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The Old Isis/Osiris Theme Again!
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Joined: 27 Jul 2006
Posts: 221
Location: London

Posted: Sat May 10, 2008 9:41 pm    Post subject: The Old Isis/Osiris Theme Again! Reply with quote

I'm Not against masons, although not wishing any religion to get the upper hand as history tells us, politics and religion must stay separate!

Thought this web-link would interest:-

The Interesting information, as it says - "The United Lodge of England issued the Royal Household with a warrent in June last year, although it will not formally exist until the consecration ceremony on May 19th 2008 at the Freemason's Hall in London, that will be followed by a celebration dinner for up to 300 guests at the historic Lincoln's Inn."

Firstly, Lincoln's Inn was historically Knights Kemplar property, although my particular interest is masonic astrology, that is generally the ancient way and involves parans which is the modern way involving astronomers!

As is usual involving parans, masons mark the start of the day of a ceremony, but they keep you guessing!

Obviously actual time astrology sticks out like a sore thumb, so we must examine the start of the it the ancient Babylonian and Greek way being Sun set?........or the ancient Egyptian and Roman way being Sunrise?.....or the modern way being Mid-Night?

Actually Masons use all three, but on this occasion it is the ancient Babylonian and Greek style, being Sunset, although the projected measurement is used as well, sometimes, just to keep you guessing with Hermetic astrology!

Generally markers are set at the beginning of the day by Isis or Osiris Heaven stars, being Sirius or the central star of the Belt of the Orion, being Alnilam.

Most astrologers here have paran knowledge, so May 19th becomes Sunset at 20:44pm on 18th May 2008, if we are using ancient Greek parans at Sunset!

This is still a few days off, so set up your parans for Sunset in London on 18th May 2008.........Hermetic astrology, i think you will agree, as the Sun sets with Alnilam/Osiris God Star!
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Joined: 27 Jul 2006
Posts: 221
Location: London

Posted: Mon May 12, 2008 1:44 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I thought this would interest, and presents a puzzle till you understand it.
Please read report on the opening of the new Bunker Hill Museum on 14 June 2007.

Both the obelisk monument and the museum commemorates the brave Americans that fought against the English on 17 June 1775, in their fight for independence, the complex is funded by masons.

It seems strange to open this new complex on 14th June 2007, with a cornerstone laying/ceremony, when most would have waited till the anniversary on 17th June!

If you have a look on your astrology programme, it will give you the answer. 14th June 2007 in Boston Massachusetts, any time will be ok, for you will find that for the whole day that the Sun is conjunct Alnilam within one degree orb by projected fixed stars!
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Joined: 27 Jul 2006
Posts: 221
Location: London

Posted: Fri May 16, 2008 12:22 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Political aims and beliefs being filtered through ancient electional astrology has been ignored generally as they can make us feel uneasy, many blame this on the specialization of study, both religion and science rarely give any serious consideration to each other.

Archeologists rarely mix with archeoastronomers, hence much of mankind's history has been left to those who present it from their own limited perspective.

It appears that bits and pieces of prehistoric knowledge has survived in various esoteric forms through secret societies such as the Mystery Schools of Egypt and the Schools of Pythagoras. These little understood groups passed along not only religious concepts such as reincarnation, and perhaps the location of "Heaven", but real knowledge in architectural design, construction, astronomy and sacred calendars.

It is human nature to feel suspicious over that which isn't open to scrutiny, yet there are many groups and we dont know enough about them to pass judgement, however there are well hidden signs of their astrology that can be found by research.

With that in mind, i'm returning to the dates that Greece changed over from the Julian to the Gregorian Calendar. In doing so, i must thank Kim Farnell for her exhaustive search on dates of change-over from her web-site, web-link below :-

Please scroll down to Greek dates.

At first as calendar reform was chaotic in Greece, as many dates are given, you would be forgiven to think that no clear cut idea of electional astrology could be given, however lets look at the dates individually.

