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True Crime Horary
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Joined: 20 May 2004
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Location: California, USA

Posted: Thu Jun 17, 2004 5:15 pm    Post subject: this may be a naive question Reply with quote

but I was wondering if the Sun and Venus in Gemini might not be indicative of an illicit affair? Maybe Sun now realizing the woman is a bit off her rocker? so the separating? Sun represents the 12th house of secrets for her I believe? and Lilly says "besides the main significators to consider the sunas a general significator for the man" from your article on site about love charts... I realize that saturn would represent Janes fifth and Jupiter her 7th, but I was thinking Janes interests are very self inclined so that a 12th house interest might not be all that off.

Janes complete self absorption might and lack of forsight in this matter might also be highly indicitive of someone who's reason is failing. Note both neptune and Uranus in her 6th house. and while there are some nice trines to neptune from Mercury, Venus Rx and Sun just past, it is also square, albeit widely, to the south node in her communications. Looks like a good candidate for Prozac... this is a fairly common geriatric problem, so I do wonder ... I dont recall anyone mentioning the part of fortune in this chart by the way, I found it interesting that for john it is in the 6th and for Jane in the 12th... a bit telling perhaps?

One other note, Mars (not to mention saturn) is in Johns 5th, janes 11th house? Could John have heard rumors and gotten angry? started an arguement over jealousy? Okay enough outta me. Smile a common expression about getting angry is "losing ones head" and with the overwhelming number of beheadings in American news lately (another one yesterday) I was wondering if there is a connection here...

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Joined: 11 Oct 2003
Posts: 3483
Location: New Jersey, USA

Posted: Sat Jun 19, 2004 12:56 pm    Post subject: Update Reply with quote

Since this is now a matter of public record, I'm dropping the "Jane" and "John" pseudonyms. Hope is Jane and Robert is John. What follows is an article fro a local Vermont Newspaper.

Reformer Staff
Saturday, June 19, 2004 - BRATTLEBORO -- Citing a lack of forensic evidence, a Windham District Court judge set bail Friday afternoon for a West Townshend woman who is charged with murdering her husband.

After reviewing the case evidence, Judge John P. Wesley ordered Hope Schreiner, 71, released on $100,000 cash-only bail and on conditions that she not contact four individuals who supplied statements to the Vermont State Police.

Schreiner was also ordered to surrender her passport to the court, make no effort to obtain a new one and to turn over any firearms or deadly weapons in her household to the state police.

Schreiner is accused of the first-degree murder of Robert Schreiner, her husband of 43 years. If convicted, she could face up to life in prison.

On June 2, Schreiner was found collapsed by his car on the driveway of his Robin Hill Road home. He had suffered multiple skull fractures. Nine days after his body was discovered, state police arrested Hope Schreiner in connection with her husband's murder.

Less than an hour after court was adjourned, Schreiner was released from the Southern State Correctional Facility in Springfield, after family members posted bail. She had been held at the facility for nearly eight days.

In court, Schreiner looked markedly more composed than during her arraignment. As during the previous week, several family members, including at least two of her sons, sat behind the woman, who remained silent throughout the proceedings.

Deputy State's Attorney John Lavoie filled in for State's Attorney Dan M. Davis, who was unable to attend the hearing as a result of an unexpected emergency.

Leading off the two-hour hearing, Lavoie presented Wesley with eight pieces of state's evidence, including three notarized transcripts of testimony from police interviews, three police affidavits, Schreiner's death certificate and a recorded telephone conversation between police and Schreiner's daughter, Stephanie Streit.

Defense Attorney Gwendolyn Harris, who began consulting Schreiner as early as two days after the murder -- objected to all but one of Lavoie's submissions, claiming that many of the submitted documents contained hearsay. Harris also claimed that statements presented to Wesley as evidence would not be admissible at trial in their present form.

Harris objected to the death certificate, because it indicated the death was "caused by other persons" and because it was based only on a preliminary autopsy.

With regards to the recorded telephone conversation, Harris argued that police hadn't made face-to-face contact with Streit. She also noted that Streit's statement hadn't been made under oath.

In his ruling, Wesley excluded the police telephone conversation with Streit, acknowledging that the woman had conversed with Detective Sgt. Mark Francis, who had both neglected to present sworn statements at the hearing.

Wesley also barred any mention in McCarthy's affidavit of statements made by Schreiner's friend, Louann Boeckem -- who was not under oath while making statements to Francis. Wesley then concluded that there was no legal precedent to exclude any other state's evidence.

Based on the evidence admitted by the court, Lavoie said the case against Schreiner was strong enough that she should continue to be held without bail. He argued that Schreiner had made inconsistent statements to investigators and had attempted to hinder their investigation.

"This isn't a situation where she made forthcoming statements to police," he said. "Instead, she has attempted to cover her tracks, she has attempted destroy evidence."

Lavoie added that Schreiner's access to a passport coupled with her ability to tap significant financial resources would make her a significant flight risk. Also, Schreiner's bizarre behavior prior to her arrest could indicate that she was suicidal, which could also be viewed as an attempt to flee prosecution, he said.

Harris argued that Lavoie had failed to produce any physical or forensic evidence that pointed directly to Schreiner's guilt. Alluding to three bloody bags found in Schreiner's basement, Harris said there was no forensic evidence as to the source of the blood.

Wesley concluded that Schreiner's deep ties to the community and her strong bond with family members discounted her risk of flight. Wesley did acknowledge the weight of circumstantial evidence against Schreiner could lead to a conviction, but noted a dubious lack of physical evidence.

"We have unexplained copious amounts of blood in (Schreiner's) basement," he said. "What we don't have at this point is any forensic link between the blood and Mr. Schreiner's death."
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Joined: 11 Oct 2003
Posts: 945
Location: Australia

Posted: Sun Jun 20, 2004 6:45 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks for this Tom.

I found through a web search that the time of the call Hope made to the ambulance was 1:45pm. I couldn't find any estimated time of death. I wouldn't imagine that she called straight away since she was supposed to have come home from tennis and found him already dead.

The significators for the 'time of call chart' are Mercury and Jupiter as they were for the turned chart of the horary. Assuming the time of death was no more than a couple of hours before the call, the significators for the 'death chart' will also be Mercury and Jupiter. Hope's significator Mercury, is unaspected. This is perhaps an indication that she acted on her own when killing her husband or that she will be the only one held accountable. The last planets to aspect Mercury were Mars (sextile) and the Moon (opposition) earlier that day. The fixed star Capulus is conjunct Mercury. Bernadette Brady describes the star thus: 'A need to guard against rash anger and hasty action, for such actions will have far-reaching, negative effects.'

In the 'time of call' chart Jupiter is in the 12th house, in Virgo, the sign of its detriment. Depending on the time of the murder, Jupiter could once again be on the ascendant of the chart, as it was in the turned horary chart. The Moon is in the 3rd, possibly having come from the 4th at the time of the murder. Mars rules the 8th house and is separating from a sextile to Jupiter. Jupiter is the ruler of the 4th house. Of course, anything I say about the death chart is pure speculation that I'm making up as I go along. It would be interesting to get a time of death. I've had a play around with a few times. I quite like a time of about 11:45am but I don't know that she would wait two hours to call the ambulance. Unless she actually went to tennis after she killed him to strengthen her alibi. I would imagine the first thing the police would do would be to talk to the people she supposedly played tennis with.

I'm a bit curious about what this daughter said to the police since it is considered to be evidence for the prosecution. Apparently, Hope and Robert had nine children between them. Only one of them (a son) belonged biologically to both of them.
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