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Hillary Clintons' Arabic Parts in Action

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Dave M.

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Posted: Sat Jan 24, 2009 12:41 pm    Post subject: Hillary Clintons' Arabic Parts in Action Reply with quote

Greetings ya' all. I've posted this elsewhere on the internet [astrologyweekly and the astrodienst web forums to be exact]...and as Arabic Parts are part of 'Traditional Astrology', I thought you all would like to share in this...that is if you've not seen this already.
I know some of the Parts we 'Modernists' use are not traditional...but they are Parts just the same...anyways, here's what I've written...and I feel it's noteworthy.

Greetings, I posted this subject at the Astrodienst forum last year but I'd like to do the same here...I think it is that significant.
There is some speculation as to Hillarys' correct birth time. Most sources give it as 8:01 AM on the given date. My good friend and spiritual confidante, clairvoyant Clarisse Conner says it is 8:05':30" AM due to the fact she wasn't breathing when she was born. [I utilized the time 8:05:00 am here as that is as precise as the Astrodienst ephemeris will allow]
The difference of 4 1/2 minutes only changes the chart axis by a degree and all Arabic Parts that include the Asc. in Part computations by the same amount.
You'll notice that her Part of Organization, [Asc. + Pluto - Saturn] computes to be 05* Virgo 21' is conjunct her M.C.
Saturn was conj. this degree of the Zodiac in Oct. '07, retrograde in Feb. 08' and direct again in July '08.
Saturn had quite the effect, apparently, upon her career and her organization for her candidacy for President. It was the disruption in her organization which thwarted her most all accounts
I find also that her Part of Advancement [Asc. + Sun - Saturn] to be at 03* Aquar. 49'...which was just conjuncted by Jupiter yesterday...and she was confirmed as Seccretary of State...are you all following me here?
I do find Sept. unnerving though as her Part of Assassination is at 25* Virgo 28' and Her Part of Death [Asc + C8 - Moon] to be at 23* Aquar. 15'...I truly admire and am fond of Hillary and hope and pray she will be okay.
Also there is another formula used for the Part of Death [Medval: C8 + Saturn - Moon] which computes to 21* Scorpio 25'...which interestingly is the degree of rising for the purported birth time of 8:01 AM which leads me to speculate and believe Clarisse hit this thing on the "Head of the Nail" saying she had been born not breathing...hmmmm, curious, isn't it? seems she is right where she was destined to be all along...but, YOWZAA...a double Scorpio as Secretary of State!!!


Greetings, I thought I'd mention three other Arabic Parts of Hillarys' that I know of and are in imminent aspect near conjunction with transiting Planets.
The Part of Popularity [Asc + Venus - Pluto] which is at 24* Aquar. 12'.
The Part of Unusual Events [ Asc + Uranus - Moon] which is at 25* Aquar. 52'.
And the Part of Seperation from Occupation, [Saturn + Jupiter - Sun] at 19* Virgo 31' and which was just conj. Saturn this past November 12th or so...and that is around when it was first suggested that she would find a place in Obamas' Cabinet and be seperating from her present occupation as Senator...
You are a Divine expression of the Universe.
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