1st March 1923, time 00:00 am in Athens (paran measurement fixed stars) Regulus culminating on M.C./midheaven.
The ancients valued the Royal Persian Star, Regulus as the ruler of the angles of the Earth, so must be deemed suspicious finding this star on an angle during calendar reform.
There are only a small group of stars that actually sit on the ecliptic, yet the projected measurement places all stars on this line, when this can be out by approx. 5 degrees either way, Regulus actually sitting on the ecliptic means that you can use either measure being projected or the visual paran.

28th Feb 1923 time 00:00am in Athens. Viewing this from midnight and as 28th Feb is only the day before 1st March there is bleed over, so we get Regulus culminating on M.C. again by paran.

Most reports favour the Greek Orthodox Church date of 23rd March 1924, time 00:00am. Centre star of Belt of Orion, Alnilam just out of sinc with Desc. angle from the latitude of Athens, yet creeps in on an animated chart set to a yearly basis within five years by paran.
This may be viewed exactly on the date by moving to a lower location, like Sparta, now called Sparti.

24 March 1924, 00:00am Sparti, Greece. Alnilam isnt on desc. angle on this date but creeping in every two out of four years.

22 March 1924 00:00 Athens....Alnilam setting by paran on Desc. Angle.

14th October 1923....No stars on angle at 00:00.

So what looks like a hopeless mess actually point to two stars being Alnilam or Regulus with only 14th October 1923 that i cant find an important star involved.

Because of the fairly modern "timezones" which means that on 1st Jan/New Year at mid-night Greece doesnt have Sirius on the M.C. as this happens every 15* degrees of longitude from the Greenwich Meridian, and Greece falls in between 15* and 30* degrees of longitude.

Greece values 1st Jan as a civil date, but the Eastern Orthodox Church uses 1st September as the start of the calendar, symbolic of New Year.
In the Eastern Roman Empire in the Greek or Constantinopolitan indictions, originally New Year was September 23rd, Being the birthday of Augustus/Octavian but this was moved to 1st September in 0462 A.D.

The Patriarch of Alexandria is the Archbishop of Alexandria and Cairo. Historically, this office has included the designation of Pope and did so earlier than that of the Bishop of Rome. The first Bishop to be called Papa was the thirteenth Coptic Patriarch of Alexandria, Papa Heraclas.

Of all the suspicious alignments at New Year, the London, England adoption of the Gregorian Calendar screams electional astrology for they took out 11 days in September 1752, which changed the mid-heaven at mid-night on 1st Jan 1753, where we find Sirius conjunct M.C. conjunct Jupiter exactly at midnight.

So lets look at another occasion when Jupiter was used on 1st September 0462 A.D. in Alexandria, Egypt.
During these early years of the Western Julian calendar it would be very unlikely that mid-night was the day marker, as it was difficult to calcalate by water clocks, it is far more likely it was Sunrise, being the Egyptian and Roman way or Sunset, being the Greek and Babylonian way.

As the Year beginning was originally Octavians birthday, and much influenced by Roman rule it is likely it was Sun rise.
Also if electional astrology was used then it would have to have the favourable star connected to both Constantinople and Athens, so politically speaking latitude and longitude is a factor, if the star was a heliacal rising star then it would only rise in a straight line, however if the Sun rose with Jupiter and at the exact time Alnilam was Culminating on the M.C., we find in Alexandria at 05:36am on 1st September 0462 the Sun rising with Jupiter with Alnilam Culminating, and in Constantinople and Athens exactly the same although they just miss out of a perfect alignment involving Jupiter to Alnilam.

Obviously when Greece changed over calendars in 1923/4 this effected the angles on 1st September, so now set up an animated chart on a yearly basis starting on 1st September 1923 in Athens and look at the projected fixed stars where you will find Alnilam just getting in sinc with the Ascendent for some years, the alignment increases as you flick through the years....these ancient method astrologers love the angles!

