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Summer Storms

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Andrew Bevan

Joined: 20 Dec 2005
Posts: 4676
Location: Oslo, Norway

Posted: Thu Jul 30, 2009 7:21 pm    Post subject: Summer Storms Reply with quote

A horrendous weather hit the Oslo-region today at about 15.00 CST today, July 30. I had been working under my car mot of the day and the time was close to 15.20 CST when I ran to the house for shelter. The rain and wind was torrentous, and was over us on a flash. I was dripping wet after only a few minutes.

Several trees were down only a few hundred metres for where I live. On tree brought down electic calbes, too. The local gardner lost his roof and one tree came down crushing a kindergarden. One adult and 3 children were inside, but no one was injured.

When the worst was over, I was out under the car again in a raincoat. I could hear the motorsaws going from people out tidying up from the damage. Strong winds are expected in over Southern Norway later tonight. Weather forcasters say that the wind yet has to pick up and start blowing.

Source images:
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Joined: 04 Feb 2009
Posts: 922
Location: Netherlands

Posted: Thu Jul 30, 2009 10:57 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Coincidentally I've been observing today's weather astrologically. It looks like Norway got the worst part but the Netherlands too got their part. I had a look at the chart for 15:00 for Oslo.

Date/Time: 2009.07.30 13:00:00 UTC (GMT - Delta T), JD = 2455043.041667
Sidereal Time: 09:33:12, Delta T = 69.7 seconds
Geocentric positions

Phase of Moon: 0.303 (0.000=New; 0.250=First 1/4; 0.500=Full; 0.750=Last 1/4)

Planet Longitude Latitude Right Asc. Declination
Sun 07 Leo 30'09" - 000'00" 08:39:38 1823'42"
Moon 26 Sco 20'15" - 445'20" 15:31:15 -2357'14"
Moon's Node 00 Aqr 12'06" 000'00" 20:09:34 -2006'27"
Apogee 11 Cap 44'07" - 140'53" 18:51:41 -2435'45"
Mercury 24 Leo 11'10" 123'12" 09:47:53 1446'02"
Venus 28 Gem 15'16" - 142'27" 05:52:29 2143'13"
Mars 12 Gem 44'56" - 018'39" 04:45:23 2201'06"
Jupiter 24 Aqr 00'07"R - 102'35" 21:46:41 -1430'17"
Saturn 19 Vir 12'09" 159'25" 11:23:26 606'15"
Uranus 26 Psc 17'27"R - 047'13" 23:47:38 - 211'49"
Neptune 25 Aqr 33'52"R - 024'48" 21:51:53 -1323'18"
Pluto 01 Cap 06'27"R 539'40" 18:04:38 -1746'25"

MC 203' Virgo
Asc 934' Scorpio

There are quite a few interesting aspects. First the T-square of Mercury Moon (apex) Jupiter conjunct Neptune. Mercury just had passed the MC.
Uranus is in square with Venus and sextile Moon.

In the Netherlands it was warm and muggy yesterday. I was up late and at 0:55 (30july)the first rain came (in my city, Utrecht) heavy rainfall and some thunder during half an hour. The Moon had just set and in 1904' Scorpius was close to exact sextile Saturn. Later on the day there was a short and heavy rainfall at 16:45 just after the Moon had risen. These Moon positions fit to the Netherlands being a Cancer country Smile.

This heavy rainfall in the countries around the North Sea contrasts with the longduring excessive heat in the Mediterranean area with several bush fires. This doesn't mean that weather astrology is wrong. I think the aspects work differently and according to the usual local circumstances.

Next week I'm on holiday to Southern France. Hopefully it will be less warm. I think the upcoming Mars Saturn square later combined with Mercury and Uranus in mid august will give bad weather around the North Sea again.
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Andrew Bevan

Joined: 20 Dec 2005
Posts: 4676
Location: Oslo, Norway

Posted: Tue Aug 04, 2009 2:00 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Not wanting to let go of this entirely. Here is the chart:

Mercury was opposite Jupiter earlier that very day, which creates an condition called 'an opening of the gates' and the sudden uproar of weather could be no better testimony of this effect. The aspect was exact at 12.20 CST at which time 15 Libra was on the ascendant of Oslo.

The Sun, Moon and Ascendant are all in violent fixed signs. The Moon forms a T-square with Mercury/Jupiter and is opposite Algol. The Spell of Weather was a truly Spellbinding sight as it rolled up the Oslo fjord.

At the time the bad weather turned in, Mercury had just culiminated with the ME/JU opposition along the Meridian. In the chart of Norway, Mars is 8SC58 and Saturn is 2PI52. At 15.00hrs Mars in the chart of Norway is rising, while Saturn is on the lower midheavan.
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