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Astrology - the force

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Posted: Sun Nov 04, 2007 6:29 pm    Post subject: Astrology - the force Reply with quote

I am the author of Soulmate and discoverer of The Soulmate Code. In recognising all here as serious students and practitioners of astrology dealing at levels that require a combination of study, mathematics and feeling or appreciation for interpretation to deliver the story behind the chart, I hope you will receive what I am about to disclose with a fair degree openmindedness.

For far too long Astrology has struggled to combat the criticisms laid at its doorstep by ‘the scientific view’. I believe I may have a way to finally meet the challenge and enable astrology to take its rightful place in the hallowed halls of ‘science’. And I would like to engage your views and support to make this possible. First, however, I would point out that whilst I acknowledge the contribution all of the planets in our solar system may contribute vibrationally to our existence from time to time, I have modeled the soulmate system on the Sun for reasons that will become evident as you read on. Moreover, I would also like to state that what I refer to as the ‘scales of electromagnetic relationships’ forms two octaves – one passive and one active – in conformity with Yin and Yang, the law of seven and the ray of creation. So far, data research has been consistent in that out of a scale ranging from 0 to 7 there is an absolute dearth of one-to-one relationships between couples at 0+ or 0-. This is extraordinary. If the system and the scales were unsound then there ought to be a fair number of these as any other. But there are not. Much more data will need to be collected before it may be possible to say to Dawkins or Randi or their like –“Look, cast a cold eye over this and weep”. If these variations continue it will be the beginning of a proving ground for astrology.

And so to Soulmate…

The “Law of Poles” states: Like poles repel each other, and unlike poles attract each other. If the N poles of two magnets are brought close to each other they push apart. The same is true for the S poles of two magnets, they also repel one another. But if the N pole of one is brought together with the S pole of another they are strongly attracted to each other.

The earth is a giant magnet. It is becoming clearer from recent studies into how some animals have the ability to detect the magnetic field which geographically guides them that it is biological. It is in bees and it has been found in recent months in the beaks of pigeons and now thought to be in all birds. Moreover, it is a ferromagnetic property called magnetite. Ferromagnetic crystals interact more than a million times more strongly with external magnetic fields than do diamagnetic or paramagnetic materials (deoxyhemoglobin, ferritin, and hemosiderin). But what has stunned the scientific world is that magnetite has been found in humans. The question being asked now is what is magnetite doing in the human cortex and spinal cord?

Soulmate says that we humans are magnetically tied to the earth and our behaviour is informed by the position of the Earth’s electromagnetic field and its affect on our brains when we are born. Importantly, Soulmate was developed before the scientists found magnetite in the brain. It accounts for human behaviour by suggesting that our instinctive behavioural patterns are stamped into us by the alignment of pyramidal crystals in our brains’ to the earth’s magnetic field through electromagnetism. We soon learn to adapt our natural instincts to whatever conditions we find ourselves in as we leave babyhood. Soon after we forget our natural state preferring to always wear and believe in our masks – the conditions prevailing from our charts. But our real selves are just waiting to spring up at times of severe stress. In a recent paper published by Dr. Heleen Coetzee to the Academy for Future Science she said:
“In the human brain, pyramidal cells are present and arranged in layers in the cortex of the two cerebra. The pyramidal cells act as electro-crystal cells immersed in extra-cellular tissue fluids, and seem to operate in the fashion of a liquid crystal oscillator in response to different light commands, or light pulses which, in turn, change the orientation of every molecule and atom within the body. Biogravitational encoded switches present in the brain allow a type of liquid network to release ions that induce currents to the surrounding coiled dendrites. Electron impulses from a neuron, on reaching the dendrite coil of the abutted cell, generate a micro amperage magnetic field, causing the ultra thin crystal, or liquid crystal in the pyramidal cell to be activated --- in a very unusual way. On flexing, this ultra thin crystal becomes a piezoelectric oscillator, producing a circular polarized light pulse that travels throughout the body, or travels as a transverse photonic bundle of energy.”

My interest in this began in my early schooldays when I attended an all-boys school. I noticed that each class year was markedly different to my own. Notwithstanding the striking differences to be recognized in different ages in the formative years I perceived a subtle but clear difference in the pupils above me and the pupils below me. Some years had duller, more agreeable and studious types – future civil servants or accountants - while other years had the wild bunch – not particularly academic but bright and energetic types. And so on. If that wasn’t enough I noticed in my own year that we appeared to be quite bright and alert but we were split into three classes in recognition of our mental prowess. I have to say here that those who were relegated to the third division in the end turned out to be the cleverest of all three groups. And there was a reason for this which I have only come to understand through Soulmate.

Soulmate or The Soulmate Code is an application of the organization of opposites visited on the known, combined and accepted 12 portions of time in month and year form that reveal a pattern of five behaviours which permeates the human entity.

The same law that governs magnetism governs all existence and that is everything has an opposite in or of itself. From that I came to realise that even human beings at the most elementary level represent that as men and women.