Sirius and Alnilam were the heaven stars to the ancient Egyptians and as beliefs inter-mixed by conquests, it seems in secret they were adopted by the Christian faith as well as the mystery schools.

The behind the scenes figure of adoption of the Gregorian Calendar in Greece was Meletios Metaxakis who was made Patriarch/Pope of Alexandria, however he wasn't a popular choice, and died in July 1935.
He actually went out of his mind, and after six days of grinding his teeth and wringing his hands, he died groaning plaintively his last words "Alas i have divided the church, i have destroyed Orthodoxy"

He is buried in Cairo and at his Hierarchal funeral, his masonic apron was placed over his episcopal vestments by his brother masons, his masonic gloves and evergreen twig were placed in his coffin.
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Joined: 27 Jul 2006
Posts: 221
Location: London

Posted: Sun May 18, 2008 1:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Epilogue on the above:-

The Patriarch of Alexandria is also "Papa/Pope" to the Coptic Church who follow the oldest calendar in existence, being the last remnant of the Great Egyptian calendar started 5,000 years ago....they use 11th September as the day of New Year, symbolising the Sun rising with Sirius!

Please read Wikipedia:-

Patriarch Peter VII of Alexandria, being Petros Papapetrou of Cyprus assumed the Patriarchate of Alexandria on March 9th 1997.

He died in a helicopter "crash" on a trip to the spiritual "Mount Athos" in Greece, where the helicopter crashed into the Aegean Sea, along with with three other bishops of Alexandria......the cause of the crash is "uncertain!"

Please read Wikipedia or search for news reports if you wish:-

Some people believe "Pigs can fly", but the date of this crash is hard to swallow, being "11th September 2004"!
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Joined: 27 Jul 2006
Posts: 221
Location: London

Posted: Sun May 18, 2008 3:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I see that a cornerstone ceremony was laid on 4th July 2004, representing the start of building the "New World Trade Centre" which is going to be called "The Freedom Tower", that will be completed in 2012.

I fully understand that America doesnt want to be pushed around and celebrating this on independence day, however most Americans dont fully understand the intended astrology of the day, even after two hundred years and procession, we find Sirius conjunct the Sun by projected after 5pm. on 4th July in our era in New York and most other places in America.

Indeed we only have to look up when the ground breaking ceremony happened on the the original twin towers to see a connection, which was 5th August 1966.....please read Wikipedia:-

If you look up your parans you will see that the early days of August in New York will show (including 5th August) that by the laws of ancient parans, that this is one of five days when Sirius is the Heliacal rising star!

When completed it will be the tallest building in the world, being 1,776 feet tall to represent the year of independence, and when you look at philadelphia on 4th July 1776 you will find Alnilam is the Heliacal rising star, however try it after Sun rise as Egyptian parans start at Sun rise, and it is an exact measurement at that location!

I wonder about the mental health of the "World Traders" when they move back in, after all it was attacked twice, and no one could stop it!
The World Trade Centre wasn't attacked because it was a tall building, but because it housed the Western World Traders, and as it will do so again, it seems that civilians are taking all the risk, i'm sure they would like to be in a new building only five storeys high like the Pentagon that had its ground breaking ceremony on 11th September 1941.

On 11th September 2001, it is only by all aircrafts being grounded that the tall building on Canary Wharf essential to "The City of London" wasn't hit as well, i wonder if hall buildings are the right policy?

Coupled to this the latest on the "Think Tank" on Global Warming states that by 2050 that the sea will rise to a significant level, and hurricanes will rake the coast of America up to New York, and will be strong in nature.

The Harbour of New York sits at a right angle to incoming Hurricanes which promotes sea surges during hurricanes, indeed it wouldnt be the first time that New York has experienced the sea coming over the top!

