat yourself!
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