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Transiting Saturn conjunct Asc
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Joined: 22 Apr 2015
Posts: 6

Posted: Tue Apr 28, 2015 6:35 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hello everyone,

This is my first post on the forum, and here's to start with Saturn. Smile

Currently I have a transit of Saturn over the natal Sun0ASC in Sagittarius, and what I can confirm, but I've read in many traditional authorities are big changes at work. The first transit was dismissed my direct superior officer, and here, in this second in a retrograde movement, former director was fired. Of course, this is mostly the effect of the SA transit over Sun on the ASC ( traditionalist would say "king" )

As for me personally, to be sure, I suffer its effects primarily in terms of the partnership because my natal SA is 7 in the field. My partner and I have been separated for 8 months since he went abroad. In addition to the right Saturn symbolism, was also on board, the ocean, and now in another country. By all indications, this retrograde Saturn will mark the end of this relationship, considering that my natal in Cancer, and in the solar return is found exactly on the solar ASC0MO natal in Scorpio in natal 12th house, all together with solar ME, that rules my natal 7th house. Not an easy configuration at all.

The retro journey is likely to bring the final outcome of the relationship that is fully marked Saturn, because he has a natal SA0MO in Virgo who squared my SO0ASC in Sagittarius. I must say also that I was in the transit SA through 12th, considering that I'm in firdar Saturn, and I had to move from my apartment, I had severe financial problems ( SA90JU) a partner who went on a boat across the ocean ( SA0ME ), but I managed and change jobs and improving ( SA0MO60MC ). Thank transit of Jupiter from Cancer ( who made 120 on Scorpio in transit ) Smile

As Saturn came out of my 12 and came to the ASC and SO and I have become more aware of many things. Since the natural destructive qualities SA, and the fact that I am in his firdar and, now the years of Mars, so I became rebellious and decided to stop, and end of those things that do not make me heppy and what are my burden. Of course, I have some melanholic feelings as well, sadnes, tears, feeling blue, not see anything nice, miss some optimism, but it is not so hard like this winter, when he transit my natal Moon in Scorpio in 12 th house. Now, as he transits my ASC and Sun, he is also 60 with my natal JU, who is the Lord of my natal chart.

Objectively, I hope a new promotion at work, which is my ambition and desire for a successful career, because JU comes a little more on the MC, and the right square on the ASC, but the transit SA from superior squares, and in my opinion this two planets should always be considered together. I especially watching them together, because JU takes coregency firdar in June together with SA, and is my Lord, and in my natal chart, JU and SA are in mutual reception.

I apologize for the mistakes, English is not my native language. Smile
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Joined: 03 Jan 2006
Posts: 507

Posted: Fri Sep 04, 2015 5:51 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

seasand wrote:

I have the similar transits and I am very sorry to have these transits this time, currently
saturn 15 degrees , my natal mecury is in sag at 12 degrees in 3rd house.

Saturn also trines my mars in 4th

uranus is 24 degrees aspecting my sun and neptune which conjuncts IC, so they kind of have a wide t-square.

I am studying an mba degree and i work at the same time,
I am dissatisfied with my job and I am too overloaded to work on lessons
And this semestr is extremely difficult , it seems I may stop the MBA studies. I am crying time to time , feeling really upset about my situation.
Saturn return will happen soon and whenever I had a saturn transit the events are delayed. I remember when saturn opposed my sun and conjuncted MC, I couldn't graduate university.

I am expecting the same type of result , But overall I am too exhausted and would give everything for a break...

Especially these last two weeks are very overloaded with projects at work, presentations and exams and homeworks at university, I checked my chart, saturn is retro in virgo and aspecting mercury.

I am only praying not to lose my job...

That's an interesting thread, pretty old but I'm glad to find it now.
My son in college for third year, worked in-campus summer time full time and now going to combine taking classes with continuing work for around 15 hours per week. Work is directly professional (IT, computer programming) and helps him to accommodate to normal work environment while continuing education.
But now his transiting Saturn going back to Sagittarius at his AC, also soon to conjunct natal Jupiter in Sagittarius in 1st house.
I'm wandering what to expect and who had similar experience.
Jupiter also ruling his 3rd house and natal Saturn with Moon there in Pieces.
Also Saturn exalted at his MC in Libra.
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