The part of Manattan Island that is at most risk is the tip which is the location of the New Freedom Tower, and as this building is going to cost hundreds of millions of dollars, the risk of people being unable to use it in the next 50 years is considerable, and could be a waste of money!

11th September 2001 is interesting, for as the Sun set in Washington and New York, on that awful day, Alnilam clicked into place on the I.C./Nadir angle....angles again!

A computer generated moving picture of the future completed "Freedom Tower" can be found on this web-Link:-
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Joined: 27 Jul 2006
Posts: 221
Location: London

Posted: Mon May 19, 2008 5:13 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Firstly i must say that i consider all theories that America was involved in killing their own people on 11th September 2001 as completely without foundation, however i feel that some of the American mystery schools knew that after it happened, someone somewhere was attacking them with their own methods of astrology and symbolism.
After all if we admit to the Western esoteric Mystery tradition, then there must be an Eastern one!

Obviously when Masons escaped to America they could sigh with relief as they couldnt be persecuted, we can see this in the cornerstone of the White House being laid on 13 October 1792, being the date of arrest of the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar, several centuries earlier.

However the symbolism doesnt stop there, as ancient parans were used, David Ovason sought to explain this by actual time astrology, and is at best estimated times....i dont think they use actual time astrology often and is better explained by parans, actual time astrology sticks out like a sore thumb, and is detected quickly!

Parans are attached to the start of the day, Egyptian and Roman parans start at Sunrise, Babylonian and Greek parans start at Sunset, and modern parans start at "Mid-Night".
It is beyond humans to say when is the right time to start the day, so masons fudge the issue by using all three, even today the Jews start the day at sunset...anyone going to say they are wrong?

The ceremonies of masons are usually set to the start of the day of ceremonies, but not always.
As the cornerstone of the White House was laid on 13th Oct 1792, i start by looking at the Suns position in relation to the fixed stars, by projected and paran on the angles by sunset, sunrise and mid-night. (obviously generally the Sun isnt involved at mid-night as the Sun is near but not on the I.C. angle.)

By modern parans we see by midnight Sirius is rising on the Ascendant..pretty exact orb 01 mins 22 secs. and the Sun conjunct Spica right through the day by projected.
Further to this by paran as the Sun culminates so does Spica as well as the nadir during the course of the day.....pretty powerful stars, i think you will agree.

Web-link as follows:-

Here i have to say in 1792, we didnt have timezones thus the difference from Greenwich was +05:08:03, this makes a lot of difference when looking at later dates after timezones.

Okay if were to look at the 20th Century and as timezones had been introduced, this makes a lot of difference when looking at a fixed star, as the time difference now becomes +05:00 for Washington D.C.

Lets look now at "The House of the Temple", in Washington D.C., being a very powerful centre of mystery schools, and dates of construction.
Web-link as follows:-

As you can see the important dates are:-
Ground breaking on May 31st 1911.
Cornerstone was laid on 18th Oct. 1911.
The building was dedicated four years later on 18th Oct 1915.
The Temple was modeled after the Mausoleum of Maussollos and designed by John Russell Pope.

Anyone on this web-site can see what i'm explaining by having a good astrology programme that shows Parans and projected measurements.
On Monday 31st May 1911 at Sunset being 19:21pm by paran that the Sun Sets with Sirius and most of the day by projected the Sun is conjunct Aldebaran, being an extremely powerful Royal Persian Star.

Cornerstone was laid on 18th October 1911, which is the same as the the cornerstone of the White House on 13th Oct 1792, the difference is procession and "TimesZones" (difference being just over eight minutes), Thus on 18th Oct. 1911, Sirius is still rising at Mid-night!
Plus Spica is an exact measurement at Sunrise orb 01 mins 26 secs by paran, which is an extremely powerful star.

The same applies to 18th Oct. 1915 in Washington.

