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Rectified horoscope of Martin Luther.

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Andries H. Cats

Joined: 01 Dec 2007
Posts: 92

Posted: Fri Jul 04, 2008 12:06 pm    Post subject: Rectified horoscope of Martin Luther. Reply with quote

Rectified birthtime of Martin Luther= GMT 22h45m15,5s.
Martin Luther was born in Eisleben Germany on 10 November 1483, local time between 23- 24 hours.

July 2, 1505.
Luther, on his way back to Erfurt from parents' house, is caught in a bad thunderstorm. He is nearly struck by lightening and thrown to the ground. He vows he will become a monk if St. Anne will save him. (St. Anne was the patron saint of miners, i.e. most of the men Luther grew up around.)
2-Jul-1505 019°,04'31 Leo Jup 45 Black Sun. (transit)
July 17, 1505.
Luther enters the Black Monastery in Erfurt, joining the Augustinian Hermits, a strict but not terribly austere order of mendicant monks.
18-Jul-1505 001°,17'43 Scorpio Jup 0 Mars (progressive aspect)
April 3, 1507.
Luther is ordained to the priesthood.
3-Apr-1507 020°,07'18 Sagittarius Sun 0 mutual Ura (progressive aspect)
Johann Tetzel begins selling indulgences on the borders of Saxony. Among his customers are some of Luther's parishioners. Luther notices fewer people are coming to confession. He finds out about Tetzel's activities and begins preaching against indulgences. He also writes Disputation on the Power and Efficacy of Indulgences. [Friedrich Myconius' account of indulgences] October 31, 1517.
Luther posts the 95 Theses [picture, painting] on the door of the Wittenberg Castle Church, which was a kind of bulletin board for the University. His intent is to spur debate. He also sends copies of the theses to a few bishops and some friends. Initially, he gets very little response.
31-Okt-1517 001°,17'43 Virgo C-12 60 Mars (progressive aspect)
October 12, 1518.
Luther begins his interview with Cardinal Cajetan in Augsburg (in lieu of going to Rome) Cajetan tells him to recant, return to the heart of the church and stop his disruption of church life.
13-Okt-1518 008°,45'23 Cancer Moon 45 MC (progressive aspect)
October 14, 1518.
Luther ends his interview with Cajetan. Luther refuses to recant.
19-Okt-1518 010°,29'04 Sagittarius Nep 135 mutual Drac (progressive aspect)
October 20, 1518.
Luther flees from Augsburg in fear of his life.
2-Jan-1519 011°,29'49 Cancer Moon 90 Moon (progressive aspect)
3-Jan-1519 025°,25'51 Sagittarius Ven 180 mutual MC (progressive aspect)
January 4, 1519.
Luther begins an interview with papal chamberlain, Carl von Miltitz in Altenburg.
4-Jan-1519 002°,12'26 Virgo C-12 60 C-11
January 6, 1519.
Luther ends his interview with Miltitz. Luther agrees to make certain concessions, including sending a letter of apology to the pope, and to lay his case before Matthäs Lang, the archbishop of Salzburg.
Luther begins an intensive period of polemic writing. He also completes a Brief Form of the Ten Commandments; a Brief Form of the Creed; a Brief Form of the Lord's Prayer, which he believed contained the essentials for salvation as revealed in the Scripture.
January 9, 1520.
Rome restarts the inquisition against Luther and his ideas.
15-Jan-1520 024°,13'12 Cancer Moon 135 Nep (progressive aspect)
15-Jan-1520 024°,13'24 Cancer Moon 135 Merc (progressive aspect)
Luther writes Meditation of Christ's Passion. At the core of this work is the admonition to sinners to allow Christ to free them of sin through his Easter victory over sin and the grave.
12-March-1520 027°,18'51 Virgo Asc 30 Jup (progressive aspect)
March 15, 1520.
Rome sends a letter to Staupitz [picture], the vicar of Luther's order, telling him to restrain Luther or be dismissed. Staupitz resigns his position two months later.
May, 1520.
Luther writes his Treatise on Good Works. 7-Jun-1520 027°,28'48 Virgo Asc 45 Ven (progressive aspect)
June 11,1520.
Luther writes The Papacy in Rome
June, 1520.
Luther writes The Open Letter to the Christian Nobility of the German Nation June 11, 1520.
Luther receives an offer of protection from 100 knights
June 15, 1520.
Pope Leo X [picture] issues bull of excommunication against Luther. It is entitled Exsurge Domine ("Arise, Lord, and defend thine own vineyard against the wild beast that is devouring it.") Luther has 60 days to recant.
Progressive aspects.
23-Jun-1520 027°,16'52 Sagittarius Ven 120 Drac
30-Jun-1520 +10°,18'06 C-12 // Plu
3-Jul-1520 027°,18'51 Sagittarius Ven 60 Jup
7-Jul-1520 029°,59'51 Cancer Moon 120 Chei
July 20, 1520.
Luther finishes writing Appeal to the German Nobility 21-Jul-1520 020°,55'22 Sagittarius Ura 135 C-12 (progressive aspect)
