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Joined: 17 Jun 2004
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Posted: Fri Dec 07, 2007 5:44 pm    Post subject: Russia Reply with quote

Thought this article may be of interest on the mundane forum. I can't comment on the validity of the prediction as ( despite a fascination with Putin) I have done no work on Russia, but maybe someone else can?
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Joined: 08 Jul 2004
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Posted: Sat Dec 08, 2007 7:54 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

This was written for the Jupiter-Pluto thread [], but at posting time I decided it belonged here. It starts out with the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction and takes off in a new direction.


Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions do feel like success, consolidating power, achievement, ĎTop Dog at Lastí, etc.

A few days ago during my heated and internationally monitored debate with Laura over the galactic center, I noticed that the í07 Aries Ingress chart for Moscow has 28 SAG 13 rising. So there we have a 3-way connection: The í07 Aries Asc, the transiting Jupiter-Pluto conjunction (with Lauraís galactic center), and Putinís Mars at around 26 SAG 31 (suspect birth time).

Since the Aries ingress chart has a Mutable sign rising the old rule is to use it for 6 months and start again with the Libra ingress. Iíve come across some authors (among whom A. J. Pearce and H. S. Green) who say that the Aries ingress in any case does have an effect for the whole year. Iíve only taken a quick glance at the Libra ingress, but it does have 7 LIB 54 on the MC and Putinís Sun is around 14 Libra. The Libra ingress Mars at 27 GEM 22 is nicely tied in with Jupiter-Pluto (Oh, ok, and that other thing), and tightly opposed Putinís Mars. The Libra ingress Asc. is 4 SAG 44 and is squared by Saturn at 2 VIR 33.

The í07 Capricorn ingress for Moscow looks like a real hair-raiser. Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Pluto at the Asc. opposed Mars at the Desc. Judging from what Iíve read I would say that the Aries ingress is good for all year, the Libra ingress plays a large role for the 2nd half of the year (remember the Mutable sign on the Aries Asc.) and the Capricorn ingress will have its say in the last 3 months. The Capricorn ingress Moon is at 4 GEM 56 conjunct PoF at 5 GEM 19. Using a noon birth time for Putin his Moon is at 4 GEM 17.

In fact, there is a Mutable sign theme all year:
Aries Ingress: Desc. ruler Mercury is at 02 PIS 18, tightly square PoF at 01 SAG 26.
Libra Ingress: Saturn at 02 VIR 33 is Square Asc-Desc at 04 SAG-GEM 44. The Moonís (True) South Node at 05 VIR 37 is conjunct Saturn (a little wide, but applying). The nodal axis is closely square the Asc-Desc axis.
Capricorn Ingress: The Moon at 04 GEM 56 is conjunct PoF at 05 GEM 19, and applying square retrograde Saturn at 08 VIR 34.
February 21st Lunar Eclipse: Late in the astrological year. Using the time for the lunation, the 1st house Sun at 01 PIS 53 is opposed the 7th house Moon at 01 VIR 53 and both are square the 02 SAG 43 MC. Saturn at 05 VIR 25 (still retrograde) is conjunct Moon, opposed Sun and Square the MC. This eclipse is powerful in Russia.
Putinís Moon for the noon time was 04 GEM 17. He probably has an early Gemini Moon, unless he was born in the earliest hours of the day.

The Lunar eclipse looks like it tops of something that has been building all year. Anybody know what to do with all this? It all started with the Aries ingress and Mercury as Desc ruler tightly square the PoF. I donít know how much the PoF figures into mundane charts, but Mercury finishes the year as dispositor of the lunar eclipse. With Mercury ruling the 7th in the í07 Aries chart (very weak in essential dignity) and ruling the Moon in the 7th in the eclipse chart, could it mean the eclipse of, the defeat of opposition? Something to do with war? Since weíve come to the end of the year the logical thing would be to look at the Moscow í08 Aries ingress chart, but I donít dare Ė I have got to get out of here and go play in the sunshine!

Ok, I couldnít stand it... The í08 Aries ingress chart has lots of Mutable, with Moon at 12 VIR 02 opposed Mercury and Venus in Pisces, all square the Asc. at 10 GEM 57. Mercury features again, as dispositor of Moon and Lord of the Asc. - meanwhile, opposing one and squaring the other. Saturn is a little left out in an early degree of Virgo Ė almost as if he has already played his part.
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