Christians that feel they must comment on masons being satanists, i refer them to the Gregorian Reform in Rome,.....the last minute of the Julian Calendar was 23:59pm on 4th Oct. 1582....Sirius rising by paran, and 1st Jan 1583 being New Year where by projected, Sirius is on the M.C. one is satanists in this matter, however we need a mundane astrology police force to make sure astrology methods are not used in symbolism to kill humans!
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Joined: 27 Jul 2006
Posts: 221
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Posted: Thu May 22, 2008 9:33 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Firstly i must refer to the Greek adoption of Gregorian Calendar again, with my comments that 24 March 1924 at 00:00am, where at the location of Sparti, Alnilam isnt on the Desc. angle by paran on that year but creeping in.

We must move higher to Patrai, Greece (38*N15', 21*E44') to find Alnilam fairly exact (orb 02 mins 57 secs.) on 24 March 1924.

Confusion over calendar reform is generally due to the history of conquest or different parts of a country that is now whole, that was earlier ruled under different kingdoms, however Greece in 1923/4 was whole, therefor my only interpretation of so many dates linked to the calendar reform in Greece, can be political in fighting due to regions wanting the the auspicious powerful stars of Alnilam and Regulus on an angle during calendar dates.

Ancient monuments interest me intensely, as does the Renaissance period. The Italian Engineer Domenico Fontana and Pope Sixtus V also interests me, being the next Pope after Gregory XIII (Gregorian Calendar.)

Domenico Fortana (1543-1607) was given the task of erecting four obelisks, some of which were buried thus needed finding, taken earlier to Rome by Roman Emperors.

The four Egyptian obelisks were 1) the one outside the Vatican, 2) The Lateran obelisk, the largest authentic Egyptian obelisk in the western world, 3) The Obelisk in Piazza Del Popolo, date unknown of erection although obviously would be found in the Vatican Library, and 4) The one in Piazzo di s Maria Maggiorre in Rome, also date unknown of erection, although year can be found.

I am not trying to bring religion into controversy, however i'm trying to search for our religious links, which will be by astrology.

Domenico Fontano can be read about on this web-link that will supply the date of erection of the Vatican obelisk:-

The Date is 28th September 1586.
With Egyptian Obelisks, i'm using Egyptian parans that start at sunrise which is 05:57am, where it can be seen that as the Sun rises, Sirius culminates on the Mid-Heaven!

The Lateran obelisk was raised on 3rd August 1588, as can be seen on this web-link:-

Heliacal rising stars are very important when viewing parans, however some can remain that way for months by the rules of parans....i wouldnt give you a date and a star that stayed that way for months, i value this either being exact or a star being heliacal for just 3-4 days.

There may be some secrecy involved by different ways to value the start of the day as Sirius remains the heliacal rising star from sunrise on 2nd August 1588 till just before sunrise on 3rd August 1588, orb 14 mins 13 secs.

Perhaps as the scaffolding was still up on the 2nd August, a ceremony was conducted then, or through the night before sunrise, but Sirius can only remain the heliacal rising star for Rome on this date for 3-4 days and does bleed over into 3 August 1588 by modern parans calcalated by midnight!

When these obelisks were first erected in Egypt several thousand years previously, i would have thought they were originally aligned to Sirius, perhaps in the same way!

In looking at the start of the Julian Calendar, Pliny the classical Roman historian had something interesting to say about Julius Caesar which is as follows:- "There were three main schools, the Chaldeans, the Egyptian and the Greek, and to these a fourth was added in our country by Julius Caesar during his dictatorship, who with the assistance of the learned astronomer, Sosigenes, brought the separate years back into conformity with the course of the Sun".

Obviously Pliny was talking about the events starting the Julian Calendar, but more interestingly, did he mean that Caesar had started a new mystery school?

Some of the reasons why Caesar was assassinated were to do with his interest in Cleopatra and the God monarchs, although he never went as far as claiming he was divine, he was suspected of it, obviously the Senate felt this was dangerous, however they didnt stop the slide into the emperors of Rome, Octavian as Emperor Augustus was claimed to be divine, so ended the Republican rule!

