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President Obamas Parts to Observe

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Dave M.

Joined: 01 Nov 2008
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Posted: Sat Jan 24, 2009 12:53 pm    Post subject: President Obamas Parts to Observe Reply with quote

Greetings ya' all, I trust you will find this info of interest.

[from my posting at astrologyweekly forum]...Dave Mastry.

Howdy. As I found a good deal of you interested in transits to Arabic Parts I thought I'd post the Arabic Parts of President Obamas' that I know of that will be affected this year.
1. First off I should point out the Part of Dissapointment [Asc + Mars - Neptune] which is at 02* Cap. 01' and was conj. transiting Pluto yesterday, Jan. 22, '09. Pluto will once again conj in retrograde on June 21, '09 and a final time by direct motion on Nov. 25, '09...[what this Part means and how will Pluto affect it is what I getting after here, that is I have no prior observations to reference ...We can all observe together and make analysis' later]
2. Part of Change [Asc + Uranus - Pluto] @ 06* Aquar. 21' & Part of Commerce [Asc + Mercury - Sun] @ 07* Aqar. 50' ...these two degrees of the Zodiac will be conj. by transiting Jupiter on Feb. 1st and Feb. 07th, 2009 respectively.
3. Part of Secret Enemies [Asc + Cusp 12th - Ruler 12th] @ 11* Aquar. 45' ...which will be conj. Jupiter on Feb. 24, 2009
4. Part of Business Injury [Asc. + Part of Fortune - Ruler 1st] @ 01* Cap. 35' ...Pluto was conj. there on Jan 9th and will be conj twice more on July 8, '09 in retro and in a final return [direct] on Nov. 11, '09.
5. Part of Mother and Family [Asc. + Jupiter - Mercury] @ 17* Virgo 07' ... Saturn was conj. this degree on last Oct 17th and it was the time of the passing of His maternal grandmother...Saturn will be conj. twice more. In retro on March 24th and by final return on July 7th 2009.
6. Part of Exile [Asc. + Uranus - Saturn] @ 17* Virgo 59' ... conj. 8 days prior, in retro, and after the above event in direct motion.
7. Part of Long Journeys [Asc. + Cusp 9th - Ruler 9th] @ 25* Pisces 46' which will be conj. transiting Uranus on May 15, 2009.
8. And finally I just had to bring this one up even though it's a few years away...the Part of Radical Change [Asc + Pluto - Uranus] @ 29* Aquar. 46' which will be conj. transiting Jupiter in the middle of Jan. 2010 & conj. transiting Neptune on March 28, 2011 [direct], August 13, 2011 [retro] and Jan 28, 2012 [direct and in final return]...

...So lets all keep a watch and we'll see what develops! is of interest though that Obama did, in a sense, go into 'Exile' of a sort when his maternal grandmother passed away...[yeah, I'm stretching it a bit here...]

...[ps, I utilized Win*Star Express software for all Arabic Parts generated]...
...pps, ...and the Part of Long Journeys is also know as the Part of Travel by Land.

ppps...I use Placidus for House System and all Parts found in this article generated by House Cusps are subject to the same.
You are a Divine expression of the Universe.
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