24-Jul-1520 -14°,31'42 Sat // Ven (progressive aspect)
September, 1520.
Johann Eck posts the bull of excommunication throughout Saxony 28-Sep-1520 027°,00'03 Gemini MC 135 Sat (progressive aspect)
October 6, 1520.
Luther writes The Babylonian Captivity. It attacks the denial of the cup to laity, the mass as a sacrifice, and the seven (as opposed to two) sacraments. It sets Luther irrevocably against Rome.
October 10, 1520.
Luther receives the papal bull, though he probably knew about it as early as late September.
mid-October At the University of Erfurt, students rip up a copy of the papal bull and throw it into the water. University officials take no action against them.
November 12, 1520.
Luther's books are burned in Cologne. Burning of his book in other cities follows shortly thereafter..
19-Nov-1520 027°,47'42 Sagittarius Ven 90 mutual Asc (progressive aspect)
November 20, 1520.
Luther writes Freedom of the Christian Man and publishes it along with an open letter to Pope Leo X. In the letter Luther apologizes to the pope personally, but continues to denounce what he sees as false doctrine and corruption. In the treatise he speak of the freedom a Christian gains with justification.
December 10, 1520.
Luther burns Exsurge Domine and other papal documents under a large oak outside the walls of the city. [picture, another picture] He also burns books of church law and books written by his enemies. [more about the Luther oak] 10-Dec-1520 004°,04'31 Capricornus Sun 180 Black Sun (progressive aspect)
1-Jan-1521 005°,55'22 Leo Moon 0 C-12 (progressive aspect)
2-Jan-1521 005°,56'59 Leo Moon 135 mutual Ura (progressive aspect)
January 3, 1521.
19-Jan-1521 027°,16'52 Gemini MC 60 Drac (progressive aspect)
2-Feb-1521 027°,18'51 Gemini MC 120 Jup (progressive aspect)
Luther is excommunicated in the bull Decet Romanum Pontificem
February, 1521.
Elector Frederick the Wise demands Luther not be outlawed or imprisoned without being given the chance to defend himself at a hearing.
March 6, 1521.
The Emperor Charles V summons Luther to appear before the Diet of Worms
March 8, 1521.
24-March-1521 003°,55'41 Scorpio Jup 60 mutual C-12 (progressive aspect)
An edict mandating the sequestration of Luther's books is issued at the Diet of Worms.
April 6 , 1521.
Luther begins the journey to Worms*, stopping along the way to preach in Erfurt, Eisenach, Gotha, and Frankfurt. Traveling with him is Nikolaus von Amsdorf . 9-Apr-1521 027°,28'48 Gemini MC 135 Ven (progressive aspect)
12-Apr-1521 009°,13'12 Leo Moon 120 Nep (progressive aspect)
12-Apr-1521 009°,13'24 Leo Moon 120 Merc (progressive aspect)
April 15, 1521.
Luther enters Worms in triumphal procession. A crowd has gathered and cheer him. April 17, 1521.
The first hearing of the Diet of Worms begins. An official of Trier points to a table of books and asks Luther if he is willing to recant. Luther sees that some of the books are his writings on Scripture. These he is unwilling to recant. He asks for a recess. April 18, 1521.
During the second hearing of the Diet, Luther says, "Unless I am convicted by Scripture and plain reason-- I do not accept the authority of popes and councils, for they have contradicted each other-- my conscience is captive to the Word of God. I cannot and I will not recant anything, for to go against conscience is neither right nor safe. God help me." He probably didn't say "Here I stand." April 19, 1521.
The emperor sides with Rome, wants Luther condemned immediately. The imperial estates want to give Luther a few more days to recant.
April 24, 1521.
Elector Frederick the Wise tells his brother about his decision to support Luther.
April 25, 1521.
Diet of Worms is dismissed. Luther leaves the negotiations room and says, "I am finished."
April 26, 1521.
Luther leaves Worms as quietly as possible.
May 4, 1521.
Luther is captured by "bandits" on his way home from Worms. He is taken to safety in Wartburg. Luther knew about the capture beforehand. The ruse allows Frederick to escape charges of harboring a heretic.
May 10, 1521.
Luther arrives at Wartburg castle, near Eisenach. He hides there for 11 months (from 5/4/1521 to 2/29/1522). During that time, he grows his hair and a beard and calls himself Junker Jörg (Knight George) . While at Wartburg he struggles with the devil.
23-May-1521 010°,34'35 Leo Moon 120 mutual Nep
May 25, 1521.
Edict of Worms is signed by the emperor and issued. It formally condemns Luther's teachings and places him under the ban of the Empire.
25-May-1521 003°,47'16 Leo C-11 135 Ura (progressive aspect)
1-Jun-1521 004°,04'31 Virgo C-12 60 Black Sun
20-Jun-1521 011°,29'49 Leo Moon 120 Moon
August 1, 1521.