Indeed Cleopatra was extremely political and saw an having babies with important Romans could see her children on the throne of Rome, she had Caesarion by Julius Caesar and had three children by Mark Antony!

She was also Greek as was Sosigenes, and ancient Greeks calcalated the day by sunset, that has huge implications to the start of the Julian Calendar on 1st January 0045 B.C.

The Greek Ptolemaic rulers had seen that the Egyptian calendar was nearly exact in 238 B.C. and had tried to add a leap day every four years, however the priests and the Egyptian populance didn't want it, so it was put on hold....till Julius Caesar arrived in Egypt.

Perhaps Cleopatra was scheming or Julius Caesar started two calendars, one for Rome at sunrise, and one at sunset for the mystery schools,...a calendar is okay by both methods and stays accurate by the intentions of the creators, even though the Julian calendar was too long in a year by 11 minutes.

Cleopatra although being Greek often dressed as Isis and was regarded as Isis on Earth by her subjects, perhaps an Egyptian mystery school was created at the time of the creation of the Julian Calendar, for 1st Jan 0045 B.C. becomes sunset on 31st Dec. 0046 B.C. by Greek methods, being 17:19pm.

There is only one place in Egypt that i can find an alignment with Sirius at sunset, being Luxor/Thebes at 17:19pm. The ancient Capital of Egypt, near the sacred temples of Karnak and not far from the Valley of the Kings!

Exactly at 17:19 the Sun sets as Sirius is rising orb 00 mins 24 secs by paran, please check, there is no mistake......i wonder what political intigues were developing on that day over 2 thousand years ago, and was the Goddess Isis/Sirius part of it, after all Greeks used sunset and the Egyptians used sunrise, other than that it is nearly the same as the ancient Egyptian calendar started nearly 3 thousand years earlier than the Julian Calendar, and both used Sirius!
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Joined: 27 Jul 2006
Posts: 221
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Posted: Sat May 24, 2008 4:19 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

My reasons for trying to open up this area of study isnt to slur masons, indeed my method of looking at this, shows that i am even handed with religion, even though it may have taken me some time to get to my recent insights!

Throughout history religion has been used as a basis of conflict, if i have an aim it is gentle reform which would be open to scrutiny, religion can lead to power and power can corrupt, and needs the people to have open access.

Whoever burned the Library of Alexandria, i have no wish for ancient knowledge to be lost again!

When i first started getting interested in Sandusky, Ohio, it was that there had been reports that some of the street plan had been laid out in the form of a square and compass.

After looking at this using Google Earth, i wasn't convinced as it was well hidden, it is like joining up the points and can be easily missed.
I hoped i would find a mason web-link to confirm this, and as the masons dont admit very much, i was astonished to find this report written by The Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon:-

The Wikipedia report is as follows:-,_Ohio

Where you will note that it says as follows:-"Sandusky was the site of groundbreaking for the Mad River and Lake River Railroad on September 17 1835".

David Ovason used many estimated times in his book " Secret Zodiacs of Washington D.C.", generally i would stay away from estimated times but using parans on this occasion it is interesting to have a look.

Using Egyptian parans we find the start of the day in Sandusky Ohio (41*N26', 82*W42') being Sunrise that happened at 05:46am, and as the Sun rose, Alnilam clicked into place exactly on the mid-heaven angle, culminating.

As this was a groundbreaking ceremony i would expect the railway workers to arrive within an hour of sunrise, probably 7am.

I would estimate the ceremony of groundbreaking to be just before 7am as Mercury is rising when Sirius is culminating on the mid-heaven.

