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Rectified horoscope of Karl H. Marx (das Kapital).

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Andries H. Cats

Joined: 01 Dec 2007
Posts: 92

Posted: Tue Dec 30, 2008 10:26 am    Post subject: Rectified horoscope of Karl H. Marx (das Kapital). Reply with quote

Rectified horoscope of Karl Heinrich Marx.


Birth place : TRIER
Width : +49,45'14,0 N
Length : +06,38'08,0 E
Birth date : 5-5-1818
Day : Tuesday
Birth hour : 01h,23m44s0
Time sort: -00h,26m33s
G.M.T. : 00h,57m12s
E.T. : 00h,57m17s
S.T. : 16h,12m56s,620
Tabel day : 21 / 4 / 1818
Delta-T = 5,06549022157134 seconden JD = 2385194,53977506 T = -0,8165765975341889

2007 Newcomb Services - J. Ligteneigen - Almere. Mail:

Houses system : Placidus
Planets system: True standen

Houses and planets for: KARL HEINRICH MARX

MC 05,10'20,7 Sagittarius
Cusp 11 23,36'27,3 Sagittarius
Cusp 12 12,12'47,6 Capricornus
Asc. 07,44'56,0 Aquarius
Cusp 2 05,21'17,6 Aries
Cusp 3 12,02'23,5 Taurus

Sun 13,54'34,6 Taurus
Moon 10,57'42,0 Taurus
Mercurius 03,37'34,5 Gemini
Venus 27,29'53,6 Taurus
Mars 20,46'01,7 Cancer
Jupiter 12,56'39,4 R Capricornus
Saturn 15,47'48,8 Pisces
Uranus 19,30'31,2 R Sagittarius
Neptune 26,08'40,3 R Sagittarius
Pluto 25,57'28,3 Pisces
Draconis 08,33'16,8 R Taurus
Pars Frt. 04,48'03,4 Aquarius
Chiron 29,59'48,1 Pisces
True Black Moon : 09,41'27,8 Gemini
Black Sun : 09,48'55,2 Cancer

Some progressive aspects:

Marx and Engels meet each other in Paris.
28-Aug-1844 025,57'28 Pisces Asc 0 Plu

Marx and Engels publice Das Kommunistisch Manifest.
21-Feb-1848 003,37'34 Aries Asc 60 Merc

Marx takes the manuscript of part I of Das Kapital to publisher Otto Meissner in Hamburg
10-Apr-1867 025,57'28 Cancer Ven 120 Plu
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