Luther writes Let Your Sins Be Strong, a letter to Melanchthon. 20-Aug-1521 003°,59'28 Scorpio Jup 90 mutual C-11 (progressive aspect)
December 3, 1521.
Luther dashes home to Wittenberg then back to Wartburg surreptitiously
December, 1521.
Luther begins work on Sermon Postils, a collection of sermons, and on the German New Testament [picture, another picture, a third picture]
December, 1521.
A ban is issued against Luther and his followers.
15-Dec-1521 026°,29'49 Scorpio Mars 135 Moon (progressive aspect)
While Luther is Wartburg, a number of changes take place in Wittenberg. Monks first refuse to say private Mass, then begin leaving the Augustinian congregation until it is finally disbanded. The minister at the castle church marries. Students destroy the altar at the Franciscan monastery. An Evangelical Lord's Supper begins to be celebrated with the liturgy in German and the cup offered to the laity.
February, 1522.
The ban on Luther and his followers is lifted.
7-Feb-1522 019°,04'31 Leo Moon 45 Black Sun (progressive aspect)
10-Feb-1522 004°,37'00 Virgo C-12 45 C—3 (progressive aspect)
March 1-6, 1522.
Luther leaves Wartburg and travels to Wittenberg accompanied by several knights. Upon arriving in Wittenberg, he immediately preaches in the parish church.
Luther begins two years of preaching. He travels throughout central Germany, including Erfurt and Weimar.
1-March-1522 +19°,12'11 Maan // mutual C-11 (progressive aspect)
8-Mrt-1522 004°,04'31 Scorpio Jup 120 Black Sun (progressive aspect)
August 4, 1522.
Martin Luther writes Contra Henricum Regem Anglicum, a response to King Henry VIII of England's [picture] Assertio septem sacramentorum adversus Martinum Lutherum (Defense of the Seven Sacraments) [image 1 image 2]. Neither subtle nor tactful, it cost him most of his support in England.
September 21, 1522.
Luther publishes the German New Testament. His introduction to the book of Romans includes a classic definition of faith. [search the original text*] 1523.
Luther writes Jesus was born a Jew, a conciliatory work. Johannes Bugenhagen becomes Wittenberg's town priest and a theology lecturer at Wittenberg University. Through out the years he serves at Luther's personal spiritual adviser.
Wittenberg sets up a community money box [picture] to deal with social services.
March 6, 1523.
The General Council of the Diet of Nürnberg orders Luther and his followers to stop publishing. It outlaws the preaching of anything other than established Roman Catholic doctrine.
March Luther writes On Civil Government.
11-March-1523 001°,59'31 Virgo Moon 135 Pars (progressive aspect)
20-March-1523 027°,21'47 Scorpio Mars 0 Sun (progressive aspect)
15-Apr-1523 000°,48'48 Capricornus Ven 120 Black Moon (progressive aspect)
April 18, 1523.
The General Council of the Diet of Nürnberg instructs the princes to enforce the Edict of Worms
June 1, 1523.
Luther publishes his first Forma Missae et Communionis, a description of the Mass as it is celebrated in Wittenberg. It is in Latin, and is largely the traditional Mass with a few Evangelical touches. Congregational singing and the sermon are in German, but everything else is Latin. Luther expresses the hope that the Mass will soon be celebrated solely in the vernacular. He calls on poets and musicians to develop the appropriate settings.
July 1, 1523.
The first Protestant martyrs are burned in Brussels.
The Third Imperial Diet of Nuremberg renews the banishment of Luther. By this time, however, he is so popular it is unlikely he would be arrested. He continues his life and work in Germany.
Luther begins two years of argument with Desiderius Erasmus [picture]. It causes bad feelings and a minor split with the humanists, who had previously welcomed Luther's ideas.
May 13, 1525.
Luther is betrothed to Katherine von Bora. Lucas Cranach the Elder presents Luther's proposal of marriage.
13-May-1525 028°,50'42 Scorpio Mars 45 mutual Plu (progressive aspect)
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Posted: Sat Jul 05, 2008 2:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

thanks for the luther timetable -- did not rheticus do his chart?
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Richard Vetter

Joined: 03 May 2008
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Posted: Sat Jul 05, 2008 2:32 pm    Post subject: Re: Rectified horoscope of Martin Luther. Reply with quote

Andries H. Cats wrote:
Martin Luther was born in Eisleben Germany on 10 November 1483, local time between 23- 24 hours.

There are still discussions about the right year; possibly it was 1484. When interrogated, his mother couldn't exactly remember...
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