The reasons being that the Roman God Mercury is the Greek God Hermes which is the Egyptian God Thoth, further more Mercury attached to Sirius by the angles of the Earth would bring good influences to bear regarding transport (Mercury) which was the reason of the groundbreaking being a railway!
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Joined: 27 Jul 2006
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Posted: Sat May 24, 2008 7:18 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Some of the earliest references to astronomy and indeed Sirius and Orion in Greece occur in the Works and Days written by the poet Hasiod, sometime before 750 B.C. Hesiod listed the days on which it is best to pursue various activities, such as harvesting grapes and defined them according to the rising of particular stars:-

"When Orion and Sirius shall have reached mid-heaven and Arturus shall rise with Dawn, then oh Perses, gather your grapes and bring them home".

As a closing word on Sandusky, Ohio, on 17th September 1835, Mercury rose at 06:56am as Sirius culminated by paran, and at that time Jupiter was at 12*32' Cancer, the M.C. was 08*56' Cancer in rough alignment together, a quick look at projected stars will tell you that Jupiter was conjunct Sirius -00*44'.

A lot of researchers have an interest in Bath, U.K. which originally was a Roman town, to me it has added interest as part of the town was constructed by masons, and can be valued as an earlier attempt at a symbolic city regarding the stars before Washington D.C.

The Circus is a famous example of Georgian architecture and has a friese along the top of the building that includes many masonic symbols like compasses.

It is generally accepted that the architect, John wood the elder was a mason who died before he saw the completion of his design, his son John Wood the Younger completed his fathers dream.

The Key is a known masonic symbol, and if you have Google Earth, go to Bath where you can see that the Circus, Gay St and Queens Square form the shape of a "key" when viewed over head.

It is thought that the Circus represents the Sun and the Royal Crescent represents the Moon.

Wikipedia link:-

Other web-site that will give the date of the laying of the foundation stone of the King's Circus (7th February 1754) as follows:-

On this occasion Sunset/Greek methods are used to mark the start of the day of the ceremony of the laying of foundation stone of King's Circus in Bath U.K. So 7th February 1754 becomes Sunset on 6th Feb. 1754.

If you have parans animate the chart so the Sun is exactly on the desc. angle, where you will find Sirius rising as the Sun Sets orb 00 mins 29 secs.

Exactly the same alignment as nearly 2000 years earlier in Thebes when the Julian Calendar was created!
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Joined: 27 Jul 2006
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Posted: Sat May 24, 2008 7:46 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Actual time of Sunset on 6th Feb. 1754 in Bath, U.K. is 16:53pm.
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Joined: 27 Jul 2006
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Posted: Wed May 28, 2008 2:34 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Over the last 2000 years New Year date has been changed many times, one of the first occasions that this happened with those countries influenced by Rome was the Council of Tours, that happened in France in 0567 A.D., that found that New Year's celebrations were not in keeping with Christian teachings, and decreed that the year would begin on 1st March, this must have been discussed with Rome being New Year of the ancient Roman Empire.

Tours is a city that is fairly centrally located in France, originally called Caesarodunum, (Hill of Caesar), and is an old seat of Christianity.
March 1st only continued till another Council of Tours in 0755 A.D. when Easter was chosen.

Rome was the centre of Christianity, so it is interesting looking at the angles from this location on 1st March 0567 A.D.
I'm not convinced that we used "Midnight" that early, but it is interesting to look at Rome, were we find Sirius setting on the Descendant angle at 00:00am. by paran, and could be the reason why Rome allowed the change to happen.

Web-link to dates of New Year:-
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Joined: 27 Jul 2006
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Posted: Wed May 28, 2008 2:39 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sorry wrong link, try this:-
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Joined: 27 Jul 2006
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Posted: Wed May 28, 2008 3:29 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The Council of Tours is mentioned on this web-link:-

Perhaps Rome on 1st March 0567 A.D. was influencing the Council of Tours, and marked this by different methods, perhaps by the ancient Greek style being Sunset, so 1st March becomes 28th February 0567 at Sunset being 17:48pm.

