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solar return ascedant conjuct cusp 6 of natal chart??
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Julie K

Joined: 03 Sep 2007
Posts: 378
Location: Australia

Posted: Fri Jan 23, 2009 11:33 pm    Post subject: Solar Returns Reply with quote

[his is often cited and it is difficult to deny. My own experience validates it. I've travelled far more than my parents ever did, and my grandmother lived to age 88 and except for a few day trips to New York City, I don't think she ever left New Jersey much less visited a foreign country. In that spirit I offer this quote:[/color]

"About this matter, the old astrologers settled absolutely nothing.; but in common with them, the moderns by tradition only, always erect the figure of the revolution for the latitude of the natal place; but I erect it for the latitude of the place in which the native is found at the very moment of the revolution. And this difficulty, since it is one of the greatest importance in astrology, on account of the travels of a man, by which now and then he is transferred to places distant from his natal place by a sixth or a fourth or even by a whole half of the circle of the earth, and in which places he is found at the time of the revolution, or he may spend his whole life there. "


Thank you. I've travelled quite a lot and have moved house further North too. While in US we met people who had never been to New York even though it would not have taken half a day to travel there. Just the way it is. It is a long hike for us to travel to the Northern Hemisphere but we do it anyway!

sunflower Very Happy
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Joined: 15 Oct 2008
Posts: 866

Posted: Sat Jan 24, 2009 3:38 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

My experience has been that if you live far away from your birthplace, cast the chart for the place you live. I've had birthdays when I've been travelling, and the place I was at the time didn't seem to match up too well to what the year held, so that I'm not so sure of. But I live about 3500 miles from my birthplace, so there's a big difference between the natal and relocated solar returns, and the relocated ones seem more accurate.
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Joined: 03 Jun 2008
Posts: 35
Location: Germany

Posted: Tue Jan 27, 2009 11:07 pm    Post subject: some additional thoughts.... Reply with quote

Hi all,

I was reading Johannes Vehlow yesterday and he made some interesting comments concerning Solar- and Lunar returns.

Vehlow was a german astrologer working in the 1920-1950ies or so... he used many traditional techniques and was well educated in the history of astrology having been influenced by works of gundel and saxl, f.e. so his views might well be relevant here...

He used the place of birth for returns, because, as he says, returncharts were usually calculated for prediction right after the birth of the native for a whole range of years into the future.using the birth location.without knowing where the native would be in 10 years for his birthday party....

He also writes that a Solar returnchart is valid for 6 months before and 6
months after the birthday....and a lunar for 2 weeks before and after respectively, the birthday itself merely being a kind of culmination of the year...

(he cites Kepler for supporting this view)

I tried this superficially and this principle works fine for my chart at least...

Anyone knows of similar views or examples in the tradition ?

He also uses this principle in his house system were the house cusps are the middle of the houses that are extending 15 before and after the cusp.....

I think this principle might be also applied for eclipses, f.e. where it is known that events are sometimes triggered before an eclipse occurs....


if anyone can read german, his works are available online and highly recommended:
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Joined: 10 Feb 2009
Posts: 1
Location: China Taiwan

Posted: Wed Feb 11, 2009 1:05 am    Post subject: Solar return Reply with quote

?An idea might be to look back on previous events in one's life. For example, though I am not sure where I will be in 2009 on my birthday, I assume I will be at my current location, and Mars is oming to my 7th house Moon, ruler of the 10th and placed natally in the 2nd. So it would appear to have a connection with career and money (and cutting of purse strings etc or disagreements with a partner).
The last time Mars came to the Moon was in 1962, when I was young and moved to Germany, the other was in the mid 1990s with a relationship split and move to another place.
Do you think I am on the right track?
Gary (in China)
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Joined: 11 Oct 2003
Posts: 3509
Location: New Jersey, USA

Posted: Wed Feb 11, 2009 3:35 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Do you think I am on the right track?

Depends on whom you believe. Most, but not all, astrologers believe that the solar return cannot be accurately used without reference to the natal chart. Some say the return can be used as a stand alone chart, which seems to be what you are doing.

If there is a natal connection between Mars and the Moon in your nativity, then the return is indicating that what that connection means in nativity will occur this year. If you prefer the stand alone method, then it might be just as you say whether there are connections in the nativity or not.

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