For a long time I had been interested in astrology but it had always vexed me that astrologers providing explanations for the behaviours of people of different signs did not seem to allow for the clear differences between men and women’s thinking and behaviours in each sign. This obviously doesn’t include those reading individual charts, For example if they gave an out-pouring about Taurus my daughter who is Taurean would recognize maybe 70% as correct. This is common. That said however, we can all easily see common traits for each type. Indeed, that’s what makes it fun. Astrology, however, has never been able to counteract the scientific criticisms of its efforts.

The soulmate code was devised out of this. Acknowledging astrology as the oldest known ‘science’ I applied the principles of magnetic law to its wisdom. I began by taking the first sign of the zodiac, Aries, and applied the symbol + for dynamic, male or or Yang electromagnetic energy field. This meant by the magnetic law of opposites that the next sign, Taurus, would be – for laconic, female or yin electromagnetic energy field. The next sign, Gemini, becomes + and the next, Cancer becomes – and so on. I then divided the signs into to groups. I put all the plus signs together and I put all the minus signs together. But in recognition that in each sign there is a female and a male and either one can be predominated over by a male or a female mind, to find it I had to apply the law of opposites once again. So taking the first group, the + or Yang group, I began with Aries and because it is the first in the, the first male (+) reverse polarity (remember like poles repel; unlike poles attract) and he became -. The female Aries follows on from this and becomes +. The next sign in the plus group is Gemini and following on from Aries, the male is + and female is -. The next sign Leo, the male is – and female is + and so on. In the same way I took the – or Yin group and starting with Taurus, the male retained his opposite polarity of + and the female hers of -. The next sign, Cancer, the male was – and the female was +. The next sign, Virgo, the male was + and the female was -. And so on.

I now had two poles like a battery with a plus terminal and a minus terminal. Energy in one end and out the other. But there are two forces on the earth – lines of longitude and lines of latitude. Therefore I applied the same mechanism to the Chinese Signs. These are the same as western astrology in that there are 12 of them representing the twelve animals
That first arrived when called upon by the Buddah. They represent the behaviour of people born in those years. Each sign was given a polarity rating (I have since come to understand the Chinese have always recognized what I instinctively chose as Plus and Minus as stems. They are exactly the same as I chose. Again the two groups of plus and minus were split into male and female and the result was that depending on gender and date of birth a person’s electromagnetic polarity can be easily recognized. That rating or code is in 4 poles of + or – and the combination of them against the combination of another person’s determines the outcome of the relationship.

There is a scale of electromagnetic relationships ranging from 0 to 7 on the plus side and 0 to 7 on the minus side. The nearer to 7 the greater the magnetic relationship; the further from the 7, the weaker. One would expect to find an equal number of one to one relationships for each of the codes but so far it appears that those at the 0 scale points (++++ and ++++) or (- - - - and - - - -) do not exist. I anticipate we will find a bell curve graph when enough data can be collected.

Earlier this year a Dr. David Voas, a Research Fellow in statistics at Manchester university, examined 10 million marriages in the UK from the most recent census there and found absolutely no evidence that birthsigns played any part in cupid’s bow. When I contacted him he told me he realized that my system required the year of birth which is something he was unable to avail of because the Census office will not release the information. He found that there was a graph display exactly as you would expect from chance and no two signs were any more attracted than any other. Whilst this was a large body of information worthy of such statements and examination I believe his information may have proved that western birth signs are unrelated but his conclusions that astrology was facile was wrong. Soulmate can prove quite the opposite and if we can see that comparatively speaking there is a dearth of relationships between those who are 0 on the scales of electromagnetic relationships over any other combinations it can be shown that the combination of East and West birth signs are valid and that we humans are subject to the vibrations of the universe.

Not only does the soulmate code work for one to one relations it also applies to group situations. The Beatles, together with George Martin, through happenstance or not made up each of the five electromagnetic types. And what a lethal and balanced combination they made too. Out of 15 Popes elected to the throne of St Peter in the last 200 years, none were 4 (T)ransmitters (+ + + +) type and none were 4 (R)eceivers (- - - -) type. In fact what would you want to elect a pope but a man who had balance and 11 of the 15 were just that 2 (T)ransmitters 2 (R)eceivers type. Schools can benefit from this system and particularly single sex schools. Each class is made up mostly from a particular year and their polarity rating can be discerned. The right teacher can then be found for that class or an explanation can be given for the breakdown or otherwise for the teacher/pupils relations based on their electromagnetic make-up. So for example say it is a boys school and the class is made up of 16 year olds. Most will have been born in 1991, the year of the Sheep which is a ( - - ) polarity for males. It therefore means the class will be made up of boys with the following magnetic codes (+ + - -) ( + - - -) (- - - -). They will be a seriously laconic group. If the majority of the class come from western birth signs whereby at best they can have two dynamics ( + + ) to add to the year’s polarity of ( - - ) they will be balanced and reasonably willing but if the class is over-weighted laconically with ( - ) they will be disruptive, unruly, bored and have difficulty paying sufficient attention to learn anything. This would be a pity as they are very clever given the chance. So what they need is a dynamic teacher. They will benefit greatly from someone who has 4 (T)ransmitters or 3(T)ransmitters.

For further information and experimentation, which I would greatly welcome, please visit my website I would especially be grateful if anyone can correlate charts they are doing for people with the results from soulmate code and advise me of their comparative analysis where possible.
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