Surprise, Surprise! As the Sun Sets at 17:48pm. Alnilam is Culminating by Paran in Rome!
Further More at both Sunset on 28 Feb and Midnight on 1st March 0567, Sirius is conjunct Jupiter by projected Measurement.
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Joined: 27 Jul 2006
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Posted: Thu May 29, 2008 5:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Tours, in France is 47*N23', 00*E41', and using Greek methods of the start of the day on 1st March 0567, this changes to 28th February at Sunset being 17:42pm, and you can view for yourselves parans for that time and you will find that as the Sun set Alnilam was Culminating on the mid-heaven by 01 mins 54 secs.

Interesting as Parans are locational and visual, so latitude and longitude have to be taken into account between Tours and Rome.
Whether Rome knew that Sirius was on an angle at midnight on 1st March is open to debate, however it is this Council of Tours that changed New Year during the early years of Christian rule, and i think all of us would agree that the marker for the day would have been either sunrise or sunset at this early date.

In the 15th Century the Roman Catholic Church exerted pressure on countries to return to 1st January, report as follows:-

Germany, Venice, Alsace, Hungary 1508, Rome on 1520, 1525 Holland, 1563 France in part, other date 1563, 1567 Low Countries, 1575 Burgundy, 1576 Beauvais, Louvaine, 1580 Scotland.

It would seem this pressure was exerted in good time for the Gregorian Calendar reform, and was applied throughout Catholic Countries that took up the Gregorian reform and 1st January in 1582/3.

Other web-links on The second Council of Tours:-
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Eighteen years after Pope Gregory had placed Sirius on the M.C. by projected, at time 00:00am on 1st January, that can only be because of following Hermetic philosophies, an ex- Dominican monk was led out to be burnt at the stake.

He had a curious mask put over his head that made it impossible for him to talk to the crowd before he was burnt as the mask included a spike through his tongue.

The date was 17th February 1600, the place was Campo de' Fiori in Rome.

Historians argue over the reasons that he was burnt, some say that it was because of arguing the Copernicus' theory of of the universe being heliocentric.

I must say that i follow the 20th Century scholar on this, being Dame Francis Yates, who puts forward the view that it was because of expressing Hermetic philosophies.

The Monk that had caused so much friction was Giordano Bruno, and his belief in Hermetic philosophies.....perhaps the reason for his death was that the Vatican had been following and practicing many of these philosophies for at least 1500 years, and didnt want anyone to know it!

Web-links on Francis Yates:-

It is reported that Giordano's words on being judged were:- "Perhaps you, my judges, pronounce this sentence against me with greater fear than i receive it!".

Who knows the truth, however it doesnt take a great astrologer to see that the Gregorian reform placed Sirius on the M.C. by projected, and would need no further reforming for hundreds of years, for as the ecliptic measure faded, the paran would take over, although this was muddled by the later addition of "timezones".

Nearly three hundred years later a statue of Giordano Bruno was erected and created by Ettore Ferrari on the day of the Holy Spirit in 1889, this was 9th June 1889.

Ettore Ferrari it seems was the Grand Master of the Grande Oriente d'Italia, and placed the Statue at the place that Bruno was burnt, looking towards the the Vatican in distain and hypocrasy.

There is always some symbolic meaning behind the dates that masons choose, there for Whitsun or the Pentecost being the day of erecting this statue, and the day of the Holy Spirit must have some meaning!

Christians believe Pentecost to be a powerful Feast of salvation, because it speaks about the giving of the Law on Mount Sinai and Moses, i think the symbolism here is due to the fact that during the Renaissance period
Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus was talked about as the equal of Moses!

Indeed i think they put the statue in the wrong place, it should be facing the Cathedral in Sienna, where can be found a Renaissance Portraite of Hermes Trismegistus in the floor of the Cathedral, that was added in 1488, over a hundred years previously to the burning of Bruno!

The Portraite reads " Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus, the contemporary of Moses".

Web-links :-
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